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(ominous electronic music) ♪Try to get up, up ♪ ♪ Try to get down

♪ ♪ Try to get up, up ♪ ♪ Tryin' to go around ♪ ♪ Oh, was it for us? ♪ – Hey guys! It's Nancy! – And Eleven! – And today we're showing y'all some merch items from our favorite TV show, (both) Stranger Things

If you haven't seen it you should definitely check it out And also, if you can't tell this background is pretty dang awesome Our production assistant, Jenny, did it, and it's the whole Stranger Things- – The iconic background (both) for Stranger Things – Before we get on to the video, y'all be sure to follow us on Twitter at @brookandbailey

I think that we are pretty funny? So, I mean, worth following So go check it out Now, let's go show you some merch items Now this is probably the craziest item we've found that's, like, Stranger Things merch It is very unique

I've never seen anything else make this product, so this is a welcome mat – A welcome mat – Welcome to the Upsidedown If you've seen Stranger Things, you know what that means If you haven't, it's basically this, like, – [Bailey] Upside down world

– Other dimension/upside down world that someone is not kidnapped, but taken to, I guess? – We're not gonna give anything away, but you know – I'm trying not to reveal any secrets – This is basically just an iconic part of the show So I feel like this is, like, really important to have this doormat because if you don't understand what this mean, then you shouldn't be entering our household – I just think it'd be funny to watch people as they walk into your house, either be like, "Oh yeah, that's so cool," or be like, "What is that? "I don't understand

" You know? So I feel like I'm ready to set this outside and welcome people into our house So with every TV show and concert and tour and whatever we always get t-shirts, but I thought this one was really cute and super, super unique because it is a Hawkins Middle School t-shirt It looks like your average joe middle school t-shirt, but it's actually- – A merch item – Yeah, it's actually the middle school that Lucas, and Dustin, and Will, and Mike all go to And it has a little cassette, 'cause it's like in the '80s, the show is

Then it's the AV Club, which is basically where the whole entire show started – My favorite part about this shirt is that you can wear it, and if people didn't know the show, they would think that it's like, a t-shirt you got from your middle school – Yeah, you wore a middle school t-shirt – But this is actually not a typical middle school shirt – So, like, you'll be walking down the street and there will be some people that are like, – "Ayy

" – "I get it" – And some people that are like, "What?" It just looks like a normal middle school shirt, so that's why we really liked this merch shirt Wah-chaw We've got our next merch item, which is an Eleven necklace Now, if you know the show, you know that Eleven is the main character, which is what I'm dressed up as today

– Well she's basically named Eleven because she was previously a science experiment and her number, tattooed on her wrist (both) was 11 So a very iconic number and part of the TV show, so a lot of the merch items revolve around that – So this is a necklace with the number 0-1-1, which is the number she has tattooed on her wrist, so it's very iconic to the show Like, if you wore this around, people would know that you are a super fan, and that you love Stranger Things – I feel like Bailey should put it on because she is Eleven right now

– I am Eleven – She's dressed up as Eleven – So this really needs to just be put on – But it's kind of just like, a cute accessory that has a little bit of, like the merch in it because it has the number 11 – Speaking of Eleven things

– So we were just talking about how Eleven has a tattoo on her wrist of the number 11 This is a fake tattoo of that, so if you're being her for Halloween or a costume party, or you just really want a fake tattoo of 011? – What is better than, like- I mean, what is the best merch item possible? To try and make yourself as similar to a character in the show as possible So they obviously got 011 tattoos – They're like, fake tattoos – So I have the whole outfit on, so I'm gonna make myself, just even more like Eleven with the tattoo

– I think we both are gonna put one on – Okay I'm gonna attempt this I don't know how well this is gonna go I was very little the last time I put on a temporary tattoo

– I put on one late tattoo for tour, and it was a princess crown, and I won it – That's right – I won it in a arcade Look at that I am now officially Eleven

– Comment down below if you have ever put on a temporary tattoo before These things are like, childhood memories They just bring 'em back, man Yes! – Oh, Bailey's got the full look going here – There we go guys

0-1-1 I have, now, the 011 tattoo along with the Eleven costume, the 011 necklace I'm just Eleven it up today – On the same path as the number 11 and jewelry, we have a little (both) ring that has the number 11 on it I actually like this merch item, 'cause I feel like it's not super flashy, but it still has that element of Stranger Things in it

– For me, I mostly like, sometimes, depending on the show, but I'm mostly like a superfan, kind of subtly, so I like to have my merch items be subtle, so like this ring, obviously it's screaming "fan" when you read it and understand the show, 'cause it's got 0-1-1, which is Eleven's number, but it's not like, Stranger Things, like, plastered on my face – I feel like, in the next couple of seasons of Stranger Things, Mike will propose to Eleven with a ring like this – They're so young right now though That's not gonna come for a long time – That's why it'll be a couple seasons from now

But this reason looks, like, super dainty, but- – Typical ring – Here you go, Bailey – Oh, thank you – That's your wedding ring – Thank you

No, it's just your typical ring, but it's got 0-1-1, which is Eleven's number Eleven's name, basically (both) It's Dustin time! – He is my favorite character Him and Steve are my favorite characters – They're like the comedic relief in the show

– In the whole show So we got a Dustin hat Like, he wears this 24/7 – All the time, yes – All the time, in the hat

And we also bought some, like, Stranger Things pins that you could, like put on the hat and make 'em cute This one says "Justice for Barb" 'cause, I'm not gonna reveal anything, but Barb is a character that- You just have to watch the show First season, yes – Then I have these ones I have Stranger Things cast, waffle, the ABC wall, and then the Stranger Things, the title, so just basic Stranger Things buttons, you know

Pins that you can put on anything to show that you are a fan, a true fan Ah, yes, Eleven has now stolen Dustin's look It's official, guys – You can put these on your backpack, a hat, your- I mean, anything A jacket, you can put these on anything

– Waffles! My favorite! – Waffles are crazy iconic in the show Eleven's favorite food are Eggo waffles, but actually in real life, Millie Bobby Brown does not like Eggo waffles She has to, like, spit them out every time she eats them, which is kind of funny But her character does – Yes, there was an Eggo waffle purse, but when we tried to get it, it was completely sold out

Like, everybody wanted that purse So we got the best we could find, which was this waffle purse So as you guys know, waffles are very iconic because Eleven loves them in the show – And this purse is super cute A bunch of, like, weird accessories are really in right now, so you could even add this to a normal outfit, and you would totally look normal, but it would be Stranger Things

– At the same time – Okay, so in the show, they have, like, this ranger policeman guy in their area which is the one who kind of helps solve all the problems in the TV show His name is Hopper, and he has this policeman patch that he wears on his outfit almost the entire show So we bought this patch, and we bought this, kind of, policeman looking jacket off of Amazon and then just put the patch on – So you could wear the jacket

It looks like an accessory, it looks like something that doesn't scream merch, but actually is a piece of merch – I like it – And the real Stranger Things fans would recognize it – And it's a bomber, which means it's cute And I like the patch because it represents Stranger Things, so, I mean, I like it

You should put it on Oh, I guess you already have a bomber – I have a bomber already I've got Eleven Now we're gonna match

– Nancy is puttin' on Hopper's outfit here – There you go – So Valentine's Day is coming up and when you're thinking about the special someone and they might love Stranger Things, maybe you want to get them this card for Valentine's Day – I would love if someone gave this to me for Valentine's Day I would love it

– [Bailey] It's so creative! It say, "On a scale of 1-10, you're" and then it has a picture of Eleven, the character from Stranger Things But it's actually her name's Eleven, so it makes sense – Do we look alike, guys? I feel like I look pretty, which- – Kind of This card is from Etsy, so if you wanna get it, it's on Etsy I just feel like I would love a card like- I feel like Mike would give this to Eleven for Valentine's Day

– Mike should give this to Eleven – He'd be like, "Hi, you're an eleven, "but, like, literally, you're Eleven" – But you're really, actually, Eleven – That'd be so funny – Okay, I don't know about you guys, but I'm a subtle superfan, so I like my merch items to be super subtle

So this one is a very subtle piece of merch They are pencils, and they actually have, like, they're pure black- – They kind of look like the Upsidedown They're like, all black – Tiny silver letters that have famous quotes from the movie So, like, Eleven's number, mouth breather, friends don't lie

Those are all big quotes from the movie So this one's really subtle, but it's also, like, a superfan- – And it's useful Like, you can use these pencils, and maybe it'll make your school day a little bit more exciting, a little bit better I don't know about you, but I would like to look at this while I did homework assignment – Feeling pretty cool over here with my Stranger Things pencils

– And your Stranger Things merch Speaking of subtle merch items, we have a phone case So, I don't know about y'all, but it's like, super cute and super retro It looks like the '80s theme of the movie, but it's not like, showy, flashy Stranger Things – Like, it's got famous things from the movie, like Eggos and the bikes the boys ride

– And the slingshot, like Lucas is always defending himself with the slingshot – Yeah, so it's got famous items from the show itself, but when you look at it, you wouldn't be like, "Oh, that's a Stranger Things case" – You'd just be like, "Oh, that's a cute phone case" – Yeah, (both) and then you look closer – [Bailey] It's actually Stranger Things So it's more subtle, but it's also adorable

It's really cute I like the colors, I like the design Everything about it – And it feels cool The inside of it feels cool

– Yeah, so this is an awesome Stranger Things case, if you're more like me and you like things to be a little more subtle – Now, if you guys didn't notice, we actually had 11 merch items in this video, which is pretty creative – Yes Now, you guys, we had an awesome opportunity Parade magazine is doing a Best of 2017 video for us on their channel, so go check it out by clicking the link in the description box below

– Now, y'all be sure to subscribe to our channel I think Mike, and Dustin, and (both) Eleven and everyone want you to subscribe to our channel, so click that button right down there And if you wanna see more of our videos, click the boxes over here Just go watch Stranger Things Enjoy the show

– And we love you guys so much See y'all next week, guys (both) Bye! (blowing kisses) (playful music)

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