10 CUTE PROMPOSAL iDEAS | How to Ask a Girl to Prom 2018

♪ Feels like the first time ♪ (car horn honks) ♪ Feels like I've never been in love before ♪ – So I really like pasta and my girlfriend ♪ Oh so deep, oh so deep ♪ – I hope that you guys will like this one

♪ My first kiss ♪ (kissing) (laughs) – [Both] Hey guys, it's Brooklyn and Bailey – And in today's video we are, you know, it's prom season, and so – Prom is here – I know some of you people are probably wondering, well, how in the world do I ask the person I want to ask to prom? Well, we have 10 awesome ideas for you to use to ask somebody to prom If you're a really brave girl and you want to ask a guy, you can do that too

– Girl, you go for it – You do you, you know what? You just ask the person you wanna ask to prom and we have 10 magically creative ways for you to ask that person, so let's get into it – So I am obsessed with this ask I don't know about y'all, but nothing makes things better than puppies So read it to them, it says, prom would be ruff without you

– With the addition of a puppy I don't know if bringing the puppy to this person's house and just giving them a puppy would be a good idea, parents might be upset, so you can always rent a puppy or borrow a friend's puppy – I know lots of, like, kennels rent them so that the dogs get to play and whatever, so you can– – Interact – Rent a puppy and I guarantee it will be a yes if you use a puppy Nobody can say no to this

– No one can say no How can you say no to this? – This is a yes-guaranteed prom ask – A funny thing about this ask is we actually had a friend use this to ask his date to prom – Yes – So we're about to show you

– And I thought it was really creative, so– – It was so cute So we went to IHOP that morning for breakfast, and he came in with a sign saying – [Both] I hope you say yes to prom with me – And it was super cute, and then you get a really good breakfast with it – Yes, and you get to celebrate with pancakes

– Yes, and the sign is just, it's just so cute, a little play on words, I love it So this is a good one – I hope that you guys like this one – I love this ask, I don't know if it's because I'm obsessed with Belle and Disney princesses in general, but I guarantee that anyone who'd see this will love it It's super creative

Be my guest to prom – [Both] Be my guest, be my guest Be my very special guest – To prom – This is so cute, so we actually found the rose on Amazon, but I just thought that like it's a really simple, really cute, and every girl like that I know of likes princesses

– I think you could use this as like decoration in your room or something Yeah, I think it's so pretty, it looks real – Adorable and super clever, and I've actually seen a lot of people using this lately, so you guys, this is a awesome idea for something super cute – Simple, easy, awesome (air horn blares) Hold up, guys

Before we show you guys any more cute prom-posal ideas, I'm gonna give you five seconds to subscribe to this channel: five, four, three, two, one I hope you guys subscribe and I hope you enjoy this video, let's get on to some more prom-posals So I like this ask because it comes with a special gift that I would highly appreciate – And it's just like so cute We have a yellow brick road here, and you would lay it out, and it says, There's no place like prom

– And then it comes with a little basket, with red Converse in it – How cute, right? – So you would have to obviously have the right shoe size and stuff – Yes, you have to find out the shoe size, but just like– – You know it's, you know, a play on the whole, like, movie shoes, and– – Dorothy, and you know, The Yellow Brick Road, and all that stuff and it's super clever, like, honestly if someone did this for me, I'd just be like, wow, they put so much effort in and they found out which size shoe I wear – And you would like lay this out maybe from their door and they could like walk down the yellow brick road and then at the end of the yellow brick road there's these shoes and then you asking them to prom and it's just so cute – Adorable

So yet another really adorable prom-posal OK, so if you're asking a chocolate lover, this would be the direction to go Now that I've kissed the ground you walk on, will you go to prom? – And you get it, it's kissed the ground you walk on because it's all of the Hershey kisses on the ground that they walk on, so you know – Hallelujah! It's like literally looking at heaven right here, just oh my goodness So I could tell you for a fact that any chocolate lovers would adore this ask

Plus it's really cute It's, like, so clever, on the kisses, the kissed, I just think it's adorable – And for the record, this is my kiss and this is my mom's kiss Comment down below which one's better (laughing) We're having a competition right now

– OK, so this one, I know that everybody loves Chick-fil-A – I love Chick-fil-A – But my favorite for this one is because it is girl-based, so it says Boys R dumb be my side Chick to prom I just love it This is just like something you could use for a sister, a friend, or you know, any situation where you'd need to be asking– – 'Cause you know, sometimes you just know that there's nobody you really want to go to prom with, so you'd rather just go with a friend

– Best friend Or that special someone – So this is like a fun little ask you can do to ask your friend to prom to go with you – Plus, bonus, you get Chick-fil-A, and of course on the cup we have written – [Both] Prom, question mark

– And then they get their Chick-fil-A bag So this should be a very happy and fun prom-posal We'd be – The freshest ones – There, prom? – Question mark (laughing) – So you guys can see, this is one of the cutest posters I think I've ever seen

So we found a whole bunch of just air fresheners, one of 'em is Summer Linen, one of 'em is Eucalyptus – One of 'em was Heirloom Tomato – You know, we were stretching it a little because there was a lot we needed to get But you can also see there's a cute little car with a tree inside of it with our faces, mine and Asa – [Brooklyn] Bailey and Asa are in the car

– Mine and Asa's face is in it But I just think this is like a really modern and cool and clever and cute ask, so you guys – Plus you get a life-time supply – [Both] Of air fresheners – Which is pretty, pretty cool

– Bonus – So I would love this ask So I've seen this ask all over Pinterest, and I thought it was pretty funny because, you know, we're shorties, so – Yes, us shorties understand this ask, we do – Yes, you must be this tall to say no

– Do you know what I'm sayin'? – Prom, question mark? – You know what I'm sayin' – Bailey's sayin' no – No, no, no! – No, but for real, if you know someone is tall enough to ask or say no for some reason, they really should be goin' in the record books 'cuz this sign is probably like seven feet tall – Now honestly I feel like, you know, this is a good ask for like a friend or a girlfriend or a boyfriend or someone that's really short that you know would find this ask very fun – This one I thought was adorable

It says, it was gonna be cacti for prom, but I was hoping it could be cactus And then there's two cacti over here – They're so cute over here – And they're asking prom, question mark? – And this ask is totally on trend because you guys know that succulents are really big right now, so you could give 'em a little succulent or a little cactus plant right over here But like, I just feel like this would be adorable and super clever

– And I would love it for decorating purposes, you get a little plant out of it, which is awesome – Yeah, so this is a super cute, super clever ask Sup guys, my name is Josh (industrial hip hop) So I really like pasta and my girlfriend, so I decided to combine the two for prom So what's the pastability you'd go to prom with me? – (laughing) Yeah, yeah I'll go to prom with you

– And you go, I forgot to give you your spaghetti (mumbles) spaghetti – Are we gonna share it, that's a lot of spaghetti – We can, yeah, I mean, I'm gonna share it with you (romantic Italian music) – [Announcer] Oh yeah – So I, like, really think this ask is super creative, just because it's a fun little play on words and you get food with it

Who doesn't like – You get pasta guys You get pasta – Yeah, who doesn't, who's gonna say no to food? – Not me – Come on, for real though

And it's create, I've never seen anybody ask like this before I thought it was really funny, and so I think it's a great ask What do you think, Josh? – Oh, I like the pasta part the best, but I like my girlfriend too, so it's, yeah – That's good – It's good

– I'm glad you like me – OK, so I know all of them are unbelievably adorable, but I have to say, the one with the puppies – Oh my gosh – I would cry – The way to the girl's heart right there

– That is the true way to a girl's heart, you know – I really liked the freshest one, 'cuz that was really cool and unique I don't think I've ever seen that one done before And I also liked the cacti one, where it's a cact You know, 'cuz I love little plants so I would like that one

– So guys, comment down below which one you guys liked the best, or which one you thought was the cutest or which one you want your dates to use, or all of the above Just comment down below which one you liked the best, now – Don't forget to subscribe to our channel by clicking the button right down there Also check out more of our videos by clicking the button right over there and thank you guys so much, and we'll see you next week – [Both] Bye you guys

♪ This town is no fun, your life has just begun ♪

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