10 Easy BEST FRIEND or COLLEGE ROOMMATE Halloween Costumes | DIY Halloween 2018

(upbeat rock music) – Hey guys! It's Brooklyn and Bailey and in today's video we are going to be showing you ten– – Ten! – BFF slash roommate slash DIY costumes for Halloween We are super excited, they are really cute and super easy, so you guys can totally do them for Halloween

– But before we get onto that, be sure to check out the mascara and the scrunchies that we wore in the whole video with some of the costumes And you can do that by clicking the link down below or in the information bar right up there – Right up there! Now, you guys, be sure to subscribe to our channel by clicking that box down there that says subscribe – Click it– – Click, click click, click! – Right now – Now, let's get on to the video

– Let's go! (upbeat pop music) – [Bailey] No, not the dentist! But, wait, is that the Tooth Fairy? Yes, and this Tooth Fairy and Dentist Halloween costume is perfect for couples and or roommates So to start, for the fairy, of course you have to have pink sparkly sandals and a beautiful white dress You can find the white dress pretty much anywhere, Target, Walmart, or online And then the wings just top it off Every fairy has to have her magic wings, my tiara on top, and then of course this ginormous toothbrush which I am currently using as my magic wand

(bells twinkling) – [Brookyln] Now, on to the dentist side Dentists don't wear much besides scrubs, so obviously you can see I'm just wearing white tennis shoes and a pair of scrubs that I found at my local Halloween store which you can find online or pretty much anywhere And then of course this ginormous toothbrush because you are a dentist! (upbeat pop music) – [Bailey] Now, I know you guys love Oreos, so why not become an Oreo for Halloween? This costume consists of some white converse, matched with these black long leggings, and then we have of course, the Oreo Costume on the front We have one that is the back with frosting and then the other that is frosting, but the back So you combine them and you make an Oreo together

And then of course we have white long-sleeved shirts underneath and then a little white beanie hat on top You know, sometimes it's cold during Halloween and you just gotta keep those ears warm and you gotta look cute while you're acting like an Oreo (punk rock music) This next costume honestly is one of my favorites, I think it's adorable As you can see, we are a deck of cards and this would work for a big group or a small group You can see I'm just wearing flat tennis shoes and knee socks to match the color of my shirt and or card

Then I have a black tulle skirt with spandex underneath to make sure that it's modest, but also super cute And then up-top, I have printed off Ace of Spades I did this as kind of a play because Ace's name is Asa It kind of sounds like that, but ace of spades is also a card in the deck, so I used this tee shirt, printed off the pattern of ace of spades, and then of course I wore my black scrunchie from the BB selection Now of course there's more than one card in a deck, so you can see Brooklyn is wearing red tennis shoes and red knee socks to match her red tulle skirt with spandex underneath, and then a t-shirt printed off with queen of hearts on it instead of ace of spades that is red

And then, of course because it is red, she decided to wear the red scrunchie from our collection, which you should check out by the link in the description box below as well So, that would be an awesome couples slash group costume to do It's just a deck of cards (pop music) (flames crackling) – [Brooklyn] Are you looking for the perfect dynamic duo costume? Because this is the one for you Grab one of your fun roommates and dress up as the devil and an angel

Now, for the devil costume, you'll just need some black shoes, a pair of black jeans, we did ripped ones because it looks a little bit edgier, and then we matched it with a red top of any type Doesn't really matter what, as long as it's red, and of course, you can't forget about the little devil red horns and, of course, a devil's pitchfork (pop music) Now, we can't forget about the holier one The angel, of course, has to have her gold, perfect sandals matched with a white, long dress to look as angelic as possible And, of course, we can't forget about her wings because all angels have big, beautiful, white wings, and the halo to top it all off

(pop music) (funky guitar music) – [Bailey] Netflix and chill? That sounds like my kind of Halloween So you can see that these costumes look super, super comfortable and that's why they're the perfect roommate costumes (remote clicks) So, you can see I'm wearing red Converse, red and blue striped knee socks, which bring in my ginormous extra, extra large long-sleeved men's t-shirt, and that's because I love to be comfortable, and that says Netflix And then my red scrunchie from the BB collection to wrap it all together So, that is the super easy-to-make Netflix costume, but of course Netflix has a buddy over here named "Chill," that second half of the iconic duo

So, here she has white shoes and red and blue knee socks, just like "Netflix," but instead of a red long-sleeve extra, extra large t-shirt, she actually has a blue long-sleeve extra extra large men's shirt, and then "Chill" printed on it to obviously emphasize the chill, along with some snowflakes and, of course, the white scrunchie from the BB Collection That is a perfect idea for you and your roommate to wear if you wanna be comfortable and cute, and have an easy costume for Halloween ♪ Do-do-do-do ♪ (light music) – [Brookyln] Barton Bellas are in town and ready to win the next competition This costume is super easy and super fun You can do it with as many people as you want

To start, you just have to put on some black heels, then grab a pencil skirt of your choice We decided on navy blue 'cause that's what the Barton Bellas wear, and then we put on top just a little business suit top and a white shirt underneath, along with our Barton Bellas classic little neck-tie ascot And then that is all, so you can go and win that singing competition (light music) (vocalizes The Pink Panther theme song) – [Bailey] So today, I know that was the Pink Panther theme song, but we're gonna discover the mystery behind Dr Watson and Sherlock Holmes costumes

Brooklyn is Sherlock Holmes She wore brown boots along with this checked trench coat which, I think we might put a link in the description box below where we found this, because it was kind of hard to find trench coats that were not super expensive, and then, of course, she's wearing a Sherlock Holmes hat I don't know the specific name for this type of hat, but you guys know what I mean, its just that Sherlock Holmes-looking hat, and then the famous pipe that he smokes in the movie Now, of course this one is fake, but it's all for accessory and for the costume Now, of course, we can't forget about his popular, popular partner, Dr

Watson I am playing Dr Watson and I have these black boots along with my brown trench coat with this tie and these super cute buttons And then of course, I also have to have that Sherlock Holmes mystery hat which I am wearing currently right now, and then my accessory for this costume is my magnifying glass, because you can't solve a mystery without a magnifying glass And you guys, guess what? I think we solved the mystery! The answer is that this costume is the perfect costume for you and your roommates to wear on Halloween! (mysterious music) (bright pop music) I know you guys get candy on Halloween, (splashing) but why not be candy on Halloween? – These chocolate kiss costumes just need white Converse, or black Converse, and then, of course, this silver metallic bodysuit, which there will be a link in the description box for because it is a little hard to find

And then, with the hats, we just used silver party hats and then we made the little strip that says "kisses," it's super easy All you need is a piece of white fabric and then stickers with the letters and you can make your own, and then you can be chocolate kisses! (bright pop music) – [Bailey] Guys it's our favorite fictional characters! So let's start with the costume of Tigger I'm wearing black Converse along with these bright orange leggings because you guys know Tigger is totally bright orange, along with this t-shirt with the print of his stripes on it I didn't print this one off, I actually bought it like this, but you can totally print it off if you want to, and then, of course, the Tigger ears and his famous tail We found those two items online, we just looked up Tigger ears and tail and bought it off line, but you guys can try and find it at the Halloween store and if you can, awesome

There are two other characters here Winnie the Pooh, ah, the favorite Of course, white converse and yellow leggings, and then Brooklyn is wearing a big t-shirt that says Pooh on it and then his famous ears And that's the costume for Winnie the Pooh and the ears again we found online along with the t-shirt And of course, Piglet, which Masie is helping us model

You can see she's wearing white Converse as her shoes, pink biker spandex shorts underneath a giant pink t-shirt, where we actually drew the black stripes with a sharpie and a ruler, but you can buy a t-shirt with black stripes if you want to, and then the ears we actually found online for Piglet We're gonna put links to all the costumes that we found online in the description box below, so definitely check that out if you're curious where they all came from But voila! That is our favorite fictional character Halloween costume (bright pop music) (ominous music) (Bailey vocalizes Jaws theme song) – [Brooklyn] This costume is super fun and easy, it's just a lifeguard and somebody who's been bitten by a shark For the lifeguard, you just need some flip flops, a pair of shorts that you could easily be on the beach in, a fanny-pack because you can't be unprepared, and then a t-shirt that says Lifeguard so people know exactly who you are, and then your lifeguard whistle because that is extremely important, and then a little hat, a visor, so that you keep the sun out of your eyes while you're lifeguarding that pool or the beach

Now, for the shark victim costume, you can either be barefoot or wear a pair of flip flops Up to you Then add a pair of shorts, preferably dark shorts so you look like you're in swimwear, a white tank top so that you can put the red paint on top and make it look ultra realistic For the shark itself, we just bought a stuffed animal and cut a hole through it, put our arm through it, and added some red paint on our arm as well There you have your complete shark victim costume

(ominous music) – Thank y'all so much for watching this video! Now, I know that was a lot but hopefully some of these last minute costumes help you or your roommate or your best friends– – Come up with ideas – I mean they're a little bit more creative and easy and like, fun – Definitely last minute costumes Hopefully those helped you out Don't forget to check out our scrunchies and our mascara that we wore in this video by clicking the button right here, you can check out our website, – Click it! They're so cute you guys are definitely gonna want to go check them out

– And subscribe to our channel by clicking the button right over here, and to see more Halloween videos, click the buttons right over there We'll see y'all next week, have a Happy Halloween! – Bye y'all! – Bye! (blows kiss)

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