10 Social-Distancing Date Night Ideas

– Hey! – Hey guys! It's Bailey and Asa today! It's just the two of us, woo-hoo! We're going on like one month of being quarantined We want to still go on dates and– – Yeah, it's been a long time

– It's been awhile We are filming 10 quarantine date ideas, whether or not you and your significant other are together or apart, this video includes all of the above! – [Both] Let's go! (upbeat music) (upbeat music) – Thank you to Epic Games for sponsoring this video This app is called Houseparty, and I do have a link in the description box to download it for yourself! So, if you can't quarantine with your special someone and I know that is a lot of you, I got lucky I have my boy with me So I'm using this app called Houseparty to play games with Asa

Oh look here he is, right here! "What is the name of the popular Netflix series that encourages folks to declutter their homes?" – That was easy – Boom baby! I'm gonna win! Okay next question is "What country is Carly Rae Jepsen from"? (sings) Canada! I knew that one! I'm surprised I knew that one He won – [Asa] Snail, ear, (Bailey laughs) bubble letter J? – I would've said that was pretty good drawing actually – [Asa] Snake– – You like it

– Food! – I have a hard time believing that I'm just that bad of an artist, so we're doing it again Moon, nighttime, starry night, starry sky, moon, crescent moon, um eclipse? – Yup! Oh, you get one more, you get one more – Square, box, ice cream, cupcake! Sweet! – You got six – Whoo! So if y'all are wondering this app is called Houseparty and you can download it on iOS, MacOS, Android, Chrome And I do have a link in the description box

You can download it, so go ahead and check out that link below, to download it for yourself! (peaceful music) – [Both] Going on a walk! – This is the most we have walked in awhile – (laughs) Yeah! Even if you're quarantined, you can still go outdoors Just not within six feet of other people, so you know like, all you introverts and stuff, this is your world! This is your genre, this is your time to shine! However if you're an extrovert like me, then going outside and going for walks sometimes helps, sometimes (happy upbeat music) (Bailey laughs) – She wanted to try a piggyback ride, and she's literally just clenching on with her legs (both laugh) (pavement pounding) – Go on a walk– – [Asa] Go on a walk, get outside, get some vitamin D– – Get that fresh air girl! Go get that vitamin D! (fun music) Okay! Another date idea that you can do is (both) exercise together! So we're outside and we're gonna do some yoga, in the grass

We're trying this one (birds chirp) (Asa grunts) – [Bailey] Put your feet up! – You're kicking stuff in my face! (both laugh) I'm trying! – [Bailey] Here, lift, lift! (Bailey yells) (fun music) Okay, we actually kind of did it! I don't know how they make it look so proportionate Let's do this one We're doing this one next Okay, you just sit like normal

Put your elbows on your knees, keep them there, now I just have to kick up Okay, one, (laughs) tuck your head! – [Asa] My knees don't balance very well – (laughs) No, nope! His knees are not good enough, your knees are not stable enough This one, this Up straight! – You want to grab my hands, and then I'll pull you forward

– My hands are (mumbles) – Okay ready? I got you – Ah! This one was easy! (Asa grunts) (kisses) Anyway, so you can exercise together! It's a lot of fun! (Asa sighs) (fun upbeat music) – I think we're going to make some cookies I'm in the pantry right now– – [Bailey] Why are you in the pantry? This isn't where you find stuff to bake! This is where you find stuff to eat This boy is like "I just want a snack"! We're going to make cookies – Yes! – [Bailey] So we have the flour

(fun upbeat music) (fun upbeat music) Okay, I don't, have you– (can sprays) – [Asa] Okay chef Bailey is now rolling out the dough – Yes I am! Ta-da! (fun upbeat music) – [Asa] Ta-da! (fun upbeat music) (both laugh) (fun upbeat music) – So the next date idea is drawing or doing something artsy together I feel like I'm at a significant disadvantage This dude, oh woah– (record scratch) we could probably do one of these things! Ready, I'm about to poke your face, ready, set, go! (Asa gasps) Anyway, distracted! He has had several art classes, (whispers) and I have not! He says we should draw each other – I'm just going to like, look at you, and just model your, your shape and just draw it

– [Bailey] Yours might be a compliment but I'm afraid mine's going to be an insult – Just don't draw like face, just draw shape (quirky music) – [Bailey] This is what I've got so far (laughs) I'm so sorry Oh no! – [Asa] Okay that's actually pretty good! – Let me see! – [Asa] The reason she doesn't have a face, is because I tried and it was horrible

– Aww! – [Asa] That's exactly what it looks like from my perspective – From really high up above me? – [Asa] Because I'm tall (laughs) I'm scared! (quirky music) Yeah! What happened to my chin? (Bailey laughs) Why is my chin so long? The hair is pretty good Why is there like, huge cheeks and a huge chin? – [Bailey] (giggles) And his tiny nose! (energetic techno music) I have seen several Tik Toks, surprise surprise! Of people doing this thing called Netflix Party? Where you can essentially watch a show together, when you're apart So I'm going to test it out for you guys because that is a great date idea while you're quarantined If you can't be with the significant other then you can watch Netflix together at midnight like me and Asa do, virtually

So, I'm going to try it out! Okay so, I downloaded Netflix party It's a Chrome extension, so we're watching it together now So if I press play, does it play for you too? – [Asa] Oh, I guess I'm the, I might be the– – [Bailey] You control it – Yeah, I'm in control – So Asa's controlling the show

There's this little chat box, over here that shows what people are saying, and you can watch it together So it works! And it's pretty dang cool! Also! What are your opinions of (sings) Tiger King? – I haven't watched it yet so I don't know – (sings) Let us know! (peaceful music) Have you heard of (sings) Zoom? – Obviously, by now you've probably heard– – Clearly, we know lots of school, is held on Zoom Blah! But! Zoom can be used for fun things too, like quarantine dates! You can change your background, so you can go to a date in Paris! – Mm-hm! – And we're gonna go explore the world on our date today on Zoom – So I'm going to show you how to upload a background

If you go down here, beside the Stop Video, there's a little arrow You're going to click that, and hit Choose Virtual Background And from there, you're just going to hit this little plus sign over here And then anything that you've already downloaded to your computer you can use, so I am now on the moon! Bailey? (crickets) Where'd you go? She abandoned me

– Hello! – [Asa] Oh, oh hey! – Oh, we're on the moon! (sings) Ta-da! – Space! (chuckles) – So, cheers in space! – Clink! – Just keep swimming! – [Asa] Finding Nemo! The pyramids! With a minion in the background! (Asa laughs) – We're in Disney World! – [Asa] Disney! I'm going to start pranking my teachers with this (cute music) Okay guys so this next date is sitting on top of your cars, six feet away and having dinner! Just having a picnic! (cute music) – [Bailey] Hey neighbor, how you doing? – Great! – Good! Cheers! Now obviously you would do this in a parking lot, you can schedule time for you and your friends to go through a drive-through Stuff like that but you know, we're just chilling in the driveway Hanging out, got my picnic blanket and my pizza! Mm-hm, and my favorite person ever! – You're my favorite person ever! – [Bailey] You look good! – You look better (techno music) – Another really good idea is to do, if you're together and you're bored and you can't go to the movies, you can't go on a date typically like that, create your own movie theater girl! So basically, we just did this in the car

And you can set the computer up and watch Netflix! – [Asa] Yeah, I am not going to fit in there Uh oh, I guess we'll have to see how that goes (both laugh) – [Bailey] My legs fit perfectly (giggles) His do not at all! – This is not a comfortable spot It's kind of comfortable actually, I'm actually doing okay right now

Good times! Yay! (cheerful music) – Okay so obviously you can tell (sings) it's nighttime! (sings) It's dark outside! Which means you can see the (both) stars! So one of our date ideas is, you can do this virtually or together There's an app, or several apps you can use to scan the stars and look at the constellations And lots of people love to do date nights where they lay out and look at the stars So that is what we're going to do for one of our date ideas – [Asa] So the app we're going to use is called SkyView Lite

I can use my phone and actually look at the name of every single star, whether or not you can see it So look, there's a constellation right there (cheerful upbeat music) – (sings) Stargazing! (record scratch) – [Asa] I almost fell in the pool! – Hopefully you guys enjoyed this video, and we gave you some pretty cool date ideas! – Yeah try them out! – Let us know if you can think of anymore! Leave anymore suggestions in the comments And we'll see you all next time! Muah! Wait I'm going to go like this and, oh lift your head ready, set, go (laughs) This is cool, ready, ready! (music fades)

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