10 Stylish Swimsuit Looks for the Summer! | Swimsuit Collection 2018

♪ Just call on me ♪ ♪ Just call on me ♪ – [Both] Hey guys! – And welcome to today's video We are going to be showing you guys the swimsuit haul that we are going to be wearing this summer! (both shouting) – We have so many cute swimsuits, I'm obsessed

– Oh my goodness – You guys know I love swimsuits We have them planned in adorable ways So you guys, let's get on to the video so you can see them (upbeat music) – [Brooklyn] My first look is super chic I went for a red-lip, bold look

So, my swimsuit is black and white with polka dots and it's from ASOS My sunglasses are from H&M And I love the color coordination amongst this whole outfit (upbeat music) And, of course, I have to have my beach bag, which is from Urban Outfitters (upbeat music) – [Bailey] What's up guys, so, now it's time for my first swimsuit outfit

So, as you can see, I'm wearing these adorable lemon overalls from Forever 21 And I promise, when I saw them, I died and I just knew I had to wear them in this video So, that's where you can find them, Forever 21 And they have super cute pockets in the front and the back, too (upbeat music) And then boom, here's the swimsuit that is sitting underneath the overalls

And I found this adorable black bikini from Cupshe I love the buttons, I love the lace detail And in case you were wondering, yes, they are intentionally laced up opposite ways Asymmetrical things are totally in right now (upbeat music) And on top of all that, I added these adorable rose gold, slash gold sandals that I found from American Eagle

Then you can see me here lounging on my pink towel from Urban Outfitters – [Brooklyn] Again, my second outfit includes another bold color, only this time it's yellow because that's just, like, the perfect fun, summery color (upbeat light rock) So, I have this black and white striped one-piece swimsuit which I am in love with It has this fun little tie on the side One-pieces are super in this season, which is awesome

And then I have the yellow lemon bag which is from Romwe And this cute pair of yellow shorts to go with it, which are from Forever 21 (pop-rock guitar music) – [Bailey] Why hello there, it's time for outfit number two! So as you can see, on top I have my hot pink hair and I have had that for a while now because I am in love with it, but on top I also have this super cute pair of sunglasses, which I found from H&M So, sunglasses make a really great accessory for the summer, but they're also extremely helpful, so bonus! They are double magic right there And on top I have this super adorable red bikini, which I found from ASOS, I love the gold detailing 'cause it helps me wear shorts like this that match perfectly, and I found these shorts from TopShop, I love love love the floral, lace detailing on the side

It's just the perfect touch to this outfit (upbeat rock music) You guys, we have having several Mascara Meet-ups We're going to be in Nashville on May 4th, Salt Lake City on May 5th, and Atlanta on May 6th, and then Dallas on May 12th And you guys, we are going to be bringing mascara for you guys to purchase before anyone else But there is a limited supply, so you wanna be one of the first ones at the meet and greet

You guys, the meet and greet is free, so why not come? See you guys there! (electro-pop music) ♪ Night fall the lit up shores ♪ – [Brooklyn] So for my third outfit, I was going for more of a Boho-chic, beach bum type vibe, if that's a thing So I found this cute straw purse, which is from ShopBop (smooth electro pop) And I paired it with this super Boho, adorable headwrap, which is from Urban Outfitters And then I matched with this gray swimsuit Which I fell in love with, it's from Cupshe

And this fun pair of rose gold slides, which are from Hollister And of course for my drink, I have a fun flamingo straw, which you guys can find on Amazon (electro-pop music) ♪ Two on a tight-rope ♪ ♪ On off and on again ♪ ♪ Clinging to slight hope ♪ ♪ On off and on again ♪ ♪ If I'm a snow storm ♪ – [Bailey] Now it's time for adorable look! Okay, you guys, so obviously I have my hair pulled into a side ponytail, as you can see But don't be fooled by the many straps of this top, getting into it is so worth it You can find this maroon top from ASOS

Honestly, cutest thing I've ever put on my body And plus, with these striped shorts that I found from Nordstrom, it just completes the outfit and (smooch) perfect And then also, you can see a white purse sitting next to me That is from Urban Outfitters And on top of it all, in case you guys are wondering, this gold cactus is from Urban Outfitters, as well

The perfect accessory for the summer when you need a cool drink – [Brooklyn] I'm not gonna lie, this is probably my favorite outfit So, I have this tie-dye, two piece swimsuit cover, which you guys can find at ASOS I'm only wearing the top, but there is a bottom that goes with it And of course I'm sporting some of our Brooklyn and Bailey newest scrunchies

This is the mermaid tail set, the white one And then to go with that, I have a clear backpack to take on the beach so the sand doesn't get inside And I love it because it's super unique And on the inside I have tanning lotion, which is from Ulta, and it's my favorite brand And then underneath, my swimsuit is actually this white, fun, frilly bikini which is on Cupshe and I adore it

It's one of my favorites that I have right now And then in the background we have a fun unicorn floatie which is from Sam's Club And yes, I am freaking out over a bee I do not like them, they scare me So I was so grateful I didn't get stung (upbeat pop rock) ♪ We still dream of what we could be ♪ – [Bailey] Okay, so this is one of my favorites

I am in love with this look It's just so perfect and girly So on top of my swimsuit, I have this cover-up which is actually just some jean overalls that I found at Forever 21 along with a cute armband from ASOS that I just threw on top of all that You can see all the adorable, floral lace detailing on the side Plus, my jellies from Old Navy! Now, these make me feel like super vintage because my mom said she wore them so I guess that makes me cool and vintage

And then of course, my swimsuit Which I found from Target actually I know Target is really stepping their game up lately and their swimsuits are super cute So that's where I found this one I'm absolutely in love with the top and bottom matching

It's just (smooch) perfect (upbeat rock) ♪ We are real as can be ♪ ♪ You still amaze me ♪ (upbeat rock) – [Brooklyn] So my last swimsuit is from Target I love it because it has super fun detailing on the front and it's sheer, and it has this fun floral on the front, which I'm obsessed with And then I added some gold body jewelry, which is from Urban Outfitters, which is kind of different for me, but I really liked it with this outfit And then I have a white scrunchie, which is from, of course, us

It's our mermaid tail scrunchies And then we have a floating ping pong table on the side which is from Amazon and it's a lot of fun to use in the pool (upbeat rock) – [Bailey] Woo hoo, time for the next outfit! You can see my phone case is in this adorable phone case that I found from Urban Outfitters Let's just say they had really great accessories for swimwear and summer And then you can see my adorable floral cover up from ASOS

I know it looks very exotic Which is why I love it because what is more exotic than summer time? (upbeat rock) And then of course, my red, lacy bikini which I found from Target, of all places Again, ladies, ladies and gents, Target has great swimsuits and they're not too expensive So check 'em out, they're really great (swing music) Thank you guys so much for watching this video

Comment down below which swimsuit idea you like the best And also do not forget, we have our mascara, the Lash Next Door, selling – Officially launching It's going to release – [Both] On May 16th! – So you guys, get ready! – I'm so excited Get those eyelashes ready to look poppin' because the mascara's finally coming – And check it out, so you guys, if you wanna subscribe to our channel be sure to click the button right down there

And if you wanna see more of our videos, be sure to click the buttons over there And we'll see you guys next week! – [Both] Bye! ♪ Whoa say the word ♪ ♪ Just let me know and I will be there ♪ ♪ Just follow me ♪

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