10 Things We DON’T MISS About Living at Home

– Hey guys, it's Brooklyn and Bailey and today we are going to show you ten things that you guys might be able to relate to about we don't miss about being home – We love our family

– Yes – And we love our home but there are a few things that just as a college kid, you love having and when you come home, you don't have anymore – Yes so hopefully you guys relate and let's get on with the video – Guys, get up Get up, get up, get up

– Oh my gosh – Get up, get up! – What time is it? – Four o'clock in the morning? – Get up! – Get off my bed – No – Out – No! (groaning) Get up, get up! Get up! – Go away! – Chick-fil-A, here I come

(ringing) Mom? – Where are you? – Where am I? I'm in the driveway No, I'm literally in my car in the driveway going to Chick-fil-A Mom, just come outside, you can see me, I am in the driveway, hi, yeah, okay, bye (ringing) – Hello? – Mom? You're right across from the couch from me – Where are you? – Are you kidding me? – You know where I am, we're looking at each other right now

– Nevermind then I guess (ringing) – Ugh, I am an adult, why? (water running) (screaming) Get out! What are you doing, I'm showering! (water splashing) Oh! Shaun, don't leave the toilet seat up! Ugh! (flushing) Hey Oh no I can't, I can't hang out I have to drop Paisley off at gymnastics, Daxon off at icoat, pick Cameron off from soccer, pick Ryland up from volleyball, then I have to go round about (squeaking) Pick up groceries in between that somewhere

Hey, will you get buckled, please – No – So I don't think I can hang out I know, I know, I am the errand runner when I come home from college – Yeah, no

(light music) Where are you going? – Out? – Well you haven't ate breakfast yet – I never eat breakfast – Eat it, breakfast is the most important meal of the day – There's nothing to do (background TV noise) (humming) Alright I'm outta shape

Four, oh I really should go to the gym (mumbling) (humming) I'm so bored I just miss my friends at college Is that my shirt, Paisley? (giggling) Absolutely not, go upstairs and put it back in my room, right now (giggling) Are those my shoes too? This never happens in college, go put them back right now

Oh man Nap time – [Mom] Brooklyn, can you please come do the dishes? – I just sat down Alright, now it's nap time – [Mom] Brooklyn, I need your help with the laundry! (crying) – I miss being a college kid

Oh man, now it's nap time – [Mom] Brooklyn, the dog puked on the carpet, can you come clean it up, please? – Okay Coming Hi, mom – Do you know what time it is? – What? – 12:03, your curfew was midnight

– It's, I'm three minutes late I didn't have a curfew in college – Three minutes late means you're grounded – Grounded? – Come in – No, no, no, no, that's not how this works

Where are you going? – Your dad and I, we're going on date night so yeah we couldn't find a babysitter so you're in charge – I'm not your permanent babysit, I, I have plans – So what's for dinner, what's for dinner, what's for dinner? You know what I'm thinking? So what are we gonna get? Dinner? Can we go get dinner? (yelling) – That is all we have for you guys today, hopefully y'all thought that skit was funny 'cause we definitely got some giggles out of it – And we'll see you guys next week Bye! – Don't forget to subscribe y'all

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