10 Things You’re Doing Wrong with Your Bra

(uptempo techno music) – [Bailey] Hello y'all! – [Brooklyn] Sup, sup, sup? – Welcome back to our channel! Before we get started, some very important and exciting news – [Brooklyn] Next week our Spring collection is launching! – [Bailey] We are so excited, everything that we're launching is amazing, there's new hair scarves, which is like, brand new to our line completely– – [Brooklyn] Oh my gosh they're so cute! – [Bailey] And new scrunchies, which I'm obsessed with already

And of course, our tattoo stampers, which Bailey and I both love – [Brooklyn] Which have been highly anticipated – [Bailey] Yes! Everybody's been waiting – [Brooklyn] Yes, you guys have been waiting a long time for those, and there is a limited supply so be prepared to get them quickly– – [Bailey] Fast! Presto! – [Brooklyn] because I am pretty sure they are going to sell out very fast Now, we're going to move on to our video today (uptempo techno music) – Yes, this is a video about bras, which was probably weird to think of – There are probably many of you sitting there like, "Why?" – "Really?" – I did not realize, but my mom did such a great job at teaching Bailey and I about all the fun little facts– – Hygiene! – That you may not know

– You guys know we're not afraid to talk about stuff like this, we did a Period 101 video, once upon a time– – And y'all liked that! – And that did so well, and you guys were so happy that we were able to talk through, just kind of like, basically everything– – What that's like! – That a period consists of, so we're gonna basically tell you, specifically ten different things that you've probably either have been doing wrong or didn't know– – Wrong or didn't know – About, when it comes to your bras – Yeah – I know that you're probably thinking, "Oh, psh, "I know everything there is to know about bras" Watch through all ten points first, and if, by the end of it, you still felt like you knew everything we were talking about, there will be a poll to vote on, so we can see if we actually knew stuff, or if we were just like, repeating things that you guys already knew – I feel like I look like a Who from Whoville when I do this

– The Grinch? – Okay, number one fact, and I have so many friends that either just like, disregard this, or like do it anyway Sports bras are not normal, – Are not daily bras They are not meant to be worn for day-to-day activities – They are not made to like, – [Together] Support! – Mmm, that's a lovely moment – Support! – Support! When you're running, you're jogging, you're bouncing and up and down, – It's meant to be like that so you can sweat in the bra, throw it in the washer, they're not meant to be worn daily, because your boobs are not getting the support they need if you wear them daily

– No – They will be down to the ground by the time you're twenty – Number, two, there are wires in, like, good bras And if you are wearing them right, and you're fitting them right, the side wire, right here, will actually be on the side of– – Of your boob! – So, like, if it's sitting on top of that squishy tissue, – If it's hurting, – That's wrong – [Bailey] It's not right! – It needs to be on like, the back side of that, pushing in

– And if it is for some reason, sitting like, here, on top of your body, – It's uncomfortable – That probably means you're not wearing the right size bra – Yeah, you don't have the right cup size Number three, and this one, actually we just taught, I'm sorry, I'm ratting you out Bethany, we just taught Bethany about this the other day, – Bethany! – When you put a bra on, you have the cups, they don't sit quite right if you just let them– – Sit! – Sit where you put them on You have to take the cup – Reach in – Reach in – [Together] Scoop! Pull up, – Push it in, – Tuck the wire under, – [Together] Let go

– It's like the bend and snap, are you ready? (popping noise) – [Together] Pull it out, (popping noise) Scoop, (popping noise) Push up, (popping noise) Pull down, (popping noise) Let go! – It's like a dance! (pulsing techno music) – Anyway, full support is what we are looking for – That was number three Number Four, – Four, Uno, dos, tres, cuatro – Don't sleep in your bra (music ends abruptly) – Okay Time for me to take over

– Bailey gets really passionate about this – Mmm Hmm! I have had, from little girls, to adults try and tell me that they sleep in their bras – No offense, but have to be a serious psychopath to like – To be comfortable! – Be comfortable with a wire bra on, – How? – While you're sleeping – You wear a bra everyday, right? Okay, that's great If you're not letting them loose for a little while, your muscles will not strengthen on their own, therefore, when you get older, and your boobs get saggier, they will not hold themselves up, because the muscle was never built

– You have to let, like, the glands, and just the chest– – Breathe, – Breathe– – Let your body breathe – It's like your feet You don't stick your feet in shoes and sleep with shoes on – Just don't sleep in your bra If you are doing it, and you for some reason feel very uncomfortable sleeping without a bra on– – Put on a soft– – At least get a soft sports bra with no wire, that's like, gonna let it breathe out a little bit more, so that way, A, you're not strangling your body while you're sleeping, and B, everything is able to air out

– Number five, and this one I actually didn't know until– – I'm singing– – Thank you, you're not single Number five, so, I actually didn't know this one, 'til like, last year, but, when you wash your bras, number one, you should be washing your bras – That's gross – Number two, you cannot put your bra in the dryer Like, the machine dryer

First of all– – It will ruin the cuppage – Your bra is fitted, or should be fitted, to your body, like, the perfect size So, if you're putting it in the dryer, that can shrink it, and or, like mangle it, and or just make it, like– – Lumpy – Deteriorate faster When I go to the store, I buy myself– – Three, four bras

– Three or four good bras, so that they're always on rotation, so that I'm not always wearing, like the same one– – Same bra – All the time, and it's like four years old, that's just gross and it's not working and it's not, no That's just a no go Number six When you buy a bra, you should buy it so that it fits the tightest on the loosest clip

– It will stretch out, the band of the bra will stretch out, and if you start on the tightest clip, very first– – It's got nowhere to go, same with your straps, like it should be pretty loose when you start, and then it will slowly stretch out and you can slowly, like, move it up By doing that, you extend– – Extend the amount of time that your bra will last – The lifespan – Yeah, the lifespan of your bra – Number seven, replace your bras every, like six months to a year, because any time between that, they're gonna start getting old, – Stretched out

– The padding's gonna be like, kinda flat – Dirty – It's not gonna be doing the same thing it was for you when you first bought it Oh, so, if you're a female, you wanna buy like, fun bras, so you may as well just go spoil yourself – Go get yourself a new bra – Go get a new one! – Eee-yer-ba sha-ba-doo-bwah, that's what we look like

– [Together] (voices trilling) – Number eight Ladies – Okay! – (laughs) Go somewhere with like, good recommendations to get a fitting for a bra – So today, Bailey and I are going bra shopping, slash just like, looking, slash just getting fitted, slash, a lot of things today – All the things you do

You will have a professional tell you what bra size, what band size – So they'll measure your band, and then they measure your bust And that will tell you what cup size, and like, what band size you should be wearing – And that is important, because a lot of people wear, – [Together] The wrong size – This is like, older sister talking to little sisters

There are different bras you can wear for different outfits If you're wearing something without sleeves, don't wear – [Together] A strap bra – [Bailey] Wear a sleeveless – [Brooklyn] Wear a strapless – Or a bandeau! And if you're wearing, like, a tank top, don't wear a bra like this, wear a cute bralette, so it's like, showing the little lacey

– Or if you, like for me, if I wear a swimsuit that doesn't have padding, or a dress that doesn't have padding, then I'll wear what are called Pasties, they look like little flowers! – Little flowers! Silicone (mumbles) – And they just go right over the nips, so that you're not pokin' out all the time You still have the nice curvature of a regular breast, but you don't have the nippy nips So it's not– – Please never say that again – You know how people say, "It's nippy outside"? – No please, never say that again – Okay, well, you get my point

– And then number ten – Bah bah dah bah! – Almost done, you guys Number ten No padding, no problem Like, this is without bra

Like, if you're wearing a swimsuit, if you're wearing, like, I don't know, – Whatever it is – Whatever you need where there cannot be a bra present, for some reason, there's a solution, and it's called pasties It's okay to talk about pasties – We're gonna talk about the homemade version, because this is what my mom taught me – Go get yourself some, you will use them

– You will, even if you say you won't – I promise – You will My mom taught me, when I was a little girl, that you can put, you use, – [Together] Band-aids! – You just stick 'em flat, and it's good to go Do something soft, like a Band-aid, that doesn't stick on the nipple itself, it's just the outside, but it will keep it still flat, so you don't need that padding

– Please don't duct tape Please don't do that – I will feel so bad – That hurts me, on the inside – That did not come from me, do not duct tape

That's like it, I think – We talked a lot about boobs today I am so glad – I'm so glad – Look at us go

Hopefully you guys enjoyed that informational, slash, I don't know, ridiculous, I feel like we're being ridiculous, but, time to vote Click the information button (popping noises) right over somewhere, over here, there, somewhere, it will pop up Go vote and tell us if you actually knew these ten things, or if you– – [Together] learned something – Fun – Comment down below, too, if you think that we should make more of like, informational videos talking about things a lot of people don't talk about

– Or just like, straight up, us just talking, because sometimes I feel like we just don't do that – We just don't really talk a lot, too – Like, seeing us interact, sometimes people think that's funny – Sometimes, that's weird – Also, subscribe now, – Subscribe

– We love you and that's all so bye! – Love you! (upbeat techno music) (laughter) (mumbles and laughs) – [Bailey] Maybe we shouldn't do that (upbeat techno music)

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  1. Hey guys I love your channel and I think you guys are great! Thank you so much for sharing these awesome tips and that you are not afraid to share because it really helped me. Love you❤️

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