10 Types of College Guys

– This is pretty cool, huh? (upbeat music) – [Boy] I know I'm hot, but don't you want to go out with me? (upbeat music) – Hey guys, what's up? It's Brooklyn and Bailey And in today's video, we are going to show y'all a bunch of different kind of guys, like some very stereotypical guys you meet in college

– College guys, specifically – Yes But before we get onto that, you guys, our JC Penney spring pics launch in two days, in stores and online

We are so, so, so excited And we love that they're – [Both] Perfect for Spring Break – So you guys are definitely gonna want to check that out Do it, do it, do it Now, let's get on to the video

– Let's go watch some boys (upbeat music) – What are you doing? – Studying for Calculus – School is for people who just don't understand how life works and it's lame You're wasting your time – What are you doing? – Playing Slither

io That matters This makes a difference in people's lives, okay? – Oh – Nerd – Just make sure you take your shoes off when you get on the carpet and don't put your feet on the furniture 'cause my grandma gave this all to me and I really, really love it, and

Oh my, what are you doing? My beautiful table – Okay guys, I'm gonna try something Let's see if I can hang on the pole

I can do it, practice (grunts) This is pretty cool, huh? (upbeat music) – Hey what's up, dude? (both grunt) So like, are you excited for the football game on Saturday? – So excited – Oh man, we're gonna kill it They should have totally hired me as quarterback I don't if they would've think of it

I'm so good I can catch a ball from a million miles away – A million? Ready, ready? Go long, go long – That was your bad, your fault – Oh my gosh, did you hear what James Dean did yesterday? – James Dean? Oh my gosh, he's a legend

– So I like, have you ever met him? – I've never actually seen him – That's the thing is like – What does he look like? – Everyone knows his name He's a legend, but I've never met him – The only time I've ever seen him, like seen him seen him, are his Instagram posts, and even those don't really like show his face, you know what I mean? – Yeah, but didn't you hear he like totally stole the rivals mascot? – Oh he not only stole it, but he like completely spray painted it green and gold for Baylor instead

– Oh my gosh, it was just so crazy – Legend – Like legend – I just, I feel like I know him – Oh I know him, I've just never met him

(gasps) Oh my gosh, I'm playing the trivia game Brad I need Brad, he knows everything Brad, where are you? Yes, get over here, sit down Okay, first question

What are the names of Taylor Swift's cats? – Olivia Benson and Dr Meredith Grey Everybody knows that – No, no one knows that Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

What was the first year they had the Super Bowl? – 1967 – How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? – 364 if it's a machine, 252 if it's a human being – Yes, oh I won – You seriously didn't know that? – How do you know everything? – It's just all up in here, you know? – Right (bell dings) – Two

Three Four Five Six Three

400 – These clothes have got to go Hey, Mom – [Mom] Got here as soon as I could I'll take care of everything

I'll make your house for you – And take this one It's pretty dirty – [Mom] Got this Love you

– Bye Mom, I'm really thirsty and I just don't want to go to the store Could you like maybe bring me something? – [Mom] Okay so I got you a whole jug of apple juice and I brought you multiple cups in case you just wanted to make sure, you can share or something? Maybe your friends want some drinks – Okay, cool beans – [Mom] Okay love you, bye

– Took her long enough – Oh yeah, look at that jaw line I look fantastic (yawns) Hey pretty lady – Do I know you? – Wear something nice, I'll pick you up at six

See you later – What? – [Boy] Oh no, come back I know I'm hot, but don't you want to go out with me? Why are you running away? I know I'm good looking, but it's not that scary, I promise – Bailey Help S

OS Heel broke Bring me pink velvet Louboutins I know exactly which ones those are

Forget studying Desperate need – So this guy in my math class asked me out today and I was super excited So then, of course I got his number, and he texted me, and he's like, wanna hang out? And I just don't know what to say What do you think? – Well naturally, he wants to go out with you, so say yes

– Yeah you're right I mean, it's so funny, you know it so well Why doesn't one of us date you? (both laugh) – What is that supposed to mean? – Isaiah, it was a joke We could never date you You're our friend

Best friend – Love you (record scratching) – [Man] Yep, that's me You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation – Cool

(upbeat music) – Ah, you made me die – Hopefully you guys enjoyed that video Do not forget to comment down below if you have ever met any of these types of boys, 'cause we know things – And your experience with them – We have seen them

Anyway, do not forget to subscribe to our channel by clicking the red button down below And we'll see you guys next week – [Both] Bye – What am I trying to do? – [Girl] A cartwheel – No I'm not trying to do a cartwheel

– [Girl] I've done that before, you'll survive Wait, actually try something so I get video footage of something – (laughs) What? (upbeat music)

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