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(upbeat music) – Hey guys! It's Brooklyn and Bailey, and today's video is going to be: the weird things that you can find on Amazon – We were doing some research and we saw some really weird things on Amazon

– Super, super weird – We thought it'd make a pretty fun video to show you guys some of the just really outrageous things – But before we go on to the video, we have a challenge for you guys Let's see if you can click the subscribe button in five seconds Ready? – [Both] Five, four, three, two, one

(cheering and applause) – You guys did it! Now while you're down there, don't forget to click the bell right next to the subscribe button That means you'll be joining the — – [Both] Notification squad – Let's see how many of y'all can join– – [Both] the squad – Do it! Now, let's go on to the "Weird Things You Can Find on Amazon" video Show 'em what you got

– I have what I call: My Dog Piggy Bank And this one is actually kind of like a cute weird thing? – This one's kind of cool? – Yeah – Kind of cool – We just thought it was different, that's why we ordered it – Yeah

Yeah – But it's a piggy bank, and when you put your coin in the bowl, the dog eats it, and then it goes under his legs — – Into his stomach — – And it goes into like, its piggy bank, and you can like, empty it and stuff – Very different, unique piggy bank So, speaking of animals, I have a Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure – This is just weird

– I don't know who – Who wants a cat lady action figure? – would buy this unless you're an actual cat lady? – Well, to be honest, Rylan did get excited — – Rylan got very excited – when she saw this

So, some people, future cat ladies, might enjoy — – Might enjoy the — – The cat lady aspect? – one, two, three, four, five cats, plus the one on the lady's shoulder right there – Oh, there's one peeking out of her — – Oh, and one in her pocket So, if you don't like Barbies, and you like cats, you can just get — – This is the — – The cat lady action figure – This is for you – A lion mane

This is for your pet It's a wig, for your pet

– Imagine cute little Braidy in this! (dog whimpers) Aww – This is actually cute What the heck – This is actually cute, it's like cute Halloween costume you can put on your cat or dog – Yeah, you can put like a little lion's mane on your cat or dog

They would probably hate it – They would – But you would love it – They would hate it But you would love it, and that's all that matters, is getting cute pictures

– Yeah look, it's got like a littlethingy Look, there's the face

– Oh, my – It's so cute! – Cereal marshmallows – You know those, what are they called? Your favorite cereal when you were younger, Lucky Charms? – Lucky Charms, or — – And they had the marshmallow and you'd get the bowl, and you'd literally – [Both] pick out the marshmallows, – [Brooklyn] and eat them?! This is a glorified version – This is a giant bag of those marshmallows – Yeah – [Bailey] The only thing about this is it seriously has like, a million five star ratings, so I guess people really like their cereal with marshmallows – Love the marshmallows I mean like, isn't that what everybody wants, their dream

thing, a cereal that's just straight Lucky Charms marshmallows? – Well, we found it – And, everybody knows what – [Both] this is (horse neighs) – It's just one of those – (sighs) – weird things you can find on – [Both] Amazon

– I just don't understand Ugh! It looks really weird from the front! – A little crazy I can't see anything, so, I'm just gonna – Yeah – You know – Alright

We're gonna – That's definitely a weird one – That just scares me! – Does it scare you? – Does it scare anyone else? – It's just scary

That's like something that would like, show up, in – [Both] my nightmares (threatening music) (horse neighs) (girl screams) – Yeah somebody's like, coming at you with a horse mask on – Like that's just not, that's just terrifying I don't know – This is a little disturbing

This is called the, Electric – [Both] Yodeling Pickle (tinny yodeling) – [Both] Ah! – Crap, I accidentally pressed it again – Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! (tinny yodeling continues) – It's like music to my ears – Okay I think it's time – So, I don't — – Crap! – How do you turn this off?! – (laughing) Just put it away

– We're just gonna put it there I don't understand who would want – A yodeling pickle

– A yodeling pickle now why someone decided to create – Would make it? – a yodeling pickle? It makes a great White Elephant gift – There you go! – Yeah – There you go – You guys can curse somebody with this non-stop yodeling pickle

– Yeah, as you saw from my experience, it never stops yodeling – Our next item is reallyI just do not understand the want or the need in the – Weird

– world for this object – No, I think it's more supposed to be like, a prank thing? That thing you put the toilet paper on? – It's like the toilet paper – [Both] Holder – Yeah – It's one of those Except for, when you pull the toilet paper off, it like, makes farting noises (farting noises) – [Brooklyn] Yeah, no, it makes

– [Bailey] So, if anyone can hear you in the bathroom, it sounds like you're having some major issues (laughing) – I actually want to try this – Seven different gross, – [Both] loud, disgusting fart sounds

– Yum Ugh, ugh! – Good to know So if you want to prank someone, on April Fool's Day – Speaking of disgusting things: Zombie Jerky – Blech! (record scratches) (threatening music) (zombie groans) – First of all, I'm not like, a giant fan of regular beef jerky? But when you've gotta add – [Both] zombies – to it?! – Like, whatever that means

– It says, "If you're reading this, the zombie apocalypse has happened, and it's awesome" – Awesome? – "They supply you with the delicious and nutritious zombie jerky snacks" – "It's a great snack for when you –" – [Both] "relentlessly chase down zombies or run from them" – Gross! – Are you ready for this? – (gasps) Ew! I don't — – Smells like normal beef jerky – even like normal beef jerky! Go! – Ah! – Go! – Ah!! – Oh, it broke

Just, eat it now Ew, I'm really like, concerned with what that taste It taste like regular jerky? – Yeah, with like, fuzz on it

– Ew! The texture! Nose Aerobics – Aerobics?! (laughs) – Basketball! Nose Aerobics Basketball – Okay If you think you're a pro at basketball, – [Both] try nose aerobics basketball – Alright — – No, here's what you do

– I'm definitely not a pro at that – What sports do you play? – [Both] I play Nose Aerobics – Basketball – Wait, let's try Okay you ready? And then you stick that in there Wait We are figuring this puzzle out Okay It's not upside down

– No, yes it is Punch through it Why are we

– Why are we struggling — – challenged, by this – so much? Okay! Here we go I don't know what this is for, so we're just gonna put that on the floor

– Nose Aerobics Basketball! This actually looks so hard! – Brooklyn has the ball! Go! She's almost got it in, she's running with the ball – No! – and she shoots and – It needs to hold still – she does not score – It needs to hold still – Wait, I wanna try – Oh, this is so hard! – I'm not good at normal basketball, – Is it even possible? (cheering and applause) That's cheating

– Whoo! – We got it in – That's really hard! – Our next item is called the Pizza Pouch – Haaaaallelujah – And it's literally a pouch that goes around your neck, so you can – It's like a – carry it around a pizza slice for use later – [Bailey] In case you get hungry – [Brooklyn] So if you're hungry – [Bailey] Can you imagine walking around, like, school or something, and just have a piece of pizza around your neck? – I really like, actually I feel like people would actually use this – I think people would be like, people would be like, "Oh, you're smart, can I have a little pizza?" And I'd be like, "No" – People want pizza all the time and they don't have it – "No, it's my pizza

" – But, now you can have it with: the Pizza Pouch – There you go So these are pretty much, there's not much to them They're just — – Monster socks – Really weird socks

Okay, so they're called MooshWalks, and they're just, wow They're extremely long socks – [Brooklyn] They have like, fuzzy ears – [Bailey] With faces on them, and you can like — – [Brooklyn] And fuzzy ears – Collect them all

– Oh, but they — – But we now have one – Hey they actually have a pretty nice sock – These are actually kind of cool – I know, I kind of want them – Next item is: – I don't really know what to call it

– Y'know – To be quite honest – I'm the peanut butter to your jelly

– Oh yeah, look We make a perfect match – Sandwich You put your – I bet you put your – [Both] sandwich in! – It's like the perfect shape for a sandwich, right here is where you can put you sandwich in – No, this is too small

My idea was you put your cents in here, and dollars in here And then it's a wallet – Oh Man, no, I think it's a sandwich pouch You know when those lunches, when you like, you can carry around sandwiches? – It's a cool like, pencil pouch, watch — – Sandwich pouch

– Sandwich holder with peanut butter and jelly on the inside Yum! – I don't really know what you need these for, but – This is the most excitingI would wear these Okay, you ready? – They're kind of like, clunky Can you guys see that? They like, light up! – Then you've got the solid, the red blinking, the blue blinking, the green blinking, and the nothing – So you can be like, out with your friends and have these on like, plain, and then it could get dark or something, and you could be like, whip 'em out of nowhere – Watch this

– Creamed possum With sweet potatoes garnished in coon fat gravy Let's just take a second Coon fat gravy Creamed possum

– Ugh! – And the picture! Is even worse! – [Both] Ew!! – The sound! Wait wait wait "For the hard to satisfy – [Both] gourmet palate For a taste you'll never forget, from the hills of Possum Valley" – Oh it says that "it is not roadkill" "Fresh possum

" Wait no! (record scratches) It is! It is roadkill! – It says — – "Eat from the highways of USA, prime roadkill possum!" It is literally roadkill possum! Let me show you their motto: "You squish 'em, we dish 'em" (gasps) I'm so concerned – I have no words – I'm so concerned – I double dog dare you to eat some

– (retches) – You can't turn down a double dog dare! – Not right now – It's happening – I just can't – It's happening – Ew guys, you don't even understand the sound, it's like

– It's happening – [Brooklyn] That's styrofoam and dirt There's no such thing as canned possum

PSA, for everybody's information: this was not really canned possum It's just a prank It's dirt and styrofoam in a can It's just supposed to gross you out a lot They tricked Bailey and I

We thought it legit was canned possum, but it's not, it's just dirt and styrofoam, so That's what it meant by "not true contents" We justdidn't read that Now, we have Instant Underwear I don't really understand — – Why? – the objective of this product – Why? – [Brooklyn] Like, I understand like, you would need underwear and all, but why can't you just like, roll up underwear and pack it, why do you want instant underpanties? – Why would you need it? – [Brooklyn] You add it to water, and it just expands? So this is just gonna be "one size fits all?" – [Bailey] "One size fits all" – [Brooklyn] So how do you know if it's gonna fit? What if it's really ugly underwear, too? – Yeah

We don't know what it looks like, it's in the container! – No, it's in the container It's a mystery – I don't know, I just think it's weird, like, I don't know why you would need it, so that's definitely like, weird That's just weird – Yeah

– Thank you guys so much for watching that video Don't forget to comment below, which item you think was the weirdest – If you guys want to subscribe to our channel, don't forget to hit the button over there And if you guys want to see more of our videos, hit the button up here If you want to see more of our halls, hit the button right below that

– We'll see y'all next week Love you guys!

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