$15,000 for My Bad Art on eBay?? | Twin VS Twin Challenge #WithMe

– This is crazy Mine is currently at (beep) dollars

– What! (upbeat music) – Okay, hello, hey – Hi – I found a TikTok the other day that I am sure many of you have seen about a guy who made some crappy painting – No offense – No offense, he said it was crappy

and he posted it on eBay to see how many bids he could get on it and he ended up selling it for $18,000 – Like, and this boy wasn't like, it wasn't great painting – He wasn't Picasso – So we wanted to test it and see if we could do the same thing So basically how it's going to work is me, Brooklyn, Asa, and Kamri, hello

We are all going to paint individual paintings and use our own strategies to post them on eBay And then at the end of the week whoever has the biggest bid on their painting wins – So, I'm super excited, I'm not an artist whatsoever – Uh, no – We're going to start painting right now and show you what we are doing

(upbeat music) – Wanted to clarify, some of the that proceeds we get, if we do end up selling these paintings, we will donate So we're not conning people for those of you who are like "Mmm" It's just fun, it's going to be so fun but I am worried that like, we're going to get through all of this and not a single one of us is going to have a bid – I'm just going as abstract as you can possibly be, but I'm trying to pull in colors that kind of compliment each other We'll see

– So I have been doing a little, teensy bit of research and I have decided that like something that a lot of people are passionate about right now is something to do with like, we're all the same people and we're all together I have an idea in my head of how I want the painting to look, but it might just look terrible – About to start and I have no idea – My strategy is not having a strategy Artists sometimes just go for it

You know Do you really think that like Van Gogh had a strategy? Just saying I'm just going to do whatever I want and maybe throw in some art techniques from like fifth grade and call it a day Hopefully, I win – [Bailey] I have discovered that, number one, oil paints are harder to use than you would think and number two the power of a sponge

Do I know where I am going from here? No – Okay, so I've already gotten started Can't you tell it's a masterpiece? – [Brooklyn] You can see where my drawn hand prints are, that I am going to fill in with color I'm going to have to cover some of these brown spots that I have on my hand from the brown paint with white again, but you can see like, I have got the hands to begin my art Now I just have to color them different colors

– I'm kind of excited and it looks good so far I'm proud of myself – Alright, so I think I got a little thrown off with my idea because the colors that I picked looked way more coherent on the plate than they did on the canvas So at this point I'm just going all in and I'm trying to decide on if I should like leave some white space on this or just go full color I think I'm just going to go full color, you know? – [Asa] Kamri, what the heck are you doing? (Kamri laughs) I just saw her just like putting like tapping in, like look at that

What is? What? Okay – [Kamri] The colors look way different Okay, so that's the colors like blue, like look what I was getting and then, this is— – [Asa] Yeah, they come out so much darker on the canvas – [Kameri] They come out so much, like so different – [Asa] So, I've had to start mixing white with mine, but there is mine so far, pretty abstract

Babe, how's it comin'? – It's coming (techno music) – [Asa] I think I'm done Kamri looks like she's getting pretty close – You know, it's kind of got a little charm to it – I think I'm gonna go ahead and list it on eBay

Maybe get a little bit of a head start against the competition and, yeah I mean it will probably only be like 20 minutes, but anything helps – [Bailey] Ta-da! (laughs) I'm done! And it actually turned out pretty good I don't know what it is or what it means We've been inspired and we realized that Asa's painting looks like a dress that we own, this is the dress

– Ta-da! – They are one in the same thing Time to go take some pictures May the odds be ever in y'alls favor I'm going to win – Yeah, you know when you look at an art piece and like you're just kinda thinking like, "Oh, I wonder what the artist was thinking "when they painted that?" That is what mine is! What was the artist thinking when they painted that? Guys, it kind of looks like there is a bunny in the middle

I don't know, it's kind of got a little something to it You know, you look at it and you just sit there and you're like, "Oh, that's kinda cool" But, you know? – Okay, after about 30 to 40 minutes more than the other kids, I have officially finished my painting I think it looks pretty good! You know, it's a little imperfect but I kind of like that it's not perfect, you know? I dunno, we're going to let it dry and take some pictures (upbeat guitar music) (camera clicking) – Okay, so I am on here trying to list my painting and it's asking me to put who it's listed by

I don't want to put my name just in case, so I am going to put my middle name, 'cause it sounds really professional, Marnai, so I putting it listed by Marnai, and hopefully that will keep people from finding it as me – [Asa] Got my picture loaded up and here's the thing I'm going to Photoshop this onto an actual like painting on a wall and what it's going to look kind of like a mansion or something Just to add a little more value to it, so I'll show you that in a minute whenever I do that – I took pictures of my picture outside like everybody else did

Now I'm just editing it so like the lighting looks good, and the colors look good I'm going to upload two different photos with like two different backgrounds I'm just going to post literally the basic photo – Asa and Kamri both have some skills on Photoshop Again, no artistic skills, no Photoshop skills

– Yeah – [Asa] Okay, so I think I am done I think this is the one I am going to use I just made like a fake canvas, like literally you can see the edge of the canvas and the shadow, and I just put it on this random wall and I think that will just help add a little bit of value to it That's going to be one of the pictures I use and the other will just be a flat picture of it

So I called it "Gratitude" 16 by 20 premium original oil painting on canvas and put in all the details and here is my description An emotional blend of vibrant strokes breaking through the deep clouds of selfishness and uncertainty $10099 as an auction

The auction's gonna be set for seven days no matter what, and yep that's it – [Brooklyn] You can see here I have my main photo and then my second photo here and then the name is called Unity That's my name Success, your listing is now live View my listing, there she is, all she wrote folks

– [Bailey] "Tree of Life" 16 by 20 Premium original oil painting on canvas We all agreed to set our paintings at $100, so I put mine at $9999 because duh, that's a bargain, and we are all watching each others so that it looks like more people are watching the paintings I wanted to read you my description though "Tree of Life" 16 by 20 oil painting on canvas

A bloom of deep passionate emotion in a vast world of cruel unoriginality Thank you, thank you, I know (techno music) – Okay people, I posted my art on eBay, thought I had this whole strategy down to like a "T" Well, I have absolutely zero bids and only 39 views in 2 days so I am getting nowhere The only people watching my art is my sister and all the other people that tried to post art so I have decided to try a new strategy

I don't know if the other people know this but I am going to try it and see what it does So the other people that we based this video off of made a TikTok about their art So I'm about to make a TikTok about our art and see if it does anything 'cause I think it will get more attention, and like as it gets more attention it will boost it in the algorithm of eBay I don't even know if that is a thing but we're going to try it so I'll keep you updated Okay y'all, so I saw someone on this app make a TikTok of them making a really crappy painting, posting it on eBay it's selling for like $18,000

So I thought I'd give it a shot In order to make this a little bit more fun my twin sister, my younger sister, and my twin sister's boyfriend and I are having a competition to see who can get the highest bid by the end of the week So this is my painting I titled it "Unity" and I some really crazy little, you know, description and then I put it up for $9999

This is my sister's boyfriend's painting It's titled "Gratitude" This is my twin sister's painting, "Tree of Life", $9999 What a bargain! And this is my younger sister's painting called "Nostalgia"

Between the four of us, we've got 'em all posted and I'm going to tell you and update you how it goes and by the end of the week to see who has the highest bid Just as an update, it has been seven minutes since I posted my TikTok and it has 7,000 likes and how many views? 20,000 views and my eBay has 100 views It went from 36 views to 100 views in seven minutes I think I done myself good on this strategy – [Asa] What just happened? – I got a bid! – [Asa] Yeah

– (cheering) So it's been approximately 45 minutes since Bro Bro posted the TikTok and I have a bid for the exact price that I put it at But at least that means that it will sell – Now I just need one to happen on mine – Y'all, I was at the office just, you know, casually packing things and I got a bid for $100 and then I got another bid, and then I got another bid, and then I got another bid, and then I got another bid I have seven bids and the highest one is $207

I was losing my mind I know Bailey also has a bid for $100 but Kamri and Asa don't have a bid yet which is kind of sad because I think their paintings are good but I'm just saying $207 I stopped for five seconds and it's at $910 $910, I took like 20 minutes on this painting This is crazy, this is crazy

Mine's currently at $910 – What? – Where's Kamri? Go tell her, she's going to be mad – What? – $910 – What! – $910 – Who is bidding on yours? What? I want mine to be bid on

– [Asa] What happened? – Mine got another bid, actually three more bids It's up to $12750 – [Asa] $127, Brooklyn, what's yours at now? – $960 – Nice, mine's at zero still

– [Brooklyn] Alright Sunna, any guesses on what mine's at right now? – Um – [Brooklyn] I'll tell you them in order least to most Kamri has zero bids, Bailey has a couple of bids – [Bailey] 38 bids – [Brooklyn] Hers is at 330

– You have 38, what? – [Brooklyn] $330 dollars is Bailey's Asa is at $1,025, and I am at $6,090 – $6,000, (laughs) oh my gosh – $10,000 – [Asa] Wait, it was just at $6,000 ten minutes ago

– Ten minutes ago, it just keeps going – [Asa] Let me see, let me see – [Bailey] I think now 'cause maybe it's getting bids in eBay, like it's tripping the eBay algorithm – [Asa] Let's see, where is that? There it is – [Brooklyn] $10,100

– [Asa] What? – $6,600 (cheering) $7,850 – [Cameraman] This can't be– – This has got to be– – [Camera Man] This can't be real – $9,000, this has got to be a joke $10,100

This has to be a joke – Can see if you have the same– – There is no way, there's no way these people are actually going to shuck up $10,000 – Okay, so we're all just sitting here reading out the numbers that are climbing I still have zero bids but Sunna texted me and she said send me your eBay links I sent it to her and she goes "I got you" and she was going to bid on mine but when she went in to go check

It said that I have two bids so somebody has bid on mine and my price has been matched now, so – [Bailey] (cheering) On your way up Kamri – You are the one I thought would win because you are by far the most artistic but what you turned out was intentionally bad – Yeah, that was the point of the video I don't know why everybody tried to make good ones (laughs) (rock music) – I just got a bid, for $10,150

That means I am in front of Bailey now so everybody was making fun of me last night Literally, one night, no, it was all this morning so what happened is last night, started getting more bids and mine got bid up to like, I can't remember, like maybe a $1,000 or something and then this morning my Apple watch was going crazy and I was like who is texting me, it's pretty early It was like 20 alerts and I get on my phone and they're all from eBay and they were just like stacking bids and now I am in third place so (upbeat music) – I am speechless I don't think any of us anticipated the outcome that we had

– The current bid is $13,200 and I have 14 minutes left – $15,100 and it ends in an hour – My painting has one hour and 3 minutes left I had seven bidders, 54 bids, and my highest bid is $10,800 For this, are you kidding me? – I am going to be a professional painter forever

– You can see the appeal to being an artist after this, right? – If it always works out like this (laughs) – [Bailey] Alright his is about to expire in three, two, one It's done! (cheering) $13,200 for your beauty of a painting – Yes – [Brooklyn] I have nine seconds left and one, I have myself $15,000

– [Sunna] That is just wild – [Brooklyn] This is insane – [Bailey] Four, three, two, one – [Asa] Sold – [Bailey] Bidding is done

Congratulations, my item sold – Alright so I currently have one minute until my bid ends My painting has had 36 bids by eight different bidders I've had 132 watchers which means they favorited them or like saved this so they could watch the painting and I've had 10,348 views That's kind of the total numbers

And I have 28 seconds left but in like the past couple minutes people have been bidding it up, so my painting has now gone up to its final price of $12,100 Honestly, though it's just kind of fun to see how much people will or say they'll pay I don't think any of us really care about the actual money We're just kind of doing it for fun So yeah it just says, "Congratulations! Your item has sold

" We've sent the buyer a payment reminder Buyers can take up to 48 hours to pay, it is done (upbeat music) – So we waited the 48 hours to see if any of us would get paid Unfortunately, none of us did so we won't be able to donate the money anymore 'cause we didn't get any of the money – But it's okay– – It was fun

– 'Cause it was so much fun So that's all that matters but yeah we thought we would wrap it up and say technically Brooklyn won the competition because she had $15,000 bid on her painting even though none of us got the money She technically won so good job Brooklyn and once again I lost I'm ready to win a challenge (sighs) It's okay, anyway, we'll see y'all next week

Love you guys – Bye – [Bailey] This is currently my paint brush Do you see this? It's broken (laughs) But we're doing what we can, so

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