20 TikToks in 20 Minutes for 20 Year Old Twins in 2020

– Hello everybody! – Hello! This year we're turning 20, which is crazy – In the year 2020

– So we thought we would do a video, that we're calling 20/20/20, so we're gonna do 20 Tik Toks, because we turn 20 in 2020, in 20 minutes We're gonna do as many Tik Toks as we can in twenty minutes – If any of you have ever tried to make a Tik Tok, you know, it's impossible – [Brooklyn] We've got the timer set, I doubt we get past five Maybe at maximum get seven – Nope, I'd say, we get close to ten to twelve

– Okay, so we have Charli D'amelio is a popular Tik Tok-er, so this is the first Tik Tok we're gonna try to do I think this is gonna take the most time, just trying to learn the Renegade Dance, and then, do it So, – Once the timer has started, it does not turn off I don't think she understands that quite yet But, we don't have more than twenty minutes to film all of these Tik Toks, brainstorm, find a sound, everything

– We can do it, let's go! Three, two, one, start the timer Okay, duhduhduhduhduh, wait, so it goes, how does it start? Bah, clap, dah dah, worm, wait, no, it was the, there's one before the, wait, Okay, we're just gonna- – We're just gonna, we're just gonna do it – [Bailey] I know this is not going to go well – I don't know! – Renegade! – Okay, what's the next one? – The next one is, – Please don't be dancing, please don't be dancing! – Oh, what's that, who is he, this like, this is an example of the Tik Tok So it's like, when people are like, we should do like, when people are like, "Oh, are you guys twins?" Like, "Oh, you look just like someone I know," And they walk up, "Oh, you look like someone I know, are you guys twins?" We could be like, "What's that? Who's he?" Like that 'Kay, could you just be like, "You look like someone I know!" – Yep

Oh! (Laughs) – Come here quick, come come come come! – Okay okay okay – Okay, ready? Just do like, "You look like someone I know" – Okay – Okay perfect You just be like this

"Nah" And then you can come back and be like, "Are you sure?" Three, two, one Woohoo! Okay, that's two down, okay, what's that, who's he Back, oh oh oh Turn your head Oh

Okay Okay Okay They record their head turning to the beat of the sound, so this one will be super fast You ready? – No! (Slowed) Nooo – Okay ready? Three, two, one Oh shoot! Shoot! I did it, I did it late – I don't even know the song! I don't know! – 'Kay Now you've gotta do your head turn to the beat – Uh huh – Turn

Like, turn Yep Three, two, one, yes, and then Journey's Okay you again – We look so stupid right now

– Cool – This is so bad! (Slowed) This is so bad! – See if we can get his head to turn right – [Brooklyn] I'll just pop him up – [Bailey] One, no, I only got his butt in that Oh, we gotta hurry

One, go – [Brooklyn] I can't, I'm trying, okay Move over, you're in the sun – Lift him up – Ah! I feel like we're wasting time

– [Bailey] Yeah Three, two, one, go That was really delayed, but okay, we'll go with it – Okay, this is so bad – Okay Watch it watch it watch it watch it! – Worst I've seen in my life! – It's terrible! – Because of copyright issues, we can't play it, but if you wanna watch all the Tik Toks, just click in the link in the description box below, and you can go follow us on Tik Tok, and see all the Tik Toks we've filmed today

(Slowed) In the link in the description box below, and you can go follow us Oh, this one! – Ah, this one, the dance lift challenge Maybe tear my pants – Okay, are you ready? – No! – You're the one doing the leg – What am I doing? – I'll just go behind you with a shoe

– I don't know what I'm doing I don't know what I'm doing – I'll be like, you do like, as high as you can, okay back up – Why am I doing as high as I can? – This challenge is impossible – I'm in jeans! – You have to watch Tik Tok! – I'm in jeans! – Okay, you lift your leg as high as you can, – Just for the first time? – So like, scoot here Do it- – These are the worst Tik Toks ever! – They're perf- per- perfection! We're doing the panorama tutorial spoof You have to like, do a panorama of you, you have to do this, and like, stick your tongue out, and then go back to normal, as you like fade on by, does that make any sense? Three, two, one

– See? See? – Kinda! – I'm peace-ing myself out in the background! My arm is like, – It looks like your arm is too long! – Great Go – Okay, I'll just use this- – Five minutes left? (Slowed) Five minutes left? – Okay, that's funny, okay done! We're done! That's it, we're done! One, two, three, four, five Yes All we have to do is do yes and no

– Um, tell me, does she ask questions? – [Together] Yes! Yes! Ah! – That's it! Done! – That one was easy! That was my favorite one so far! – Oh, oh, this one's easy too, this one's easy too Just you sit, sit like you're at a table Sit like you're at a table You're at a table Right there

– Okay, okay – Ready? – This is so confusing, when you don't have Tik Tok and Bailey just tells you what to do, – Just pretend like you're just chilling – Am I eating? – No, just do- no Just chill Okay, now turn it on me, from your angle, and I'll be the waiter

Towel! Bro, quickly – [Brooklyn] Okay, ready? Ready? Three, two, one – Okay Now, we film you Okay, that's it

– I'm so glad I can ad lib and know exactly what I'm doing when I don't watch Tik Tok – This one's so easy Literally sleep on the bed, be asleep, The whole sound, and then just get up and dance It says, "Go DeMarcus, go DeMarcus!" Okay, ready? All right we're done! – That's it, done with that one – In love with your body! Yes! – I know this one! – So I'll be the, you wanna be, I'll be the I'll be here, and then we have to jump up

– Okay okay, but we have to- – So you have to like, – Wait, why do we have to jump? – Because it's just part of it – Why don't I just go like this? – Because it's just part of the thing – Okay – Um, wait wait wait, come here, – Crushed my eyelashes in her white bed! – Let's do this and it's, oh, so you lay and curve your arms- – What if I go like this? – Okay so we're spelling the word 'love', we're spelling the letters in the word 'love', with our bodies, this is a trend on Tik Tok No I'd say you lay down, curve your body up, on your back, like that, and I'll go here Can you hold my feet? – Ahh! – V? V! V! V! V! Let's do a headstand! Ready? – Headstand? – Ready? This way

Ready? – What? – It's, so it's like a Tik Tok where it's like, duh dah! Bippity Boppity Boo, like whatever, that sound from Cinderella? And then I jump, and then mid-jump, Brooklyn'll come in, and it's a transition and she'll wait – So I need to hold- And then we gotta time me perfectly Were you here? – Three, two, one Fine by me! Okay we have like one minute – We have like thirty seconds to make one more! – Okay this one, – "Wow, you can really dance," that one's good

– This one's easy – No no no, do that "Wow, you can really dance" Do the "Wow, you can really dance" "Wow, you can really dance" No, do the "Wow, you can really dance" It's already- – I can't believe I call myself a creator! We are not YouTubers anymore! This is terrible quality! I think that's it! – Is that all of them? – I'll give myself a round of applause – Our show- – Happy 2020, we are now officially Twenty

Hopefully you enjoyed our Tik Toks we made in twenty minutes – We will be posting them, so, you can see them on our Tik Tok – And we'll put them in the video! – @brookandbailey – We'll put them in the video, we just won't use the real music – Ah, it's brooklynandbailey, I lied – Yes – Brooklyn and Bailey

– But, if you want to see them with the real music, go to our Tik Tok All right, bye guys!

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