2015 Polar Bear Plunge | New Year Traditions

-Hi guys, it's Brooklyn and Bailey and it is January 1st of 2015 And in order– in the spirit of the new year, we are doing an polar plunge in our pool

-It's freezing -There are two challenges we are doing The first one, we are jumping off the diving board, and to see how many of us can get to the other end of the pool without freaking out or dying of hypothermia or something -And then the second one is we're going to see how long we can stay in the pool And in case you guys are wondering, it's 31 degrees outside and 39 degrees in the water

-In the pool And I'm pretty sure it's snowing and you can see my breath -So let's see how successful we are at this challenge [CHEERING] -I can't feel my body I'm numb, I'm numb

I burn everywhere That was cold -Go, go, go [CHEERING] -Oh, it's so cold -Hi, I'm Faith

[CHEERING] -My name is Bailey, and I really don't want to do this I can't dive -Just jump, then Go, go, go -I can't

[CHEERING] -I'm going to cry -My name's Daxton -OK, go for it Swim, swim, swim Good job

[CHEERING] -How was it? -Good [LAUGHTER] -I'm Brandon -OK, let's see your best cannonball [CHEERING] -Go Brooklyn -It's OK, it's OK

Just go [CHEERING] -Can I just get in the hot tub? I don't want to go -Five, four, three, jump or I push -I'm scared My feet are freezing

Can I just get in the hot tub? -No, swim fast -I don't want to -I don't want to, seriously, mom [CHICKEN NOISES] -My feet are numb -Hurry, hurry just jump

Jump, jump, jump Go, go, go -I'm scared I'm scared I can't

-Rylan, we're going to count three, two, one -I don't want to -You got this -I'm going to do good, I got it [CHEERING] -How was it? -Cold

-Dad, you're way too tall -OK I'm going to go all the way down to the bottom -Go Dad, swim Swim, swim

Wow, Dad [CHEERING] -Hey, Dad, how was it? -That was cold down there -Come on Lindsey, you got this -Take your shoes off -Oh, I don't want to do this

-No one wants to do this -How many people went head first? -If you dive you get a head start -Hey, what's your name? -Lindsey -Go, Lindsey Ready, set, go

[CHEERING] -Lindsey, how was it? -Miserable -You are so awesome, buddy [CHEERING] -The goal is to see who can stay in the longest, you're the ultimate champion -Ready? -No -Five, four, three, two, one

-I won, they cheated -Kamri's still in there Kamri won -Polar Plunge Challenge -Be sure to subscribe, see you guys next week

Bye -Put it on your guitar, and then if you press this button, and you can play a G, or this one, you can play D, it plays the chord -Are you going to get in the hot tub, Sweet Pea? -Yeah, but it's cold -Is it cold out here? Is it cold out here? Paisley, jump in Hold on, Paisley's getting in the water

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