2019 POLAR PLUNGE Avengers Endgame | Brooklyn & Bailey

– Hey guys, its Brooklyn and Bailey – And today, of course, we are doing our annual polar plunge

(upbeat music) (cheering) And its freezing outside, but the theme for this one is Avengers because we want to do super hero theme again because there's a big Avengers movie coming out this year – Very, very true So, it is 42 degrees outside and 39 degrees in the pool and it's freezing because it rained last night so the ground is already wet – Yes – So we're just cold

It's already just freezing We want you guys to comment down below on who you think is gonna have the best polar plunge out of all of us So comment down below Personally, I think it's me because I am the newest and greatest superhero – I actually can't guarantee it 'cause I'm so cold I can't think straight, but we'll see what happens, so let's go

– Yeah, we'll figure it out, so comment down below (dramatic music) (cheering) [Everyone] 3, 2, 1! (water splashes) (splashing drowns out conversation) (cheering) – [Paisley] Bailey! Bailey! Bailey! – I just, I don't wanna do this – Don't die 'cause that's not cool – [Everyone] 3, 2, 1! (water splashes) – [Boy] Boo! – [Girl] That is so cheating – [Group] Boo! – [Brooklyn] That was like two seconds

Bailey's makeup is coming off – Am I still green? – [Brooklyn] Slightly – Good Dyed face – Alright guys, click the I button and vote on whose jump you think was better

(dramatic music) – [Brooklyn] Asa's – Definitely mine, definitely mine – [Brooklyn] or Bailey's? – Mine was pretty good I might not have swam the whole way — – Oh come on, Captain America all the way – But I did a cool kick – Gotta vote

– Wakanda forever! – (grunts) (upbeat music) – Daxton! Daxton! Daxton! (cheering) – [Boy] Good job Dax! – [Brooklyn] Good job, buddy! (clapping) – [Camera Man] How was that bud? How was it Dax? – Good – Rock, paper, scissor, shoot (cheering) – Aww, Paisley gets to go, yes! – [Girl] They were trying to decide who had to go (cheering) – [Boy] You can do it Paisley! – [Camera Man] She beat Bailey! How's it feel Paisley? – Cold! (laughing) – Let's go Kilee! (cheering) – [Camera Man] Good Job Kilee! (cheering) – [Camera Man] How was that Kilee? – That wasn't bad – Alright, we have another poll ready to go

Who did the best jump? – I did! (dramatic music) – Kilee, Paisley, Daxton? – Hi – I did! – I did! – Black Panther, Hulk, or The Wasp? So you guys vote, vote for them, tell us who won – All three of us! – It's freezing – It's freezing apparently – [Paisley] It's all three of us! (dramatic music) (cheering) – [Girl] 3, 2, 1! (Water splashing) (cheering) – [Girl] Rylan's turn! – Rylan! Rylan! Rylan! Rylan! (cheering) – [Camera Man] Go Rylan! How was it Rylan? – Cold – Number 3, who did better this time? (dramatic music) Carlie, or Rylan? – Black Widow! – You gotta click, the information button and vote in the poll, and tell us who you thought did the best

They were both generically the same in my opinion but, you guys have to pick– so And Rylan, how cold was it? – So cold (dramatic music) – So one of our friends last minute canceled and said they couldn't come, so we don't have anyone to be Doctor Strange So Kamri, I guess is going by herself (cheering) (laughing) – What are you wearing? There's shorts underneath? – Yeah

I guess it's me – Dad's gonna jump, Alright, it's official! (cheering) – That is cold! – [Camera Man] How was it Kam? – It was cold, but not as cold as some of the other things I did This one was better – Alright, ready? (dramatic music) (cheering) – [Boy] You cold? Get in the hot tub! – That's cold – Alright, comment below on who you think did better

(dramatic music) Doctor Strange, or Kamri? Which one of them had the cooler jump? – I'm smokin' hot – Oh man, this costume's giving him a bigger head – [Kilee] I say Kamri won – So comment down below (dramatic music) (cheering) – [Camera Man] Good job Presto! How was it Preston? – Cold (nervous laughter) (cheering) – [Camera Man] She's fast! How was it Brooklyn? – Okay, it's time to vote for either Brooklyn over here who was Captain Marvel, or Preston who was Iron Man! – Oh this Guy! (water splashing) – Who jumped better? They were both pretty good jumps

So You guys gotta vote – Hopefully you guys enjoyed that, it's literally – It's so cold and it's windy – Freezing outside

– Hopefully you enjoyed seeing us polar plunge and that you voted on everyone to make sure that we knew who was the best polar plunger That's all really, so don't forget to subscribe to our channel, and we love you guys! – Bye! – Bye!

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