3 DIY Friend Christmas Gifts + #ShareTheGift Nativity Collab

-Hey, guys It's Brooklyn and Bailey

-And welcome to another Christmas video -For today's video, we're going to be showing you guys some easy and inexpensive DIY Christmas gifts you can give to your friends or family I know for sure that Christmas gifts super stress me out because it's like, I don't know what to get you, and then some people give you gifts, and you're like, oh my gosh, I didn't get you a gift -Exactly -And so these ones are really easy to do and really easy to make, so they're perfect

-The supplies you guys need for our elf gift card jar are a medium Mason jar, a Christmas tag, a printable Christmas tag -Basic scissors and a hole puncher, some really cute Christmas fabric, and we also have a gift card -Some twine, a bag of Christmas themed M&Ms, and two buttons -For our first step, we are going to take our M&Ms and begin filling our empty Mason jar with purely green M&Ms for the elves, for the elf body -The majority of elves wear green or red, I guess

You could use red M&Ms if you wanted, but red kind of is more Santa Claus -After you have finished filling your Mason jar with your M&Ms, go ahead and take your Christmas fabric and cut a zig zag pattern into it It should kind of look like the elves' collars, if you know what I'm talking about Now that we have our jar filled and our fabric cut out, we're going to go ahead and glue our cute little elf collar onto our jar So the first step is to take your hot glue gun and to dab one little spot on the back of your jar where you want your ribbon to begin

I'm going to do that right now Then I'm going to take my fabric and glue it on there We're going to put the end of our fabric on our little dab of hot glue on our jar right under the lip of the lid, and now we're going to go ahead and wrap the rest of our collar right underneath the lip of the lid so it looks like it has a collar, the elf And so now that it's wrapped around, we're going to go ahead and take our hot glue and just glue the other end of the fabric on the jar -And it doesn't matter if your fabric overlaps because it's the back of the jar and people aren't going to be looking at the back

They'll look at the front Now that have our elf color all glued on, we're going to take our buttons and began gluing them on So you're going to want to put hot glue on the back of your buttons and then place them on the front of your jar where your fabric is not overlapping, so over here, and then place them right below the collar so it looks like he's got a little button down jacket or something And then you're going to take your second button and do the same thing Place it right underneath the first button

And there you have your elf -For the last step of this DIY, we are going to go ahead and put our gift card into the jar Make sure you leave a little tiny bit so you can still see the card and it's not buried with M&Ms -And we're also going to be placing architect our Christmas tag onto the jar as well So I've already hole punched it, and now I'm must going to put some twine in here, and then I'm going to tie it to the side

It says "Have a holly, jolly Christmas" And I'm going to tie it to the side so you can still see the little bit of elf buttons on the front as well -And lastly, go ahead and put the lid onto your jar This is just a really clever way to give some a gift card for Christmas because you don't really want to be that one person that's just like, here is a gift card So this is just a really cute and easy way to give someone a gift card

-The next gift we're going to show you guys is the soda gift pack And this has all sorts of stuff, so we're just going to show you what we need To start off, just an assortment of candies Usually whoever you're giving it to, it would be smart if you got their favorite candies or just a mixture, whatever's fun for you We have a package of popcorn

You're going to need their favorite soda, but it has to be in one of these carrying packs So if you can't find it, I know Coke and Coca Cola has them And it's optional, but if it's a super good friend, you can also get them a gift card to go along with it -We also have tissue paper that we're using for filler and these bows to top it off To start off, we're going to take the back three bottles out of our little holder

-The front two as well -And now we're going to go ahead and take our tissue paper and begin stuffing it into the bottom of the little– I don't know what you would call this– cup holder section That way our bottles will stand up and you can see them, and it will look pretty from one point of view -It's a pretty presentation of this gift -So stuff it all down there

Stuff the front two, and the back -Now we are going to go ahead and take our back three bottles and put them back in And you can see that our tissue paper has helped the bottles stand up a little bit farther, so when we put the rest of our stuff on there, you can still see the bottles in the back -Now you're going to take your popcorn and just place it in front of the bottles in the back And you can push it all the way down so you can just see the lids of your back three bottles or you could pull it up, whichever

I'm going to push mine down so you can see the bottles And then in these front two empty spaces, you can start by stacking the candies that you've got, and then just put them up in the front like this, and just stack it however looks pretty -Now you can take your optional gift card– if they're a super good friend, you can get them a gift card– and just place it in the front right here by your middle Coke And it can be a movie theater gift card so it goes with the movie pack, or it could just be any gift card, something fun And then take your bow and just place it right here on the very front of your popcorn just for a fun last little pop to your gift

And there you have your soda gift pack -And as a bonus, you have two drinks left over for yourself -The last DIY we will be showing you guys today is what we call our hot cocoa reindeer The supplies you will be needing are brown pipe cleaners, scissors, and decorating bags, which are basically the frosting bags -Googly eyes, mini marshmallows, and any sort of hot cocoa mix, and then two little red puff balls

-We just went ahead and filled our decorating bag with our hot cocoa, and then we are going to go ahead and pour in our marshmallows You only want to have roughly an inch of marshmallows in there That way, you still have enough room to tie off your bag That's probably good And so now that your marshmallows are in there, we're going to go ahead and tie it off with a brown pipe cleaner

Will you hold this while I do that? -Yeah -And then we're going to twist it around, and then we're going to turn the pipe cleaner into antlers -Now that we have our little antlers, we're going to go ahead and glue on our googly eyes and Rudolph red nosed reindeer nose onto our quote, unquote, "hot cocoa reindeer" So let's go ahead and do that -And then once you're done doing that, just cut off all the excess plastic at the top

-And here is our finished, adorable hot cocoa reindeer -Thank you guys so much for watching this video We had an amazing opportunity to film this giant collab with a bunch of YouTubers like Stuart Edge and Devin Supertramp -And Shaytards and the Piano Guys -It was the world's biggest nativity

So if you guys want to see that video, click right here -Or in the link in the description below It was truly amazing It was all about sharing the true gift of Christmas, and so the hashtag is #ShareTheGift And the way I'm going to share the gift this Christmas is by doing three major acts of service for other people

And Brooklyn is doing– -The same thing -The same thing Surprise, surprise Thank you again for watching this video, and we will see you guys next week Bye


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