40 Things to do When Bored | Quarantined

– Today's video is literally 40 different ideas you can do while quarantined at home or bored at home or literally any of the above We filmed 40 different clips and we have more still so we could do even like a part two, I don't know

But yeah, there are so many ideas, so let's just go right into it (upbeat music) – [Brooklyn] We're setting in the last few pieces – [Bailey] Yeah, here's a trick, put some holes in them, in case you knock 'em down, it doesn't knock the whole thing down That holes filled, that holes filled? – [Male voice] Yeah – [Brooklyn] You ready? (dominoes clatter) – [Brooklyn] Woo hoo! – [Bailey] Yeah! – [Bailey] Come here, Pace

(Pace screams) (Pace screams slowed down) – [Bailey] Okay, Brooklyn's in the bathroom I'm gonna try and scare her (Bailey yelling) (mumbles) (Bailey laughing) (giggling) – You're not gonna see me – Ow! (Camera person and Bailey laughing) (upbeat music) – [Paisley] Oh boy, this is so big – This is pretty spacious I can sit without touching my head

– Oh, they're browning quickly (crunching sound) (laughing) – [Brooklyn] Awe, you made me a picnic How romantic – Want trail mix? – [Brooklyn] We got an indoor picnic going on – Cheers! (upbeat music) (water running) – [Brooklyn] Asa listens to podcasts, so he's going to uh

What podcast are you listening to? – [Asa] It's a neuroscience thing – Nerd! – [Brooklyn] We'll give you a list of good podcasts so if you guys want some podcasts to listen to while you're bored, check them out – Just eating my Cheez-its

I like to miss my mouth It makes the ones that make it into my mouth even better So I gotta work for them (laughter) Thank you, Hands I appreciate that

Now let's just (mumbles) (laughter) – She's doing a nice vibrant purple – Mmmmm – [Brooklyn] Not a bad look with your shirt (Pace laughs) – This is beautiful

– [Bailey] So Brooklyn's pulled out some of her old emails – This one was to all my friends in sixth grade Hi! (stretching 'i' sound) – And I said "Hi, you seem to be in a good mood" – Kissing disease? Really exciting emails to my friends in sixth grade – Hey! What's up? How are you? [Bailey] How's quarantine going? – How's quarantine going? – So I thought of a pen pal and I'm writing a letter to her

I don't know how long it's been since I've written a letter A long time (door closes) – This is me, about to binge watch Netflix I'm about to watch Love is Blind, which I have not seen, and I want to Looks pretty good

I'm about to start it Oh my gosh, it's official Lauren and Cameron are my favorite couple ever If you haven't seen the show, you need to watch it And if you don't know what to watch for the Netflix binge for quarantine, we've made a list for you

So, check it out right here Share it with your friends, all the greatest shows to binge on Netflix – [Brooklyn] Another genius idea – [Bailey] Subscribe to us, and follow us Instagram

TikTok It's all the same username – [Brooklyn] We're gonna binge watch all the Harry Potter series I've seen them all but Asa hasn't – [Asa] I have

– Anyone else, you could binge watch Harry Potter, you could binge watch Disney, you could binge watch Lord of the Rings We'll leave a whole list, right here on the screen of movies – One of our favorite little games is called Adams Family Basically how it goes is we sing this little song and we say "Perform until we clap" and then we copy everything that they do and the point is that if they clap, then we clap and that's all it is – And a lot of people just like do all sorts of crazy things – It's kind of like a riddle game sort of thing so we are gonna do it to some of our friends so you guys can see

– Welcome the Adams Family Perform for us until we clap for you – Uh – Uh – Hello

– Hello (giggling) – I can't do that – He's just walking away (clapping) – Yay! And now we're doing Asa – Please perform for us until we clap for you

– Okay – Okay – Duh duh duh duh (two snaps) (mumbling over each other) (clapping) – Yay! – Hi Hi

(giggling) – [Male Voice] Ash is like gone – [Brooklyn] Ash is like goodnight – He just nudges the door open and goes (upbeat music) (water running) – [Brooklyn] Anyone remembers Wattpad Bailey just absolutely wrote books on Wattpad – I wrote one that has seventeen chapters in it – [Brooklyn] Finish the book you started writing when you were thirteen – Ya know

Ya know – [Brooklyn] Or write a new one What's your username? – No! Don't – [Brooklyn] Everyone, if you're bored in quarantine go ready Bailey's book on Wattpad – Oh my gosh

– [Bailey] I love a strong girl Even though you're quarantined doesn't mean you can't work out – Asa's gonna teach me a magic trick – Yes Just gonna pull out the kings

Pick one Set it in my hand You're just gonna shuffle Bam! – Okay, I learned how to do it – Okay

– So I'm gonna shuffle the cards – Okay – And now we're gonna – Nice Nice! – [Bailey] Here to show you that you can do basketball with literally anything We have a trashcan and a tennis ball (metal clanking) Oh, there's a golf ball – [Bailey] Go Brooklyn

You can literally do it with anything We didn't want to use paper balls because we didn't want to waste them – [Male Voice] Oh miss – [Bailey] We didn't want to waste paper You got it Brooklyn, we'll just sit here and wait until you get it

(laughter) You got it (ball bouncing) – [Bailey] Ow! (dog barking) – [Male Voice/Bailey] Hey! (mumbles) – [Brooklyn] Paisley over here is doing – Homework on mom's computer – [Brooklyn] What is this some sort of math homework? – Basically multiplication for the third grade – [Brooklyn] So you do your homework on the computer and in your workbook everyday? – Mmhmm – [Brooklyn] And Asa over here is her tutor

– Yep – Homework is not a bad idea to do when you're bored so that you can accomplish something and keep your brain working – So an easy thing to do when you're bored is to cook Or cook without a recipe I am baking potatoes right now so

This isn't really like cooking I mean this is just wash and put in the oven But you guys get the idea you can cook or bake Not a bad idea – [Brooklyn] How many? – 13, 430 – [Brooklyn] Literally? Respond to your emails – I only look at the school ones and the work ones

The rest are just bleh and I've tried unsubscribing and it doesn't work (upbeat music) (water running) – [Bailey] Okay Dad knows fluent Spanish – Dad speaks fluent Spanish so I asked him to teach me like, a couple of words/sentences – Avocado Aguacate

– Aguacate – Peanut – Peanut – What's avocado? – Agua (laughter) – [Bailey] Aguacate – Aguacate – Peanut Cacahuate

– Cacahuate – What's avocado? – Aguacate – What's peanut? – Cacahuate – Good job! I thought I would confuse you with that – Aguacate

Cacahuate – There ya go Hey she did a good job Okay now here's the phrase – Avocado and peanut

– Here's a phrase (speaks Spanish phrase) – [Bailey] Your dad is something? – I don't know what you just said – What I say, it's a good sentence – [Bailey] Your hero? (speaks Spanish phrase) – [Bailey] Your hero (mumbles in spanish) – Say it louder

(speaks spanish) (popular tik tok song) (upbeat music) (running water) – [Bailey] We're picking one of dad's shirts to DIY/style What do you think? This ones cute It's gonna be big but it's cute You're kidding That's so cute

See You can do this to all your dad's clothes (music bumping) ♪This is right where you belong♪ ♪Doesn't matter where you come from♪ ♪Dance dance like me♪ (mumbles) Oh dang it, wrong part – [Brooklyn] It's your song ♪Steal away your body♪ ♪This is how we party♪ ♪Oh, Oh, Oh♪ (soft piano music) – [Bailey] Wooo! (clapping) – [Bailey] On to the next talent

– I think arts and crafts are a good way to pass the time I'm not very artsy so I'm gonna stick with coloring but you could like paint you could do a million other things You could see that I've done four flowers This one is good and therapeutic and good for your mental health because it's very calming Arts and crafts are the way to go baby

– [Brooklyn] We're about to do a little photoshoot Bailey's gonna snap some photos of me and I've got a variety of props here that we're gonna be using (camera click) (camera click) – [Bailey] We're attempting to beat this level You got it guys (mumbling) – [Bailey] Woohoo! Oh come on

Go go go go Ahhhh Woo woo! We love board games in our family so we're currently playing Monopoly It's just the three of us because everybody else is just doing their own thing right now, but – I love money

– This game is long and exciting (clicking on board) – Let me scoot over – We're gonna spring clean Paisley's closet You've just got stuff A lot of stuff

All right let's go through it – Okay Let's check shirts – What about these? – [Paisley] Those fit – Those fit

– [Paisley] It kinda fits – That's a no That's a no because you're hesitating That looks big – [Paisley] Fits

– [Bailey] All right all done (lullaby) (record scratch) (water running) – [Brooklyn] We are having a spa day I don't have makeup on I'm about to put a beautiful face mask on my face And maybe take a nice hot shower afterwards and paint nails

– Ta da – You guys know we love to read What are you reading? – The new Sarah J Maas book – [Bailey] There are so many good books though

We'll pop up a list right here of some of our favorite books that you guys can read while you're bored – [Brooklyn] Check it out – [Brooklyn] When you've got nothing else to do Just do a little online shopping – [Bailey] Yeah have y'all seen the cute stuff on our website? – [Brooklyn] Which one's your favorite? – You can't ask me that

– [Brooklyn] Brooklynandbaileyshopcom that's my favorite – Okay another idea is sock wrestling If you don't know what that is, you put socks on You and your opponent

You basically wrestle each other and see who can get the socks off the other person the fastest So my goal would be to get the socks off of Brooklyn Her goal would be to get the socks off of me Whoever does it first wins And that's basically it

– [Male Voice] Get set – I'm scared – [Male Voice] Ding ding (laughter) – You weigh nothing You weigh nothing

(laughter) – [Male Voice] Aw babe guard your foot Aww The face of defeat – Hopefully this video helped with some ideas for y'all to do I know this time is stressful for everyone but it's important that you stay healthy, you keep yourself entertained, you exercise, and all that fun stuff

So just enjoy this video and we'll be posting more consistently too We're gonna try really hard to just pump out content for you guys in case y'all get bored or need something to do so you can always count on me and Brooklyn And of course we're always posting on Instagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube Hopefully you guys enjoyed (music fades)

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