8 Perfect Swimsuit Looks for Summer | Simple Things Video Countdown #2

Hey guys! It's Brooklyn and Bailey, and in today's video we are going to be doing a swimsuit collection So basically, you guys know that we have been doing a series of vlogs to lead up to the release of Simple Things! Our single coming out this Friday, So, if you guys want to download it, or haven't pre-ordered it Definitely go do that by clicking the link in our description box below Or the information button right over here, you can pre-order it and that means you'll be the first ones to hear it when it drops

So definitely go do that, because the song is going to be awesome! But we just love, like, hanging out in our swimsuits in the summertime, yes it's one of the simple things that we enjoy in the summer And I am obsessed with swimsuits anyway, Love swimsuits so I just love, like, ah, I just love swimsuits, I just think they're so cute, everything about them, and like everything's different (mumbles) And the season Summer's just fun in general So, that's one of the simple things that we enjoy, so, let's get on to the collection! To start off my first outfit, I have just these cute little red billowy shorts that I bought from H&M to cover up my black swimsuit, and then I have my one piece swimsuit It's super elegant, and has off the shoulder sleeves, and it's sheer And I bought this from Asos, and sadly it is sold out But it is so cute and super elegant, it kind of looks old-fashion

And then I have my gold foot jewelry, that I bought from Forever21, that is sadly also no longer available And then this hat from Express And now it's time for my first swimsuit look, As you guys know, you can never go wrong with a simple black bikini, so I found this cute one from CupShe, and you can see the adorable edges on the side totally make it, and then to match with the top, I have these cute patterned bottoms, just to bring a little pop to the swimsuit, and of course I have to have fringed shorts, fringe is totally in the summer, and I found those from Asos Along with these cute anklets which we found from Forever21, but I think they're sold out, and to top it all off I have these adorable sunglasses from Nordstrom For my second outfit, I have this little black cover-up dress that I'm absolutely in love with, I think it's so cute and dainty, and it's got these cute black straps in the back that are kind of patterned, this dress is from Asos And I also have this pink swimsuit that is from Asos as well, and it's got cute little stretchy black cut-outs on the sides, so, if you gain on some weight or lose some weight in the summertime, it'll still fit you

No worries! And I also have these cute little bangle anklets, and these are from Forever21, and they give me kind of like a bohemian- beach feel for the summer And then I have my white fan, of course, it's in the shape of an ice-cream cone to cool me off in the summer Time for look number 2! I gotta be honest with y'all, when I first saw this swimsuit cover, I actually screamed, because, um, fringe! Yes! It's from Asos, and I actually died, it's super, super cute, and comfortable And then this swimsuit underneath is from Swimsuits Direct, and actually, I love this swimsuit because first of all, it's a full piece, and second of all, it's like super cute and you still look mature, even though it's a full piece, and I just loved it, especially with all the lace detailing, OM Goodness! Holy cow! And then to top it off, I have these cute old sunglasses, which I just found in my room, and of course, because it's summer, I had to enjoy an ice-cream cone, while I'm sitting by the pool For my third outfit, I'm going for more of a hipster, street-chic style, and I've got a two-piece white pompom jumper, to go over my swimsuit, which is from Asos, and it's super comfortable

And I also have white sunglasses to match that are from Forever21, and I just love them And now, I have my blue swimsuit, which is from CupShe, and it's got this cute little cut-out right over here on the chest, and then it's got strings that tie all the way around, and cut-outs on the hips to match as well It's a super pretty blue color, and then it ties around in the back in a cute little bow! Now, I have these anklets, and one side is a gold moon and star and the other is a black bow, and this is from Forever21 And then I have a water-proof case, for all of ya'll who want under-water pictures, and it protects your phone, and it's from Amazon Up next, I have what I like to call my tourist outfit! So to dive right in, I got these jean shorts from American Eagle, and then, ya'll, I typically don't like wearing hats, but when I saw this one from Forever21, I couldn't help myself, it was so cute! And then, moving on to my swimsuit from CupShe, once again, fringe, fringe, fringe, is totally in for the summer, so when I saw this super cute blue bikini with the fringe on it, I died, I just had to get it! And then, to top it off, I have some more fringe on my pool bag that I found from Forever21! For my go-to summer pool toy, I have this watermelon beach-ball from Amazon, and then I have this cream dress that goes over my swimsuit from Romwe, and it all is just like lots of fabric, and it flows out like a pretty princess

And underneath that I have my swimsuit that's from CupShe This is my favorite one that I have all summer, and I just love it so much! Onto my very last look, so when you first see this cover-up, you think, Hmm, that's kind of boring, but then I turn around, and you see the back cut-out, and it's so cute! We found that from Asos Along with the cover-up, I have this super cute swimsuit underneath It's hot pink and I just love the color, but before I go onto the swimsuit, let's check out the henna tattoo that I put on my hand You can find henna tattoos online anywhere, Target, Walmart, pretty much anywhere, we found this one online, and then ya'll, let's talk about this belt, cuteness! We found it from Asos, and it matched this cut-out, the hot pink bikini that we found from CupShe, perfectly, so I just had to pair the two together, and that is my final look! But before I move on, don't forget the sunglasses that we found from Nordstrom! 'Cause you can't go without sunglasses during the summer, am I right girls? (Transition music) Thank you guys so much for watching! We hope you loved our swimsuits this year, yes, like we are so pumped about wearing them

Oh my gosh, I can't wait! I can't wait to just lay out in my swimsuits! And tan! Yes, for sure You guys can subscribe to our channel by clicking right here, and if you haven't seen any of our Dance Like Me videos, like the lyric video, the music video, and the behind the scenes video, click over here, and if you want to see more of our videos, click the box right below that If you want to download the song, Dance Like Me, there's a link in the description box below We love you guys so much! Love you guys! And we hope you're watching for out new song, Simple Things! We love you, bye guys! Bye ya'll! (blows kisses)

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