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– We are Majestic Girls! – We are Majestic Girls! – We wear our hair in curls! – We wear our hair in curls! (rock music) – Hey guys! It's Brooklyn and Bailey, and today's video is going to be A Day In The Life of Drill Team – Which is pretty much where y'all are just going to follow us in the day of a life of our drill team, personally, on game day, so there'll be lots of fun events

– But don't forget before we go watch the video to click the link in the description box below to enter our giveaway You guys will for sure wanna do that, especially because the winners get a MacBook Air and a projector – A wireless movie projector which I love! – Now, follow us into the video – Hey everyone (laughs) – I look really scary

– We got up at 5:00, and then we get ready and we go to seminary at 6:00, and then we leave seminary five minutes early to come to drill team at 7:00 – So now, we are at drill team practice at seven, so we gotta go to the locker room now We just arrived – I'm not a morning person I am not happy

– She's not a morning person but, we are about to go out to the field and practice because tonight is our last football game So we're practicing for the last time this season and then we start competition season We're super excited – Hi! – Good morning! – Good morning! – Let's go! (upbeat music) – Hey, y'all! We just finished practicing on the field, and normally, this is when we get ready for school and we just, you know, then we go to school after, but this morning we ended practice a little early and so they're gonna let us go to Chik-Fil-A– – And get breakfast! – So we're super excited Everybody's excited to get food this morning

– Gonna go get breakfast Everybody wave and say hello – Hi! – Hello! (laughing) Over there too! This is where we get ready in the morning This is a little, tiny locker room and there's a big locker room and then a bathroom, and we get ready in the little locker room because there's more space and there's a nice mirror right here So you can see yourself

Hey, everybody! We're sporting our drill team jerseys today because it's game day, so here we are And I just finished curling my hair because we have to have our hair curled for our drill team It's part of the regulations So this is kind of just our morning routine We just get ready in here and then we go to school

(upbeat music) – All right, guys, so I just arrived home and, well, I got home and then I got ready for the game So to kind of point out what I got ready in, I'm wearing my black, long-sleeved leotard and then I'm got some shorts over the top So, the leotard will go underneath the rest of my uniform, which I'll show you later, and then I grabbed some of my letterman jackets to wear tonight because it might be cold because it's almost winter time, and now I'm headed back to the school to eat some food Brooklyn stayed at the school to take a test after school, which isn't usually what happens She usually comes with me, but it just me today that came home

So, I'm off to go eat some food and all of luck! It's dinner time! Woo-hoo! This all looks so good (laughs) I've got peach cobbler – Hey, y'all We are just getting ready in the studio for the game Brooklyn around my shoulder

And, this is where we get ready This is kind of like, all our uniforms sit up here, and then we get dressed standing by the mirror And now I think everybody's ready We're just about to line up and head out to the bus because our game is like, 45 minutes away today, or like an hour It's like, forever long, for us, right? – Too long

– But we get ready in here Usually, we're playing Disney music or something, or like usually jamming out and dancing while we get all dressed in here Now, we're gonna just head to the bus We'll film some of the two-hour long bus ride – So, we usually at this time, it's about, what time is it? – [Bailey] 5:16

– 5:16 Usually when we have an away game, we leave around five, but our bus still isn't here, so What can you do? – This is what happens when the water cooler tips over in the back of the bus and there's water all over the floor

We have all of Ally's stuff (laughs) She has got a whole ton of stuff on our laps right now On the bright side, it makes for good pillows – True story – But I think we are just gonna take a nap because that is our usual routine when we get to naps, is Ally and I play music and then we take a nap, and then we perform at the games

So, we'll film a little bit later – Hey guys, it's me, and Brooklyn's right here, Bailey's on there, so this is what we do when we're at the games Today the band is behind us and then everyone's down here Wooo! – When the band plays songs we play cheers, and then kind of cheer on the football players and then we stay here 'til half-time So we'll go down and perform for half-time and then we'll come back here

(cheering) We got a touch down! Woo! We do the Fight song when we get a touchdown, so that's what we just did – Hey, guys It's Allison, and I am injured so I am waiting for the twins and everyone to perform and they are gonna do so great They just stretched and got ready We had our circle

And they're getting ready to go ♫ I move with the sound ♫ I move with the sound ♫ Beat jumping out of me ♫ I move with the sound ♫ I move with the sound ♫ I move with the sound – Hey, y'all We just finished dancing on the field, and now we stand on the side of the field and we cheer our band on as they perform, so we're supposed to be quiet (laughs) I hope we don't get in trouble for filming, but, as you can see, we're all in line, and we just stand here and we wait and when halftimes over, we go back in the stand (guitar music) – We are Majestic Girls! – We are Majestic Girls! – We wear our hair in curls! – We wear our hair in curls! – We make lots of noise! – We make lots of noise! – We dance for lovejoy boys! – We dance for lovejoy boys! – As we kick side by side! – As we kick side by side! – Yeah, that's enough said! – Yeah that's enough said! – Ma-Ma-Majestic! – Ma-Ma-Majestic! – Ma-Ma-Majestic! – Ma-Ma-Majestic! – M! To the A! – M! To the A! – To the J-E-S-T-I-C-S! – To the J-E-S-T-I-C-S! – Majestics! Woo! – Majestics! Woo! (cheering) – And now, it's the two-hour bus ride home

– We're exhausted – Power nap? – Agreed – Agreed – Hi, everybody We are finally home from our football game and everything

We got to the locker room, we took our uniforms off, and we drove home and it is midnight, so it's been a long day from 5:30AM to midnight and we have not been home but this time we're finally home and now it's time to take our make-up off and crash – And go to bed Well, eat food and then go to bed – 'cause I'm so tired But that is pretty much our entire day in the life of drill team

– So, there you guys go Thank you guys so much for watching If you want to see more videos like this one, be sure to leave a comment below on what we should do – And if you guys like our channel, don't forget to subscribe by clicking the button right over here, and enter our giveaway by clicking right here Last but not least, if you want to see more of our videos on our channel, click right over here

And we love you guys so much Thank you guys for watching, and we'll see y'all next week Bye!

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