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– I went and shot turkey for tonight's dinner – You whaaa? (sighing) – I get overwhelmed at big people tables – [Brooklyn And Bailey] Hey guys! – It's Brooklyn and Bailey, also known as, Belle and Snow White, that's right, today's video is a princess video, we were inspired by Rclbeauty by all of her wonderful princess videos, so we decided to do one of our own

– So the video is princesses at a holiday dinner – Mhmm – But before we get to that don't forget to follow Bailey and I on musically we're doing a hashtag campaign – Woohoo

– So you guys need to check us out, our user name will be right here – Mhmm – And also, be ready for a bonus video tomorrow, so y'all be ready to check that out – Now let's go on to the princess video (magical swoosh) (rhythmic upbeat music) (doorbell) – Cinderella! – Hello! (kissing sounds) – Thank you so much for coming over to help me cook dinner

– No problem, what are friends for? This will be fun, right? – Oh I'm so excited, let's go So I really only read about this in books, so what do I do? – Oh, don't worry about it, I have plenty of experience

So I brought some stuffing, – Okay – and some olives, and some rolls, and Where's the turkey? – Ummm

– Hey Belle, do you wanna help? – I am helping, I was looking at Pin Reading the recipes – Oh, sorry, my bad I'm stuck with this?!? (doorbell) – Hey Aurora – Hey! – Oh my gosh, you brought dessert? – Yeah, my fairy godmothers couldn't decide if they should make a pink one or a blue one so I just brought both – Perfect, come on in! It's adorable

– [Aurora] Thank you so much my fairy godmothers made it – Oh my gosh, I totally need to get myself a fairy godmother – Hey, what's with all the roses – You know my favorite flower's a rose – Right, I must have slept through that, I forgot

– It's okay (doorbell) Elsa, Snow, come on in guys! – Thank you – Elsa, is that apple pie? – Yeah, it's my favorite dessert – Are you sure there's no poisons in it? – What? – Like, Belladonna, Hemlock, Cyanide, Tetric Diproxine, Polonium, Nightshade – Are you serious? – I? – Of course there aren't any poisons in the pie Snow, seriously, you need to get over this fear of apples – Oh, okay – [Belle] Well, come on in guys

(frenzied music) (knock on door) – I'll get it Hi Merida – Hey Snow, I went and shot turkey for tonight's dinner – Perfect, Cinderella needs a turkey (frenzied music) (doorbell) – Oh hey guys

– How are you? – Oh my gosh, you brought cooking utensils for Cinderella to use, that's so nice – Actually, that's for my protection, not cooking – Okay (frenzied music) (laughter) – This is my first holiday out of the tower, I don't know how these things work – Me either

My mom passed away, so she wasn't around to show me how to make holiday dinners, but I'm so glad that Cinderella knows how to make it – [Group] Me too (frenzied music slows) (sighing) – I've missed out on so many years, just because I was asleep (groaning) – Well my mom died – So did mine

– I was kidnapped – My mom died and my stepmom tried to kill me – I don't have a mom, I turned her into a bear (growling) – What, how is that even possible? I thought that princesses could only have wicked stepmothers – Or no mother

(doorbell) – Hey guys – [Group] Oh hi – Who's the new girl? – I don't know, she's a new princess but I guess tonight's a good time to get to know her – Look at how strange her clothes are – Well at least she's not the only one with weird clothing, I mean, Ariel's wearing a fin

– That's true – Okay, the food is almost ready who wants to come help me set the table? (fast-paced violin music) (trumpets) – Hey Cinderella, do you have any ice for these cups? – No, no, no, I can handle this – Whoa, how'd you do that? – So then I told him that he couldn't possibly have said that to her and that's why she was so upset – Umm, Belle, you know that that won't, like, actually talk back to you, it's not alive

– I knew that, of course, don't be ridiculous I'll talk to you later – [Cinderella] C'mon guys let's eat! – No, no I'm going to sit there – Okay – Umm, I think I'm gonna sit at this table

– Why? – Well I only lived with dwarves, so, I get overwhelmed at big people tables (chuckling) – Hey has anyone seen Ariel? (muttering) – Ooh, a new dinglehopper, perfect for my collection! – Where have you been? – Ohjust checking out the gadgets and gizmos

(exclaiming) – And this crab is a family favorite! – Sebastian! (All comforting Ariel) – Eww, what is that smell? – Excuse me? – Mer, you stink, what the heck? – That's because I rode my horse here – That's why I saw a horse outside eating the roses – You whaaa, oh no not my roses?!? – Oh, here try – Cool – Hey can I try that? – [Ariel] Sure

– Oww! – Ugh, did she fall asleep again? – Ugh, ugh, Rapunzel, put your hair up, it's in my food! – I can't it's too long – Thank you Cinderella for making such a wonderful meal for all of us (All muttering in agreement) Now, since we're all finished, last one in here has to clean it all up (trumpet fanfare) – Oh my goodness, not again! – Bye-Bye – Bye Snow thanks for coming

– Bye Rapunzel Bye Merida Bye Ariel Bye Elsa – Wait, what about Aurora? – Umm, I'll just send her home when she wakes up

– Okay, bye – See ya Moana Thank you so much for all of your help – Oh it's no problem – Well in that case we'll have to have you cook it next time

(sighs) Cool, see you later Cinderella Ugh, not again! Cinderella wait! – Thank you guys so much for watching this video we worked really hard so I hope you guys enjoyed it If you wanna subscribe to our channel click the button right over here, and if you wanna watch more of our videos click right over here, and last but not least, if you missed our house-tour then click the button right over here We'll see y'all next week, I love you guys! Mwah!

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