A Life That’s Good {Music Video BTS} ft PeterHollens

("Life That's Good" by Peter Hollens) – Hey guys, it's Brooklyn and Bailey and today's video we are going to be doing with Peter Hollens (claps) He's amazing, he does acapello music on his channel

– And he's got the cutest little family too, are you kidding me? – [Bailey] Yeah, oh my gosh It's amazing – [Brooklyn] His babies, so cute, his wife's adorable too – [Peter] I lucked out (laughs) – So true, yeah

Yes If you guys want to – [Brooklyn] The cutest family – [Bailey] subscribe to him, the button will be right here somewhere – [Brooklyn] Go check it out 'cause he's awesome – [Bailey] Yes

– [Peter] Thank you – [Bailey] So today's video is gonna be on all the background stuff behind the scenes of our music video, "Life That's Good" with Peter Hollens – It's a cover – It turned out so good, we had so much fun coming and visiting his family – And they sound awesome on it

– Oh gosh (giggles) – Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy the video and let's go check it out (whoosh) – [Brooklyn] What are we about to do? – We're about to go film the video with Peter ♫ Fire light ♫ It reminds me I already have Peter had to strain just a litte bit because the camera was set to our height and we're just a little bit shorter than Peter ♫ I don't need fame We kinda had a hard time setting up the background for Peter's video, but we got it

♫ At the end of the day BTW Rainy is Peter's dog and she is adorable ♫ I have a life As you can see I was a little bit nervous to sing at first but after a while I totally got the hang of it

We were going to film inside this wheat field, but the wheat was so tall that you could only see our heads bobbing above it, so we decided to film in front of the weed instead ♫ Four wheels to get there ♫ Enough love to share and a sweet In case you're wondering, Peter's film crew is amazing ♫ At the end of the day ♫ Lord I pray ♫ I have a life that's good – [Brooklyn] And here's a random clip of us walking It felt really strange singing to the camera instead of talking to it ♫ When dreams don't come easy ♫ I wanna look back and say – [Bailey] And here is where the magic happens

♫ All that I could – [Brooklyn] And if you didn't know, Eugene, Oregon is the second worst place in the world for allergies and guess who has allergies? Me, which explains why my eyes are so red in the video And yes, we're not perfect, so we had someone shouting the lyrics to us on the side ♫ Around me The wind really didn't want to cooperate with my long hair Totally random, but Peter has the coolest old-fashioned phone ever – One, two

♫ Four wheels to get there ♫ Enough love to share ♫ And a sweet, sweet, sweet song Nice – [Bailey] And if you didn't know, Peter sings acapello which means he sings the background noises all by himself so that is all his voice It's amazing ♫ Life that's good ♫ ♫ Sweet song ♫ – [Peter] That felt good, right? – [Bailey] Yeah – [Peter] What up

– If you wanna see the entire actual music video, click the link in the description box below – Down there – And don't forget – [Peter] See, that voice is really good (laughs) – [Bailey] And don't forget to subscribe to Peter while you're there 'cause his videos are amazing – Yes – [Peter] Thank you – [Bailey] Thank you guys – [Brooklyn] I love them all

– [Bailey] so much for watching this and we'll see you guys next week Bye – [Brooklyn] Bye – [Peter] You guys are so cute, what ♫ Arms around me ♫ Heaven to ground me ♫ And a family that always calls me home ♫

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