Answering GIRL TALK Questions You Don’t Want to Ask Your Mom

– Hey guys! – Hello everybody! – It's us – Today we are going talk all things

– What? (laughs) – Girls and questions – Basically y'all have loved our "Period 101" video and our "Bra 101" video – True that – Basically everything that has to do with like girl talk Well, we sent out a mass text to you guys asking if there was anything you're too afraid to ask questions about and send them to us and we will answer those questions in this video

– I screenshotted a bunch of them, and we're just gonna go through and answer them (upbeat music) Okay, first question, "How do we tell our parents "that we have a boyfriend if they don't know yet?" – Ooh la la – Bailey and I, I remember doing this (laughs) – We went through this phase Yes, we were like 15 and we were sitting in the kitchen, and I think Brooklyn was like, trying to casually bring it up in the conversation

– 'Cause I'd been talking to this guy – She was like, "Hey I've been talking and texting "to this guy, and I think he's gonna ask me on a date," and my mom was like– – "What?" – "Huh?" And I also had been, so I was like, "Yeah, me too" and my parents were like, – And my mom was like, "Both of you?" – "Say what now?" – They were really excited, be open and honest with them, and they're all cool – Just as some advice, probably I would start with bringing up the fact that you have a crush on someone, maybe start sprinkling in conversations here or there about you texting or talking to this person, and then see how they react to that, and then bring up that you're dating – Finn's not letting go of this – Oh well

– Oh – I did a bunch of important things Soon as you stop being honest and open, your parents think you have something to hide – Like if you hide it, then it seems like you're doing something bad, or you're doing something suspicious – Telling your parents, a good thing

– [Both] Scary, but a good thing – So, I would highly suggest that you do that – Bro he just threw this at me! – Lol Okay, second question "What is the best "period-tracker app?" – Okay, I can speak to this one, big fan of mine

– There are lots of really good ones out there Bailey and I have used the same one – Big fan! It's called Clue, I just love it Basically like, you can go in and every single time you start your period, you can put in– – You like put it in there– – If it's like heavy, light, if you're having cramps – Light, medium

– Based off the data you put into it, the next couple of months it will be able to predict when you're gonna start your period – How long it'll be, how heavy it'll be, whether or not you'll get cramps– – It's super accurate – Whether or not you'll be moody "What is modesty, and how can you be modest but still fashionable and show off your body?" – Ooh la la Right up our alley

– This is a hard question – It's really hard – Because modesty? Different for everybody Modesty is whatever you feel comfortable wearing, and it's whatever you feel like covers your body enough, that you feel comfortable and safe, but shows your body off enough, that you still feel sexy, you still feel empowered, you still feel good about yourself – So to do that and be fashionable, you have to find a balance

We actually started in like, the less, the better, and then it morphed into layering, and that became a big thing – So fashion is like a lot of layers right now, which is good, because a lot of people's modesty is layers and covering up – Summer trend right now is full-piece swimsuits – Yeah, very nice, great – Great, people love that

– For people who love to cover their stuff, that's awesome – And let me tell you, it doesn't matter what you wear, if you make it look cute, people will like it – Also the way that you act, and like your attitude towards your outfit is, changes the way people see it – I always say, "Don't let the clothes wear you, "you wear the clothes" – Next question

– Definitely – "Why does my crush talk comfortably with everyone else but not me? Does he not like me, or does he hate" – Ooh – Juicy business Let's get a little stretch going

– Let me dig out this one a little bit here, we're gonna Here's the thing about crushes They are acting weird around you rather than everyone else, because you matter more to them, than everyone else

– Yes – It's very fragile – In my experience in elementary school, the boys that always had crushes on me were mean to me – Crushes on her, guys She was Miss Popular

– No, okay, in my experience the boys just were nervous It's because your crush probably likes you back That's what I think the answer to this question is – Yes – Your crush, whoever they may be, probably likes you back, and they're probably nervous to talk to you and so they can talk comfortably with everyone else because it's not you, and they're not nervous around everyone else

"Should you change yourself for someone to like you?" – No! – That's– – No! – If you want to end up in a happy relationship, you have to be yourself 100% of the time, because– – Eventually they're going to realize who you really are – They're gonna find out that you're pretending to be someone else – If you get married, they're gonna live with you, they're gonna know– – They're gonna know – That you were faking the whole time – And the only way to be able to be happy– – And comfortable

– And comfortable! – The issues that you do have, you can work on those in a relationship– – It's true – And that's not changing who you are, that's working in a relationship– – So there's a little bit of a balance – And compromising – Don't make yourself (dog toy squeaking) into a skater girl – [Both] If you're not a skater girl – Don't pretend to like science if you don't like science, or don't say your favorite color is something it's not, you know, don't do that

Don't do that – Don't do that Don't do that! – You're cool as you are – Who needs that? – Someone says, "What do I do for stretch marks? "I am so embarrassed to wear a bathing suit" – Okay, number one? Coming from someone who has a significant other, I have found that they love stretch marks

– Here's the thing, sis I don't have a boyfriend and I've got stretch marks I don't hate them I think that it's a natural part of being a woman, or even a man gets stretch marks – Girl, all of us got stretch marks

– It just happens – We all got stretch marks – And I totally understand being worried and concerned and feeling embarrassed, because sometimes it's hard to love yourself and love your body, but those stretch marks? – Go rock 'em – They're a part of who you are – Rock 'em

– Yes I've also heard that you can put– – There are some products out there– – Like creams, there's some products and stuff– – Yeah, there are some products out there that are supposed to help reduce stretch marks if you do wanna get rid of them – Get some oils or creams – Personally for me I think you should rock 'em, because whoever you end up getting together with, will eventually probably see them– – And love them – And so, they will love them

So rock 'em, show 'em off – And I just wanna let you know, you're not the only one who has stretch marks – No – Everybody's got 'em – Everyone

Surprise! We're all human – "Is it bad to have an underwear line "when wearing tight clothing like leggings?" – Okay, want me to be real with ya sis – Yeah – I'm gonna be real with you It is! – It kind of is

– Well, no – It's not bad No, no I take that back You do you, whatever you're comfortable with, you do it However– – You can prevent that

– I am going to be realistic with you, in society, it is not entirely the greatest thing – And it is preventable – People get rid of them – And it is So even if you wanna wear boxer boy underwear, you can get the seamless kind so that when you put leggings on, you can lie – Seamless underwear– – Seamlessly not see it – Exists – Someone said, "So the guy I'm totally crushing on keeps blowing me off "last minute, every time we make plans

"Should I drop him?" – Mm-hmm Based off of knowing nothing else – [Both] Drop him – If a boy– – If he's not– – Wants to hang out with you– – Putting time in for you – He will

Okay, "What's the best way to stay on good, friendly terms – [Both] "with an ex?" – Bailey's never had an ex (speaking over each other) – I've never had one – So, no matter what, a lot of breakups tend to be messy and they tend to be dramatic And so, it's okay if you're not friends for the first little while after a breakup – I feel like it's glorified on TV and movies

– That they're just friends No After a couple of months, it really isn't a bad idea to reach out and just clarify and say like, "Hey, I totally understand why this happened, "I wanna let you know there's no hurt feelings, "and that I would love to move forward as friends" – Definitely – and to make it very obvious that there's no feelings right now, but I wanna let you know that I'm not mad at you

– I definitely think that even if you've spent a couple years hating each other, if you reach out and wave the white flag – Then – [Both] people are totally chill with it – And I think that there even are some relationships where you guys end on mutual terms and then you can be friends – It's possible – That's perfect! "I've always been scared to ask my mom "about shaving 'down there'

" – Oh, girl! – "Do you have "any advice about products, or how to do it?" – Oh, girl, oh, girl, I feel this fear You think that there is a specific right or wrong way to do it There really isn't – Isn't – Your preference is all that matters

– Right – It's your You do what you wanna do

– I think that if you're going to shave down there, you should just be careful as it is kind of a sensitive area I think that if it makes you more comfortable, you can use products that help shaving, shaving cream, some people use smoothing cream – I will say, make sure that they are, – [Both] Safe for that area – Because you can get infections, UTIs– – You should make sure that they're safe – Stuff like that, so make sure that they're safe

– There are lots of products that aren't – And then I would just go about it really carefully – I will say, pick a direction to shave, and then stick with it, because if you go an opposite direction in that area, can cause major ingrown hairs – Yeah, ingrown hairs are kind of uncomfortable – Ew, awful

– Anyway, so just like– – Be careful – Figure it out on your own – You can shave it all, you can leave the bush – Shave it like you would shave– – You can shave a little bit – Your armpits, your legs, just be a little bit more careful

Pretty much all I got to say Anyway, moving on "What's a good way to ask out your crush "when you never have before?" Okay, so I screenshotted this question because I just gave somebody this advice like two days ago I would suggest that you have a regular conversation with them, and then casually bring up something that you know they probably haven't done So, let's say I'm having a conversation with Bailey

Hello Bailey – Hello – How are you today? – I am great, how are you? – Have you seen that new coffee shop down the street? – I have not – Oh, no, no Look at what I just did

I introduced something that I knew they hadn't done Now, I can – I have introduced them to something

– Yeah, I'm like now what? Now I can be like, "Oh my gosh, lets go together! "Maybe we can make it a date?", question mark? And then it's super casual because they don't even realize (humming) that it wasn't serious, there was no heaviness– – You're getting to know each other – You're getting to know each other That's how I would ask somebody out "How do you get rid of acne?" – Okay, my question, my question I have had strong and bad acne since I was– – 12

– I think it started in– – Like seriously,– – Like third or fourth grade? – You were 11 or 12 – Really, it's a struggle And I'm not gonna lie to you, it's not a fun process, it takes a long time to figure out what your skin needs I still just barely, and I'm 20, found out exactly what my regimen is to get rid of it – Right

– The number one thing I would say, is if you struggle with acne, go to a dermatologist Go to the doctor – Ask your mother if you can go to the derma – Or father Specialize in skin care, they can literally give you medicine, they can look at your skin and say, "Oh, "I know exactly what kind of medicine will work for you, "because you have dry skin with acne

" – Or oily skin or blackheads – They specialize in this stuff – Yeah, they do Use clean products, because you don't realize sometimes what's in the products you're putting on your skin – So many bad things

– And that can actually cause acne or reactions or redness or swelling So if you can, use clean products to try to keep all of that very neutral – And the last thing I will say is, because this is a mistake that I made, so I would've want someone to have told me Okay, you think if you have acne, it's caused by oils, so that automatically makes you think, "Don't put lotion on, don't put oils on my face" – Lies, lies

– "Avoid the moisture because the less moisture on my face, the less acne Not true – It's true – Acne can also be caused by dry skin, so if you're not moisturizing, acne can be caused that way too, and I'm pretty sure that's half of the reason why I've had bad acne – And touching your face a lot, the oils in your fingers– – Like this

– Can cause acne – Don't touch your face – What you put in your body food-wise can cause acne, a lot of dairy can cause acne – Chocolate – So if you're diet is super– – We all love it, chocolate's good, but it is a culprit for acne

– Like a lot of dairy – Moisturize day and night, find the good face wash and any ointments you want to put on your face – Drink a lot of water – A lot of water – And limit your dairy

We're just gonna say it, some people get uncomfortable – We're gonna say it Bacne – Bacne – It's a thing

– Bacne – I know there are some of you out there covering your eyeballs right now – Back Ne – Bacne

– No, they're more like plugging their ears They're going, "Ah, what?" – Bacne is a Here it is, here's my trick

– It's magic It probably works about 70% of the time, because this is probably 70% of y'all's problem When you condition your hair, do not let it sit on your skin So, if I condition it, see how long my hair is? If I let it sit, that conditioner is sitting on this half of my back and my shoulder And it's getting that oil and those chemicals if you're not using a super clean shampoo or conditioner, on your skin, and that causes bacne

So, instead, when you condition your hair, pull it up into a bun and let it sit, then rinse the conditioner, and then pull it back into a bun, and then wash your body afterwards – I'll even go so far as when it's in the bun, I'll wash my shoulders off so it's not sitting on my shoulders – Sitting on my skin And as soon as I started doing that, poof – Poof! – Bacne? – [Both] Gone

– Also, Hairitage, does not have the chemicals inside of them to cause acne – That cause acne – Check out Hairitage – For real though – Fun fact

– Try it – "How do you stay tan all year "without killing your skin with chemicals?" Number one, Bailey and I, we do not go to– – We don't self tan – If you regularly go to tanning beds, I would highly recommend that you consider a more natural option That being said, we don't self tan, we don't use chemicals, we don't do anything I know that it's such a– – Very popular

– It's such a social thing to be very tan, even in the winter time I don't do anything – There are lots of brands people use that are good for your skin – Yeah, very natural – That are very natural

– Right – Look those up, research those, find those, and use those – For me, I don't use anything because I like my skin to be it's natural color in the winter, and it's natural color in the summer, and sometimes that does mean my skin is not as tan in the winter, and it means that my skin is tanner in the summer, and that's just kinda the way it goes I prefer not put anything on my skin, you might be different There are natural options out there for you, you check 'em out! – Woo hoo! – And last but not least, there is one more question

Somebody sent in a question and said, "When can I get on birth control for my period, "and how do I ask my mom to take me to get the pill?" – This is all you – This is all me – She just went through this – So I just went through this this summer I have had a period that lasts about six days and it's typically not that heavy, but I get really bad cramps

So, I finally decided to go on birth control Now, my mother is very open about all this stuff Never had a problem – Have you met Mindy? – Never had a problem asking her questions, but I can see where some people would be scared – It would be so scary

Scary! – Which is why it's such an awesome thing that if you're scared to ask your mom, I promise she'll– (dog barking) – Oh, he is barking at the camera – He is barking at the camera! – If you wanna get on the pill for cramps or whatever reason you're– (dog barking) Whatever reason you have for getting on the pill, I honestly think that your mom would understand, but if she doesn't, go with someone you trust (dog barking) – Finn! You do you – You have solutions – You got it

– All right – And that is all Woo! – Thank you for sending in your questions, if you have more questions– – Leave 'em in the comments – Leave 'em in the comments – We wanna know

– Yeah – We'll be responding – We'll be answering some of them – We'll be answering, we'll be there – Hopefully this helped some of y'all, hopefully we can be your big sisters and answer some questions

– Mwah! – Love you guys – [Both] Mwah! – Bye – We'll see you next week

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