Answering the Web’s Most Searched Questions About Us

– Do Brooklyn and Bailey have tattoos? (dramatic music) (upbeat music) – Hi! – Hi! – So today we are doing a video we've wanted to do for a very long time So we want to answer – The Internet's most asked questions about Bailey and I – About us

– I know that celebrities usually have this like board Mind you we have not googled anything We only know that they're juicer because our team told us – First thing we're gonna look up, the point is that we're gonna just look up like leading questions, so like what are Brooklyn and Bailey dot dot dot – First thing first, what are Brooklyn and Bailey studying? – Entrepreneurship at Baylor University

That's an easy one Next! – What are Brooklyn and Bailey famous for? – The hair – Being models on a YouTube channel I guess, for my mom's hair, I guess that's where we started Now it's like a whole different ball game We have our own thing I guess? – [Both] What are Brooklyn and Bailey allergic to? – Oh, oh! – I am like mildly allergic to lavender

I'll get skin rashes I always say it's the nuts for the beauty world – Yeah – It's in like every spray, every makeup, brush, perfume whatever And then Sulfa which is a medicine

– I'm allergic to Sulfa as well so I can't have any medicine with Sulfa I'm allergic to like every pollen on the planet, like grass, hay flower, trees, dust – Literally if it goes down inside it's like – It's bad Like I have allergy induced asthma so I'm like, I like wheeze

So, I'm also allergic to, drum roll please, the ocean Now I know there are gonna be people out there that are like – No way – And it's only in tropical waters it's not so much in other waters And I break out in these like bubble blister hives – Horrible horrible hives

– It's disgusting They, like they don't know if it's like a certain algae that grows in tropical waters or if it's like a certain, I just reference it as the ocean because I get in the water and I die – Next! Who are Brooklyn and Bailey – [Both] Who are Brooklyn and Bailey dating? – I've been dating the same guy for about three and a half years His name is Asa you guys have probably seen him a ton in our videos

He's the best ever I love him so much – I'm dating – [Both] No one! – We get so many comments and they're like we'll say this we'll literally be like not dating anyone and then the comments will be like, but really, who are you dating and literally nobody – Any time I have a literal male in any video it's like omg I appreciate y'all's love and support for my relationships, but I'm single right now – Next! – [Both] Who are Brooklyn and Bailey's siblings? – Well it goes Brooklyn, Bailey, we've got Kamri, you guys have seen her in videos, we have Rylan, and then we have Daxton and Paisley

– There's a whole lot of us – Those are our siblings – So, they're kind of a family unit We all work together on what we do Who are Brooklyn and Bailey's parents? – Mindy and Shaun McKnight

– Yeah, they started the original, OG YouTube channel – OG beginning – Why did I just do that? – Why did you just do that? – My body just went into my 11 year old mode – Are Brooklyn and Bailey Are Brooklyn and Bailey Mormon? Or LDS or members of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints? – It's a religion, it's a type of Christianity

– We are We grew up LDS, yeah, that about sums it up – That's about it We're Christian, we go to a Christian university Are Brooklyn and Bailey twins? – No

– Yes – No (gasps) – You're my twin? – What? Just kidding – I didn't know that Yes we're twins

– Yes, and we have taken the test We are identical twins – We have, we took it when we were really little, but they, we are the one – Are Brooklyn and Bailey still Mormon? Still Mormon? – That's the other one – Yes there is, sometime people will as us because we do wear like tank tops and short shorts and bikinis and stuff like that

It's all a variation of beliefs Whatever you believe, good for you But yes, we are LDS – [Both] Related to Kamri? – Yes – Yes we are

– That's our little sister – We're in her room right now – Are Brooklyn and Bailey – [Both] Still in a sorority? – We are We are Chi Omega's – Chi Omega's

– Go Chi O! – Theta Kappa chapter so we're from Baylor Are Brooklyn and Bailey rich? We earn a salary Yes, same as anyone else, so – So unlike most YouTuber's we created a company out of our channel and our shop And the company makes all the money, and it just pays Bailey and I a salary, along with my parents and all of our other employees

We're a regular Joe Shmo – We have to pay our employees, we have to pay you know the cost to run our shop, and any other things we want to do like music Whatever else it is, and then we just take a salary from the amount that goes to the company – So we're not rolling in the dough, I don't got money to buy myself nice nice things – I got to save to buy a car, same as y'all

– I just pay my bills and buy a few things on amazon every once in a while – Yep, yep Okay – [Both] Are Brooklyn and Bailey adopted? – Have you seen our mother? – We look just like our mother – She's our clone

– There's nothing roughly adopted, we have adopted siblings, but we are not adopted – Literally someone pop up, someone pop up a head of Mindy right here, please Triplets And then Kamri's our quadruplet And then Rylan looks so much like my grandma it's not even funny

– It's not even funny – [Both] Are Brooklyn and Bailey still in college? – We are – We are We are graduating a year early, so we are gonna be done with college after this year which is kind of scary – We'll be seniors this year

– Yeah We are still in college right now, but only for another year and then we're done – That's insane – Are Brooklyn and Bailey conservative? We don't get political on this channel – We don't get political

It doesn't matter to us Do Brooklyn and Bailey – I can't spell – She keep spelling her name wrong – Do Brooklyn and Bailey drink? – We get, okay, this, juicy time

– We are, first of all, we're not 21 We'll be 21 in four months – While it's common for kids in college to kids to underage drink it's been a thing in our family and our religion to not drink, and we have followed through with that Every time we say this people are like, yeah right or like someone will comment and say my sister saw you at a party once – I'm like out at a party

– It's not true – It's not because we're naive It's not because we're young or immature It's 'cause we choose not to – Yeah

– Do Brooklyn and Bailey swear? – Not at all ever – Ever really I mean every once in a while if I'm like really mad – If you're angry, fired up – I might be like," Oh you suck

" Do Brooklyn and Bailey have a brother? – We do! – He's adopted – He loves to code He's amazing at like science stuff He literally memorized the periodic table at the age of four – Eight

– No it was young, it was like four or five – I don't know he's crazy good at a lot of things – He's great, he's crazy – But yes we do have one brother – One brother! And lots and lots and lots of sisters

– Do Brooklyn and Bailey sing? (singing) – That's a horrible representation – I was being sarcastic! – Bailey and I do sing – We do We by no means are the Ariana Grande's of the world, but we can hold a tune – A good tune

Do Brooklyn and Bailey drink coffee? – Another one we get asked a lot about So it's like partially because of our religion also partially just 'cause like I don't think it tastes good, but we do not – But essentially we don't drink coffee I'm sure there are good tasting coffees out there – I'm sure of it

– But the few sips I've had, I don't understand how y'all drink that – Nasty It was nasty – Do Brooklyn and Bailey workout? I mean, I used to go on to like cycle bar and stuff Every once in awhile I'll get my motivation together and like go do some exercise

I walk with Finn every day for a long time But like to be straight with you, I do not go to the gym every day I don't have a solid workout routine, y'all always ask me for that, and I'll do sit ups and like some squats every once in awhile in the shower if I really feel like it, but – In the shower? – You've never worked out in the shower? Sometimes when I let my conditioner sit I'll do squats in the shower – What? – What is our phone number? Ma'am I'm not telling you that

– I'm not telling you my real phone number, but this is a phone number that I text a lot of people on a lot If you want to get notifications from me about random things or about our shop, or about our videos enter this phone number What is our last name McKnight – McKnight

– What is our net worth? I don't even know that answer – I have no idea, I mean – That's something I would have to google – Your net worth is like savings account, checking account, and liquidate all my assets – What are our full names? My full name is Bailey Marne McKnight

– Brooklyn Victoria McKnight – Did you just forget your own name? We both have middle names from our grandmas And so my grandma's name is Vicky My other grandma's name is Marne What are our zodiac signs? – I'm gonna be honest with you, not super into astrology so

– Capricorn – Yes, knew it We're Capricorn – Okay, we're Capricorns Next! – We're gonna take a quiz, are you Brooklyn or Bailey quiz

– Oh also the stickers on my laptop, from our shop – Did you get me? I'm me I got myself, I got myself! – I got Bailey! What? – Okay so we get asked this question a lot, why do Brooklyn and Bailey use lowercase I's in our titles? – It, for a long time, – YouTube was demonetizing videos that put all caps in their titles – They weren't demonetizing they were just like not promoting them – And like – So then we started using like lowercase I's to break up the capitalization – There's strategy behind it

– Mhmm – [Both] Why is Brooklyn and Bailey's friend in in a wheelchair? – That's a good one – That is a good one – So our friend Mason Taylor, she's the bomb diggity – The bomb diggity

– She, in high school was like, she was a preme baby, so in high school she always had like minor things she had to deal with, but then she went and got like an HPV shot from the doctor that like stimulated a bunch of autoimmune issues in her body So now she has what we what we've I think come to the conclusion is COD's which is like an autoimmune disease that kind of attacks different parts of your body at different times – She talks a lot about it on her like page and stuff, but that's why she's in a wheelchair is 'cause she has a hard time walking due to all this – And she has like dizziness and vision issues, and so – I never would have thought people would google that

How do Brooklyn and Bailey – How to Brooklyn and Bailey – [Both] Edit their videos? – We don't – We don't – We hired and editor – Her name's Megan and she edited this video for you

Shout out to Megan – She's incredible We love you Megan! – We used to edit our videos way back when, but you gotta know that editing your videos is a very time consuming thing – It takes a long time – And I just wanted to focus my time on other things

– It's just very time consuming – And I wasn't that great in detail as other people – Kudos to to the people that still edit their own videos But it couldn't be me – How to Brooklyn and Bailey stay fit? Again

– Drink water, I drink tons of water – A lot of water We really just aren't crazy gym rats We don't work out like insanely My mom used to tell us as a kid that the more colors there are on your plate like the better it was

So it's like you wanted to have carrots, and greens, and yellow and brown And you wanted to have all these things That does not mean go eat a plate of skittles, but it means like – You know what I mean How do Brooklyn and Bailey do their eyelashes? It's pretty simple I think we've done a tutorial actually

– We have a mascara called Lash Next Door that we love, love, love – And it goes – And we sell it on our shop, again you find that in the link down below – And it goes like this We go like this and we blink, and we blink and we blink and we put on all the layers and then you roll it on top and you can do the bottom lashes – How do Brooklyn and Bailey curl their hair? – We curl our hair – [Both] Two different ways

– I just take a strand, push down the flat iron, twist the flat iron, and then pull it down and that's basically all there is to it – I use a curling iron, like a wand, and I just curl it, and I use a straightener to straighten the ends to make it more of a wave instead of like a ringlet – Yeah, and the reason why we do two different ways is 'cause sometimes the wands will give my hair too much curl and then I'll turn into like a Shirley Temple – How many subscribers do Brooklyn and Bailey have? – Six point eight three eight nine two seven – Oh my gosh we're way higher than I thought

It's important to us that like we grow, but the number itself is not like why we do it So like I don't check that often to be honest It's not like I, I'm just obsessing over the number of it – How do you tell us apart? I honestly don't think we look the same at all Our noses are the same, our eyes are the same

– [Both] Our eyebrow shapes are different – Lips are pretty much the same – Yeah – And then the face shape – Bailey's face is longer and mine's rounder

Her hair's short and mine's long I have more piercings – Where do Brooklyn and Bailey live? Texas – Texas, Waco – Texas, Texas, we love Texas! – Texas pride

Where do we shop for clothes? That's an interesting question – That's a good question – Technically speaking, we shop in our own shop I think 90% of our clothes anymore are from Target, Walmart, and our own shop – Shein

– Shein – Pretty much – Get their shorts? – [Both] Our shop! – When do Brooklyn and Bailey post new videos? We post a new video – Why are you saying it like that? When do Brooklyn and Bailey post new videos? – She's roasting me – At four, central time – Wednesdays at four P

M central time – Every single week – But some point we'll try to film like two, three weeks ahead so like if we run into a week where we're crazy busy we don't have to film if we don't need to When is Brooklyn and Bailey's birthday? – I keep yawning I don't know why

– December 31st is our birthday We'll turn 21 this year, which is so old Do Brooklyn and Bailey have separate Instagram? – We probably will eventually – Yeah like whenever we get married and stuff like I'd imagine that we'd start having our own Instagram The other thing is we do have private Instagrams that we both have for like our friends and family

We really try to keep that as private as possible because we, not that we have anything to hide from y'all, but just because like you know, there's some things that I want to post with my friends and family that I don't want public I don't know – I'll probably just wait until we get married and then just like make a family account you know what I mean? – Yeah – Do Brooklyn and Bailey have tattoos? – Oh! No! Brooklyn's like let me show you! – I don't know if I would ever like want to put something that permanent on my body – I honestly it has – I think there are some tattoos that are really pretty – I think some tattoos are so pretty, and you know if you can find something you love to put on your body do it

– I told Bailey once that I would get a tattoo but only if she died so I could remember her forever – That was much juicier If you guys could have seen the results that pulled up like three years ago – They were very lame – It was very like," Are Brooklyn and Bailey twins?" – I hope you guys enjoyed getting some more information on us – I feel like we've been doing a lot of like spill the tea videos like the google one, and like the never have I ever, and the truth or dares

We don't really have tea to spill – No we don't – So it's just like the same things over and over again But hopefully you guys enjoyed it anyway So we'll see y'all later

Bye! – Bye guys! (Upbeat music)

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