Are ASA and BAiLEY Really COUSiNS?! | Rumors Squashed!

(pulsing electronic music) – You tell 'em – All right

Okay We've waited a while to tell you guys this, 'cause it's, you know, Bailey and I are splitting up (buzzer) These crazy rumors we've been hearing from y'all! I mean, there are some real juicy ones out there – Juicy rumors – So today's video is a rumor squashing video (squishing and crackling) We're gonna be squashing all the juicy rumors that have been passing around about Brooklyn and I

But before we go onto the video, do not forget that Lash Next Door is still selling If you haven't gotten yourself some, or you want some more, go click the link in the description box below – Down there! – Or the information button right over there Okay, let's go on to these crazy rumors (energetic rock music) No, we're not dating! Collins and I are good friends

I'm dating Asa, I'm not dating Collins He's a great guy, he's really tall and very handsome, but I have a boyfriend and I'm not dating him He is a good friend, that's what he is Him and Devin both So I'm dating my brother now? No, Collins Key is not our brother

He's too tall to even be related to us – Yeah, genetically, that just doesn't match (laughs) – Ah, this one – This one I get asked all the time – Is one of the biggest rumors I think that's circulating about us right now

– Let me clarify, people When I said once upon a time, I don't even remember saying this, but apparently I said that we met at a family reunion If you guys don't know this, Asa's extended family all lives in one area So when I met and first met him, I thought that it was a family reunion because it was so much of his family – But it wasn't

– But it wasn't a family reunion, they just all live there – And we went down to meet his grandparents originally – Yes – So it was like, we went down for his family and just coincidentally met him – Our families were reunion-ing, but not a family reunion

We are in no way related, not even far back I highly doubt We're not related, he's not my cousin, he's not my brother, he's not my sibling, he's nothing I would never date my cousin, that's so gross Like, no No, no

This is all because of a picture we posted on Instagram where Bailey was standing next to Grant and not Asa and suddenly this whole conspiracy theory came out – There is nothing wrong with me standing next to somebody else in a group picture – Look, it's probably healthier in a relationship for you to not be connected at the hip with the person you're in a relationship with, and it's natural for you to hang out with other people and whatever – And Grant is like a little brother to us, he's 15 so that means he's almost three and a half – three year difference That's like dating someone that's Kamri's age it's weird I don't plan on breaking up I don't think he is either so everything's A-OK and dandy, no plans on that at all (rock music) Ooohh juicy, yeah! – No, Cameron and I are just good friends, that's about it We're best friends, that's the line you just don't cross There's best friends and there's best friends

– I'm not dating anybody so, – She's a single Pringle Ready to mingle! – Hit me up, Bailey boys! – What is up with these cheating questions, okay people! – Listen up girls I was loyal to him, he was loyal to me, we broke up for reasons that I don't even really know it was just up to him, so – Personality differences – And that was like a year ago – There aint no cheatin in this place, this house, mm mmh – I wish! – Spill the tea, please! – No, sadly I do not have a secret boyfriend – I am, again, a single Pringle, this is kind of depressing

– Being single is great, it's empowering, way to go, be you! – Yeah! (Pop Music) Okay, so we actually had nose surgery It's called a septoplasty and – It runs in our family, so my dad has had to have a septoplasty like four times – My grandma's had it twice – twice – My aunt's had it once, it's all on my dad's side of the family, and it's basically like we have trouble breathing out of our noses So if you watch our past videos we sound super nasally, and so we went in to check Brooklyn to see if she had any breathing issues – Because I felt like I was breathing weird and my dad was like you have a problem we need to get it check and so we went in, and apparently I was using about five percent of my airway in my nostrils which is not a lot of breathing – Yes, and we didn't think that I had it but then I got checked and I was using even less than Brooklyn so apparently mine was worse than hers, and so ultimately we had to go in and get what's called a septoplasty, where they just shave down kind of the bone – And the turbinates and the marrow – To make it so that we can breathe better and sound less nasally However, when we did go in there, the doctor said that he could fix some things about our noses like the bumps that we had and so we did have him do that while we were in there So if that kind of answers your question for you

– Now we're breathing great! – Rumors smashed! (smashing) (pop music) We actually get this question a lot and I guess this is kind of a rumor because it's like are they Mormon, I think they left No, you guys, we get this a lot on the posts when we're in tank tops or shorts or bikinis, and it's because a lot of people associate modesty with Mormonism Now, to us, there are different definitions of modesty, and so we interpret it maybe differently than some Mormons you know or even if you're Mormon yourself – It's just based on each individual has a different way they express modesty in the way you speak, in the way you act, in the way you dress, and all different types of things – Yeah, and so the way that we dress to us is our interpretation of modesty, while it might be different for some of you, that is what we interpret as modest So, yes, we are still Mormon, we love our religion

We are still totally, completely Mormon We're not leaving it or anything like that; Just because we wear bikinis doesn't mean that we're no longer Mormon So, if that kind of squashes that, we are still Mormon, yes (lightening) – Yes, they are the ones who started this whole company originally, they started their channel originally, they helped us start our channel and are still super involved in our channel and Kamri's channel – Mom's even currently writing a book right now They work obviously really hard We have a team! We have a huge team, we hire professionals – We are not experts, we are just 18 year old girls

– Obviously, we're not experts in it, but we wanted to make a good product – It's a company! – We have a whole A whole company – A working machine

– Yes – No it is not, we worked with some professional labs to create our formula and it is not private label – We didn't just slap our name on something We're not splitting up, we're not breaking up We're not a boy band, – (Both) We're not "One Direction"

– It's not happening – We're gonna be rooming together and we're gonna be filming at college, but we're also coming home about once a month to make sure that we get the videos we need to post for y'all Nothing is going to change, the only difference is – (Both) We're moving from high school to college – No we did not, graduated top 15%, we worked really hard; We were studious students, education is important to us We definitely – neither of us failed our classes in school – Nope

No, it's pink – (Both) A lot of people ask that – They were like it's Ronald McDonald red – It's extreme pink, that's what the label says – And someone asked if it would drip pink when she got in the pool and when she got it wet – Afterwards, it's just pink – It's kind of like a dye but it's just semi-permanent, so it won't drip

No I do not, I like my food, brownies please with these – We like food – Yes (laughs) – No, baby, these things are real We got blessed with good genetics, thanks mom and dad

– (Both) No, we do not – We do not Photoshop our bodies, what you see it what you get in real life – We like to stay true to real Yes! – Do you see these faces? – You can have us genetically tested if you'd like, but we are really twins – The only thing that's different in our DNA is our fingerprints in our fingers; Everything else is exactly the same, we are identical – We are identical twins

– No, we don't have tattoos If you see any tattoos – (Both) It's like henna – Jenny does henna a lot so we always just have it on in the summer – No tattoos, no – No! (laughs) I mean Faith is literally Mexican, and Ace is Filipino, no, we have mixed friends

– We have African-American siblings, we have a lot of different people around us – (Both) No! – She does look like us though – Yes she does, she does – She looks exactly like us, we get it all the time – Yeah, triplets a lot, but she's not

– My mom's genes are really strong – No, Rylan is not adopted, the younger two are, Daxton and Paisley are adopted, but Rylanis biological – She's just the one that doesn't look as much like me, Brooklyn, and Kamri I had braces for seven years – I think I had them for five or six

– These teeth took a while to get – No, but we are friends with a lot of the "Dance Moms" girls, and we danced when we were younger, but they're not connected – (Both) No Again, we just got lucky My dad and his eyes and my mom's eyes combined, what we got

– (Both) Where did that even come from? – No, we love them, they're super sweet We're really good friends This sounds suspicious, did mom write this down? We will miss our mom but we are excited to move out and kind of get that independence that you get as an adult and a college student, but we'll miss our mom We'll see her a lot though where she's not far away – Okay, I have never even been to a high school party – We just aren't partiers, we just like to chill at home, watch movies, and if we do go out it's like, "Let's go bowling!" – We don't drink, that's not a part of our lifestyle, so it wouldn't even interest us as much to party, unless we're just really into dancing

Which, we do love dancing, but ya know, – We'll pass on partying I don't know how if you hated someone, you could spend literally 24/7 with them – No, we don't hate each other – It's impossible to hate your twin – In fact, I think we're some of the closest twins I know – We're not related to them we've just known them basically our entire lives

We used to live in Missouri and they used to live there, and so we met them when we were really young, and so we've just grown up together So essentially, they are family, but it's by – Love, not genetics We already answered this one on accident, but no, we do not drink, we do not partake

– We just choose not to, that's just a choice we made, and so we just don't drink or smoke or anything like that – It's just for safety and health, we just choose it personally for us No – Not really It's another one of those lifestyle choices we just chose

We have a lot of little siblings and I feel like as a good role model I choose not to use that language around them because they're so little I'll use like little kid words like, "Oh gosh dang it!" – "Oh cheese nuggets!" – Yeah, (laughs) random things – Nooooo, no, no, no, no, no, no We have tons of gay, lesbian, all the things friends and we support everyone and we love everyone, no matter what you are, what you choose to be, who you choose to love – (Both) No! – We didn't pay anyone we went on tour, we just kept up our grades and our school just happened to be really understanding about our job, and so we were able to figure it out

What?! – How would I be going if I didn't get in? I got into Baylor, guys, woohoo! – She got in just like I did We both got in with normal acceptance – Yep (laughs) No (laughs) We are not tall

Every time people meet us they say, "You guys are so small!" It's true, we're short, I know – (Both) No – We spent a lot of time in the recording studio recording, it's just us! – We even vlogged some of us recording our song, – Singing our song so, no (laughs) – (Both) Yes! – We look like him! – Yeah it's kind of like, undeniable – But, we look like my mom but we also look like my dad – Very much so, minus height

– Yeah, minus, the height, he just didn't give us the height Yes, we do! We would never sponsor them if we didn't like them – We actually have turned down quite a few deals for sponsoring products in our videos because we didn't like them or whatever reason We just want to make sure that we're always – Putting out stuff that we would like stuff that we would want you guys to like and that we were being authentic No, mom and dad are still together – We live in the same house

We're good, they're not divorced I know we look like we're 12 sometimes because we have chubby little cheeks and we're super short, but were not We're 18, I have my 18 year old driver's license and we're going to college, all the things normal 18 year olds do I don't know what all the proof you need – We're just short and we've got chubby cheeks

– (Both) Rumors Squashed! – There were some real crazy out-there far-fetched rumors, I'm not gonna lie – But I also have to say that we're pretty lucky because, I mean, a lot of the comments that we got because I put up a poll asking about some of the rumors you guys have heard about A lot of them said that they didn't hear anything, – and that they just loved us – So we're very lucky about that part – So we love you guys – If you haven't subscribed to our channel yet click the subscribe button down below to go do that, and also, click the merch button down here to get your Lash Next Door if you haven't gotten that yet And, watch more of our videos by clicking the button right over there We'll see you all next week, we love you guys so much Bye! – Muah!

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