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– We're here, – Hey! – today and we are trying to figure out if Bailey and I are really identical twins – are really identical twins

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Trust us, take your advice, we've never let you astray Go – Check them out – Okay, on to the video – Here they are, all the tests, we just got them and I'm about to set up for us to like actually take them

I'm excited to be honest, to find out the results of this – Okay, so, Brooklyn and I decided to kinda do a video determining whether or not we're actually identical twins – Oh yeah – And the way we're gonna determine this is by taking tests like 23andMe which is like, it will give you DNA results for health and ancestry – And also, food sensitivity test, so it'll test like what we're allergic to, what foods we are sensitive to

So, these are all things that Bailey and I don't know right now – We'll film the results and then that will determine whether or not we're truly identical based on what results tell us – Accurate – Because we could have completely different foods sensitivities and stuff As you guys probably know, identical twins, we supposedly have identical DNA so, our spits the same, our hair would test the same, the only thing that's different about us is our fingertips, and that's because nobody has same fingerprints

Yeah – Yeah This is child proofed and I can't, oh there we go This is what it looks like – Let's get started

– Oh, this is so official You've to spit to fill the line The line is right here – Screw on tap, seal in back, what?! That's so much spit! – Ew, I don't wanna spit it in it everyone's gonna be like watching – This is so awkward, I'm almost to the line

– I feel bad for the people to have to like deal with this stuff Think about food – Ew Look, if you swish yours around, do you see little chunks? – That's disgusting! Why did you point that out?! – Okay, that one is finished That was like way harder than I thought it was gonna be

Did think this was gonna be that complicated Alright, next is the food sensitivity one – Your kit includes alcohol prep pad, collection cards, lancets, band aids, gauze pads Oh do you have to like, prick yourself? I think you have to prick yourself! – What! I don't wanna prick myself! You've to prick your finger! No! – That means this is a legit test – Alright we'll be back

– No We gotta go wash our hands I finished washing my hands but I've to let my hands hang at my sides for fifteen to twenty seconds to like, drop blood flow Here, come sit, we'll do the thing in fifteen to twenty seconds together – Guys I'm scared

I have a big fear of needles – We're gonna do you first, cause you're gonna freak out – No, I don't wanna do it first – You're doing it – No I don't wanna do it first

– Bailey, you're fine This is what it looks like, the collection card So you have to just like put it on there Okay, give me your finger – No! – Bailey, stop, no

– Can we do yours first? Let's do you first – Bailey, I'm– – No, I can't do it – Do you see this?! She's acting like she's a five year old This is pathetic, no, this is pathetic Absolutely pathetic

– Hey! I can't – Bailey! She can't prick her finger, so I'm gonna go first – I will prick my finger I am almost twenty and I have a severe fear of tiny puncture wounds like shots and pricking my finger, huge problem Did you just do it? – Yes

You're actually going to do it to yourself – Yes, which way? This way or this way? Okay – Bailey, do you want me to do it? – No I can do it No you do it – Okay, I'm gonna just set it against your finger I'm not gonna push

– You swear I know you're lying to me – No I'm not – Ow! Okay wait, we did it! We did it! – Was that so bad really? – Yes it was horrible – That was not bad

– Would not recommend – That was not bad Which one are you registering? – 23andMe – 23andMe? I just finished registering 23andMe and Everlywell And I'm about to mail them off so, yeah, we film the update

– That's it Okay, we were literally so shocked to see that our results came in so quickly – We told you all that we took two different tests, one of them was 23andMe, which is like a genetics DNA and ancestry exam, and we took that to see if Bailey and I got the same results because if we're really identical twins, we get them the exact same We took a– – Everlywell test, which is supposed to test the food sensitivities that you have We're about to look at our 23andMe results

– Three, two, one – Three, two, one – Oh my god – Oh wait, you've to sign in – Oh

– Your DNA suggests your ancestry is 449% British and Irish with ties to four other populations – I'm 485% for British and Irish We are different

– 97% Northwestern European which includes British and Irish, French and 25% French and German? – Yeah, mine's pretty much, 24% – 10% Scandinavian – 8% Scandinavian – Broadly Northwestern European 169%

– Mine's 14% – Italian 13% Pretty much the same Not surprised about that one too, honestly

– We were from Nigeria, then we were Italian, then Scandinavian, then French and German, then British and Irish – So wellness has eight reports of how my DNA may affect my body response to diet, exercise and sleep – Caffeine consumption, likely to consume less caffeine – That's true because neither of us drink soda – Less likely to be a deep sleeper

– Oh, true – Oh, that's so true We do not sleep Predisposed to weigh less than average! That is so true! – Muscle composition, common in elite power athletes – Oh my god! Ability to match musical pitch, most likely able to match a musical pitch

– True – True, we can sing – Asparagus odor detection likely to smell False! – When you pee, if you can smell if you've eaten an asparagus – Some people's pee will smell bad but ours does not

But it says that it's supposed to Higher odds of disliking cilantro My mom loves cilantro – That's so specific! That's so weird – Cleft chin, we don't have cleft chin

Dandruff, more likely to get dandruff – True – I struggled with dandruff Likely detached earlobe – Earwax type, likely to get wet earwax?! Ew! – Oh, blue or green eyes

That's true – More likely than average to be afraid of height – That's not true, I'm not afraid – Likely that index finger is longer? That's not the case – Likely at least a little unibrow

That is so true when we were kids, we have a unibrow Wake up time, likely to wake up around 902 am – True – That is so specific

– Okay, Everlywell time – This is a little nervous right now I don't want to tell me like, oh you're allergic to like dairy and– – Or some really important food group that you've been eating for the past, you know, nineteen years I have zero hive reactivity which means I'm not highly allergic to anything – I have zero hive reactivity, sixteen mild and eighty low

– I have fifteen mild and eighty-one low Mild reactivity! – Milk, is number one – Number one of mine is cheese, specifically, cheddar cheese I love cheese! – Mine's milk from cows, cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, wheat, black walnut, green olive, black pepper, bran, scallop, coconut, cheddar cheese – Scallop's pretty like, you're allergic to in the ocean right? – Maybe

Gluten, bananas, rye, dill, and mozzarella cheese – Here's mine Cheddar cheese, yogurt, milk from cows, tarragon, I don't know what that is Corn, pineapple, cheese mozzarella, cheese cottage So apparently I'm mildly allergic to all these cheeses

Sunflower? That's my favorite flower! So, our allergies? Nothing alike Okay, so ultimately these tests leave me to believe that we are truly identical – Our bodies are exactly the same, our DNA is the same, but that doesn't mean that we developed the same – Our fingerprints are different – Also, we live completely different lives, so, things could happen and they can change

– Basic gist, we're identical, pretty sure we're identical – I think we knew that from the beginning but this is just to confirm – Click the link in the description box below and check out again, these clips and lots of other ones – Oh yeah – Not just these

– I'm serious go check them out, we love them, thank you guys so much for watching and enjoying all of our, I guess, and yeah, just wanting to learn more about us get to know us little better Thank you, we'll see you next week Bye guys – Bye guys

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