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– Hey, you guys! So we have a special announcement Tomorrow at the exact same time, we are gonna be posting another video with a special guest

– It's me! – It's Lilly! – Hi! – It is super funny, so guys, come back tomorrow at this exact same time, 4:00 pm, come back and watch our collab with Lilly – Me, it me – I'm about to pull up to Bailey's house, and she's still at school right now and she doesn't expect me

♪ We only need the two of us together ♪ – Hey, guys! It's Brooklyn and Bailey And in today's video, you are going to see Asa ask me to prom It was awesome, and I definitely was not expecting it – Creds to the idea: me I came up with it, just so you know

– He did the rest, though – He did the rest – He made it happen It was a team work – Team effort

– Right there – You guys, we have an awesome, amazing announcement We have a new merch item for sale, and they are – Scrunchies! So we have pink and red and black So as you guys can see, one of the special things about these scrunchies is they have these little bunny ears, it's just what we're calling them – Yes – So we got scrunchies like these for Christmas, and we loved them – I wore it so much

– Everywhere – So much – Every single day Honestly, I don't think there was a day within a three month time period where she didn't have that scrunchie in her hair – It's the truth

You probably can see it in videos and pictures – And so people started asking her, they were like, "Oh my gosh, it's so cute, where did you get it?" And then we're like, "Well, let me go look" So we researched and couldn't find them anywhere Like the store we got them from, weren't there anymore They just magically disappeared

And they weren't anywhere So we decided to – Make our own, obviously

And they come in sets of three, so you get all three of these colors in a little package – And you get a BB sticker to go with it, so you can put it on your computer, or your phone, or your water bottle, or on your car, or wherever you can put this sticker that you like – Yeah, they're just velvety, they have these cute little bunny ears, they don't crease your hair, which is why I love them, but they also hold them really well It's like the perfect combination – So, you guys, at the very end of this video, the link to buy these scrunchies is going to go live

And I am gonna warn you, there is a small amount of these scrunchies – [Mindy] We're still packing We're getting 'em all put together now Look at 'em all – Don't you just wanna jump into a pile of scrunchies? – Yes, and look who we recruited

– I'm struggling a little bit – Asa! But we have to teach him the correct way to put those scrunchies into the bags – Still working on it – He's got it, he's got it now – So, very, very small, so you're gonna wanna buy them right now, 'cause they will sell out

And if you are one of the people that didn't get one or doesn't get one, we are getting more material and hopefully gonna start selling more later on But make sure you're one of the first ones to get one right now, so pay attention at the end of this video to wait for that link to go live so you can purchase your scrunchies Now, let's go check out how Asa asked me to prom – Guys, it's Asa So I'm about to pull up to Bailey's house, and she's still at school right now and she doesn't expect me

So, I'm gonna surprise her I have some flowers and a sign You know what that means I'm asking her to prom So what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna dress up like Flynn Rider from Tangled, 'cause that's her favorite, favorite Disney movie

And hopefully she loves it So right now I'm about to go hide my car Hopefully she doesn't see me on the way home And let's just see how it goes So I'm currently setting up right now

I have this giant sheet with flowers in it and then a little strand of flowers up there And then in a minute I'm gonna drop some flowers over here on the ground And originally I was thinking I was just gonna climb down the balcony on this, but Miss Mindy decided that it probably wasn't gonna hold me, so, you know I thought it was gonna be funny, but it didn't work out Anyway, I'll catch back up with you, and we'll see how it goes

(romantic music) – Oh! – Aww! – Oh my gosh! That is so cute Oh and yes, yes – [Brooklyn] Look at the thing, that's so cute! How long did this take to set up? – Um Couple hours (laughs) – Couple hours? – We'll just cut it out – "I've got a dream, will you go to prom with me?" Did you say yes? – Yeah! – I like all the flowers Look at the cute basket – It's so cute

– Oh my gosh – Tangled for the win Well, thank you – This is so cute – And now I feel like a princess with the Flynn Rider

– You are a princess – We need to be Flynn Rider and Rapunzel for Halloween – Yeah, we do – Prom, here we come! Yes! Hope you guys enjoyed seeing how he asked me to prom Now I'm super excited to go

I'm just, ah – Be like a real princess – I'm gonna feel like a real princess It's gonna be amazing – Well, just as a reminder, you guys, we are selling our scrunchies, a new merch item

There is a limited amount, a small amount right now Probably wanna check this out We thought you'd want a little sneak peek behind the scenes of what all of the scrunchies look like in one place But this is literally all there is This box is all we have right now, so there is a limited amount

We are frantically trying to get more fabric to make more of them so that we can sell more, but for right now there is a small amount, so be sure to click that link down below in the description box or the merch button to shop these scrunchies and our other merch as well – Yes, and if you guys aren't one of the people that gets one, remember we are getting more later But go purchase them right now, 'cause the link is live Click the merch button below Subscribe to our channel and watch our prom dress video over here

We'll see y'all next week We love you guys! Bye! (blowing kisses)

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