– This dude literally hasn't given me any hints on what's going on – She has no idea

("Perfect" by Epidemic Sound feat Melker playing) – Ah – Told you it was gonna be exciting (laughing) – Hey guys, and welcome back to our channel So first off, I'd like to say thank you to Secret for sponsoring this video

Now I do have a special guest Ready Ta da! – Hey! – In today's video, you're going to see Asa and I go on our one year anniversary date

– One year – Which is so exciting – So exciting So let's get into that Hey guys

So today is the day that Asa's coming And I know he has something planned, but nobody really knows what that is, except for him and a couple other people I'm not aware of what's going on, so I'm really excited for the plan I know it's gonna be something fun, I just don't what it's gonna be yet – [Brooklyn] Bailey! There's something at the door for you

(laughing) – Okay – [Brooklyn] Are you excited to see what it is? – Of course Dogs!? – [Brooklyn] Yes! – [Bailey] Aww! – [Brooklyn] What does it say? That's cute Those are pretty Wait, let me see

Pretty – They're pretty Okay this is big Okay this is, like, a huge card – [Brooklyn] What does it say? "A big I love you

" – "Bai, be ready in one hour for a surprise date! Pack for anything! Love, Asa" – [Brooklyn] Oh, I have no idea what's going on – How do you pack for anything? I mean, the weather, but I mean it could range from swimming to running around to sitting and eating – [Brooklyn] Better get your backpack full of your stuff – I guess I have to go pack 'cause I only have an hour Okay, so right now I'm just kinda dressed in, like, jeans

I'll have Brooklyn come show my outfit real quick, so I can show you guys Right now I just have the jean jacket with the ribbons, and then my jeans So, I actually just threw this on today, as, like, an outfit, because, again, I have no idea what's going on for the date, so this is just kind of a universal thing that could work for most events, but, again, it's all dependent on what we're doing on the date, which I will find out later, I guess Since I have no idea what I'm doing on this date, I decided to pack a few extra things like my wallet, and my coat, and an umbrella But while I'm telling you what I put in my bag, I recently found these new Freshies deodorant by Secret

I love them because not only do they make applying subtle, because you're not holding a giant deodorant stick, but also because they're small, and can fit into any bag So since I don't know what we're doing on this date, I'm gonna go ahead and pack this just in case You never know what's gonna happen on a surprise date It could be anything So that is all I have

I am ready to go (doorbell rings) – Hi – Hey – Thanks for the flowers and the card – You're welcome

– Okay, so what's going on? – I guess you're just gonna have to find out – 'Cause I packed for anything I have coats and umbrellas – Perfect You ready? – Yeah

– Alright, let's go – Okay, bye y'all! – Bye – This dude literally hasn't given me any hints What's going on? – She has no idea – We're driving my car

He can't fit in the chair – It's a little tight – So do you wanna give some hints on what is going on exactly? – Um, nope You're just gonna have to find out and see – Okay, okay

Let's go – We just ate lunch, but we're gonna try to find some room in our stomachs to eat some yogurt anyway – You're so much taller than me, you can't get me and him There we go – Hey that's a good angle, huh? – Okay, time to go get some yogurt

What flavors did you get? – I got birthday cake and cotton candy – (Bailey) I got birthday cake and chocolate 'cause I decided I am in a chocolatey mood – Oh yeah – [Bailey] Okay this boy got whipped cream, sprinkles, cotton candy, and birthday cake frozen yogurt Is that it? – A hint of Oreos, and a hint of chocolate chips

– [Bailey] Eww See, mine is just a chocolate delight I've got Reese's Cups, brownie, and then birthday cake Then chocolate – I'm excited

Well, I'm glad you like it Probably not as good as my whipped cream delight, but, you know – I think I win, actually, so – [Asa] I don't know, I don't know – Alright, let's have people vote – [Asa] Yeah Comment down below which one you would rather have – [Bailey] Asa's nasty cotton candy disaster

– [Asa] Cotton candy beautiful – [Bailey] Or my delicious chocolate delight – Mmm-hmm

This girl's wild I thought she was actually gonna eat a little bit of it, but she thought otherwise Before you go, please don't forget to subscribe to this channel See ya – [Bailey] Asa rented us a tandem bike! Do we have any idea how to ride a tandem bike? – Nope

– [Bailey] Not even the slightest clue – I've done it like once I've done it like one time – I literally walk in, and the dude is like, "Oh yeah, let me go get your bike" And I go, "Okay

" And then he pulls up with this And I'm like, "Dude!" – I told you it was gonna be exciting – Apparently I get to sit on the back, and Asa gets to pedal

(camera clicks) This is probably one of the most entertaining things I've ever done We're literally sitting there like, "Now pedal, do this, do that" We went through a patch of mud

I got on the front at one point 'cause he's not steering right Now we're all muddy Look at my shoes – [Asa] Yeah, we'll have to clean it all off later – [Bailey] Now I'm all muddy, cause we went through the mud

– [Asa] But it was worth it – [Bailey] But we're having fun – Whoo! – Hey guys So after that exercise, I am sweaty and ready to freshen up And Asa actually hasn't gotten in the car yet

So it is time to do the freshening I actually remembered to pack powder, which usually doesn't happen So this will help with my sweatiness Oh, this is nice 'cause I don't have a mirror with me and I can see what I'm doing 'cause there's a flip up right here Okay, so I'm actually so glad I packed this

Secret Freshies replace your smell with scents that smell good So, they actually have four scents, and my favorite is "Cool Water Lilly" So I'm just gonna go ahead and apply that so I can smell better Ba-ba-da-dum And other armpit

Ta-da I smell good – [Bailey] Hello, sir – Hey – [Bailey] Did you return the bike? – Yes, I did

– [Bailey] Were they nice about it? – Yeah, they were super cool – [Bailey] Everyone was kinda shocked that we took the tandem bike – Yeah – [Bailey] I guess nobody really takes tandem bikes – I don't know, but I loved it, so

– [Bailey] Yeah Okay, well, onto our next adventure – Alright, let's go

So we're about to come up on the third surprise So this is it right here – Okay Animal adoptions? Are we getting a puppy? – No, we're not getting a puppy, but – Asa's getting me a puppy! – Surprise! No, actually we're not, but we are gonna go play with some puppies, and all kinds of animals – Ahhh, I love animals! – [Asa] Whoo! – Since we got super muddy from biking, I'm gonna have to take this jacket off and put this coat on Because this jacket, show 'em the mud – [Asa] Oh man

– [Bailey] Got a little muddy Oh, they're so cute – [Asa] What do you think? – I'm loving this – [Asa] Look how cute – [Bailey] Sweetheart! He's so cute

Say hi Hi guys Oh my god – [Asa] Look at him Hi buddy

– [Bailey] Look at his cute face That one too – Aww Bailey just went to the bathroom, and I snuck the camera out of the bag I just wanted to give her a little message

Bailey, if you're watching this, I love you And I want to say Happy Anniversary I'm so thankful that I have you Muah-wah Guys, so we just finished dinner, and it was awesome

– Now we're in downtown McKinney, and we are just walking around, checking out the lights Just look at all this cuteness – [Asa] Super cute Lights all over the place and music – [Bailey] He wants me to slow dance

– Yeah, you wanna dance? – [Bailey] He keeps saying, "Slow dance with me, slow dance with me" Okay, ready? Whoo! – [Asa] She's a pro – Okay, I know it was basically, like, comedic watching us try to ride that tandem bike – Oh my goodness, she was so surprised So surprised

– When I found out it was a tandem bike, I was like, "What?" 'Cause he kept saying bikes, like multiple And it ended up being one And we kept getting funny looks And anyway, it was just an adventure, and it was so much fun – So much fun

– So much fun So I'm glad you guys got to see that and experience that with us Now don't forget to subscribe to our channel, by clicking the button down below that says "subscribe" And also, watch the video that we last filmed with Asa, which was "Sister versus Boyfriend," you guys – Oh yeah, go watch it

– Who won? Nobody knows You're gonna have to go watch it, and check it out – You guys can go see – Okay, we'll see you all next week – See ya

– I will see you next week – Bye – Bye, ya'll

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