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(upbeat music) – Hey guys! It's Brooklyn So Bailey and I have always done like little routines and workouts to stay healthy and fit and ya'll constantly request it

So I thought I'd finally show you some of the stuff that we do Before we get onto the video ya'll, be sure to subscribe to our channel, click the button right down there, just the big red button, I know you see it So definitely go check that out Now, let's get on to the video Okay, so here's the gist with this workout routine

It's super easy, it's all stuff you can do at home, you don't need machines, you don't need any of the like fancy lifting, those weights, none of that So you can just do all of these exercises at home by yourself, it takes about maybe 30 minutes out of your day, sometimes you'll do it in the morning, sometimes you'll do it at night, it's just super easy to like put into your time table, so you can really commit to it Now I usually start this workout with a ten minute stretch because you want to leave your muscles like not tight so you don't injure yourself and then I also usually go on a run beforehand I know, running is not my favorite thing and probably not your favorite thing, but I usually start it up with a run, just so we're like healthy and our energy is up So I usually do about a 20 minute run, just light, and then we'll start on the routine

So I will explain it to you The first exercise I typically start with my core just so that I feel like nice and good when I get to the rest of my body, because I don't know about ya'll but I always feel like I start out with like a little food baby and that does not fly You wanna get rid of that as soon as possible And I typically like to go with ten regular crunches just to begin my exercise for my abs

So if you don't know what a crunch is, you're just gonna sit like this with your knees up about shoulder width apart Lay on your back and then lift your shoulders up And then just repeat that about ten different times I don't know how many that was because I wasn't counting (laughter) But somewhere around that general area

And my next exercise are going to be ten reverse crunches So these are a little bit more difficult, not everybody loves to do these But this is where you lay on your back like so And then you lift your body up like this, so you're going to go down and then you're going to lift up, and then down and lift up And you repeat this about ten times as well

Okay so we've done regular crunches and reverse crunches Now we're going to do a couple of other versions of crunches, they're the easiest way to exercise your abs, so that's why I'm doing this So we're going to do straight-leg, ten straight-leg crunches, and ten straddle crunches So I'm gonna show you what each of those are and then do them for you So straight-leg crunches, you're going to lay on your back and your legs are just going to be up like this

And then you just repeat the same motion as regular crunches, just with your legs up in the air Now straddle crunches are when your legs are out in a V like this If you're not flexible enough for that, you can just lift your knees up and it will give you the same exercise, but I like to do V shape just because I am a dancer and it also stretches me while I do my exercise But you go out like this and then you crunch And you can put your arms out if you want as well

But, I like having them behind the head Okay so we've done ten regular crunches, ten reverse crunches, ten straight-leg crunches, and ten straddle crunches, so that creates 40 crunches and I prefer doing them forwards and backwards So in total you will get 80 crunches in for your exercise and that is what we're gonna do for our core So it's super easy, super simple, not that complicated, and you leave feeling like a real fit woman because your abs are all tight and it's awesome So now we're gonna move on to the next part

So the next part we're gonna be exercising is our arms I don't know about ya'll, but my arms are probably my least favorite part to exercise because then I feel like a limp noodle afterwards But we are gonna make it super easy and simple, and it's just gonna be fast and ya'll really it's not that hard so you're not gonna be dying when you do this So the first one is you're gonna do three sets of ten push-ups You can choose whether or not you wanna do girl push-ups or guy push-ups

I like doing guy push-ups because I'm an independent, tough woman, but you can choose whatever you wanna do, it exercises your body all the same So I'm just gonna show ya'll that and then we can move on to the next exercise You're just gonna repeat that three different times to create your exercise and then we're gonna move on to the next arm exercise My next exercise has two different options, I know I said you didn't need weights, but if you do have weights you can always do arm curls with your weights, so you just put the weights in your hands, you hold them, and then you just curl like this You do about three sets of ten, if you wanna do that

If you don't have weights and you're like "what are you talking about I'm never gonna own weights" that's cool too We can do what I call arm lifts, which is where you just hold your arms out like this and you move them up and down for about 30 seconds And you can move them in circles or side to side, whatever you want Just holding your arms out like this, about 30 seconds and then you switch to going like this, front and back, for about 30 seconds And then you repeat going up like this

And with this exercise you wanna keep your elbows together and your wrists together as you go up And you do that for about 30 seconds And if you're not feeling the burn you can always repeat it until you do and then as soon as you're starting to feel like I'm gonna die I need to stop you put your arms down and you're done with the exercise If you've done with both of these exercises and you're still not feeling the burn and you want something a little bit more challenging I always do three sets of ten tricep dips

And this is typically where you put your arms up on something a little bit higher than you and then you dip with your elbows out like this and go up So I'll show you the form on the mat, but typically you're up on a little, something a little bit higher to make it more difficult You're gonna put your body, you're gonna want your body to be straight like this and then you're gonna dip and up So you're gonna repeat that three sets of ten times so that you get a little bit more of a deep arm workout Okay the next part of the body we're gonna be exercising is our bootay because we all want that nice beautiful butt that we all go and like "ah, I just have always wanted that, you know

" So we're gonna be working on that I don't know if that was a weird thing to say, but whatever We're gonna be working on that and there is just two easy exercises that you can do I call the first one the fire hydrant because it looks like a dog peeing on a fire hydrant Personal opinion, don't know if anybody else feels that way, but I'm gonna show you what that exercise looks like and we usually do three sets of ten for that as well

So you're just gonna go on your hands and knees like so And you're gonna lift your leg up on the side like you're peeing on a fire hydrant And you're just gonna repeat that about ten times on this side And then you're gonna switch to the other leg and do it about ten times as well Once you're done with that you can just repeat it another two times on each side to get a total of 30 leg lifts on each side

And then the second butt workout you're gonna do, this one definitely looks a little awkward and I typically try not to do it in public Cause you know, when you're in the gym you just know people are staring at you when you do it But I'm gonna show ya'll anyway so you know and if you wanna do it you can So you're gonna lay on your back and you're gonna put your arms down flat next to your sides and you're gonna lift your hips up in the air like this And you're just gonna repeat it over and over again, and you're gonna wanna clench your muscles when you get to the top

And you're just gonna go over and over until you start to feel a little bit of a burn, and that is the second butt exercise Though it definitely looks very awkward and it is not my favorite thing to do in public, but you can definitely try it at home and when nobody else is looking, get that exercise in Okay now we're moving on to exercising the legs So this is my favorite part of the exercise, I just love doing these So the first set we're going to do three sets of 15 lunges, again if you have weights you can do them as weighted lunges

If you don't have weights, don't worry about it, you can also get a good exercise out of just doing plain lunges You're gonna turn to the side and put one of your feet forward and then you're gonna bend down and touch your knee to the mat and then lift back up, and then go down, back up, and you're gonna do this about 15 times and then switch to the other side And then switch to this side and repeat Okay so when you do a squat you're gonna want your legs to be about shoulder width apart and you want your toes and heels solidly on the ground And then you're just gonna lower yourself into like a squatting sitting position, almost like you're sitting in a chair

But you wanna keep your body in line as much as possible and your toes and heels on the ground as much as possible You're gonna do this about three sets of ten, so you get about 30 squats in, and I'll just show you some of those right now To finish off your exercise, I do about a ten minute cool down stretch Some of these stretches you can do for that just spreading your legs apart, kind of reaching to the side and to the side, putting your feet together, touching your toes, if you wanna do a little bit of a lunge feeling, go down like this, bring your nose to your knee Just easy exercises

Moving your arms side to side, because it is all good just to cool down, let your muscles relax so they're not stressed and then finish off the workout Thank you so much for watching this video and hopefully you enjoyed seeing me do my workout routine Because it's pretty easy, it's not that hard Also click the subscribe button, so go do that, please make my dreams come true Go click that button, I will love you forever

Muah, muah, muah, right down there Now ya'll, if you wanna see more videos, click the button over here And that's all we have for you this week so bye ya'll

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