BABES, BEACHES and BOYS! | Senior Trip 2018

♪ About to see ♪ ♪ The world in action ♪ ♪ Be free ♪ – So we are hiking to this secluded beach I mean, you really wouldn't be able to find this beach, unless you were a local

♪ Be free ♪ – [Both] Hey guys It's Brooklyn and Bailey – And today you are going to watch our adventures in the island of, – [Both] Kauai – In Hawaii – Because we went on, – [Both] A senior trip

– And we brought a ton of our friends We brought our old friend from Utah, Madison We brought Greg Nukee, which went on tour with us, he's pretty awesome We brought Asa And we brought Cam and Brooklyn on all of these adventures

Like literally did everything on the island And mom and dad were there, too! They were awesome enough to take us on this trip, and they brought their friends, Ginger and Carl, who have their own channel and they're super awesome So, you guys will be able to watch all of those adventures today, but before we go onto that, do not forget that the Lash Next Door is still selling right now So, go buy your own by clicking the link in the description – You can see in some of the clips in the video, I'm even wearing it, I'm in the water, and it still looks so good

– So, go get that in the link in the description, that's below, or the information button right over here Go get your Lash Next Door now! Now, let's get go on to watching our adventures in Kauai! Let's go! – [Brooklyn] Okay, look at this wonderful beach that we're at, and then we found that cute little heart! We're gonna go take pictures in a second, but just look at how beautiful this is, guys This is where we're spending the next, basically, two weeks! – Yeah – [Brooklyn] We are ready to party! – Look at how beautiful it is over there! – [Brooklyn] It's just gorgeous! Like literally gorgeous (camera shutter snapping) – [Brooklyn] Today's photo shoot by Ginger! And the boys are heading into the water

– Beach time! Our first beach time of the whole trip! – Hawaii! – [Brooklyn] Hawaii here we come! (upbeat music) – We are at this place called Spouting Horn It's called Spouting Horn, right? – Spouting Horn – It's basically where all of this water washes up on these rocky caves and pressure builds and it spouts out There's a bunch of little ones and big ones and we've seen some turtles swimming It's just very cool

– Okay so, according to Mom and Dad, there's this place called Puka Dog, so we're currently standing in line for where they make Hawaii's best hot dogs I have never experienced it I don't even like hot dogs, but Brooklyn over here is extremely excited And Dad, of course, is extremely excited What do you get on your Puka Dog? – I'm gonna do the hot chili pepper mayo with Hawaiian mustard

– Yum! But apparently it's really cool and they make deliciously hand-squeezed lemonade, so I'm gonna have to try that – [Bailey] Tell us what you got! – A Belgian Chocolate Gelato-filled cookie dough sandwich! – [Bailey] Take a big old bite out of that baby! – Mmhmm – [Brooklyn] So we are Geocaching! We are looking for Geocache right this second Update you guys: that one was a flop We didn't find anything

– There was no description – Alright, y'all We are onto our second geocache and it is on some sort of playground – Its like a little kids' playground – It's cool

– It looks really fun – I'm so excited – So we're gonna see if we can find it Fingers crossed – So Cam and I, Everyone stayed up there and we kinda like ventured our way hopping on these rocks And we found the geocache

So there's some fun stuff inside A little – [Cam] A Barbie bag? – A Barbie bag – [Cam] Mark our names – Senior trippin'

– [Cam] Boom look at that – Look at us go – [Cam] Perfect – Okay so update We went to find a geocache and ultimately ended up getting bitten by these bugs, all of us

You can see all over our legs like little spots – [Bailey] So we also really just wanted to play on the playground, so here were are – Not much of High School Graduates – [Bailey] And We wanted to play on a playground But it's actually a really cool playground so you can see why you'd want to play in it

Bailey and Asa going down the slide like pros – This looks like a dark tunnel in here It's a little sketchy – Little sketchy – But he's gonna go, right Asa? – I guess so

– Bye – Oh no it hurts – I don't know if we can see him come out – Is he ever gonna come out? There he is Did she get stuck? I see a foot

There she is – [Cam] That was cool – Good morning you guys so, it is day two in Hawaii Grant is coming tonight we are all super excited, we're all currently driving so that's why it's a little bumpy We this morning are going cliff jumping so hopefully the water is calm enough to do this since we are gonna be jumping into the ocean

If not there are a couple of other places I think we might be able to go Along with finding a secret beach that Brooklyn has discovered thanks to our Nana and Pappa They have told us all the good spots to go to here in Kauai – So we are hiking to this secluded beach and we are going through this cave of sticks and tree roots and its the coolest thing I mean, you really wouldn't be able to find this beach unless you were a local or have been here a lot

But it's so super cool I'm so excited to see the beach – Hey guys, so we just got to the secret beach, there's nobody here, this is so awesome I think we're gonna have a fun time What do you think? – It's pretty dang cool guys

Look, there's even a bridge and stuff This is amazing So we spent so many hours here and this probably won't be the last time we're here doing this trip, but we all got baked because it is so warm But there are so many beautiful spots around here, it's crazy But now that we've hit the secret beach we are going to go cliff jumping, because earlier this morning, we were gonna go cliff jumping first, but then we found out that the cliff jumping spot we were looking for didn't really exist anymore

So we found another spot and now we are going to head to cliff jumping We made it Oh my god! (upbeat dance music) – We found a rope swing in the middle of nowhere, we are by ourselves, it's pretty freaking awesome So Bailey and Asa just swam over to the other side to do the rope swing – Okay, we are on the other side and we are rope swinging now so Bailey's going next

– Yeah, so we're getting eaten alive Yeah there's lots of bugs up in here, I'm very sun burnt but it's all very fun, and very worth it, and a once in a lifetime thing, you know? So, gotta do it when you gotta do it (upbeat techno music) – [Grant] Yeah – Okay, so we decided after we picked Cory! – We did it, we did it – That we are all starving to the max, right

So now we're eating some cheese burgers – It smells so good – Say hello everybody, hi – We found a haunted house, down the street on the beach Okay it's not haunted it's just an abandoned, empty, gutted house on the river side in the jungle, which probably means it's haunted

So it's 10 o'clock right now and we are going to go check it out Okay We are headed to the house right now This is where we're going in guys He's going in

– [Cam] He's going up – He's going in – [Cam] Alright, here we go Oh wow, no, no no no There's a baby grand

– [Grant] Look at that There's just a piano in there – [Cam] If I hear that thing start to make noise, run away! I'm not following you! Oh that is pretty creepy (piano key chimes) (screaming) – Good morning you guys Okay, so it's day three in Hawaii today

Grant has officially joined us, hello Grant – Hello – So today we are going on another adventure without the parentals We're gonna go find kayaks and kayak down this river where, apparently there are a bunch of stops that you can do secret waterfalls, cliff jumping spots, things like that, so we're gonna do all of that today Hopefully we can actually find it because apparently it's a little difficult to find

That's gonna be an adventure in and of itself How many of us got sunburned yesterday? – Oh I did – I didn't – Not fair because he wasn't here – I'm the only one

I'm the only that didn't get burned out of our whole group, don't know how that happened because I think I applied the least sunscreen out of everybody But I guess we'll see, we'll update you guys and see if we get lost, I don't know, it's gonna be fun, just getting lost on the island of Kauai Alright so here we are kayaking, look at us go So actually the sweetest thing happened The lady who kind of owns the kayak shack place she has a daughter who recognized us from our channel and actually paid for Brooklyn and I's trip in the kayak

So thank you darling girl for doing that for us, that was awesome We're just totally enjoying our time here Look at how fun this is and it's so green Like holy cow So apparently we're gonna go kayak to this little hiking area and then once we're done hiking we're gonna like, go to this waterfall and then swim around at that and just enjoy the beautiful nature of it all

Look at how gorgeous this is, really And I've got Grant over here supporting me Thanks Grant – You're welcome – Here we are, we finally made it to the hike, but now we have to cross this river, with this rope

There goes Brooklyn Alrighty, let's go guys It was harder holding onto the rope 'cause people were moving it back and forth – How was it Grant? – Good, fun – Alright, we all survived

Onto the hike – This is so cool – This is amazing, we're literally hiking on a tree branch above the trail to a waterfall you can swim in, in the middle of a Hawaiian island Does it get any better than this? I mean, legitimately? We're gonna go under the waterfall – It's not fun

– Okay, so the waterfall was cool but honestly not like the movies at all, where you go under it and it's clear as day I got stuck under the waterfall and it was splashing water in my face There's was a moment of panic, when I couldn't breathe – When you go right under it it wallops down so hard – Yeah it hurt and I couldn't breathe and so it wasn't like it was in the movies but it was pretty cool, I have to admit it was pretty cool

– Good morning you guys, so today is day I don't even know, I've lost track, five or six And we are going snorkeling this morning – Woo yeah, snorkeling Yeah, snorkel

– Yes – We're super heroes – Yay – I don't have mine on yet – Alright, time to snorkel, let's go

Alright, they're out there looking for some fish/turtles Brooklyn's really the only adventurous one, these boys are lame Okay you guys so we just finished eating dinner, we went snorkeling today and now we're going to go watch the sunset Oh wow Grant, that was, wow Yeah we're gonna watch the sunset, we haven't yet, we've been out and about when the sun was setting, but now we finally get to see where Mom and Dad have this perch, up in here, they say is a good spot to watch one, so we're about to go watch one

♪ Take my hand ♪ ♪ Take my whole ♪ – So, this is our second to last day in Hawaii and we are going zip lining today So I think we've booked an eight line, two and a half hour zip line and I'm excited about it Everyone else isn't even paying attention – She's trying to step on my shoe Stop it, stop it, ow

These are so good – He has eaten literally an entire box by himself Rice Krispy treats But, we're excited, so we'll vlog some of us zip lining and it'll be good We have our helmets on at the zip lining

– Looks pretty good, to be honest – It's like a very good look And it's raining so this is pretty exciting (upbeat techno music) – Bailey got stuck all the way out in the middle, so now the guy has to go get her with his legs Aw, Bailey

You made it Thanks for joining us Alright y'all, we finished zip lining What did you think? – It was fun – So much fun

– It was a lot of fun Had some really good views Now we're all very hungry so I think we're going to head to get some lunch – That's more exciting, yes (upbeat dance music) – Today is our last day here in Hawaii so we do have to leave our lovely Airbnb early this morning and then our flight actually takes off at 10 o'clock tonight

So we're going to spend the day kind of poking around in some shops, possibly going to see Incredibles 2, maybe going to get breakfast Spending our time, you know, doing last minute things here in Kauai It's been an awesome trip Just look at this view, how could it not be an amazing trip? (upbeat dance music) – So that was basically our summer right there, pretty much – We did so much in such a short amount of time

But you guys should comment down below what you're doing for the summer because I want to know so I can be jealous of the trip you guys are going on – Yeah, that's be really cool just let us know, oh there goes our dog – Bye Brady So definitely comment down below what you guys are doing so we can read the comments and see what y'all are going to be up to Do not forget to subscribe to our channel by clicking the button right over here

And also, mascara is still selling so click the mascara button right here And watch some of our old videos by clicking the button right over here We'll see you guys next week, we love you all so, so, so much – Bye

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