Bailey and Mindy Crash Brooklyn’s 1st Date?

(upbeat pop music) – Hello guys, it's Brooklyn and Bailey and today's video is gonna be kind of a vlog of our sweet 16 and this girlfriend's first date How exciting! We're getting so old

– I know – I'm so excited to talk about like what happened for our birthday 'cause it kind of was a surprise We didn't know about it – It was a surprise party – But before you go and watch the vlog make sure you click this information button right here or here

I don't know what side it's gonna be on – A little circle somewhere – Somewhere over here, click that to go see squared video that we put on Squared last Saturday and that is all about our family pictures and we have family pictures at the end if you guys wanna see that So definitely check that out and subscribe to Squared while your there and I think that's it, so let's go watch this vlog – [Voiceover] So today is the big day

– Today is the twins' surprise sweet 16th party – [Voiceover] Surprise 16, huh? Where's the present you made for the twins? – It's over here – [Voiceover] Show me – Here it is – [Voiceover] Ooh

– I wrapped it up – [Voiceover] I love it, it looks so good – And I'll give it to Brooklyn and Bailey – [Voiceover] 'Kay, they'll love it – Yes

– So today we've been frantically driving around The kids only had a half day of school, which meant I had to get everything prepped really fast this morning, so I ran to Target and picked up a bunch of the last minute stuff And you can see we're working on– – They're at a movie right now – Decor Yeah, Sean has 'em in a movie

So we're planning and strategizing We still have to do the photo booth area and hang all the road signs though – [Voiceover] Surprise! (laughs) – Hi everyone – Where's Renee? (laughs) (excited chatter) – Why didn't you tell me? – [Voiceover] Because you would've Can't keep the secret – [Voiceover] Happy birthday (loud chatter) – [Voiceover] It's loud Hi guy

– I'm happy (loud chatter) – [Voiceover] They've eaten all the food (upbeat pop music) – [Voiceover] Mommy, over here, over here! – [Voiceover] The boy's in there somewhere – What is this? (laughs) What did you do? – It's so huge, what is this? Oh, my god What? – What is this? – [Voiceover] It's a video game bus

– There are like tv's and video games in there – [Voiceover] All 28 of you can play Mario Kart at the same time (yells) – Oh my gosh (upbeat pop music) – This is what I call a birthday party, right here (sighs) – So quiet

– We're just sitting on the couch, listen – Can you hear that? That's like the best gift a parent could ask for – Silence, that's the best birthday party ever – Well, except for the little birdies chirping over there – Yeah, it's time for bed, that's what it is

– [Voiceover] So excited – [Voiceover] The cakes Here's the crew that's left Did you survive the video gamer truck? – It was fun (laughs) – Six, seven, eight

♫ Happy birthday to you ♫ Happy birthday to you ♫ Happy birthday dear Bailey and Brooklyn ♫ Happy birthday to you ♫ – [Voiceover] Wait, wait, wait, wait, don't blow out We have to sing it again for Brooklyn and this time how about not the death birthday party version? (laughs) A little bit peppier – Alright – [Voiceover] Okay – [Voiceover] Six, seven, eight ♫ Happy birthday to you ♫ Happy birthday to you ♫ Happy birthday dear Brooklyn ♫ Happy birthday to you ♫ – [Voiceover] Make a wish

(cheers) (upbeat pop music) – Ok, so we decided that we are gonna go and spy on Brooklyn – It's her first date today – Yes, 'cause what kind of mother would I be if I didn't go spy on her? – What kind of twin sister would I be if I didn't go spy on her? – No, we're not really gonna spy on her, like creepy spy on her We're just spying on her like, we're gonna show up and watch her face react and then we're gonna leave – Yeah, and get some yogurt

– Hmm, or lunch or something but not there So, let's go see what her face does 'cause I predict she's like, "What are you doing here?" (laughs) What do you think she's gonna do? – She's gonna freak out – 'Kay, let's go find out – [Bailey] We're ready to go (whimsical music) – Do it on my phone too

– Are you filming? – [Bailey] Yes, I'm filming We're gonna go spy on Brooklyn on her date They in there? There they are (laughs) – You are kidding (laughs) – [Bailey] Hi

– [Mom] Hi We just though we'd stop in for some yogurt (laughs) – [Bailey] Hi, Parker – Hi – [Parker] Gummi bear

– [Mom] No, really, we're not staying – [Bailey] We're not staying We just wanted to see your reaction Hello, beautiful – Hi

– [Bailey] Hello, beautiful – We were hoping you weren't checking your snapchat – [Brooklyn] I don't even have my phone I locked it in his car (whimsical music) – [Bailey] Brooklyn

– [Mom] And the long lost dater returns – Hi, how's it going? – [Dad] Did you kiss him? – No – [Dad] Alright – [Mom] Did you hold hands? – No – [Mom] Are you lying? – No

– [Dad] Did you have fun? – Yeah – [Mom] What did you do? – We just talked – [Dad] Just so you know, I told Mom not to go – Yeah, that was weird (laughs) Why did you show up? – [Dad] Mom made fun of me

Mom was the one who went – [Mom] Did you and Katie call Parker last night and give him a date run-down? – Maybe – [Mom] What does that mean? – Uh, we set some guidelines – [Mom] Guidelines, like what? – Like, how he has to like open the door and – [Voiceover] Hello – He has to be nice and then Bailey added that he has to bring me and Brooklyn home ice cream – [Mom] He didn't do that – Yeah, but I think he did the rest of them so

– [Mom] Nice Camry, were you at least nice to him on the phone? – Yeah – [Voiceover] No

– I was – [Voiceover] She was probably like, "Here's the rules!" (laughs) – [Mom] That's what Rylan would've done – I hope guys enjoyed that vlog and embarrassing me – I loved I felt so like energized when I decided to go spy on her 'cause it was That's only a twin sister move

A crazy mom and a twin sister move – Honestly, when they walked in, my first thought was, "Oh, man, if he can survive my crazy family, he could probably survive anything, right?" – He's cute, guys He's cute (laughs) He's cute, he's cute But, I have yet to go on my first date

– Yeah, she is dying – Come on, boys Come on – She has not, yeah she'll make fun of me I'm gonna come barging in some like insane costume or something and like do something crazy on your first date It's only fair It's only fair

– We have a crazy family – We do have a crazy family – Comment below if you have a crazy family – Do – And comment below the name of someone you think would totally barge into your date

– Yep – 'Cause I know I would – Your sister, your mom, your brother – I would spy on my best friends too I'd be like, honey, mm-mm

– I'm coming with my camera – Yeah, alright – And don't forget to click the information button all the way up here, somewhere, the little circle to check out our video on Squared that we put up on Saturday – About family pictures – Yep

– And that's all we have for you guys today We love you guys to the moon and back Mwah, see you next week Bye (upbeat music)

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