Bailey & Asa are PARENTS?? | 48-Hour Baby Challenge

(Gertrude cries) – Another diaper change in the span of literally five minutes (Gertrude cries) Oh my gosh

(cheerful music) – Good morning guys, so today is day one of me and Bailey being parents for the weekend Kinda scary, so we have this baby doll I'll show you in just a minute I'm about to have a test, so wish me luck We have to figure out how to get him there, so I think I'm just gonna stuff him in my backpack

Or her, I don't know if it's a him or a her, haven't checked All right, we are buckled in, ready to go There he is Think we're ready to go take this test So just as a disclaimer, I would never actually leave a kid in my backpack, but it is the only way that I can get to class

(cheerful music) Oh my gosh, so I was just in the middle of my test, and the baby doll started going off (cheerful music) All right, so I've decided, the baby is a girl, and her name is Gertrude I have been with this baby alone all day Bailey has not been here to help, it sucks Bailey! Help me with the kid

– Where's our baby? Why did you put it? – How else was I supposed to take it everywhere? – Good morning, it's day two of having a baby – Yes – I didn't have to take the baby last night, he did – I did – And I think his roommate was trying to sleep, so he didn't end up getting much footage of the baby last night

– It was fine – So I will be taking the baby tonight since I have my own room, and I will be dealing with the baby all night, and you will be 100% guaranteed that I will film – Good luck – The whole thing, yay Gertrude is a funny looking baby

This is a judgemental baby We just don't look like this baby at all We just don't look like this baby at all Just for an FYI, Gertrude requires a battery pack, and once you plug that battery pack in, she immediately starts making noises, crying (screams) But we had her stuck in these clothes that are impossible to reach the battery pack in

In order to get her to stop crying – [Asa] So all of these things are something that the baby might be reacting to We have to pick the right key and plug it in to help with that reaction – 'Kay, we've officially programmed our baby But first, it's time to eat

Let's go – All right – We don't have a car seat This is very bad Okay, baby Gertrude is all set up in the back

We don't have a car seat I would never put a baby in the back of my car without a car seat, but we don't have a car seat We'll just leave her strapped back there and then if she starts crying, I gotta launch myself back there and take care of it I feel like this kind of face would just haunt you That kinda looks real from this angle

Weird Asa's got the stroller – [Asa] Yay – [Bailey] So that, and the instruction manual, which they don't give you for regular babies Gertrude's just still chillin' back there, haven't heard a peep from her yet

She must be doing okay Hi baby, doing okay? I guess she's doing okay, I don't know Still no peep from Gertrude Daddy's over there ordering food for us, 'cause we're all hungry, 'cause unlike Gertrude over here (record scratches) How am I supposed to feed her? Is she still breastfeeding? I'm just kidding, we have a key for that

We have hypothesized that Gertrude might be taking a nap – Yes – And maybe that's why she hasn't made any noise All right, well, we're on our way to the park (Gertrude cries) Gertrude's crying! – [Asa] Yay! – [Bailey] Nap time is over

Now we gotta figure out what she needs Oh I, Asa, ooh no, the baby! Asa, ooh no, the baby! – [Asa] Hit a bump in the road – [Bailey] Oh no, okay – [Asa] Hurry, hurry – Feed her

– [Asa] Feed, feed It wasn't feed! – It's not feed Diaper change – [Asa] Yay! – Yay, we have a happy baby – [Asa] Parent mission number one, success

– Together as a team – [Asa] Woo! (Gertrude cries) – Gertrude is crying again I know it's not diaper change, it must be feed Okay Okay, it's not feed

Attention, attention, attention Let's give our baby attention Must be another diaper change? Two diaper changes in a row girlfriend This girl pooped two times in a row in a matter of two minutes Are you kidding me? We made it to the on campus park

– Yes – [Bailey] We're putting the baby in the stroller Sweet, sweet Gertrude She's getting cuter I think, maybe she's growing on me? – [Asa] Maybe – This is something I see so many parents doing, just carrying their strollers down the stairs

Look at us, she hasn't cried, I think she's having a good time People keep giving us the weirdest looks We just look way too young to be parents – How do we explain this? And then they look, and it's like oh, it's not real – Yeah, so as soon as they see it's not real, it's like oh, question answered, it's a project

– She's so happy – Wow, what a good dad This boy likes children – I do, I do – And I'm always like bro, if we get married, we ain't having kids for a long time

– What? – This baby hopefully has knocked some sense into this brain – Yeah, it's helped me realize a little bit the responsibilities – Moms, you guys are incredible – Amen – Which is why I don't think that I would be able to handle it for a long time

– Yeah, we don't know how you do it, so good job – Plus I have twin genes in my family, so – [Asa] We will probably have two – Comment down below if you think me or Brooklyn will have twins, 'cause it's probably gonna happen with one of us – It's probably gonna happen

– And I just don't know who it's gonna be What are you doing? – I'm taking my baby on a trip – 'Kay, go Goodbye Wait, come back

– Ah! (Gertrude cries) – Baby crying – Red alert – [Bailey] Come on Asa, you can do it – Feed – [Bailey] Baby was hungry

Time to go take a nap – [Asa] Take a nap – Take a napsy Gertrude (cheerful music) (Gertrude cries) Gertrude's crying again I'm pretty sure I know what this is, 'cause she just ate, so I'm pretty sure we gotta burp her

Look who's a great mother I'm a good mother I feel like I should have a mommy blogger name What should my mommy blogger name be? I'm gonna be brainstorming this, but comment down below what my mommy blogger name should be, so that when I do have kids, I have good ideas Okay, okay, cool, awesome, perfect

Happily napping I mean, she ate, burped, pooped Maybe we'll get some peace and quiet and can actually watch a Netflix show And eat our ice cream Please

(cheerful music) Hey guys, we have gotten through a forty minute Netflix show She hasn't made a sound Not a single peep from the baby – Don't curse it – Bro, we're just killing it today

Just saving all our energy for tonight when I have to take care of her by myself – Yeah, pretty much Good luck Charlie – [Bailey] Hey Auntie Bethany – That's terrifying! Hello

I'm single, please hit me up You guys are already my mom and dad, so it's perfect that you have a child now – [Bailey] So Tina just got home – This is your baby? – [Bailey] Yeah, this is Gertrude – Gertrude? – [Bailey] Yeah, because – What a name – [Bailey] Yeah

Oh my gosh, if she cries, you're taking care of her – I think she likes me – [Bailey] Auntie Brooklyn! – Is this what it's going to be like to hold Bailey's child some day? – So, we decided to take a quick Walmart run for some house decor things – [Brooklyn] Also I need groceries – Um, and Asa decided to stay home and do some homework, so I'm in charge of baby

We've had a little outing, and so far Gertrude hasn't made a peep! I think she's still in nap time This girl sleeps a lot Please don't make me wake up in the middle of the night Please wake up! She just woke up from a nap – [Bethany] Good morning princess

– [Bailey] Good morning! We're gonna give you some attention Okay, it's not attention – Oh, she doesn't want it – Feed – [Bethany] Ah, thank God

– [Bailey] Hungry! – [Brooklyn] Look how weird Gertrude's toes look – [Bailey] Bethany's toes – [Brooklyn] Are you the real baby mama? Are you, kidding? – [Bethany] That's so weird (suspenseful music) (Gertrude crying) – I made the baby cry! Okay, so – [Bailey] Give it attention – I picked up the baby by the leg and it started to cry! – Give it attention! – Oh no! Panic! – [Female Voice] Try feeding it

– [Male Voice] Food Food (Gertrude crying) – Love you Gertrude – It's currently midnight She's been silent, so hopefully that means that she'll sleep through the night

I mean she looks like a baby that would sleep through the night, right? I feel exhausted from taking car of her all day, Gertrude She's been easy, but also not easy, so There you go All tucked in and happy Goodnight, we'll see how long you stay asleep for

Hopefully a long time, 'cause I'm exhausted (cheerful music) So I'm literally in the middle of washing my face, and the baby is already crying (Gertrude crying) – [Bailey] She needed her diaper changed My face is literally dripping water Goodnight

I'm gonna go back to washing my face Pray the baby doesn't wake up this time Guys, I'm not even joking (Gertrude crying) I just barely laid down, and she's crying Again

Another diaper change In the span of literally five minutes (Gertrude crying) Oh my gosh (Gertrude crying) I don't even know what to feed her She stopped crying

None of these work Mom and baby snuggle time Is this what having real children is like, 'cause if this is what's having real children is like, how do y'all function, I can feel myself getting like agitated 'cause I'm getting no sleep At least with real babies, they like give you some sort of reward I guess This just a plastic baby

So it's even harder 'cause I'm staying awake for nothing I think it's like four o'clock This baby will not stop crying I literally just spent the past twenty minutes struggling to find which key is gonna turn this stupid thing off My eyes are literally swollen 'cause I'm so tired

This is a lot harder than it looks (cheerful music) I'm pretty sure I ended up sleeping through the last, like, four times she's cried This is the face of the baby that caused me to get no sleep Monster Just kidding! But for real

She screamed at like four o'clock in the morning Like scream If I would put the stupid key in, then literally three seconds later I got it on camera, three seconds later she starts screaming again! This hair is probably a perfect representation of how frazzled I feel Oh my gosh, I literally look like Medusa This baby turned me into Medusa

(chill music) Okay Good morning! We made it through the night We made it through the night And, I was just doing my makeup, and I realized, sweet, sweet, G-G don't have no eyebrows None! So I decided I'm going to put eyebrows on her

There's one of these two browns up here The tan-ish color, 'cause she's kinda pale and her hair's not really that dark – [Bailey] Sis has snatched brows Girl! Look at that brow! On to the next one This brow's finished

Her expression makes her eyebrows looking like that Full disclosure, I would never put actual makeup on an actual baby, but now her eyebrows match mine and Asa's 'cause Asa has notorious for having great eyebrows I think Okay, her eyebrows are lopsided, but they look a lot better Okay, goes against the curve of her eyes, but they are now even eyebrows, so now she doesn't look like so funky

I'm leaving those on there I wanna see what Asa says Hey, come take our baby, I had to sleep with her all night (laughing) – What the heck – [Bailey] Now she matches the family! Put her up by your eyebrows

Oh, that's so much better, now she looks like she fits – This is so weird looking Good job though – Thank you – [Bailey] She's got some snatched brows

– Dang – [Bailey] Aw, so cute Aw, Gertrude Been a long three days – Yes it has

– Are you sad or excited – [Bailey] To part with our child – Both No, I'm excited to part – [Brooklyn] Not a very good dad – Hey

– [Bailey] I'm sorry, but Gertrude, I don't think we're sad to say goodbye – You made it a long way We didn't ever drop you (distorted voice) You didn't die – [Bailey] Sweet sorrows, but goodbye Gertrude

– [Asa] Goodbye – We're gonna give our daughter a kiss goodbye Goodbye Gertrude – Goodbye – They're done filming the video, and I still have this baby

Crying Bailey's in the shower Asa went home I don't know what to do It's still going

I'm okay Goodbye (cheerful music)

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