BAiLEY COLORS HER HAiR PiNK! 👩🏻‍🎤 | Music Countdown Vlog Day #3

(upbeat rock) – Hey guys, it's Bailey and do you guys like my hair? (photo click) Check it out, it is pink That's right, in today's vlog you're going to see me color my hair pink

Now a fun fact about this is I didn't actually dye my hair It was just a deep wash that colored my hair And then any time I wanted to be pink again, I can put in the conditioner and it will be pink It is amazing And I've always wanted to do pink

It is on my bucket list So one day I was just Kamri, let's do it And so I allowed Kamri to color my hair pink and this video is going to show you exactly how it happened But before we go on to that You guys can pre-order our song, What We're Made Of, and you guys definitely should do that because the song is amazing and you guys will love once it comes out

So go do that by clicking the link in the description box below or by clicking the information button right over here Now that you've done that, you guys can go see me turn my hair pink Let's go! – Okay So I have been talking about turning my hair pink for a very long time And so it's finally happening

Yes it's finally happening I have this here with me to help me out So basically, I didn't want to dye my hair and kill it so I found this, well my mom helped me find this, I guess it's called a deep wash Go Deep by Overtone – It's like a conditioner

– And it's supposed to be just a super deep wash, and I guess a lot of people don't believe that these actually work so I'm here to try it out, and we'll see what happens – You have to do it weekly right? – Yeah, so we're gonna do this wash first And so it might be light today, but then once I continually wash it with the color conditioner, then it will be pink but it will mostly just be the ends that are blonde Not my whole head because I obviously am brunette and I don't know if the pink will actually take to it So it'll most likely just be these strands that you see that are blonde

And it might be light, but– (talking over each other) Honestly we have have no idea I could turn out to have really vibrant hot pink hair Who knows? – We will see – We will see what happens – Either way, if it goes wrong, she can just wash it out

– Yeah and neither of us, BTW, are in any sort of way experienced in putting hair color in But you know, it's kinda fun, like DIY, do it yourself So– – Yeah we just watched a video– – We just watched a video and let's, you guys can see This is what I'm gonna be putting in my hair, so – I probably should have parted your hair before I put– – You probably should have

Okay so we watched the video and the first thing that's supposed to happen is I have to section my hair into four buns on my head and clip them – Yeah – I feel so much like a professional hair stylist right now (upbeat music) All right! All right, let's get started Okay I need my towel around my neck

– Yeah, you do How much am I supposed to put in? – (stammers) I don't know (laughs) – Mixing it around – You can see (laughs) – It smells really bad You need to shift

– Where am I going? – You need to turn – Oh, right Oh my gosh, I can't believe I'm gonna do this– – I'm just gonna apply what I think is– – Take a lot Put a lot in You're supposed to put a lot, scoop it

– Like that much? – Yeah, scoop it in – That's a lot – That lady's hair was completely covered in that video – Okay, well I'll just start light – Remembered light and so you don't miss any layers

– First stroke Here we go – Oh my gosh – It's in! Okay, it literally just looks like I'm painting your hair (laughs) Your neck might be a little bit pink

– Oh it's okay – Okay, so yeah, you definitely need a lot (gasps) Why did we do this at night? – Because then I can shower and blow dry it and curl it and sleep on it so that tomorrow we can style it – Coming through Oooh

It just splattered – Okay so right now, we are doing the ba-hair Back here (singsongy) Ha! What is going on? Okay you guys, I'm gonna read your comments – Good question, what is going on right now? – Wow, okay

Someone calls it very professional – How did I get– – Heck yeah! (laughs) Look at my neck! My neck is gonna be pink – I told you You're gonna have to wash your neck – Ahhhhh! My neck is gonna be pink, guys

(upbeat music) What made me decide to color my hair pink? – (drowned out by background music) – It's okay Mmmmm, why did I want to color my hair pink? I have always been a person that changes my hair all the time so I literally would cut bangs when I was little and I would get all the layers and I'd be the most adventurous person and obviously you guys know, I was the one that chopped my hair too So I just am very adventurous and I get bored with my hair and so I just want something new, and so was nowhere– – This is so slimy – There was nowhere to go for me I already cut my hair and I already did all this stuff so the next place was color, but I didn't want to kill my hair by putting tons of dye in it

So we're trying this wash and we're going to see if it works – See the layered section– – Done – You see that? Professional – So now we move on to the next layer – Boom

Oh crap, okay – And why pink? Oh yeah, why did I decide pink? I was looking up pictures and stuff and I was trying to decide between lavender and pink I don't know, somehow we just got stuck on pink and that's just kind of what's happening right now But I have all sorts of colors that I could do I could do green or– – Gray

– Or gray, no I don't know if I'd do gray But they have lots of colors so honestly if I got bored again, I could just change it, but Do I have a new boyfriend? We've been dating for four months I don't know if that's new or not, but I do have one

– Asa! – Asa! What's up? I think he's watching this Hey, what's up? (chuckles) Am I excited to be a senior? Yes, because I've heard that senior year's super chill, but at the same time, that also means that everyone is going to be asking me college questions and I don't know the answer to any of their questions So it's like I either have to figure out what I'm doing or just, I don't know I don't know I don't know, I feel so old

Guys, I turn 18 in December (gasps) Like, what? (high-pitched) What! 18, a legal adult, in a couple months It's just a little scary I don't feel tall enough for that (laughs) She's making progress on this side

– Yes I am – She's making progress on this side You can't really see what I'm showing you 'cause I have no, yeah And everyone's saying good job, Kamri – Woo! – Brooklyn didn't want to do this

She's out hanging out with Parker She didn't want to be the one responsible for my hair But Kamri did (laughs) – If it goes wrong, it's not my fault – If it goes wrong, it's nobody's fault and I am fine with it – She told me to do it so it's her fault actually

– At least I'll have a color in my hair for the 4th of July, I guess Oh, look! Brooklyn showed up – Oh my gosh, you look like Hannah Montana – I'm going live – Does it look right? – [Bailey] You're going live? – 'Cause I just downloaded Live for the first time

– We have three lives This is massively crazy (singsongy) What is going on? – [Kamri] This is what it looks like – (singsongy) What? What? Okay So, my favorite animal is a tiger

I love, well if you're talking animal, tiger, if you're talking pet, it'd be a dog 'Cause I love my puppies She's getting to the blonde pieces now so this is the important stuff – This is the real deal – The top is actually important so the front is gonna be, gotta get that good! Okay, you guys comment, if you had to color your hair any color, what color would you put in your hair? Like blue, green, purple, yellow, orange, pink? Lavender, gray, tell me what color you would want your hair

Multiple, rainbow Seriously I want to see what you guys would put in your hair And it had to be a vibrant color If you had to put a vibrant color, not like blonde or brown or anything, like vibrant

A lot of people are saying blue Unicorn I've seen those! Those are so cool! Yeah, I've been kind of obsessed with color here lately Lavender is cool I was considering that one

Blue, everyone is saying blue Maybe I'll just do blue next time – Have you seen the one where it's like the bottom layer is rainbow? – (gasps) I have seen that! And I actually thought it was really cool Have you guys seen that? Where they split their hair, and the bottom layer's rainbow colored and the top is just normal? So if you had to go to a formal event, you could just wear your hair down But then if you could do, you could be spazzy and funky and fun and let your hair up and put it in a bun and leave the other half down, and it would be (whispering)

It was so cool I thought that was cool Oh, this feels weird I can't see where I'm showing you guys I'm just trying to show you the pink too

– I got it on this one – You got it on my ear Look, I'm gonna have a pink ear Forget green thumb, it's now pink ear (all talking) – I'm kinda scared for her skin right now

It's a little terrifying– (talking in background) – [Parker] Was that right there just, a professional hair stylist move right then? – [Kamri] Boom! – [Parker] You stylin' it up? – [Kamri] I'm massaging It said to massage – Kamri's going live We're live on YouTube and live on Musically

– [Parker] Do purple (all talking) Bailey? – What? – [Parker] Your hair is on fleek – My hair is on fleek Thanks, guys! – [Kamri] It might look purple in your brunette hairs – When we were talking to Grace VanderWaal, she said that it's better to do it at home, so– – Yeah, she said, her sister was telling me 'cause her sister does coloring, she's like, the home washes are so much better than dying it because it doesn't kill your hair and if you don't like it, you can always fix it

– And it doesn't cost, I guess it costs some– – [Bailey] So we're taking your advice! We are following your advice Parker, can you hand me the phone real quick? – [Parker] Which one? – [Bailey] Mine Hey again, guys Look at this Elvis 'do It is really cute right now

(gasps) Wow Nobody screenshot this This would be, oh man – Should I just leave it? – Look at this pink hair This is just a look from the future right now

– [Brooklyn] I feel like everybody's gonna be dying their hair slick pink in the near future – You guys should color your hair with me That would be awesome Seeing pictures of everyone doing it with me – Did Bailey and Asa break up? – No! We did not break up! No no no no no

He's actually coming very soon and I'm so excited – [Parker] Incorrect, Parker should not color his hair (laughs) – Incorrect I'm sorry – That would be so funny! – [Kamri] We are not dying Parker's hair– – Let's do it! Pink! Let's do it pink

– [Brooklyn] We should dye your hair the tips pink – Everyone says pink for Parker and Asa! I'm pretty sure Asa's watching this – [Kamri] They only said for Parker, not for me – [Parker] No I got for everybody – Everyone's doing #ColorYourHairParker

– [Kamri] What if I ran into her head? (all talking) – Everyone's literally doing #PinkForParker (all chanting) Parker! Parker! Parker! Parker! (all talking) – He's like, Bye! – [Kamri] Parker would probably die if we dyed his hair pink – I know but everyone's saying pink for Parker and blue for Asa (laughs) – Blue for Asa! – I could see that honestly – You know, Asa'd probably do it

– He would probably, he would – [Parker] There's nobody saying pink for Parker – Everyone! Hashtag #PinkForParker Everyone do #PinkForParker Look, every comment I have right now is Pink For Parker

And blue for Asa It's pink for Parker and blue for Asa right now Oh, man Okay You guys should comment what color you think Brooklyn should color her hair if she ever does it

– I'm not coloring my hair My hair is already colored – I say blue – Blue for Brooklyn, blue for Brooklyn – That's hysterical

– [Parker] Ooh, mint for Mindy I like that better – Mint for, that's better That's better I like mint for Mindy

– Blue for Brooklyn, pink for Parker – [Parker] Brown for Parker, I love you! (laughs) You're perfect – Let's tell them the story about what happened today Or, Parker, do you want to tell a story? – Yeah, Parker's the one who witnessed it – Okay, so basically, we've been out of town for awhile and he's been basically just checking in on our house every day and then taking care of our pool stuff, and he came in one day, and it smelled horrible, and I guess, turned out, there was rotting

Something – [Parker] Multiple things – [Bailey] Multiple rotting things in our pantry that we forgot to take out before we left, and so he said it smelled the whole house up and so he had to take it out and he thought he had gotten rid of it

So we came home from our trip and we're like, it smells terrible in the house still, why does it smell bad still? And turns out, today we were moving the fridge and some liquid, really nasty alive liquid, spilled out of the fridge– – [Kamri] No what had happened is, we've had all these pool workers here, and one of them, or we think, somebody has actually tripped a wire, and it shut– – [Bailey] The fridge off So everything inside, the meat and stuff, has just been rotting in the heat, which is disgusting! – [Kamri] We had rolls, that, the yeast– – [Bailey] And so our house just smelled like nastiness But it's finally slowly going away Like slowly, going away – We just ended up taking the entire fridge out and– (talking over each other) – [Kamri] And we have about 20 candles going right now

– Yeah, we're trying everything – [Kamri] The door's open, windows up, like it's so bad that people were getting nauseous – [Parker] I need y'all to rate Kamri's, how she's going, on a 1 through 10, tell me how good she's doing – [Brooklyn] I think she's doing pretty good – [Bailey] I'm nine, minus the ear being pink and the neck being pink

– [Kamri] Okay, that is not my fault – [Parker] That's kinda harsh Somebody just said (trails off) Oooh, zero! Eight! Eight, 55, 10, 10, Six! Six, six (all saying numbers) Come on let's see some low numbers, eight (all talking) – [Parker] I got a two, one, wow

Three, two, zero! – It looks kinda weird right now but it– – [Parker] Zero, again! – [Kamri] Just wait 'til the end I mean this is what it looked like in the video, so – [Parker] Oh, I like this person Hashtag, Parker Is Perfect Just The Way You Are (laughing) Thank you

(all talking) Kamri, we love you Brooklyn, we love you too – Thanks – [Brooklyn] She looks like an alien right now – I look a little bit like an alien

– [Brooklyn] Ew! It sounds gross Everyone be quiet and listen (squishing) – [Kamri] It doesn't sound that bad, it just sounds like– – [Brooklyn] Like slime – Okay, so we're just gonna let it sit and then we will– – [Brooklyn] Shower, blow dry– – Shower, blow dry, and then show the end results to you guys I look a little bit like an alien

(talking in background) A little bit like her Hunger Games right now – [Brooklyn] Her part line is– – My part line is like a neon color – [Brooklyn] Extreme But it's time for her to let it sit and get in the shower – I just have to let it sit and then I have to get in the shower and wash it, blow dry it, and then

Just– – [Kamri] Her ear looks– – Yeah Everyone's saying the trust is real with you, Kamri They wouldn't let their sister touch their hair

(all talking) And then someone else goes, I thought you were coloring your hair, not your ears (laughs) Guys, you know, I'm not really sure (smooches) Wish me the luck Wish me good luck (smooches) Love you guys

Thank you for tuning in on my dying my hair pink We will update you all, I promise Stay tuned I know, I know It's crazy, it's crazy

I can't believe my hair is pink Honestly every time I look in the mirror, I look at it and I'm like, oh yeah! My hair's pink The day after I did it, I looked in the mirror and was like, oh my gosh that wasn't a dream Yes it actually happened and yes I love it and I'm definitely keeping it Now if you haven't subscribed to our channel, go do that by clicking the button right over here

And don't forget you can pre-order our song by clicking a button right over here, What We're Made Of, do it, do it, do it Go pre-order the song, and if you want to watch the rest of our countdown vlogs, click right down here We'll see you guys next time Me and my pink hair I love you guys (smooches)

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