Bailey Got a NEW CAR??

– Hey guys, it's Bailey, and today you're going to be watching a video of me getting my very first car for myself This is crazy, this is insane

I hope you guys enjoy it It's gonna be like a mix of getting my car and watch it, like how to buy a car if you don't know how to buy a car or what to do I'm so excited (hums) Let's go (upbeat music) Well Brooklyn and I have shared a car for almost five years, which is crazy

So I've had it in the back of my mind for about probably a year now that I was gonna buy a new car So I'm gonna go ask my mom for some help Guys, you're never too old to ask your parents for advice Just so you know, 'cause moms and dads know everything (engine revs) (car honks) Do you wanna help me look for a car? – I can

– Yeah (crickets chirp) I have no idea where to start, so mom's gonna show me some good places to look – Well Kelley Blue Book is where I always look to see what the value of the cars are And then you can just price what car values are and then kinda what you should be paying So do you know what you're looking for? – Um

(laughs) (light music) Okay, after a long time if feels like, I think it's probably been, (crickets chirping) a couple hours of doing extensive research with madre and myself, I think we've determined that I'm looking for a CRV, a Honda CRV This is my happy dance because we're gettin' closer ♪ Close, goodbye ♪ ♪ Good, goodbye ♪ I've pulled five different links of cars I don't know why I decided to do this angle

I just thought it would looked cool I pulled five different links of cars and tomorrow we are gonna call and bargain Actually I'm not gonna call and bargain 'cause (drum rolls) I get nervous I get so nervous I don't like arguing with people and it's a really probably and I should probably figure that out

But Mindy's gonna call with me and help me bargain down prices And then figure out from there (engine revs) (car honks) Mindy is bartering for me – Okay, well – [Bailey] She's doing a great job too, (clears throat) in trying to figure out who has the best price for the cars

– Can you confirm for me what the interior color is on this one? – We just finally got on the phone and picked one out So I'm gonna go test drive it And I'm actually so nervous Do you understand how much pressure this is? I'm like, I mean I'm gonna have to drive perfectly I'm so nervous! You excited for me? – Go get your car! (laughs) – So nervous! – Why, you're just buying a car

– I don't know (engine revs) (car honks) We're going to look at the car, test drive it Dad's here with me – Yup, my car or not – 'Cause paperwork

OMG I can feel myself starting to breathe heavier I'm really nervous I don't know why though Just, I am

(upbeat music) – [Man] Car run (laughs) – I'm got the car! I got to test drive it! Ah! – [Dad] She's driving it for the first time – Windshield wipers are still going on – [Dad] It's because it senses moisture, right? It senses your tears from happiness (laughs) – Ah! – [Dad] Whoa, whoa, watch out, watch out

Nice reflexes Just makin' sure you still got it (engine revs) (car honks) All right, one of the keys to buying a car is to never give the power to the salesman, right? Don't go in and let them talk you into a car or an upgrade to a car Do your research beforehand so you know exactly what you want How much research did you do on this? – A lot, like two weeks worth of research

And I had links pulled, and we called them I mean they saw the whole process (upbeat music) (gasps) That's nice too (laughs) – [Dad] Does that fir perfectly? – Yes, it fits so nicely I usually have to rest my phone on my leg because there's nowhere else to put it in my car

We discovered this earlier too Which most cars have, but you know – [Dad] Yeah, so you can watch your kids when they're in the back – It's seriously so much cooler when it's your car (engine revs) (car honks) So now we have signed all the paperwork, and we're just basically waiting at this point

They're gettin' some stuff figured out with the car Dad's watching football And this has been a lot easier than I thought it was gonna be I just literally still can't register the fact that I just bought a car What? If you had told me at the beginning of quarantine that this would be happening, I would have believed you

(engine revs) (car honks) Y'all it's dark outside right now, but, the car is mine I'm literally sitting in it I own it, it's mine Can we just take a moment? I can't wait to go home and show Brooklyn! (light music) I'm about to go show Brooklyn my new car, and Paisley 'Cause Paisley wants to see it too

I literally would like to say that I've walked past this window earlier today, and looked out and saw my car, and I literally thought to myself, wait who's here? Who's at the house? 'Cause I forgot that I bought a car yesterday Ta-da! – It's yours – [Bailey] I know Whoa – Oh god

– I know, right? – It smells like rental car – [Bailey] It smells good, I love it – Smells brand freakin' new – The smell of a brand new car – Nice

– Nice? – Bailey, you should take me and Nexus somewhere sometime – [Bailey] Yeah, maybe (car dings) Took ya long enough (laughs) – What are you doing? – [Bailey] I'm filming your reaction to getting in the car (sniffs) I feel like such a– – It's the smell

– I feel like a new mom You know what I mean? Like where they just post about their babies all the time It's the first drive in the car We're gonna to to the, our very first drive through in my new car – And the library

– And the library – Because where else would we go? – Because we love reading – So there you go (light pop music) First time going anywhere in the car We went to Taco Bell 'cause that's what the family wanted for dinner

How does it feel to drive and know it's yours? – It's incredible, honestly The feeling, immaculate – Paisley? – Do not get food – Oh – OMG

I have never thought about that – [Brooklyn] Welcome to my problem when I have 70 million people in my car all the time Why do you think mine's wrecked now? – We won't eat in the car – [Brooklyn] There ya go – [Bailey] Okay! – Yeah

This is your car? – Yeah – I love it – This is Ace's first time ever seeing my car – I know, she didn't, she didn't send me any pictures – [Bailey] I didn't 'cause I wanted to show you in person

– It's really bright, sorry – [Bailey] I know, it's super bright Okay, take a look – Honestly, honestly – [Bailey] It should be unlocked, I think

(laughs) Don't laugh at me! I'm short, bro – How am I supposed to drive you around now? (Bailey laughs) – [Bailey] Wait, try and get in there – I'm tryin' – [Bailey] Oh my gosh – Okay

– And then here's the back – [Ace] Nice, definitely some leg room on this spot – [Bailey] Nothing really, anything you haven't seen before, but it's mine! He's touring my car now He's like, oh, look at this, look at that – I want your car

– It's my ride! – I want a car now – You want a, no Sorry It's, it's all mine Do you like it? What do you think? Are you proud of me? – So proud of you

This is awesome (light music)

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