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[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, guys It's Bailey from "Brooklyn and Bailey

" And today, I'm going to be doing a video about my August favorites And in case you guys did not know, Brooklyn and I actually started school this month So most of my August favorites revolve around on the go or things that would be useful in a short amount of time And so, I think, let's get started So to start off, I'm going to start with my food

So here I have a Breakfast On the Go by Emerald and they have little almonds and marshmallows and granola And I think it's S'mores Nut Blend Can you see that? S'mores Nut Blend It's really good

And I love it, especially when I'm on the go, because in the mornings, I have cheer super early My second item is going to be this Look it Can you guys guess what this is? This is a contact case I actually found it at Forever 21

I was like, oh, my gosh, Mom, we have to get this It's so cute But in case you all didn't know, Brooklyn and I do wear glasses and contacts We have really bad eyesight We're as blind as bats

And so this is just a contact case And in case you all didn't know how that works, basically, you put a contact solution on the inside, and then you take your contact out and put it on at night And so this is just a cute way to just pizzazz up your contact case And I found these at Forever 21 Next item I have is Velvet Sugar Body Spray

And this is from Bath and Body Works, I want to say I love that place Every time I walk in there, it's like smell heaven Anyway, so this is Velvet Sugar And Brooklyn actually has a designated smell for herself

It's like Brown Sugar It's like– what is it called? Warm Vanilla Sugar No Yeah That's what it is

Warm Vanilla Sugar I think that's what it is And she has lotion and body spray and perfume and all of these different smells and all of these different smelly things in the same smell as that, if that makes any sense And so she has a designated smell So I was like, gosh darn it, I have to find a designated smell

So I went around and I found Velvet Sugar And it's super sweet And I love it And it smells so good It just smells good

Just, this is my designated smell now Now I'm going to have to get lotion and body spray and perfume and all of those other things in this brand Next, I have these sunglasses I found these at Forever 21 Can you see? Or you can see the ring of the light

That's nice Hi, guys Anyway, I found these sunglasses at Forever 21 And I am actually not a huge sunglass wearer I never have been

When I found these, I decided, hey, I might as well try and buy a cute pair and motivate myself to wear them because the sun's bad for your eyes And so I bought these And I really like them They're light pink, and they have these little polka dots on the side And they're really cute

So I like these Next, and this is one of my all time favorite things for August, and I've been seeing this pattern going around a lot It's like this checkered– what is the word for it? I just lost the word for it But it's basically this pattern– I've been seeing it going around a lot And this is just a scarf, so it wraps around, obviously, like this

Yay Scarf Warm Comfy But it's this pattern I've been seeing going around a lot, just in dresses, in bows, in headbands, and scarves

And so when I saw this at Forever 21, I swear everything I have here is from Brooklyn But that store's amazing So I found this And I just had to get it because the sweater weather is coming in and I love the sweater weather And this is a perfect way to just spice up your outfit really quickly

And the pattern is really in right now So I would definitely recommend getting this and the scarf or this pattern, in general, because it's coming in, guys It's coming in OK These are the shoes that Brooklyn wore in her fashion video

And she's been getting a ton of compliments on them I'm pretty sure I saw a pair at Target And they were pretty cheap So I would definitely recommend these shoes And these were definitely one of my favorites because they basically match everything

Generally, the Cheetah print is really in OK Next, I have this, which we got from Zara And you might be wondering, what is this? It looks like a little bottle of water But nope

This is just perfume, but you just rub it on your wrist, like this And then you rub it together And it's like an automatic perfume And it's really easy and transportable And it's a perfect way to use it for school

If you forget, in the morning, to spray your Velvet Sugar Body Spray, you can just use your Zara Body Spray– I mean your Zara perfume My bad And you just rub it on your wrist, like this It's really helpful when I have athletics in the morning– cheer– because usually, I forget to put this on in the morning And plus, getting all sweaty with the cheerleaders isn't exactly the best way to make yourself smell good

So I like to bring this in my backpack so then if I just like, oh, gosh, I smell so bad, I just rub this on, and it works perfectly And it's really easy and fast and undetectable OK So here's the thing with these I have never been a huge– same with the sunglasses

I've never been a huge sweatpants wearer I don't know Something about them, for me, was like, it's almost too similar to going to school in your pajamas But then I found these ones And I love them so much

These ones are from Love Culture And I'm going to hold them up So it's like– can you see? Kind of like– they have these nice pockets And I love the pattern And they're really comfortable

And so I got these ones from Love Culture And I have these ones And I'm pretty sure they're from Love Culture, as well And they're like– they look a little bit nicer They've got the pockets and the nice print

And I really like these because in the morning, again, this is all revolved around the school and my schedule But in the morning, I have to run out really fast to go to cheer, so I just pull these on, over, if it's cold outside And it works perfectly And they look nice and look like you actually tried in the morning instead of just taking 10 seconds and slipping on a pair of sweatpants OK

I think the last two things I have on my list are both on my phone So I have my Beats plugged in because the next item is Spotify Hang on It's basically an app that has, like– you can like– that's what the symbol looks like Can you see that? It's probably out of focus

But basically, this is Spotify And it's really nice And I like it OK Sorry

Sorry Anyway, so I really like Spotify because you can listen to your music and you can choose it You can choose your music and make radios based on it, so you'll find more music that you like that is very similar to the ones you already have on your app And it's perfect for on the go, on the bus If you're really bored, you just turn on your Spotify, plug in your earphones

You can listen to all of your musical, all at once It's awesome And then my second favorite thing on the phone was Taylor Swift's new song, "Shake It Off" And I'm obsessed Usually I'm not obsessed with huge pop songs but it just sends such a good lesson out to everyone about just shaking off those mean comments and just living with yourself the way you are

And it's a really good lesson to learn And so I like that song Plus, it's got a good beat So I would definitely recommend getting that on your Spotify app because it's an amazing song and I love it Thank you guys so much for watching my "August Favorites" video

In the near future, we're gonna be filming a "Meet Our Brother" video So we want you guys comment, below, any questions you want us to ask our brother, for that video And also, our goal for this video is to get above 30,000 thumbs up So please thumbs up this video And also, don't forget to subscribe

And I think that's all I have for you guys, today So I will see you guys next week Bye [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) Take it all away Take it back into that sweet, sweet

That sweet, sweet melody Cheer shoes OhOh, hang on Hang on

Spoiler alert [MUSIC PLAYING]

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