Bailey’s COLLEGE Daily Makeup Routine

(upbeat music) – [Both] Hey guys! It's Brooklyn and Bailey – And in today's video I'm gonna be showing you my daily makeup routine, updated version

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So that is all the information we have about that So go enter the giveaway by clicking the link in the description box below, or the information button, and go do that right now so you guys can have a chance to win – [Both] The iPad – Oooo! – Okay, all of that information is out now It's time for me to show you how to do this makeup look every single day Okay I'm just going to dive right in with my college makeup tutorial but, to preface, I am no James Charles

I certainly am not a professional by any means I'm just an average, everyday girl with the average everyday college and makeup routine look So I'm gonna walk you and talk you through my makeup routine every single morning This is literally what I wear every single day So to start, obviously I'm going to put my foundation on, and this is the foundation that I use

It's called Matte Velvet Skin, and it's by Make Up For Ever I have been going and using this for years So, I think I'm a shade 30 I'm gonna go ahead and just dab it on here and there Literally what I do

By no means am I a professional or anything of the sort Okay So not I've got it pretty much dabbed on there, and I'm just gonna use my brush by Sigma to just go ahead and blend it in Just rub it in circles like so You always wanna be careful underneath your eyes

I didn't know this, but if you like, drag it, it's apparently really bad for your eyes So it's to avoid wrinkles and so if you want no wrinkles, go ahead and dab it underneath your eyes Don't rub And I have a mirror right here That's why I'm looking down

And yes, if you're wondering where I am, I am literally sitting in my living room, in my dorm room Obviously dorm rooms don't have the greatest lighting and this is the best window that we have in our dorm room so I'm using it (upbeat music) Okay so now you can see it's all blended very nicely I just use my foundation brush to blend in my foundation Some people use beauty blenders to make sure that it's all blended out, but this basically does the job for me

I like to use concealer for the under eyes It's called Shape Tape and it's like literally my favorite concealer ever And they're always sold out in stores which drives me crazy because it's literally my favorite make up product, probably Besides my own mascara Just kind of cover those college dark circles underneath my eyes 'cuz you know we always have those, all of us

I'm gonna dab some on the tip of my nose, on my chin a little bit, and in my T-zone right here Just blending it in with my foundation brush, like so (thumping sound) I just dropped my phone behind the camera (repetitive thumping) I hope that didn't crack Okay

It didn't crack, right? (thumping) Okay, go Go ahead and blend that all in, brighten those eyes so you look less like a sleepy, tired, college student like me (upbeat music) Viola! Okay, now that my skin is all one shade and everything is all concealed and blended, I'm gonna go ahead and add a color back into my face by using blush So I have my Color Pop pallet right here, that kind of has my blush and like, a rose gold highlight in it So I use a lot of blush because my blush, typically, like, wears off throughout the day

And then I'll use my powder to blend it in after I apply it But I'm just gonna go ahead and smile, put it on the apples of my cheeks, and then kinda pull it back a little (upbeat music) So as you can see, now I look blush crazy 'cuz it's just like, wow! That is really pink So obviously, the next thing I'm gonna do is just use my powder, and not only set the foundation and concealer that I have on, but also kind of blend out and calm down the blush so I don't look like a clown throughout the rest of the day Let me show you the powder that I use

It's called all nighter, and it's by Urban Decay You guys are gonna laugh at me, but every time I film these videos, I like, have to wash my makeup off Like, my makeup bag, I always have things exploding in it, and so I have to like, wipe it down I don't know if that's normal or not, but that's what my make up bag looks like So every time I film one of these, I'm like, oh my gosh, my make up looks so dirty

I have to make sure it doesn't look so dirty when I film it Okay So there we go Powder is on, blush is on, concealer and foundation The next step that I use is eyebrows

My eyebrows, honestly, they're like, practically not there when I don't have them filled in Or at least the ends aren't there Like they're really thick right here, and then they're thin back here So I have learned how to fill in my eyebrows pretty nicely So I use the Tarte Brow Architect, is what it's called

It's like a double-sided pencil So on this side we have like, the eyebrow brush that like, combs them out And then this side the actual pencil itself So I use a brown color, obviously because my hair is pretty dark brown naturally And then of course, on the inside you can untwist it and actually get some like, underbrow highlights

Kind of accentuate the brow there I don't actually use that part often That's only when I'm like, really dressing up But as I was saying, I use a brown color Obviously my eyebrows are like, super brown

My natural hair is this color What you can see in the roots and I added the pink in I wish the pink grew naturally I tell a bunch of kids in my class, well not my class, but like little kids, like, I eat strawberries and that's why my hair is pink I wish that was true

I wish my hair grew pink all the time So normally I just trace the outside of my brow first, and I try and give them some shape while also following the natural shape of my brow (upbeat music) Trace it and then fill it in Now I'm gonna do the front too I'm gonna trace underneath like so and you'll just kind of do upward lines to make it look natural

'Kay And there ya go So then we're gonna comb it out And there you are So that's how I fill in my eyebrows

Ill go back and like, clean it up if I need to, or anything like that, but that's the basic gist of how I do my eyebrows Viola, you can see, it's all filled in This side is not, and this side is It looks very different, and that's why I appreciate the fact that I can fill in my eyebrows (upbeat music) So viola, now I have both of my eyebrows done, but I also use this like, eyebrow glue, and to be honest, I don't know who it's by

I think it's by Anastasia The logo has rubbed off I've used it for so long Kind of looks like a mascara but it's clear I don't know about y'all, but my eyebrows like to just stray away from the shape that they're supposed to be in during the day, so they're all over the place, so I use this glue to just go ahead and solidify them in the shape they are in for the rest of the day

You can see it goes on clear so it doesn't mess anything up Just glue it in place So there ya go Eyebrows are done Time to move onto my favorite part of the day, mascara

I obviously use my own mascara, which is called Lash Next Door, so if you haven't bought it, you should definitely do that by clicking the link in the description box below We are actually having a holiday sale So if you use the code HOLIDAY15 you should get a certain percentage off of your purchase of the mascara So definitely go do that It's called Lash Next Door by Brooklyn&Bailey

Believe it or not, it is my favorite mascara that I use So I'm gonna go ahead and show you all how I do my mascara Now this is actually a question we get asked a lot So you guys, this is the tutorial basically, on how to apply mascara like Brooklyn and I do And it's quite the process actually, I feel like

But if you do it your eyes should look so good I promise First thing I do is I blink, instead of just going like this I actually blink on the brush It actually gets the mascara like, all the way through your eyelashes and makes sure that they don't clump as much because the fibers are breaking, like breaking them and splitting them apart, and like fanning them out more

So I blink like so, onto the brush So blink, blink, blink I mean already look at that difference It's crazy And that's just from like, one coat

Wow! Okay so I'm gonna go ahead and add another layer of mascara on here Everyone gets mascara on their eyelids I try not to Okay so that's pretty much what I do when I blink it on Now, there's one extra step that I do on the top layer that most people don't do, and that is, I take the brush and I roll it on top of my eyelashes

It like pulls them out, lengthens them, gets the color and the coat on top of your eyelashes, and just really completely transforms the way they look Rolling it on the ends of my eyelashes Going everywhere Fix anything you need to Now I'm gonna do my bottom lashes and show you the final product

(upbeat music) Okay so I have wrapped up my mascara, and you can see that it's all finished I have the top layers done, and I have the bottom lashes done as well I like to do my bottom lashes because I think it just finishes the whole mascara look Obviously I only have two more things left Lipstick and highlight

So as you guys know, I showed you that I have this rose gold inside with my blush But I actually have this other pallet as well And it's called Pixi by Petra It looks like this But it has these two pretty colors in it and I typically use, like, the white colors

I don't do like, extreme highlight or anything but it's definitely an important factor into like highlighting the parts that you want on your face to look highlighted So I'm gonna put some on the end of my nose Just a little bit, like so And then we're gonna go ahead and put some on my cheekbones as well, like this Viola

And then this side as well Just gonna go ahead and put that on I finished my highlight I have it on my nose, upper lip, and right here on the cheekbones So I'm glowing now

Hopefully you guys can see that Ooo! I feel so fancy Okay, so the last thing that I have for my daily make up routine is just lipstick So this is called Lip Lock Fadeout I really really like, like, almost the purple-y pink shades cuz it matches my hair which I love

So I'm just gonna go ahead and put this on It is a matte lipstick so once I put it on it doesn't really come off during the day which is so nice because when I eat and stuff, I don't want it to be all over my face, and/or all over my teeth, or just fading and it looks funny So that's what I like to use (upbeat music) Okay, so now my lipstick is on and that finishes up my daily college make up routine You guys can see this is the final product

But, yeah, this is pretty much it Hopefully you guys enjoyed it Now do not forget to subscribe to our channel I don't know what you're doing if you haven't subscribed! So go subscribe right now by clicking the button down below that says subscribe to our channel Also, don't forget to watch more of our videos

And you can do that by clicking the button right over here And last but not least, we are having a sale on Lash Next Door which is the mascara I use So click the link right here, right next to the box that says subscribe and use the code HOLIDAY15 Okay, I love y'all so much Bye!

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