Bailey’s COLLEGE Nighttime Skincare Routine

– Hello everyone Hello, hi, hello

Okay, so we've been getting a lot of requests for a, nighttime routine/skincare routine, which is like a total throwback to like I just poked myself in the eye I'm gonna try not to poke my eye out again, but it's a total throwback to like 2015 when skincare routines, nighttime routines, morning routines, all of that jazz was a thing

So I realized we haven't done one in forever and I thought, why the heck not? So I'm gonna show you guys the, nighttime routine of, oh, you can't see me Of, drum roll please Okay, it's all stripey right here Of, a college student in 2020 Ta-da

(upbeat music) We good? Hello We good? Ah, there we go I'm going to be filming the steps of my nighttime routine I'm not exactly sure how many there are, and I'm starting with dinner or formally said, supper Wait, no, what is the formal? Yeah, supper, right? Yeah

I'm gonna be filming the steps of my nighttime routine and, I'm not exactly sure how many there are It is going to include a lot of like skincare stuff, because I do have a pretty lengthy skincare routine, that I've been working on the last couple of years And I'm gonna start with dinner or supper Whatever, come join me for supper, whatever you prefer to call it My British accent sucks

Oh my gosh (upbeat music) Yummy – Can you see me? – Yes, look, she's making an appearance guys Done (upbeat music) Okay, so now that I've eaten dinner, typically the next step is homework and this desk is my homework spot

So, and yes I do have homework, #college We're also seniors this year So we're graduating year early Merit We earned all the credits for an actual bachelor's degree, but, we just happened to bring in a ton of credits when we first started

And then we just worked over Christmas holidays, and summer holidays Yeah So now we're graduating in three years, which means, I got a lot of homework to do, AKA, finance (upbeat music) This makes my legs look really long (upbeat music) Next step typically my nighttime routine is I chill

'Cause I've already done my homework, and I've eaten dinner Now it's my time Or I I guess like, yeah And then I can just chill and watch shows We've been totally into Love Island lately, and Big Brother

– Big Brother – I don't know any Big Brother fans Finny come here, come here – Finn, come – Come

Come here Come here – Finny – Say hi – Finny

(laughs) (grunts) – Oh, that is one bonny person – That's where it's at right here – And now, it is pajama time Literally see my head Love it, love it

Should I do like a 2015 transition? Did it work? You know, some people have cute pajamas, and I literally have a big baggy shirt, and men's boxer shorts as my pajamas So, sometimes I see girls in fancy pajamas And I'm like, "Not me" (upbeat music) Okay, found an angle where you can see me, and the sink Woo hoo! So, I will be doing my skincare routine

I'm gonna be showing you guys what I use on my skin, how I wash my skin, stuff like that Hyram, if you're watching this, don't come for me Okay, don't come for me I watch your videos, because I know who Hyram is He's literally like Mr

Skincare He knows everything there is to know about skincare And he roasts influencers like skincare routines And I really don't I have worked really hard to try and find clean products So, I hope I pass the test, but, I have struggled with acne, yay, for a really long time It used to be worse It's a lot better now because I have found a skincare routine that works, but I do have breakouts

And I do I mean, you guys can see Nobody has like

Well very few people, I won't say nobody, 'cause I've seen some people with something very beautiful skin, but, acne is really normal, but I'm gonna be showing you guys what I use So to start, I use this, Naturally Serious Major Moisture Gentle Cream Cleanser And none of this is sponsored by the way, this is like genuine

I genuinely use this literally every single day So, I feel like I could do, expecto patronum, it's expecto patro Not patronas

Nobody Harry Potter fans don't roast me right now I can't think straight

So I walked into like, I can't remember if it was Ulta or Sephora I did this with my sister Kamri because she has really, really bad reactions to, any harsh products And so this was one of the face washes they recommended that's really, really healthy and clean, and has only cleaning ingredients in it And I've actually seriously loved it And I've been through a lot

I know a lot of doctors recommend like, Cetaphil or Cetaphil That's what Brooklyn uses, but I use this and I love it So if you have like dry/oily skin, and really sensitive skin, or you just want to clean product, this baby Now I'm just going to literally awkwardly wash my face Like you guys can watch it

I'll probably speed it up Oh yeah, and I start with warm water (upbeat music) Okay, so I'm just gonna leave my face wet, because I forgot to say this I don't use makeup wipes because, I've recently seen a ton of things saying, they're really harsh for your skin and bad for your skin And, I really wanna learn the science behind skincare and stuff

So I'm thinking, or just do a little more research on it I might maybe do, aesthetician, online classes, just to learn more about skincare 'Cause it is something I really care about Fun fact about me, I'm pretty sure makeup wise have like harsh chemicals, and it can be really harsh 'cause you're tugging on your skin, when you remove your makeup So I don't use them, and Hyram, I know says that too

And then I wash wise because you gotta get through the layer of makeup, and then you actually wanna wash out your pores So I'm gonna wash my face again, this time to actually clean out my pores, 'cause that first time was just, get rid of my makeup (upbeat music) And then always pat your face dry Always pat, you rub, you wrinkle And I know some of y'all might be 14, but if you don't start now, you will have wrinkles when you're old

So next step in my skincare routine, I actually went, I've been going to a dermatologist for years now I personally think if you're gonna treat your skin, you should go see like a professional, which that's what professional that's what dermatologists do

And I ended up landing on, a prescription cream called, (mumbles) cream I don't know if y'all recognize with that But it's just basically acne treatment cream So I just get about this much and I put it all over my skin I don't just do spot treatment

'Cause if you just do spot treatment, then just those spots will be treated and everywhere else you didn't treat could possibly, have breakouts because you didn't treat it You aren't treating it So, if you don't want acne, make sure you're putting any treatments you have or creams or whatever all over your face, because that's actually a preventative measure, instead of just like, "Oh, I see as it, I'm gonna put cream on it kind of thing" ♪ I don't know if I'm making ♪ ♪ (murmurs) stands ♪ ♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh ♪ ♪ Oh yeah ♪ Next I put on a moisturizer

When I was younger I thought, because I had oily skin and I broke out, that I shouldn't put lotion on my skin because, logically you'd think oily skin equals acne, and moisturizer just adds more oil to your skin You can actually have acne breakouts just from having dry skin Like just from not being moisturized enough Now I know that, and I use lotion, but again, I try to find a lotion that was clean, and didn't have any harsh chemicals, or anything like that in it And this is the one I ultimately landed on, and I know my lotion isn't re-upped in, but it's okay

It's called Pink Cloud by Herbivore It's like rose water moisture cream And this is just the stuff I use I know stuff that's, other things that people really, really like Like again I said like Cetaphil, you need CeraVe or, things like that, that people use, they really like, but is just what I've landed on

And so far, it's doing really good things for my skin So voila, now it's all rubbed in and I'm, dewy and glowy Do I even need to explain? (upbeat music) Ah, clean teeth So my dentist is very passionate about this stuff (upbeat music) Clean teeth, ta-da

I do have retainers I know it's been like I don't even know how many years

I think I got my braces off in, eighth grade It's kinda been a while since I got them off, but I still wear my retainers like nobody's business I usually do it about every other day You are not catch I had braces for seven years, you are not catching me having to get braces And then last but not least, Chopstick, which I usually can never get open So, I pop it open Like you can see the lid is like, I don't know if that's gross

I can never get it open I was not blessed like some of you folk with, just really nice vision naturally So, I have to wear contacts I have always wondered who it'd be like to wake up in the morning and literally be able to see everything clearly Comment down below, if you're one of those people or you are like me, and if an apocalypse were to happen, we would literally be half blind the entire time, because we'd run out of contacts or our glasses would break

Has that thought ever occurred to anyone else? What are we supposed to do, if an apocalypse happened and, you don't have contacts or glasses You would literally be, wouldn't be able to see clearly for literally the rest of your life So, I don't know maybe that's just thoughts by Bailey But, I have to take my contacts out So, usually it just takes me about two seconds

And they're gone And, I throw them in the trash I do wear dailies I can replace them every single day Yay

My bed, I love my bed I do have a Beddys Which I don't know if y'all know what this is, but it's like a, sleeping bag kind of bedding, which I absolutely love I also don't sleep with pillows Fun, you're learning so much about me today guys

(mumbles) awkward, but like really uncomfortable angle Really cute Super cute Hey guys, what's up? How was your day? I'm just kidding And time for me to go to bed

That's everything guys Hopefully you all enjoyed learning a bit about me, or just spending the night with me practically I tried to make it feel like you guys were here with me That's everything that I do Comment down below if you wanna see Brooklyn's nighttime routine or maybe a morning routine

I don't know, you guys tell me All right, love you guys See y'all next week (blows kiss) (upbeat music)

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