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(Music Plays) Hey guys! It's Bailey from Brooklyn and Bailey and today we partnered with Clinique to bring you guys My fall nighttime routine! Yes! So you get to see me kinda chill and hang out It's kind of like a get ready with me except you are getting unready with me yes and look give it a huge thumbs up if you think he's adorable this is Braidy aw thank you now let's get on with the video [music] why does high school have to be so hard? I'm exhausted I just came home from the study group and I probably don't even have any time to chill which is exactly what I wanna do wait, I totally have time to chill girl, let's go! [music] hold up! If I'm gonna chill I'm gonna get my comfy pj's on oh yeah, this is a lot better I don't know about you guys but I'm always looking for some comfy fall sweats, so I went and check out American Eagle and that's where I found these sweatpants and that top and they go together perfectly so if you guys are looking for some comfy sweats I would definitely go check that out and to top off the look I've got my braided topknot get it? sometimes I find myself too funny One of my favorite things during the winter is being able to wear fluffy slippers! so I found these ones from PB Teen and I absolutely adore them One of the things that I've learned in my makeup removal routine is that pre-cleansing is really important because it allows the cleanser to do its job so one of my favorite makeup removers is the "take the day off" cleansing balm by Clinique and the way you apply this is basically you take a little a little bit on your fingers and apply it on dry skin so don't wet your skin down and it goes from a balm to oil to milk and just melts away the makeup even the stubborn makeup, like mascara 'cause mascara hardly ever comes off right away but it definitely works on this one and you can tell, because my base is covered in mascara right here I've even used this makeup remover during the summer when I'm just wearing sunscreen, and it works on that too

and my skin is a little bit more oily which is why I like this makeup remover because its not greasy and its not drying it just nourishes my skin and then it washes off, and makes my skin feel like its glowing! you guys should definitely get the "take the day off" cleansing balm by Clinique so I'll link that in the description below it also could be in your local Sephora for like $2900 dollars, but that's might change based on your location just click the link in the description box below to check that out And then like most teenagers I have to put my acne medication on 'cause I want my skin to be real clear Brooklyn and I wear contacts, because if we don't, we're literally blind as bats so I'm gonna go ahead and take my contacts out and put on my cute glasses who could forget about brushing my teeth? 'cause I just love having those pearly white teeth don't you guys? honestly though, knowing me, even though I brush my teeth because its so early in the night, I will probably end up eating a bunch of food later which means I'll have to brush my teeth again and then, I have to put my retainers in, because you know got to keep those straight teeth! [music] One of the other things that I also do all the time is write little sticky note reminders for myself because I have like the worst memory and then I stick them in places that I know I'll see them so I don't forget in the morning [music] Nothing tastes better than a hot coco on a cold fall night so of course I made myself some hot chocolate and my family has like so many different flavors of hot coco, its crazy so I decided to make myself some salted caramel hot chocolate oh yes! I love me some whipped cream and caramel [music] If you guys know me and Brooklyn at all, you guys know that we are huge book nerds so often when I have a chill night, I definitely sit down and read my books If I'm not reading a book, I definitely am watching a movie but who can watch movies without popcorn? Right? So usually, I go ahead and pop myself some popcorn and plop down on the couch and then I try and decide what kind of movie I wanna watch but most of the time, I can never make up my mind [music and Bailey laughing] [music and Bailey is scared] [music and Bailey crying] Why? Why? [music] Of course I go to bed so that I can have ten hours of beauty rest so that I can feel refreshed in the morning and have gotten enough sleep You know me [music] Yeah right! Usually, I forget to go to bed and I just end up falling asleep on the couch looking a little bit like this Thank you guys so much for watching if you want to try out the Clinique "take the day off" cleansing balm then click the link our description box below I think Braidy agrees that its a good idea yep there it goes, he agrees that's a good idea Also if you guys wanna comment below on what you guys like to do on your chill days, I definitely wanna hear about it and if you wanna subscribe to our channel, which you do, click that button right over here and if you wanna watch more of our videos or CGH Behind the Braids videos click right over here I'll see y'all next week I love you guys to the moon and back mwah bye!

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