Bailey’s NEW College ROOM TOUR! | Zippered Bedding, Decor & MORE!

– Hola, people – Hola

– It has been an a long awaited time for this video – It has been a very long time And that's because Bailey ordered the shower curtain, and it literally took like four weeks to come – Like four weeks to send – So all of y'all that are like "Why hasn't she filmed it?" That's why – That's why

It's a good shower curtain – It's really cute though, so – It's so cute it was worth it – Was it, was it worth it? – Anyway, if you haven't guessed yet, today is my room tour! So obviously you guys know that Brooklyn got the big room – Oh look at me go! She got the master bedroom – I did! I got lucky

And it stayed clean and it's beautiful! – And we did post room tour video of that, so if you haven't checked that out, of course, check that out at the end of this video But, it's time for you to find out which room I got – But before we go in Bailey has to explain why she looks like she's dying of chickenpox – No I do not have chickenpox! Warning, first of all, we have some rash is about to show So like, if you're not good with rashes just like, skip this part

But, I have a little bit of a rash If you see that pop up in the video, all these red spots – [Brooklyn] Cause we just, I just know people are going to be like "you have chickenpox" – People are going to say "Oh my God are you dying?" – No She has ringworm because she picked up stray kittens

That is what happened – Can you resist the cute cats though? – She refuses to accept that that is what it is – The cats were so cute! But that is what it is – Okay, but that's what I have on my arms Anyway

(claps) you guys ready to find out which room I got? – [Brooklyn] I mean they kind of already have an idea – Obviously, they know it's upstairs – [Brooklyn] It's between these two Hello stairs – Ready? I feel like so dramatic

(dramatic music) – [Brooklyn] Just kidding! – Okay so, ready, set, go (music) – Welcome to my room! – [Brooklyn] Wow! – [Bailey] It's like glowing in here right now – [Brooklyn] It is glowing – Welcome to my room I want to jump on my bed but I just made it and it's all pretty, so maybe not right now

– [Brooklyn] Look at how pretty it is! It's so pretty and clean – So, the first thing you see as you walk in is this mirror to the right – Is yourself Hello, how are you today? – Okay so this black mirror is from World Market And I literally live for my floor mirrors cause this is where I sit and do my makeup every morning

– She ruined our carpet in our last room because she did her makeup on the floor! Everything was everywhere all the time – [Bailey] Okay, but like – Just public service announcement, don't do your makeup on the carpet

– Having a floor mirror just makes doing makeup like, so much better Oh, she's like, acting it out for us Wonderful Okay, actually, this is my favorite part of the room Every time someone comes in here too, they're like "Oh my gosh the pictures"! So these are actually from an influencer, ugh words

An influencer named Arielle Vey She has a website where she does prints and stuff and so DMed her and I was like "Girl I love those pictures! Can I get me some?" And so she sent me some of these These are the three I use and we'll put a link in the description box below to her website Actually we'll put links to everything you see in this room in the description box below, so if you see something you like, go get it, check it out But these are like so cute, and this is actually how I decided to design my room

I picked these three pictures out first before anything else, and then I based the rest of the room off the colors in the pictures So the green and the salmon-y pink came from these pictures originally Then we have the nightstand – [Brooklyn] A lamp wow, the best part of the room! – [Bailey] The plants are from Target If you are ever wondering where you should get plants, Target has the best plants ever! This basket's from World Market, and I actually used, Camry just redid her room and I stole her night stands from her old room

So these are actually hand-me-down night stands I don't even know where they came from, but they've been around for awhile This like marble-y detailed lamp is from Target Okay, here's the down-low on these lamps There was only one left in the store and I have two night stands

So I was like stalking all the Targets every single week, and then I finally found some that were in stock When they came back in stock, I liked grabbed them and I was so excited And that was actually when we were filming the pause challenge – Oh yeah! She's holding it in the pause challenge – You see me holding the lamps in the pause challenge, In fact, let's pop up a screenshot of me

This is me holding the lamps in Target when Brooklyn paused me So that was when I finally found two of them in stock at the same time And then I decided to get square, cause I'm just like, ya know, I'm not like a, I like to be unique Square lampshades Unique

Are we going to show them the bed now? I'm gonna start with my bedding You guys know Brooklyn and I have always sworn by Beddy's Beds – Quote the Tik Tok Wow, not only is this a beautiful bed, but it also unzips Wow, didn't know it did that

– If you don't watch Tik Tok you won't get it – You're gonna think I'm psycho – You're gonna think she's crazy – [Brooklyn] But I love Tik Tok – You guys know we literally swear by Beddy's Beds So this one is "Love at First White" It's the same one we actually had in our dorm room last year but it's just a queen size version

And of course you guys know it zips, unzips on both sides – [Brooklyn] It has this like minky material on the inside that you can like sleep with, so this is like the minky blanket It is amazing – Oh my gosh it's the best – I will never go back And all almost 20 years of my life, this is the first time I have ever slept in a queen size bed, and it's beautiful

It's a magical thing The pillows back here actually match the inside of the Beddy's bedding So the bedding actually comes with these pillows – [Brooklyn] It says "goodnight" and "good morning" – [Bailey] In cursive

This is from Ubran Outfitters, my duvet, and it actually matches the pillows over here So, it came with two pillows, so I went ahead and put those on my bed as well (chokes) I just like, choked I'm okay guys These two Euros are from World Market

– We like had a three day debate on whether or not to get these pillows, or there were these other pink pillows (coughs) There're these other– – [Bailey] Because these pictures hadn't arrived yet, and my rug hadn't arrived yet, and those were the two shades of pink – So we didn't know like what shade it would be and we were stuck between like three different pillows

We finally just went up to these two really kind ladies in the store and said "Which one should we get?" And they said "That one" And those are the ones we got! So, shout out to you guys if you're watching this video – And then the two decorative pillows are from target They also have really great decorative pillows there This one's so cute, I just love the triangle

It's adorable The other side also has the same nightstand, same lamp This silver clock kinda reminds me of like, The Mad Hatter – [Brooklyn] I was about to say, it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland! – Like Alice in Wonderland? – [Brooklyn] I don't know why – I don't think it works

So this clock is from Home Goods as well Really cute decoration, and then the basket again is from World Market And then we have this thing I'm not exactly sure what this thing is – [Brooklyn] I can see like– – A woven basket of some sort, not exactly sure

– [Brooklyn] It's got a flower, cute! – Don't know what you would call it, but this is also from Home Goods as well I was insistent, I mean insistent, like I– – [Brooklyn] She puts her hand like, on the cactus – I would not have this room without a cactus in it, and so we got this ginormous one – [Brooklyn] It is the exact height of you – Yeah, it's like, kind of like – [Brooklyn] Like, the exact height

– The same height, like, really tall cactus Well, actually, not really – [Brooklyn] Yeah, I was about to say, not a tall cactus – And then we get to the desk – [Brooklyn] Wow

Don't ever do that again – Okay, to start with the desk First of all, the actual desk itself is a hand-me-down again This is something else that came from, actually, our studio at home where we used to film So I stole it for my room, but it is from World Market

The exact same desk is still on World Market right now So, of course we'll put the link to that in the description box below This one is from Target as well That's where we got all the lamps, cause ya know, Target rocks And again, a rectangular lamp shade

– [Brooklyn] I bought her this – I know Mom was like, "I don't like mini succulents", but I'm like, "I can't get rid of it" – [Brooklyn] I bought it for her when she was at last semester And I made her a little basket full of fun things, and that was part of it

– Yeah, I just, I couldn't get rid of it – Hashtag, you all want me for a sister I know it – They want me for a sister too though I'm a good sister too – [Brooklyn] Yeah she is a good sister

– Plants again, pretty much every plant in this room is from Target The one thing in the room I don't know where it came from We had it last year in our dorm I'm pretty sure its from Target – [Brooklyn] I'm like 90% sure it's from Target

– [Bailey] This candle is from Home Goods, my mom– – [Brooklyn] For looks only, we don't actually light it – Okay, what's funny about this is, I was grabbing this stuff from my mom's trunk to pull into the house to put on my desk, and it actually fell and broke There was originally like, a glass thingy around it, and that's the only part of the candle that broke So I just knocked the rest of the glass out and put the candle on here – [Brooklyn] It kinda looks like it's supposed to be that way

– It looks correct, but it originally had glass around it – [Brooklyn] Oops And then the picture – [Bailey] And the picture Asa always makes me pictures for my birthday

So this is the one from– – [Brooklyn] This one – [Bailey] It's about to be updated – [Brooklyn] Wow Ooh, talk about these pictures – Yeah, so, inhale, exhale

It actually a bajillion years to find a place that actually printed these exact ones the way I wanted them to be I finally found it on Blim and Blum They printed it for me, sent me the prints, and then I went and bought frames myself You can find frames pretty much everywhere So, I just bought the frames and then put the prints in them, but that's where I got these

– [Brooklyn] Cute! – And then, the green chair – One time I tried to steal this chair My feet hurt more than the freakin dickens I got on the chair and I rolled out, and I was like "I'm not moving" Bailey did not appreciate it

– I didn't, I was like "Please don't take my chair" If anyone is ever looking for green chairs, I am going to tell you now You will not find a single other chair on the internet that is this color It took me a bajillion years to find one This one was on Wayfair

It's literally, if you look up green desk chair, it's literally the first chair that pulls up – [Brooklyn] Also, I didn't ever show y'all the carpet This is what the rug looks like (dance music) – [Brooklyn] I can't do any of that kind of fun stuff – [Bailey] You can't do that? You really can't do this? – [Brooklyn] No, I can not

– Oh, that's lame So yeah, the rug is from overstock, and I wanted to pull in the peachy colors from the picture, but also pull in a print So that's where I got the rug from – [Brooklyn] The lighting just transformed – Basically we have your generic mirror, your sink, soap dispenser, all like ooh– – [Brooklyn] From the dorm room – [Bailey] From the dorm room last year

Dorm room decorations from last year as well – [Brooklyn] We had one that said Senna on it that like, Senna put a sticker on when we moved into our dorm last year And I think Bailey took the sticker off – I didn't take the sticker off, it's downstairs – [Brooklyn] Oh just kidding – Yeah And then we go in here, these pictures are from Target

These are also from our dorm room last year And my green towels are from Target They're like the perfect shade Same with my bath mats actually, which, these are the softest things, literally ever They're squishy

They look like cheese – [Brooklyn] Like little squishies What's this? – [Bailey] Trash and a toilet – [Brooklyn] Did you bring that? – Yeah, I bought – [Brooklyn] Where is this from? – The place

– The item we've all been waiting for, for the last four weeks The shower curtain – The shower curtain – Tada! Fancy schmancy The reason why I wanted this one specifically is because it was the only one that had enough pattern to make it exciting, and also this like, orange-y salmon color, which I really needed to pull in my room

So, this is my shower curtain It's from Urban Outfitters The hooks and the actual clear part of the shower curtain are from Target I'm so glad we got to introduce this like, infamous shower curtain, the rotten one that didn't show up for forever But it's finally here, so yay

And then, last but not least, this is where my closet is Directly to the left of my door We don't really have to go see my closet, but – [Brooklyn] Wow It's a closet – It's clothes – [Brooklyn] Not much to say there – Wonderful, clothing

And that's a wrap That's my room everybody (kiss)

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