Being My Twin’s ASSISTANT for a Day

– [Bailey] Good morning, you guys! So, Brooklyn and I have been seeing this video trending on YouTube A bunch of other YouTubers have done it

We saw LaurDIY and Alisha I think do it together So essentially what it is, is being someone's personal assistant for the day and since I do have a twin, and Brooklyn also has a twin, I'm going to be Brooklyn's assistant for the day I have a feeling she's going to take advantage of this, a little inkling that she's going to love this life! And I am prepared to do so much today, but it is pretty early in the morning And I decided if I'm going to be her personal assistant, I'm going to be the best personal assistant she ever did see! I'm getting up, I'm going to put on professional clothing, and then I'm going to go get her Because we don't drink coffee, I'm going to go get her some hot chocolate from her favorite hot chocolate place, and I'm going to show up and wake her up, and it's going to be

Okay, it might not be the greatest day I've ever had, but I will at least do the best I can at this job So let's go! (upbeat music) (whispering) Time to go pick out clothing! Sleepy sleepy Brooklyn! I'm getting clothing from her closet I got the clothes! So essentially what this is, is just one of my business suits that I got a little while ago because I'm in the business school So I have to wear business professional anyway for school sometimes, so I might actually Oh wow, look at that! So I'm going to be wearing this

I'm going to go put it on! Okay just saying, who's the boss now? Ooh, ooh, ooh! She tough, she strong! She a boss! Yeah, just kidding, I'm a personal assistant for the day Okay, I am officially done getting ready I have my business, I'm looking at myself because my mic looks good today! Ooh, ooh! Just kidding! (laughing) I'm hyping my own self up So, heading to go get hot chocolate for Brooklyn right now, because I'm finally ready for the day Mhm, let's go! Time to go! (upbeat music) Okay, I got her hot chocolate! Time to go give it to her! Good morning! (pop) – Morning! – [Bailey] I got you hot chocolate! – Aw, Finn wants to lick it too! Thank you! – [Bailey] You're welcome! What's next on my list? – Oh, I've got a whole list for you

– [Bailey] Why am I not surprised? – Yeah, no worries, your day will be full – [Bailey] Hi, puppy! Hi! Hello! – Okay, y'all, it is nice and early in the morning! Bailey woke me up That's why I look like this, and I'm not ready yet But Bailey gave me a hot chocolate, which is amazing! Great way to wake up, thank you! (kissing) Assistant! Just prefacing the fact that Bailey's doing this willingly! (laughing) There's no force being used to make her do any of the assignments that I tell her to do That being said, I am going to use my power

And I have a list of things that I usually do during my day, but I'm going to let her do them I'm going to have free time to do things, I guess? My first original assignment on the list was for her to feed Finn and walk Finn, so – He is a stubborn dog! (sighing) – [Brooklyn] He needs to expel energy! – [Bailey] Come here! Let's go eat! Come on! (kissing) Finn, come on! (whistling) Oh boy, it's going to be a long morning – [Brooklyn] He says no! – [Bailey] Aw gee, come here! We're going to go eat Let's go, come on! Sit, stay

There you go There you go! Last time I tried to walk Finn, he hated it! Hated the leash, hated everything about it Hating being told where he had to go, when he had to go, so we're going to see how this goes, huh? This is probably not going to go very well He doesn't like to be watched very much – Okay, as my morning has progressed, I have realized that– (coughing) I've realized that I want to curl my hair, but I don't really feel like curling my hair

You know what I'm saying? Bailey is going to curl my hair, as my assistant She's also very good at it, so it does benefit me But also, I don't want to do it! You get to do all the things I don't want to do! – Yay me! (ding) – Well, Bailey and I were going to go upstairs and curl my hair, except then Finn has learned to jump on tables, and he knocked off one of my really expensive magnolia glass candle And it shattered all over the floor! So now Bailey, as my assistant, I feel so bad kind of, but she's cleaning it up because I told her to So, nice shattered glass all over the floor that she's now sweeping into her dustpan

She's probably going to end up having to vacuum all of these little tiny pieces up out of the carpet, too (rattling) Yikes! – Assistant Bailey's on her way to go curl Brooklyn's hair! – Will you curl it in the kitchen so I can be social? – Yes, ma'am! (laughing) Part of the struggle of this is trying to find where her straightener even is So, uh Not in that one It's not in that one! (whispering) I got it! Also, I think I just said this was a straightener, but this is definitely a curling iron We're in business, baby! (shouting) Coming to curl your hair! – Hello, Bailey is curling my hair currently in the kitchen! – I'm the best assistant ever! – So that I can be social – Who's the best assistant ever? Hmm, me! – Bailey's pretty good She's a pretty good assistant

She's done everything I've asked so far I do have a next assignment, but I won't tell you it until we're done – Please tell me it's not grocery shopping – It's grocery shopping! – No! – Shopping! – No! – Does this mean I don't have to pay for it? – No, people give their assistants their credit cards to go do the grocery shopping – But this is a different circumstance! – No, no, no

– I think this means – No, no – I don't pay for my groceries as your manager! Okay fine, you don't have to pay for them But, you do have to go get them – Yay! I haven't even gone grocery shopping yet, and she's already asking me to do something else – So here's the thing

I need dinner reservations tonight So, can you call my restaurant and get dinner reservations for me and a group of 15? – Ma'am, yes ma'am! On it! I can do this! (whispering) I have no idea how to do this We're going to call and see if they, how many people? – [Brooklyn] 15 to 20, I think? – Okay – [Telephone Bot] For tasty to-go orders, press 1 To let Johnny handle all your catering needs, press 2

For exciting shows and upcoming events, press 3 Thanks for calling Johnny's! – What? – [Telephone Bot] Your call cannot be transferred Please try again later – What? It just said catering, parties – [Telephone Bot] Howdy, and thanks for calling Johnny's! For tasty to-go orders, press 1 To let Johnny handle all your catering needs, press 2 For exciting shows and upcoming events, press 3 – Which one do I press? Do I press 1, to-go? That's not it

Press 2, catering? (pop) (phone ringing) – [Johnny's Agent] How can I help you? – Hi, sorry, I was just trying to get a hold of someone to see if you guys do reservations – [Johnny's Agent] No, we don't do reservations, but I can definitely take down your name, number, and the amount of people that are in the party – Yeah, that would be great So my name is Brooklyn McKnight, and it'd be around 6:30, but we have a pretty big group It's probably between 15 and 20 people

– [Johnny's Agent] 6:30 tonight? – Yes! – [Johnny's Agent] Okay, um Let me actually put you on hold and see if there's any parties actually scheduled If not, I'll be able to let you know in a couple of minutes

– Okay, great! That'd be awesome! I'm a great assistant, look at me! I got reservations at a place that doesn't take reservations! Ooh! – [Johnny's Agent] It's going to be a crazy busy night But there was no possible way that we were going to be able to even set up a table at that time to make sure we had space But y'all are more than welcome to show up, and it might be a little bit of a wait, but we'll make room for y'all when it's available – Okay, thank you so much! What do you think? (stuttering) – I don't know – I think I did a pretty good job, what can I say? Agree or disagree? – Agree! – Do you have a grocery list? You were the one who told me to go grocery shopping! – I know I need things

I know I need things! I just– – [Bailey] Or am I the one who has to make the list? – No, no, no, I know I need things I'm typically pretty good about writing them down I just haven't gotten to that point yet because I just realized I'm out of everything – Great! And we're off to go grocery shopping, yay! (upbeat music) – Okay, so this is her grocery list Pretty sure it shouldn't take me too long to find all this stuff

She wants black ribbon for her hair I have no idea what that's for, but I am the assistant I don't ask questions, I just do So let's go! Okay, I think she wants SkinnyPop? I got that (shuffling) Got it! (crinkling) Okay, I'm just the greatest person ever! I have found all of the stuff she had on her list, except they didn't have black ribbon, so hopefully she's not upset about that because I couldn't find it

But I got everything, so time to go home! Also, some people were looking at me super weird and I think it's because I was wearing this suit thing, and it's kind of eye-catching But I've never felt so stared at in a grocery store in my life! And I'm not entirely sure why! It must be because of the suit They're just jealous because they don't have it Update! Brooklyn, I literally just got back in the car Not even kidding, I just sat down, and Brooklyn called me and said she has more stuff from the store she needs

So apparently now we need eggs and hangers So I'm going to go get those, I'm going to go back in the store and go get those, go home, and then I think I'm done for the day, so I'm kind of excited I want to do what I want to do Not that I don't mind being an assistant, but also

(upbeat music) I'm trying to shut the door! Got it! Okay, almost there! Ugh, these groceries are heavy! Heavy! I can do this! (sharply inhaling) My arms! Ah! (creaking) (murmurs) Ugh! We got it all! – I have one last assignment for you – No! – One more! – What? (horror music) (laughing) – And then you're home free! I won't make you do anything else for the rest of the day because I'm a nice manager! (popping) All right, Bailey's got halfway through the dishes! Few of them she's probably going to have to scrub Finn's favorite thing in the world is the dishwasher, in case you're wondering

How we feeling? – I'm over this video! – [Brooklyn] Such a trooper! People are going to probably arrest you for the way you're putting your dishes in right now – Okay, but tell them that this shelf is full! So what am I supposed to do? They're going to get washed just fine! Voila! I've finished the dishes, which means I'm turning in my resignation as your assistant! (laughing) – That's okay, I can do my own things! – Oh, thank goodness, I'm free! Ooh! (upbeat music)

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