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– Who went in for the kiss first? – I did! – Brooks did! We were talking and fricking he gave himself away He kept losing his train of thought and I was like, "What is he doing?" (Brooks laughing) ( upbeat music) Okay guys, y'all want a boyfriend tag so we are doing one right now

And I put out a poll on Instagram and I was like, everyone just send me questions that we can ask Brooks – I haven't seen any of these questions yet and you're laughing You're giggling over here – There were some funny ones in here So the video is mostly gonna be like, get to know Brooks, but there probably will be questions about both of us such us together

So we're just gonna answer all y'all's questions because everyone wants to know Who's the funny one in the relationship? – Me (Brooklyn laughs) We're both funny – We're both funny I laugh at Brooks more than he laughs at me

What's your favorite food? – I like steak Steak is my favorite And like barbecue – Such a manly thing to say, "Oh I like steak" What is your major? – I am pre-finance so there's a still a few more classes that I have to take before I can apply for the finance program at BYU

So I'm taking those this year and then I'm hopefully getting into it – Finance – So finance – Finance – First thing you noticed about each other

– You can go first, ladies first What, that's not fair Well Caitlyn had hyped Brooks up for so long before we actually met So I feel like when I met him, I was like, "Oh, I already know you," but he was really, honestly, I will say he's really cute That was the first thing I noticed was like, "Okay, he's got an attractive little face

" – And the first thing I noticed about you probably how cute you were too I remember when I first saw you and we hugged and everything, I made eye contact and noticed your eyes and- – It's my best feature in my opinion, my eyes – Oh, how are y'all going to make long distance work? – This is a good one – This is a good one For the first couple of weeks after I left Utah, we literally just FaceTimed everyday

– Even a couple of times a day – Even a couple of times a day – I bet there are times when it was probably five hours – We FaceTimed a lot We would just make sure that we would do little things for each other, like sending treats or he send me flowers

Just like small things And then he came and visited me and then he extended his trip so he's here even longer And then I'm going out there in October So we're just doing it so that we're going back and forth seeing each other in person But then also putting in effort to make sure that we're talking and stuff when we're not together

Obviously neither of us are pros We've just started this So if you guys have any advice leave them in the comments Did Brooks move closer to Texas to be closer to you? No He's staying for two weeks

He's just hanging out with me while we film all these videos and do the fun stuff But he lives in Provo, he goes to school in Provo Are you a pet person and does Finn like you? – I love pets My family, we have a few dogs of our own so I'm definitely a pet person – I think he genuinely can tell that there's somebody else that is also a priority in my life now

And so he was kind of weary at first – There would be times where I'm petting him, and he's on his back enjoying it and then all of a sudden- – He'd be like, "Wait, wait, wait" – It would click in his head and then he'd start growling – Yeah, he'd be like, wait, nevermind I can't like you Oh, what do you think Brooklyn's ideal date is? – Oh, definitely something fun

Spontaneous – Yeah – Adventurous – Honestly, our first date might've been like my dream date – Just adventurous, fun

– No pressure How many other girls have you dated? – Ooh – The tea, I'm giving y'all the tea – Exclusively, three other girls before Brooklyn – So I've only dated two people outside of Brooks

So we're pretty much on the same playing field Okay, when is your birthday? – My birthday is December 22nd – And mine's December 31st so not only do we pretty much share a birthday, but we also almost pretty much share a name – True – Everyone on here was asking if, does it annoy you that our names are similar? – No- – I kinda like it

– Your family, your mom, they call you Brooks And so a few times your mom was like, "Hey Brooks," I'm like, "Yeah," and she'll be like, "Oh, sorry, I mean, Brooklyn" – Yeah Have you guys argued? No – No

I don't think we've been close to arguing – No, not even What is Brooklyn's best feature? – Oh shoot When Brooklyn was telling me we were doing this, so I was like, okay, what are some potential questions for you? – Did you think about this? – I thought of this one So he has an answer prepped for it

– The thing is you say everyone says your eyes and they are one of your best features but I don't wanna say that because that's what everyone tells you – It's so unoriginal – It's like if they give you a unique compliment, then you'll always remember it But your eyes are up there, you have beautiful eyes But also I really like your smile

– Thank you – I don't know, it just lights up the room and stuff It makes me smile Is this a good one? Read it, read it – I just think these are funny because these people are so serious and I'm getting a kick out of it

Who do you think will or already does wear the pants in the relationship? We each have a leg – Yeah, we each have a leg (both laugh) – How did you know he was the one? I don't know Things are just easy, I told you this I don't know

It's just an instant connection We got along super well and I found myself being very much myself around him, not having to put forward energy and effort It came naturally, which was nice I wanted to spend more time with him and that was a big light bulb going off in my head that things were good and that he was the one because not that I don't feel that way about everyone, but more so for him I guess the first sign was I extended the date

It was the date and then like he said something about Dr Pepper and I was like, "We should go to the store," and then we went to the store and then I was like, "We should hang out at the house" And I kept extending it – You were pretty smooth about it, I'll be honest – Really? Thanks

(Brooks laughs) – Some of these questions – They're so tedious – Oh, is Brooklyn hot? Yes – Thank you – This one's good

– Oh yeah – Do you get along with the rest of my family? – Yeah, I do – He does – I really like your family a lot – My family really likes him so it's working out pretty well

– Got another one – Ooh, do you play any sports? – I love playing sports I played football in high school, but right now I don't I decided to let that dream- – Slip away – Go off in the distance, focus on school, which is probably better

– So I saw these two questions earlier and I thought they were good So I'm going to ask Brooks them Do we have the same religious beliefs? So Brooks is Mormon and I'm Mormon so we religiously have the same wave It works out for us – Yeah, we both believe the same thing

– So the second question that people were asking was do y'all plan on waiting for marriage, which is something that I've talked about – We both are We're both waiting for marriage – We both religiously and just personally have the belief that you wait until marriage So that's something we're choosing to do in our relationship

I know it's something Bailey and Asa are choosing to do and all of y'all are always asking, so yes, we are both personally and religiously choosing to wait for marriage You're welcome Answered y'all questions Who went in for the kiss first? – I did – Brooks did

First of all, I thought he was going to kiss me the night before because we were- – But then I got really nervous and then- – We were talking and fricking, he gave himself away We were talking and he kept losing his train of thought And I was like, "What is he doing?" He could not speak – At the same time I was thinking about, how am I gonna kiss Brooklyn? But then I got nervous and I was like, no, I'm just not gonna to do it – So then he waited until the next day, the whole time I was anticipating getting kissed because I was like, I know he wants to kiss me

We were standing at the doorway and he just went in and he kissed me, finally So yeah, that's our first kiss story But I saw somebody earlier asked who made the first move in y'all's relationship? I think technically it was me – How, though? That's true though – It was kind of a mutual

We both wanted to hang out – But there was never like a like, oh, I tried to hold your hand – No- – That was really a determiner – I think we were on the same page throughout the whole thing We both mutually were continually trying see each other and hang out and- – And we both knew when we were hanging out it wasn't just more than just like hanging out as friends

– Yeah, exactly Did you have any hesitations being part of like the video series and going on the date? – When I first heard about it and they explained to me that it's going to be a video and everything like that, in my mind, I don't know why, but I just imagined someone with a big camera following us around, a bunch of people watching and that was my thought very first when Caitlyn texted me And in my mind I was like, I don't know With things like that, I'm a little on the fence about it When I talked to Caitlyn, she explained it and it made it sound a lot more low key than I made it out to be in my mind

– It's pretty low key – It's pretty low key I was talking to my little brother and I was telling him about it and everything like that I wanted to do it by the same time I was a little nervous to – I guess it's just an unknown

– It was just so random and I had to make a decision soon And I was talking to my little brother and he was like, "Dude, why not?" You're right, yeah, I want to do it I wanna go on a date with Brooklyn And it worked out – Yay! Have you met Asa and how do you get along? – Yes, Asa is the man

He's awesome How old is Brooks? – So this December I'll be 22 – He'll be 22 So he will be two years older than me for how many days? Nine? – Nine days – Nine days

He has not let me forget that – I'm dating a younger woman Oh my gosh, he's like, "Oh yeah" – I'm two years older than you – Before you met Brooklyn did you ever think you'd find someone like her? – I always hoped I'd find someone like her

– How are you handling everything suddenly being in the public eye? – Honestly, I haven't really thought about it a whole lot No one's like been like, "Oh, I saw you on Brooklyn & Bailey's channel," I don't know, it just feels normal – Did I have second thoughts about choosing Brooks? No Did I even hesitate? – No – Ooh, I got a question because they were like, what's Brooklyn's idea of, her dream ideal date? What do you think my ideal date would be? – Something on the water, like water sports, spend a day at the lake, on the boat

– That sounds pretty nice right now – What are your intentions? Are you going to hurt her? – No! (Brooklyn laughs) That's the number one thing I am not going to do – Hurt me? – Yeah – Thank you I appreciate not being hurt

So this is a good question When will we both graduate? I graduate May, 2021 so I'm a senior this year Brooks on the other hand- – I still got a little bit – He lived in Madagascar for two years teaching about Jesus So he's behind me two years in school

So he's actually just a sophomore So what year will you graduate? – 2024 No, wait so- (dramatic music playing) – It's 2020 – Wait, it's 2020? – It's 2022 – So 2020- What is wrong with me? I have this year and then two more years after

– Yeah so we have a little bit of a gap in when we're going to graduate Okay y'all, there was an official outro for this video, but my camera just quit working and so the clip got lost so I'm doing a quick outro right now That is Brooks That is my boyfriend I'm obsessed with him

Hopefully you guys are too because he's literally the best If you guys have any more questions for us or for him, leave them in the comments below We'll try and answer them But that's all we have for you guys So we'll see you next week

Bye (upbeat music)

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