Boyfriend Tag! | Bailey & Asa

– So he thought this was a good look – Goes with my shirt

– BB Pom Poms – BBShopcom – Okay (energetic pop music) – Ay! – What's up guys? It's Bailey and

– Asa – Asa! If you don't know who this is, he's my boyfriend You should know his face by now

Hello – Hello – Okay, so today, 'cause we realized after almost two years of dating– – Two years – Two years of dating We've never done a boyfriend tag

– Never – We're here– – Today's the day – We'll do that for you guys – Today's the day – But before we do that, do not forget to go subscribe to our channel right this instant

– Do it right now – Ma'am and sir, go click that subscription and subscribe Okay On to the boyfriend tag Wait, this way? This way

All the ways! Let's go Okay, so if you guys wanna know how the boyfriend tag works, basically, it's like I'll be asking him a bunch of questions to see if he can answer them for me So you'll learn a lot about me today And you will learn if he knows me (Asa laughs) well enough, and also– – I'm pretty sure I do – All about our relationship

– I'm pretty sure I do – Okay We'll see about that Starting with question number one – Number one

– Where / how did we meet? – We met in Louisiana where I live – And if you guys didn't know, Asa's related to the Duck Dynasty family They're his cousins But that's how we got introduced, is somebody thought that their family and our family should meet, so we met in Louisiana one weekend all the way back in 2000 – 2016 It was January 30th, 2016 – He remembers the day I never remember the day

– I liked her since day one – Okay Question number two You can't look at the questions – Sorry

– Cheating! Cheating! (Bailey laughs) Okay! Who is Bailey's celebrity crush? – Tom Holland – Tom Holland! My boy! – Who's mine? – Oh, Blake Lively Oh, you know it's Blake Lively He always says, I love the way Blake Lively talks – Only in that one movie– – Age of Adeline? – In Age of Adeline

– I remember he made me watch it 'cause he was like, "I love the way she talks so much" So much – Stop – I don't think he actually, your voice is not that low Hello

– Hello – [Both] Hello – Okay – Not really – So he got that question right

I love Tom Holland What was your first impression of me? – Hmm – I don't know this – Your personality and your bubby nature It really just drew me in

That day I was like, this girl She cute – Aww, thanks (high-pitched tone plays) Sorry about that Our batteries died

Little bit – Dude, you look good – Thanks My hair is just – Comment down below if you think she looks really good right now – Oh my gosh, stop I picked his shirt out for him if you like it, let me know – (laughs) I like it – Okay okay okay, back to the questions – Okay – Where was out first date? – It was at Panera – Panera – Here in Texas

The day was February 25th, 2017 – I have it on my necklace – It was also the day we started dating, – Yes, yes it was – and when we have out first kiss – Yes it was We kissed, we started dating, and it was our first date All in one – Just like (snaps three times) – Yeah, we were efficient Boom

Boom Boom Boom Boom – Which is not always advised, but we had been best friends for over a year – Would not recommend kissing, starting dating, and going on your first date at the same time

– Make sure they're a good friend – Do not do that please How long have we been dating for? – Ummm – Almost 2 years, somewhere in there – We hit our 2 year February 25th – Yep We're gonna make it – He's planning for our 2 year date

That's what he needs luck for – It'll be good Ya'll be ready for that – I'm excited (Asa laughs) Back to the point at hand Who said "I love you" first? – Me – He did – Mine happened on a Saturday, and then her's happened a week and a half later on the next Wednesday

– So, my first, no his first "I love you," we were just like chit chatting, and then all of the sudden, he like blurted it out, and I was like huh – She was not ready for it – I was not ready Not that I didn't feel it, but I was like, I panicked and I just didn't say anything Then I was like well dang I need to tell him, and so I was trying to find a good way to do it – I told her, you know, take your time It doesn't have to be

– He was being the good understanding boyfriend that he is You know, letting me have my own time and space – Of course

– But, I ultimately ended up telling him I loved him the night after, well the night of filming Simple Things I filmed Simple Things all day in LA, and then we went to go get pizza We had been sent ahead to a table for the rest of the group

We sat down, and I was like "Hey, I love you too, I just want you to know that" And, that's how it goes – Best day ever – Awww – Almost cried actually It was so sweet – Get yourself and Asa

Oh yeah, we'll have a poll right here Vote and tell us if you're single, or dating somebody, if you have an Asa in your life If you don't, if their on their way, let us know I wanna know So, go vote

– Let us know (music playing) – sorry – You're cheating – I keep looking, but I'm not actually reading the words – Okay Who was Bailey's first crush? I don't think he knows this – Me – No – No, ah – I'm sorry, but no – What? – I was a little boy crazy when I was younger – Chris

– No – Mike – Mike? What? No – Jonathan – Okay, you're just whipping out boy names now? – Chris was honest – No, Chris was not my first crush My very very first crush I went to a charter school, so there was like a very small amount of people, and we stayed there for years, so I can't remember which grade was which, and which cam first, but it was either my friend Max, at the time, he was my best friend – Hmmm – Orr – Its close to Mike – Cammon, we went to school for years, and he was my first crush, and I had a crush on him for a long time – Never heard of him, so – Shhh Don't

If any of you guys know Cammon, just don't tell him I said this – Don't talk about this – Because I think that he had a crush on me, but really we don't know because nothing ever happened We were like – Seven – Little babies Little babies What are Bailey's typical cravings? – Cravings, oh man

– He can name these – Too easy – off the back of his hand – We have chocolate, steamed or cheddar broccoli, potatoes, potato chips – Potato chips? – Yeah – No – Well just any chips – No – Or like salsa and queso – Okay, it's not even he same thing I don't even like salsa, dude – Oh, queso and chips – Queso and chips, and – And – Salmon – Salmon Um, no no – What? – No, no, no, no – You're just so cute, I can't stop – Where do I shop for clothes? – Ummm – This is a true challenge, because he is not a fashion man – I was gonna say Ulta, but that is not clothes (laughing) – More like makeup – She does shop there, though – I do shop there – Ummm – For, ev – Forever 21 – Forever 21, and Z- – Za-hara – Zara – Zara (laughing) – Its okay he's learning – First try – he's learning okay He knows all the steps to my makeup routine – Yes I do oh you want the – Go for it – Foundation, concealer, then blush powder, then mascara, then eyebrows, then lip gloss, or lipstick – Yes Okay Which is my favorite season of the year? – Summer – Summer – She loves swimming, loves being by the pool – I just love being warm – Yeah, warm – I am cold 25/8 Okay, am I a mountain or beach gal? – Oh, mountain, all the way

– Mountain – Uh, I mean if you, if she could live anywhere, it would definitely be in a cabin on the top of a mountain Just with the trees and with nature – It would definitely be somewhere where there would be like greenery and trees, and like a backyard What is my shoe size? – Depends on the day, it depends on the brand – Depends on if my feet decide to shrink (lauging) There the same size

– I would say 4 to 6 – I mean, I guess it really depends on the shoe – Yeah – Like, sometimes I can get into 3's (laughing) So, it really just honestly depends on the shoe Converse sometimes runs really small – Yeah – Little fairy feet – What about me What size shoe do I wear? – 10 and a half – Yeah, usually that's what I go for – What is my weirdest habit? I don't know what my weirdest habit is – Oh, sometimes she'll eat like tons in a day, and then the next day eat like one carrot and be full – Every female understands this though – Comment down below – Comment down below if you get that – Because I don't understand – You know, that's just how it works, that's just how we roll – So weird (beat boxing) (laughing) – What is one talent that I have? – Oh she can sing – Hello (sings) – Hello (both singing) I'm not trying that one She's working on the piano

She is a fashion star – Says that as I'm wearing a camo shirt What is my go to movie snack? Oh, please tell me you got this – Popcorn, mini M & Ms – No, if I go to a movie theater, what do I get? – Popcorn – Or, we literally went to a movie yesterday – Yeah, and you only got popcorn

– Oh, and frozen lemonade – There is only one movie theater here in Dallas that sells it, so we only go to that movie theater, and it's frozen strawberry lemonade There are only 3 places that I know sell it One, Disney land or world Two, this specific movie theater, or, three, HEB The minute maid frozen strawberry lemonades are so good

– They're the bomb – What can I spend hours doing without getting bored? please – Reading – Yep – Yeah – Always and forever, you guys know that I will read and read and read and read and read and read and read, and never get bored – Its true What about me? – Need I say more

You? Play the piano – Yeah, of course – Obviously, He is self-taught everybody Wow, this is turning into a long video Okay – But its fun, right? – Lets – Ding – Lets continue on What are my three biggest fears? – Spiders – Mmm, not my biggest fear – Being alone – Being alone – Like being, just not having anyone ever Heights? – No – I can't really think of anything else – Planes – Oh yeah, doesn't that fall into the heights category? – No – Its not the height part that scares me – She just does not like – The idea of dying – The idea of planes – in a plane – Which, that's understandable – And, I have to say the last one is like, us, like a future spouse pass away

Yeah, that would be terrifying to me – That would be the worst – Ooo, What's my favorite restaurant? And what do I order there? – BJ's, and she always get salmon – And – And a pizookie, a triple chocolate pizookie – And – (inaudible) – Mmhmmm Name 5 different scrunchie sets – (signs) What (laughing) Under the Sea The Plaid One – What? – I don't know the names, you haven't told me the new ones – You need to be on my website – Sorry – Under the Sea, – (together) Rapunzel, – Denim on Denim – Denim on Denim – What the red one? Flaming hot – Ahh huh, What about – Banana split – No – That's an old one – Awww – Into – Into the Woods – Yes – Ahhhh – That's five

You needed help – Ding ding ding ding ding – But that's okay, we now know he needs to go familiarize himself – Need to go practice that one – Okay, if I'm having a bad day, what will make me feel better? – Um, flowers – Or – (kisses her cheek) That – Yes – (laughs) pretty much – I just like having hugs or like chocolate, or I mean anything a girl would want – Watching movies – Flowers, watching movies, you know the drill Everything anybody would want – Yeah – What is my favorite genre of movies? – Rom coms or Disney – Boom and boom – I've watched a lot since being with her – What is the craziest experience you've had with me an my family? – Skydiving – Skydiving – That's probably gotta be the craziest – Oh that was insane okay, so what is my favorite physical feature of you? That you have – My eyebrows – Yes look at just the arch he doesn't fill them in he doesn't go get them threaded he plucks them on his own Natural Jealous, because I don't have naturally shaped brows – What would happen if I shaved them? – I would be, I would cry – Would you break up? – No I wouldn't break up with you I would just say, "Sir, why did you do that" That was not smart, that was really dumb

– Its never gonna happen, dont worry – That is it – How'd I do? – You did good You knew most of them Thank you guys so much for watching this video – Hope you enjoyed it – Yes – Uh, I think it shows that I do know her very well

– I would hope so – Obviously – I would hope so We have been dating for two years now – Two years – We're good ole chumps – You learn a lot about a person in two years – You do You really really – You're my best friend – You rea-, awwwww, thanks (kisses her cheek) Anyway Um, do not forget to subscribe to our channel, and also watch more of our videos

Some of the other videos I have with Asa, you guys can check them out I think (inaudible) today, so – I think that's it, see ya – I love ya (outro music)

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