BOYFRiEND vs TWiN SiSTER | Who Knows Bailey Better???

– And basically- – You are going down – Really? – It's like twin sisters

– Oh I got this – Oh, no – Don't look at each other's answers either – I'm stressed – What? – I don't know – You have to show- – I can't believe you, I'm a little disappointed in you

– I'm sorry, you haven't talked about that [Both] Hi guys, it's Brookyln and Bailey and Asa – Hi – We have Asa with us, too, so Brooklyn, Bailey, and Asa So, today, I don't know if you guys can guess already, but we are going to do the sister versus boyfriend tag and basically – You are going down

– Really? – It's like twin sisters – I got this – Oh, no, oh no So I have thought of 25 questions that I think are kind of hard for both of them, even though she's my twin sister, it was like the hardest thing I've ever had to do because– – I know everything – She knows almost everything about me, and he knows a lot about me

– Yeah I know a lot about her = When you spend every waking moment with someone– – So, I was like trying really hard – Now, yo, before we get onto the video, be sure to click below and ring the bell by the subscribe button so that you can be notified as soon as we post a video every week, it's super awesome, and let's get onto the video – Mwahahah – Okay

– Let's begin – We should place a bet, – Ooo – I bet that if I win, Asa has to jump in the pool – What! – So what is your wager for me, Asa? – See, I'd like to see you jump in the pool, too – But I can't, so

– Well, I'll make you a gross smoothie – And you have to drink the whole thing – Why smoothies, it's always smoothies – You have to! – Fine All right

I'm going to win – Let's do this – Are you ready? – Yes – What is my favorite food? Go! – Potatoes – Salmon

– Both of you are correct I put both down – Oh, yay! – Okay, whoo! Combined we make a meal (laughs) – Potatoes and salmon – My favorite song? (hums) – You ready? – Okay, you ready? Set Go

"I Won't Give Up" – "I Won't Give Up" – by Jason Mraz – Oo, she got the, she got the artist – Yeah, that has to be more – She wasn't asking for that – Take it! – Name at least two of my biggest pet peeves

– I'm thinking of one, but I can't remember what it is Oh, no! – Don't look at each other's answers either – I'm stressed You know it, he's like got this confident little smirk over here – [Brooklyn] No! (laughs) – Comment below if you feel like you could've named my pet peeves faster than Brooklyn

Three, two, one, turn it around – I said, scratchy stickers and bullies – Okay, I knew stickers but I didn't write it down I said one, when people underestimate you, and two, when I refuse to drive (laughs) – That's not really a pet peeve though, that's just something that annoys me

Scratchy stickers is one of them – Yeah – Another pet peeve is when people sneeze on me – Oh, yeah – You have more than just those

– No, another one is, there's so many of them, filing nails, nail filers, BO, smell of BO – Oh, she doesn't like it when people leave their trash places

– Litterers drive my crazy Don't litter That's not okay Anyway – But these are correct

– But those aren't pet peeves, those are just things that annoy me, there's a difference – Aren't they the same thing? – No – Aren't pet peeves and things that annoy you the same thing? – No, it's like, it's like, it's like, annoyed, and then it's like to extreme level, and that's pet peeves This is definitely extreme level, this one – Okay, okay

– Yeah – Okay, I'm going to give you both one point – No more arguing points, though That's not, you can't do that What item of clothing do I dislike the most? – [Brooklyn] That was so easy

– Literally this is the easiest thing ever (laughs) – I don't know – That is wrong, that is wrong – Turn it around – Shoes

– Shoes – What? Oh, I'm so dumb – You're so dumb, that was so easy – I should've known – I do not like shoes, – [Both] they're like nail for your feet

– I drink no carbonated drinks except– – Are they multiple? – No, only one Ready, set, go! – Sprite – Martinellis – Brooklyn's right – Yes! Whoo! – If I could be on celebrity, who would it be, and why? – We have to make a why? – Yup

– Three, two, one – Emma Watson – Emma Watson – Why – Girl power

– Girl power – Oh, we both wrote that – Aw! Okay, so I mean, I- – I said, girl power, Harry Potter, Disney princess – I got to say, I had Zendaya written down because she's a fashionista and girl empowerment and an amazing actress, and she can sing But Emma Watson's like the other one I had written down

So, I guess you're both right – And we even have the same reason, too – Girl power, Disney princess – I typically crave these foods – Oh, oh, this one's so easy

Wait, is it just one? – Nope – What, how many do I have to have? – There's at least three – Three, two, one Go! – Chips and queso – Chips and queso

– And – That's number one – Broccoli – Broccoli? – Chocolate? – Pizookie, salmon and potatoes, or chocolate – Um, pretzel M&M's

– Ahh! Both of you are 100% correct The one main one I was looking for was broccoli and chips and queso – Broccoli? You never told me once you crave broccoli – And where do I crave broccoli from? (snaps fingers) – Cheddar's – Yes

How many all nighters have I pulled in my lifetime? – Zero – Three – Wrong and wrong – I pulled one – What? – One

And you pulled it with me I was- – That doesn't count because you slept like- – Like literally the next day I stayed up all night – That counts – So yes it does

Which school year was my favorite? – Oh, that was so easy – Ready, set, go – Sixth grade – Sixth grade – Sixth grade is correct

– That was like a guess – Oh yeah – We went to like a charmed school and we had like the groupie and it was like amazing – It was like the best, I wanna go back so bad – Best group ever

– It was amazing – How long did I have braces for? Ready, set, go – Six years – Seven years – Seven years

(cheers) – I was gonna say it could go six or it could go seven – It's seven, second to third, third to fourth, fourth to fifth, had them off in fifth, back on in fifth, fifth to sixth, sixth to seventh, seventh to eighth and then like, oh I guess that'd be six – Six years! – That's what I said, it could round down or up – Ah, I'm gonna say six – No

– Yay – No you can't do that cheater I can't kiss her and get points No, I'm not kissing you – You'll get the point if you kiss me on the cheek

(laughs) Alright you both get a point cause that was a hard one and I didn't even know the exact answer – This is so bull – I have seven so far – What bone did I break as a child? – This one's easy, collar bone – Collar bone

– Collar bone and it was her fault – Her fault – To be fair, it was the neighbor who picked her up, the neighbor who dropped her, I was just there and it became my fault – I was literally on the couch reading a book in my cement basement and they decided to kidnap me so they come downstairs, – It was fun – They tie me up in scarves and stuff so I can't move, they throw me over my neighbors shoulder and she's running, she trips and falls and drops me but I'm tied up so I can't catch myself and literally land on my shoulder and just snapped my collar bone

– So not my fault, it was just meant to be fun – But it wasn't fun – That's not my fault – It's the only bone I've ever broken in my life and it wasn't my fault – Knock on wood

– No cheating opening the answer till you say it – My favorite, faorite, favorite type of weather is? Ready, set, go – Light rain – Rainy weather – It's technically his

– How is mine wrong and his right? – Rainy weather could be like a storm – Rainy weather just means it's raining, light rain, heavy rain – I like it when it's sunny outside but it's raining But it's not fully correct, but neither is his technically – What, okay

– Neither of you said sunny – Give him half a point – Okay both of you get half a point What is one color most people dislike but I love to wear? And I'm looking for like a specific color – Okay, I think I got it

– Description color – Okay, I got it – Okay ready, go – Mustard yellow – Banana yellow

– Yes, banana yellow! Mustard yellow, no, I hate mustard yellow Banana yellow – All the shirts in our room are mustard yellow – No, they're all banana yellow, they're all bright, bright, bright yellow – Do I get half a point for yellow? – No

– No, it's not right, I asked for a specific description color Nice job, that was good – That's not even correct, all the shirts in our closet are mustard yellow – I wear banana yellow all the time – I kept one stuffed animal from my childhood, what stuffed animal is it and what is it's name? Three, two, one, go

– Marie – The penguin – This is correct, Marie, it's from Aristocats – Aristocats – It's the one I bought for myself when I eight from Disney

– Because she was girlie at the Disney store – You didn't tell me that – I did tell you that – Uh – Yeah cause it was a cute little girlie cat

– Yes – And she bought it for herself at the Disney store – I still have it What are the two colors that I refuse to wear to prom or homecoming? Go – Pink and black

– No Why did you both put pink? – Because it washes you out and you hate the color black – Yeah, you talked about how much you don't like pink – Oh wait no, black slash white – There you go

– Because black because you don't want to look like a funeral, – Like a funeral, and white because – and white because – I don't want you don't want – to look like a wedding to look like a wedding – What – What is my least favorite food? It can't be a broad genre, it's a specific food How can you

– What? – No – You just show, just show (laughs) – Alright hold on

– Hurry – This is hopeless – Turkey – Hot dogs – Huh, both of you are wrong

– You hate hot dogs – But I hate beans more – Oh – Beans was what I had down, neither of you got the point, I can't believe you, I'm a little disappointed in you – I'm sorry, have you ever talked about that? – Turkey, he wrote down carrots

– He wrote down carrots – I love carrots – The first one was steak, the second one was carrots, the third one was turkey – I love carrots, I ate carrots for lunch like everyday What two instruments do I wish I could play? – Okay, I got that

– Ready, set, go – Piano and guitar – Piano and guitar – Yes, yes I wanna be able to play those and I can play like some things but not like fluently well enough

– Yeah – What cast am I obsessed with right now? – Oh, that's so easy, everyone in the world is obsessed with them – Ready, set, go – [Both] Stranger things – Yes, Millie Bobbie Brown, ah, she's ah

What's my favorite fast food place? – This is the wrong sign – Ready, set, go – [Both] In N Out – Yes, that's correct, what do I, what is my meal order? – [Both] Double double – Yes, that's correct, wow both of you are killing it

What color is my toothbrush? – Asa's like, why would I even know this? – Ready, set, go – Green – Pink – Green – Dang it

– Yes, that was a dead give away for me – That's so unfair – Nuh uh – I've never seen your toothbrush – What do I do with my pencils at school so I don't lose them? – Oh

– Ready, go – Tuck them behind your ear – Put them in your hair – Yes, I put them in my hair – I mean like right here

– Both of you are correct What male animated character am I obsessed with that isn't Flynn Ryder? – [Both] Oh – I was literally in the middle of writing Flynn Ryder – Ready, set, go – Jack Frost

– Hercules – Yes – Yes! (cheers) – Jack Frost in the-, – Rise of the Guardians – Is that what it is? – Yeah – The Jack Frost character in that is so cute

– He is so cute, Bailey and I always say Flynn Ryder and Jack Frost are the cutest animated guys – We're like obsessed What place have I always wanted to travel to and why? – There's like multiple – I can't get over it, he gets all of these so wrong – What

– Not right, not even close You know this, I told you this a million times – Yeah, I thought we talked about this specifically – No, never – Kay

– Ready, set, go – France – Paris – Food plus pictures plus fashion What did you say? – Paris

– Paris, France – Both of you did not get the place I was talking about – I was gonna say Italy – I was talking about Italy, I want to go-, – But that's what I said like-, – Specifically for the gelato and the food – I said food, that was my first reason

– Interesting – Okay so this is the last question – Oh last one, here we go – Deciding factor – You might be able to catch up to me

– We'll see – What is the one word I use to describe myself? You both know this – There's so many words – Okay, I wrote an entire college essay around this one word – Oh

– But there's like-, – This should count as like five points – No there's like five hundred things that I could put down that would work – Okay, last one ready, three, two, one, go – Passionate – Passionate

– Oh! – Yes, you're both correct I don't know why you were questioning yourselves, both of you were like eh I don't know That is correct, I am passionate about all things, like even small things like – Puppies – Puppies – Books – I'm very passionate, like I react to situations in a passionate way – Yeah

– Same kinda – Okay, count up your points Why do you look so sad? – Cause I already know – 165

– 205 – Oh – (singing) I don't have to jump in the pool, I don't have to jump in the pool, I don't have to jump in the pool, you have to jump in the pool – You have to jump in the pool

– Hm – It's freezing – It's like, looks like it just rained Like I'm pretty sure it just, like it's going to rain – Look at this

Okay he's walking to his doom right now (laughs) – I hate this (laughs) – [Brooklyn] Oh my gosh, this is gonna be great – [Bailey] I just can't even imagine, it's gonna be so cold (laughs) – So cold

(laughs) It is so cold (laughs) (screams) – [Bailey] Well you're officially wet How was that? – Not fun Okay – [Bailey] That's what you get for not knowing your girlfriend

– I'm sorry – [Brooklyn] He's just like I'll never do it again – I'm gonna start taking notes (laughs) – Okay so it was cold, it was wet, he had to jump into the pool because that was his – [Both] Punishment – For not winning

– Because I won – But he did pretty good so kudos to Asa for doing that So if you guys haven't yet, please, please, please subscribe to our channel by clicking the button right over here and also to watch more of our channel videos you can click the button right over there We love you guys so much, and we'll see you all next week – [All] Bye

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