Brooklyn and Bailey’s HOUSE TOUR!

(upbeat Caribbean music) ♫ So you say it's in your head ♫ And just won't go ♫ You climb so high, I don't know – [Bailey] And there was this giant room that we had no idea was here! (upbeat music) – [Both] Hey guys! It's Brooklyn and Bailey! – And today we finally, finally, finally decided to do – [Both] A house tour! – That's right, we're gonna show you our entire house, but before we go on to the video, please don't forget to subscribe to our channel and give this video – [Both] a huge thumbs up! – Now, let's go on to the highly anticipated – [Both] house tour! – [Brooklyn] All right, we'll come inside – [Bailey] When you walk in, you can see the stairs that go upstairs

– [Brooklyn] The winding staircase – [Bailey] We bought this so that our neighbors, if they tried to knock when we were ringing, or when we (laughs) when we were filming, they would know not to knock – [Brooklyn] It's actually really cute Kamri got it for my mom for Mother's Day – Now, let's check out Dad's office

This is where the magic happens Basically, we used to edit all the videos in here Now, we've got an editor, which is super helpful But he basically does all his thumbnail stuff with us We'll come in here and this is where we download all our footage and everything like that, and you can see all the computers

– [Brooklyn] He's got all our family pictures on the board – [Bailey] These are sort of old – [Brooklyn] Yeah, they're really old And we have lots of just antique sports stuff – More YouTube buttons

We've got one for Squared, one for Millennial Moms, one for Brooklyn and Bailey, one for Cute Girls Hairstyles, and Kamri Noel's– – [Both] Is on the way – And our gold button is somewhere – [Bailey] Coming – It's coming – Somewhere

– Some time (laughs) Fireplace, we kind of have movie room stuff too – Left of the door is our piano room When we were younger and we learned piano, (plays two notes) we would play the piano in here (camera snaps) All right, movin' on

– And here we have the butler's pantry, which is pretty much just where we keep all of our nice tableware stuff, like plates, goblets, cups We keep all of our, this is like the mud room We keep all of our shoes and purses and stuff in here – [Bailey] Laundry room! – The dog's food (laughs) – [Bailey] Favorite room of the house! Braidy's food sits right there

We've got a sink – Pretty much, it's like more antique stuff – Basic, more antique decorations This is the kitchen, which y'all have seen in some videos, like our cooking videos – [Brooklyn] This is where we always cook

We always cook in our videos – Right here – [Brooklyn] Right here Many of y'all recognize that This is the dining room

We have the table, we have lots of windows in here – Yeah, we got lots of windows It might be bright, the lighting might be (mumbles) see, but here are the babies! – [Brooklyn] Yeah, here are the kiddos They're playing games on the computer (Paisley laughs) Hi, Pais-ery! (mumbles) Hi, Dax! – It's our room! And y'all know this place pretty well! (laughs) – [Brooklyn] We've done a room tour, so everybody knows what this looks like

– [Bailey] In fact– – [Brooklyn] Bathroom, closet, me! (laughs) – Yeah, go check out our room tour if you wanna see more details on that And then this is the living room area, which is where we mostly watch movies and TV and stuff – [Brooklyn] Yep, and look who it is It's Rylan on her computer, 'cause it's raining outside – [Bailey] We're going to make our way– – We have presidents on the wall

Washington, Lincoln – [Bailey] These are my mom's favorite presidents – [Brooklyn] Oh, hey, this is our gold button! – [Bailey] Oh, hey, we found it, there it is! – [Brooklyn] I forgot that it was there (laughs) – [Bailey] There's ours and there's Cute Girls Hairstyles – [Mindy] Mine

– [Bailey] Mom's! – [Brooklyn] Gold buttons (laughs) – [Bailey] All right, let's make our way to Mom's room – This is my mom's room She's got a nice walkway And her bedroom

(laughs) – [Bailey] This is the bedroom area We got a massage chair and then their bed – [Brooklyn] And then the window! – [Bailey] And then there's windows, and then this is where we keep all our makeup supplies, 'cause we do have a household of girls – Kamri and Jenny! – [Bailey] Kamri and Jenny Y'all have seen this bathroom from which video? – Get Ready With Me! – [Bailey] Homecoming! – Homecoming Edition! – [Bailey] Hey, Jenny! – Hello! – [Brooklyn] They just got ready

– [Bailey] They just got ready– – [Brooklyn and Bailey] For Kamri's video – [Jenny] We're doing her Kamri's Q&A today – [Brooklyn and Bailey] Ooh! – [Bailey] And then the closet, da da da da! This is actually a massive, messy closet We tease my mom about it all the time, but this is basically, this is where we keep most of our winter clothes too, which is why we got a pretty big closet in here – We shall go upstairs to where all the other kids sleep! – [Bailey] First of all, this is like our play area

We've got a Wii in here and just a fun clock on the wall with some books in it – [Brooklyn] Over here is all the drawers with all the kids' toys – [Bailey] Couches, we've got– – [Brooklyn] The kids' toys are over here – [Bailey] Drawers with kids' toys in it over here (gasps) Gasp, look at this room, what is this? – [Brooklyn] Then we have little jars of candy that we eat while we're up here

– [Bailey] We've got, so we've got– – [Brooklyn] Wow, we need to fill that up I didn't eat it, don't look at me – [Bailey] (laughs) We've got this wall, we've got this wall – [Brooklyn] Which y'all see – [Bailey] We've got this bed, the DIY wall, and then Cute Girls Hairstyles

– If you look at that one jar, those little blue balls, that's chocolate Ugh, those ones taste so nasty – [Bailey] There, we never, ever show the top shelf, I realized, so they probably don't even, haven't even ever seen those blue balls before A secret attic wall! – Push for a hidden attic! Da da da da da da! – [Bailey] Let's take you through We discovered this about halfway through living here, that there was this giant room that we had no idea was here

And so we created this hidden door, and it's literally just all storage for studio stuff – [Brooklyn] Recording – [Bailey] This is where we keep all of our clothing and– – [Brooklyn and Bailey] Our props– – [Brooklyn] Our gym mat – [Bailey] Our suitcases, gym mats – We built a fort

– [Bailey] Look at our mums from homecoming! But if you come back here– – [Brooklyn] The light – And you can see there's a fan and then a fort back here That's the secret attic – [Brooklyn] We have a little mini kitchen bar – I love this kitchen bar, which we never really use

– [Brooklyn] We never use – You can see the fridge is pretty much empty And there's some, there's still boxes in there I don't really know what it is Then, we have the balcony which overlooks the living room

(upbeat music) Here's the hallway of bedrooms We've got our book nook over here – [Kamri] I organize these books all the time – [Bailey] Kamri literally organizes them all the time – [Kamri] I wanna alphabetize them but– – [Bailey] And as you guys know, Brooklyn and I love books, so they're literally– – [Brooklyn] There's more books in here

– Full of books And then, this is Daxton and Paisley's room – [Brooklyn and Bailey] Daxton's bed – [Brooklyn] There's a room tour of this on my mom's channel – (mumbles) there's Paisley's bed

And Paisley herself – [Brooklyn] Sweet pea! Her wall, her pretty little curtains – And Jenny helped decorate every single bedroom you see in this house (laughs) This is their bathroom area Can you see? It's a Jack and Jill bathroom and it's next to Rylan's room

– [Brooklyn] Rylan's bathroom – This is Rylan's room You can see her, she's also got a picture wall Jewelry right here, and then you can show her wall of stuff (laughs) – [Brooklyn] Dream big

– [Bailey] Her bed – [Brooklyn] Her bed! – [Bailey] And then, walking back into the hallway, we'll go into Kamri's room! – [Brooklyn] Kamri's room is honestly my favorite room – [Bailey] I really like her bed – [Brooklyn] She's got a carpet – [Bailey] She's got this carpet

– [Brooklyn] A cow carpet – [Bailey] That's a fake cow carpet – [Brooklyn] A nice, comfortable chair And these are my favorite, they're all themed She has awards, she has pins on a map with key chains of where she's been in the world

She has her idols with signatures over here She has pictures of herself right here All of her art right here, and then just pictures of the family right here, and then butterflies is another one that we have – [Paisley] I got this from– – [Bailey] And then there's this chair with her ukulele And her jewelry wall

And then her bathroom We still have to show them the backyard, so let's head downstairs and show them that – OK – [Paisley] Mmm! ♫ It's like paradise ♫ Oh yeah – [Bailey] We've got the porch/pool area here The hot tub right there

And then, the pool ♫ And when the sun's shining ♫ I feel my heart We decided that we wanna show y'all the front view of our house – [Brooklyn] It (drowned out by music) – [Bailey] This is the front– – [Both] Of the house – [Bailey] I'll back up even more so y'all can see

But there you go – [Both] Thank you guys so much for watching! – The video! I hope you guys enjoyed the house tour that y'all have been asking for a ton lately! – Comment below on what your favorite room in the whole house was! – And don't forget to give this video a huge thumbs up and subscribe to our channel by clicking the button right over here! – If you guys wanna watch more of our videos, hit the box up here, and if you wanna see some of Kamri's videos, hit the box down here – Thank you guys so much for watching again, and we'll see y'all next week! Love y'all! – Bye, muah! (upbeat music)

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  1. Omg I love you guys soooooo much and I wish I could meet yall ani I just wanted to say while I was at the mall I flipped out when I saw yall I love yall soo much and could you maybe sometime go down to san Antonio tx so I could meet yall💕💕

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