Brooklyn & Bailey Q&A

– Hello guys! Hi! (laughs) Hey say hi Brooklyn – Hi! I look like a mess! (Bailey laughs) – Me too, oh my goodness

So, hey y'all, we decided to do another live stream Just to say hi to you guys – Yeah – Yeah, we just wanted to show you guys kinda what we're doing, on our summer night – Hi! – [Rylan] We were having a rapping contest earlier – So we were (Brooklyn laughs) having a rapping contest earlier, but as you can see, oh my goodness, I just showered, and we're all unkept because that's what happens when it's summertime

We were gonna go swimming earlier, So basically we just wanted to get on and answer some of you all's questions if you have any, we're here to answer them so feel free to ask questions – We are watching Stranger Things, – Yes! – Because I haven't seen it, and apparently it's really fantastic – It's the best, it's my favorite show ever ever ever, literally love it so much And I've seen lots of Netflix shows, but this one's unbeatable And we, everyone in this room, has seen it

Bella, Kamri, me, and Rylan, we watched it together, except for her – So, it's her first time time watching it so, I know that show is amazing – And I have eaten a total of two cookies– – [Bella] Three – Three cookies, ooo, let's go with two Three cookies, a Popsicle, and a bowl of popcorn, and I'm still hungry

– I think she's growing! Anyhoo, so we are here to answer you all's questions if you have any so I'm just gonna read some How old are you? We are seventeen! – Seventeen! – We have seven months until we're eighteen? How many months until December 31? – [Group] June, July, August, September, October, November, December – Yeah, seven months (Bailey laughs) – Woah everybody just decided to count – How old is Rylan? – 12

– She is 12 – [Rylan] Just turned 12 in March – Yes, let's see (Bailey hums) What are our favorite foods? Mine's potato – Does dessert count 'cause I say ice cream

– No, like, no – Food food is Alfredo, I love pasta it's so good – I just like potatoes because you can literally prepare them any way and they taste so good Like mashed, baked, oh man, fries, tater tots Everything about them are delicious

– [Brooklyn] Just lists food – What's your favorite Disney princess? – [Rylan] I already know Bailey's – Belle By far – And mine is Rapunzel! And Flynn Rider's the most attractive cartoon character ever

– [Brooklyn] No, 'cause Jack Frost's pretty cute – Jack Frost is pretty cute though, gotta say – [Rylan] Who's Jack Ross? – Someone said– – You don't know who Jack Frost is? – Oh Jack Frost – From Guardian of the Galaxy – [Brooklyn] It's not Guardian of The Galaxy! – Okay

– [Brooklyn] It's Guardian, it's Guardian– – Do we speak Spanish? – Uhh, very little When we went to Peru, we spoke a lot of Spanish, we picked up a lot of Spanish, but, for the most part no – I lost it a little bit – [Kamri] And you just said very small – Very little

– Okay very little What's little then? – [Rylan] Very poquito – What else are you guys asking? You guys are so cute, oh my goodness – [Brooklyn] Paisley is adopted – Is Kamri our sister? Kamri is indeed our sister

– [Bella] I am too – [Rylan] This is the new adopted sister – [Bella] I am the new adoption – [Rylan] I'm just kidding, that's Bella, she's pretty much family – How often do you and Asa get to meet? Oh

Like once Once a month maybe? This summer's gonna be a little bit more spread out, but for the most part it's like once a month He actually came and surprised me the other day and it was so cute Do we have twinepathy? – Yes – Are you ready? Okay, I'm thinking of a shape

– [Rylan] Triangle – Square – Woo, wait I need to tell them first so they believe, okay Cover your ears Okay let's see, what color– what color should we– Let's do– – Yellow – Yellow Okay ready? I'm thinking of a color

– Oh Gosh yellow? – Yeah! – Oh! I actually got that! – [Rylan] Okay let me do one Okay what should we– – [Bailey] Animal A zebra – A zebra

– A zebra Okay, animal, Rylan's sending you the vibes Or am I sending the vibes? I'm sending the vibes You got this, I gotta look you in the eye – Guys I don't know

– Yes you do – Is it a horse? – [Rylan] Close – Close, a zebra A zebra, so she was close – [Bella] It's basically a zebra

– Oh, you guys wanna see what I did to Bella today? Okay so we were cleaning the closet and we found some color things and so, I'll just turn it around, how's that – [Bella] We decided to color my hair – [Bailey] I decided to put color in her hair So I put a pink, blue, and purple and then I just braided it up – And we were gonna go in the pool so I could wash it out, but– – She actually looks good with it in, it actually looks okay

But you should keep it in – Okay I will – Okay – As long as possible – She looks like a unicorn

– She looks all colorful – [Bella] Like I have a mane, a colorful mane – Okay what else Let's see Who is the messier twin? Me

– Bailey – [Bella] You should see their room right now – [Brooklyn] It's actually clean right now – It's actually okay right now (Bailey yawns) What else? Favorite color? Mine is forest green

– Mine's blue – Yes, yes – [Brooklyn] Light blue Guys I can speak with a British accent – You can't, go

– I can though – Go – I don't know what to say – She sounds like Emma Watson when she does that – I do sound like Emma Watson when I do it

– Go – I can't, I don't know what to say – Say something! – Say something– – Okay say – I don't know what to say – [Bella] I can do a pretty good one

– Give her a sentence – Okay Bella go – [Bailey] Bella is going – Okay, mommy, put it in your pocket and save it for a rainy day – Oh that's pretty good

– You sound like, there's different dialects – There's different dialects You sound like one of them – When I talk with a British accent, I sound like Emma Watson For some reason, I don't know why

Probably because I learned my British accent from Harry Potter – Harry Potter Ooo, let's answer that question, what Harry Potter house are we? – Hufflepuff! – Okay I'm confused because I took it once and I got Hufflepuff and then the other time I got Gryffindor So somebody please tell me, maybe I'm both I'm divergent actually

– You can't take it more than once though, because it gives you the same house 'Cause if you log into the same Pottermore account– – I took it more than once – We signed in with a different email – Yeah because it was forever ago and then recent Okay

How did we survive junior year while keeping up with your channel and spending time with your family, I find that impossible to do – [Brooklyn] Good question I don't know how – It is really hard – Junior year is awful – Junior was really hard for us both

– I'm sorry all you sophomores out there, there's no hope – It's really hard, but we just, I honestly don't know how we did it, we just, honestly, spent all of our time doing things, there's no time to sit around and do nothing – [Brooklyn] Like we are now? – You're either filming, or you're doing homework, or you're doing more homework, or you're doing more homework, or you're doing more homework, or you're doing extracurriculars, and then you hang out with your family, you're doing doing your church stuff You're always moving and doing stuff, which is nice 'cause then you don't have time to just sit around and do nothing and get bored – [Brooklyn] You just can't waste your time, that's it

– Which one of you is– Let's see Who's older? That's me! Just kidding, I'm younger – I was like, wait is she for real? No I'm older by two minutes, don't listen to her – I just wanted to see if anyone would be like, what? – She doesn't know what she's talking about – No that's not me, she's older

– I'm older – Sadly She likes to use it against me all the time – I never use it against her, she just says I do – No she really does

– I do not – Okay, how do I feel like being seniors next year? – I'm so ready to be out of high school – I'm kinda sad because it's the last of everything – I just wanna be out of high school – It's the last of everything, so it's like– – High school, you come to realize that a lot of what you do in high school is not necessary

Like some of the homework and stuff, you're kinda like why would I ever need to use this? Some of it's important, but a lot of it's not Like why do I need to draw this cartoon character and give him a historical name? What does this have to do with anything? Those kinda things you kinda just figure out that they don't really mean anything – I mean high school's really valuable, and we're excited to just spend our last year doing things It being the last of everything, and then we're ready to move on to the next chapter of our life and do some fun things What else, what else, what else

Who is your crush? – My boyfriend! – Parker – His name is Parker – And mine's Asa Rylan who's your crush? – No one – She has one

– [Bailey] Kamri who's your crush? – No one – [Bailey] Bella who's your crush? (Bella laughs) – No one – [Brooklyn] Yeah right! Guilty! Guilty! – We know who it is – We know who it is Alright, okay

What song do you like more, Simple Things or Dance Like Me? I like both for different reasons – Yeah that's true, like different moods they would be, go with different moods – What is your dream job? – My dream job? Oh my gosh There's multiple The first one would be to design gowns

You know New York Fashion Week gowns? – Pablo Sebastian – Like Pablo Sebastian, Zuhair Murad, all of those kind of dresses, I'm obsessed with them I don't know why, but I'm obsessed Which is really weird because I'm not girly, but I just love the– it's my guilty pleasure, I don't know why I like it Second one would be dealing with puppies

If I just had to take care of puppies for the rest of my life, I'd be the happiest human alive – Me too – Well I saw this thing on Instagram the other day that was like, this guy was some baby panda doctor Who wouldn't want that job? Baby pandas! What if I got to deal with baby tigers or something? – So want to become like a foreign – Like a baby animal doctor – animal, vet, vet – [Rylan] Brooklyn, Bailey guess what? In school next year, we have to do service project things, and there's one where you can go and work at pet shelter And there's dogs and cats and everything

– That's awesome – [Rylan] And you just pretty much play with them – My dream job would be to be a Disney princess – At Disney, although I don't think we fit the height requirements – No we're too short – We could be Wendy or Tinkerbell, those are the only two we could be 'cause you have to be a certain height requirement, and we don't fit that – We're too short, which is so sad because I wanna be a Disney princess

– I know I wanna sing and stuff – I either wanna be a Disney princess that– – No! My favorite– I would wanna be a voice actress for a Disney movie – I just wanna be in a live action, I just wanna be the live action Rapunzel – I wanna be the voiceover – I – for one of the Disney princesses – and I wanted to be super sassy but super cute – want to be the live action Rapunzel so bad – Oh yeah Bailey to be live action Rapunzel I mean she looks like the live action Rapunzel when she gets her hair all chopped off, that's what she looks like 'Cause we have the big, green eyes I mean it could work

– And she's kinda short in the movie – She is short in the movie – So, I mean, I mean It could work you know? – [Brooklyn] If we just put a blonde wig on Bailey you know? Or even one just animated a wig on – Just animate my hair – 'Cause there's no way that you could actually act with all that hair on – No way Jose, that's crazy What else could we ask? (Bailey hums) How long have you and Parker been dating? – A year and almost four months

– Let's see, who else, what else, what else, what else, what else? – [Brooklyn] It's been a long time, but we are happy as happy can be I don't plan on breaking up anytime soon – If we could change our eye color, or keep it, – Keep it – would we change it or keep it? – Keep it – I would keep it

I love my eye color – [Brooklyn] My eye color's really weird, it's like blue-green and yellow at the same time – What's your favorite flavor of ice cream? – Chocolate brownie or recently, I've been going to Braum's and getting Reese's peanut butter cups and M&M's and chocolate ice cream and for whatever reason it tastes fan-freaking-tastic – And mine is either chocolate with brownies, or it depends on the place, but chocolate with M&M's is kinda growing on me, so yeah Disney heard you Bailey, hire her

Aw, you are so sweet, thank you I want to – Please – Please – Please

Let's be the live action, I can be the long hair Rapunzel, and Bailey can be the short hair Rapunzel We look the same – What? Imagine that – Actually it's on my bucket list to be in a movie, a Disney movie, where I'm a princess But that's not actually gonna happen

– [Bella] I've a dream since I was little, to go for a whole entire summer to Disney World or Disneyland and be one of the princesses – But you wouldn't be tall enough to do that You could be Belle, 'cause Bella, that'd be cool – I really wanna just be a voice actress or something for a Disney princess, that'd be so cool – Let's see

They said What made me wanna cut my hair? Well I just woke up one day, and I've been seeing pictures of really– I've been seeing seeing pictures of celebrities cutting their hair and so I was like I think I'm gonna try it And so I did, and I loved it, I loved it And everyone was telling me "Don't cut it, don't cut it, don't cut it because you'll regret it" – [Brooklyn] Slime

– [Bella] This one's a little sticky, but it's really cool – There's chunks of glitter in it Do you see that? – But actually, I think that in June I'm going to, this is gonna be a sneak peek for you guys, cause nobody else knows But I think I'm going to put pink in my hair, shh Actually I don't think, I know it's happening

So Yeah, watch out for that in June! That's gonna be awesome! It's gonna be really fun 'cause I like doing different thing with my hair I just like changing it up and stuff

They're playing with slime, and they are being very distracting Guys I am trying to answer Q&A questions, how dare you? – Ooo – Ooo, that smells good, what is that? – [Brooklyn] That smells fantastic – Come and feel this – [Brooklyn] That smells so good

– Ohh, that smells good holy cow I didn't know slime could– (Bailey yells) Slime is flying everywhere, oh my goodness, okay – Feels powdery, this one feels powdery – [Rylan] It's 'cause that one's a cream cheese slime – A cream cheese slime? – Cream cheese

– It's not sticky at all and I love it – These kids these days man Okay we'll answer just two more questions so hurry and comment if you want us to answer your question Alright we're gonna pick right about now – We both have driver's licenses and we've had them for a year

– Yes (Bailey hums) – I'm Victoria, my middle name's Victoria – And mine is Marney, it's French – Marney – [Rylan] Look at my spinner – What mascara do we use? Good question, right now we actually use– so we're developing our own mascara, and it's coming out in the fall

And so we're really excited about that – It's super exciting, we've been doing all of the developments stuff on it, it's really cool – Yes, so watch out for that y'all We are actually, really seriously making out own mascara, it's gonna be awesome, it's gonna be great, it's gonna make your lashes look fantastic, so watch out for that in the fall And she's playing with the fidget spinner

What is this? – That's mine – What is this? – Look at how cool it is – Okay let's see, last question (Bailey hums) I'm trying to pick one Let's see – [Brooklyn] Starbucks order? – We actually, – Strawberry, – 'cause we don't drink coffee or tea, so we get Strawberry Acai with lemonade

It's so good – If anybody hasn't tried it, it's the most delicious thing you will ever drink in your life – It's the best thing you'll taste ever, I'm serious – It's so good – I'm serious

And last but not least (Bailey hums) Favorite twin moment – Gosh I don't even know the answer to that

– It's hard to pick one when you spend your whole life with someone – Yeah – I can't think of one – We should do another collab with Collins They're so fun, – Collins is awesome, we love Collins Alright y'all, we have Stranger Things calling our name

She needs to actually watch it and be educated And so we're gonna go

But we love all of you so much and we can't wait to talk to you guys again I love you guys! – Bye! – Bye bye bye bye bye, bye bye bye

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