Brooklyn Doppelganger TWIN SWAP | Will Baylor Students Notice?

– Hello everybody Today we are filming a really fun video

We found this fun lady over here that looks just like us So we're filming a doppelganger video – We look similar, but I don't think that we look (laughs) Just kidding, we look like triplets I'm Taylor I am also living in Texas like literally three hours away

So yeah, and I'm 23 years old – Yeah – Same height – We're like the same height, same body shape, same hair – I've been tagged in their stuff since I was like 19

– [Bailey] Yeah – We're filming a video today where we are going on campus to interview random people, and we're gonna switch in the middle of the interview, and see – [Bailey] But it's not gonna be me switching – It's gonna be us switching – [Bailey] It's gonna be Taylor and Brooklyn – So I'm so curious to see if people will notice and if they do notice if they'll even say anything – [Bailey] I just definitely don't think their gonna say anything

It's almost better that you guys look slightly different because these are strangers, so like they don't previously know Brooklyn and I I mean, they look very similar – My hairs a tiny bit blonder – So we're gonna have to – I have hazel eyes, like brown eyes – Oh yeah

– Oh yeah, so we got contacts – [Brooklyn] When, she's about to put them in – Contacts We're gonna show the transformation of trying to make Taylor look as similar to Brooklyn as possible (laughs) And then we'll go and try and trick people

And we'll see how this goes (upbeat music) – [Bailey] There was a huge debate on what color our eyes were We have green eyes – Comment down below what color eye you think I have – [Bailey] But some people in our office thought that they were blue

– She'll put them in, but they'll change a little bit based on her eye color – [Bailey] Yeah I think that green will make it look right (screams) – [Bailey] That looks so similar to your eyes – Okay wait til I put my eyelashes on and my makeup (Bailey mumbles) – [Brooklyn] Bailey is literally using my makeup to do her makeup, so that it looks the same

– We gotta get the same skin tone – [Brooklyn] I'm scared So I think we've decided that we're gonna pretend like this is some sort of research project for a class We're gonna ask them questions like what's your major, what's your favorite part about Baylor, like what made you come here? Just like really basic questions Look at that

Makeup being done – I'm getting my tan – [Bailey] Okay, makeup, oh my gosh – Bailey added freckles to my face – [Bailey] I did, just a few nose ones

Oh you gotta turn towards the light I can't see it It's very subtle because – Mine are kind of hard to hide – [Bailey] Hers are kind of hard to hide And so look at me again Brooklyn I don't know, you can hardly tell

I just did a few little spots here or there Okay both of you look at me and smile Oh my gosh this is weird – And I painted my nails pink – Because mine are crazy

– So we couldn't find an orange color So I did the closest color I could find – We're doing our best people I keep thinking that you're Brooklyn – We're gonna do our hair – [Bailey] This is so weird

– And I think we decided [Brooklyn And Bailey] space buns – [Bailey] Cause that's a Brooklyn signature move – It's a signature move – TBD They just came down with the exact same hair

Who is who? I don't know And I'm the identical twin here Show me your hair (upbeat music) This is the final result Wait, widen your eyes just a little bit Taylor

Oh perfect (upbeat music) This is crazy – My ashy knees (laughs) – [Bailey] This is crazy – [Asa] Okay, testing one two three, one two three

So this looks like it's gonna be a good spot We can kind of do it in this corner right outside of the Starbucks There's gonna be a little bit of traffic over here so we can draw people in But we can just focus the camera right here These windows are pretty hard to see through, so whoever is hiding can just be behind this wall on the inside, like right in there

And that should be pretty good – We we're just standing out here, prepping for the video, and it was me and Taylor, and we were standing here, and these teachers came over and they were like, oh my gosh, you guys are twins how cute And then we just started out with this idea that we were twins, and then Bailey showed up And then we were like, oh my gosh there's three of y'all, y'all must be triplets So then we said we're Brooklyn, Bailey, and Brittany

And I feel so bad, but we just said it so We're already fooling people – [Bailey] Taylor's gonna show me where she's hiding in the library (people talking in library) – Here's my newspaper (people talking in library) (laughing) – That's okay, okay

– First of all, I just have to ask, like do I have your permission for you guys to be filmed? – Yes – Amazing – It's good to go – Okay, tell me your name – My name is Adam

– Autumn – It's nice to meet you guys So tell me what are you guys majoring in – I'm majoring in MIS and corporate communication, double major – I'm majoring in electrical and computer engineering

– What's your name? – Lexi – Nice to meet you Lexi Tell me a little bit about your major – Okay my major is medical humanities on the pre-med track – Okay, so tell me what your name is

– Alright, I'm Megan – Also you have really long lashes – Oh! – Just pointing that out, they look beautiful – You're one to talk (laughs) – Just pointing that out

Alright, so what is your major? – I'm a psych major, and I actually changed like about a week ago, I was bio – Oh wow Tell me your name and your grade – I'm Alec and I'm a freshman – Tell me your major

– So, I'm a science research fellow at Baylor Super cool – [Bailey] You're a little tall Okay (laughing) – I didn't think you were this tall

– [Bailey] You look like a shrimp – How tall are you? – 6'1 – [Bailey] Oh yeah he's tall – I'm 5'1 – [Bailey] A whole foot

– A whole foot – [Bailey] That's what a foot difference in height looks like guys – Alright, tell me your name – I'm Garret I'm in business right, well, pre business right now, and I'm trying to get into sports strategy and sales

And I wanna get into it because it sounds fun (laughs) – Nice to meet you Matthew I'm just gonna ask you a couple questions So the first one is, what is your major and why did you choose that? – I am biochemistry I'm also pre-med, so I chose it because I wanna be a physician

– I'm Tyler – I'm Chelsea Well, I'm a psychology major, and I didn't wanna be undecided so I chose psychology – [Bailey] Nice! – Nice! – I started off as neuroscience, but I actually changed it to professional writing and rhetoric – Oh wow

Oh wow That's amazing My battery's dying really quick, give me five seconds – Okay – [Bailey] Sorry about that

(sneaky music) – It gets hard, but if you major in MIS you don't have to do it – [Bailey] Yeah, you guys are still, squeeze in just a little bit – Alright, I think I got it to work, so we're good So next question I have is what is the reason why you went to Baylor? – Oh my god I went to Baylor because I didn't wanna stay home in Colorado, which is where I'm from

– What about you? – I got a lot of scholarships here (laughs) – That's a great reason I'm back – [Bailey] Okay squeeze, yep perfect there you go – Are we good? – [Bailey] Yeah

– Okay I have one more question for you – Okay – So tell me what is the reason why you decided to come to Baylor? – Wait what? This is not the same person (gasps) – [Bailey] She got it, yeah! – Wait I was looking for a second and I was like wait, huh? – [Bailey] That was so fast – Alright I'm back

Okay, okay I have a couple more questions for y'all for the interview – Okay – So would you mind telling me why you chose to go to Baylor? – The truth and want the truth and nothing but the truth – Yes always – Lord that scholarship money

(laughs) That was one of the best letters I've ever received in the mail – Super – Okay, got it – Alright, a couple more questions for you So tell me a little bit about why you chose to go to Baylor

– Is this like a project, like you're not the same person? (laughs) Okay lowkey I saw you like sitting on the couch and I was like dang she really looks like her (laughs) You're not related? – Not related – [Bailey] Not related, isn't that so weird We're twins We're twins – Yeah I knew that obviously but

– They are not – Okay I have one more question for you guys – Sure – Awesome, awesome – Did y'all notice that I'm not the same person who interviewed you the first time? – No What – Hi

– How did that happen? – Sorry, we just wanted to test people's observations – Oh (bleep) (laughs) Man, I was like wait maybe I'm just stupid or something, or did she get taller, I was like what happened? (laughs) Yeah, okay, wait no that's so cool (sneaky music) – [ Taylor] Alright I'm back – Awesome

– Alright, so have a – [Bailey] Oh, yeah, there we go – Switch places – Yeah – Sounds good Alright so I have a couple more questions for you

– Wait this is a – Wait what? – What? Hold up, what? – Wait, what do you mean? – Your shirt's different No way this is a, come over here Bailey, come over here let me compare (laughs) – No you come stand by me Bailey – Do we look the same? – Very similar but enough where I was like, wait what? – He was like, wait what? – Well thanks for those answers I do have one more question for you guys before we're done, so thank y'all for those

Did you guys notice that I'm not the same person that interviewed you the first time – No, I didn't wait – What! (screams) – What the! – You know what that did cross my mind (laughs) – No it didn't cross my mind why would it? (laughs) I was wondering why you had to go, I was like well she go to the restroom – No I was looking at your nose

– Oh yeah – [Bailey] We are actually twins, we're actual twins – Okay, okay, wait okay – What? – See, when I first came, I knew I wasn't crazy When I first came I saw you and then I looked at you

And I said, oh they look so similar – Yeah – But we have no blood relation to her – No, I'm not related – Oh man

– Multiples, they don't get it, but then everyone we do alone gets it – It's your fault (laughs) – Had you not been here, I would've been more focused (upbeat music) – Alright I have one more question for you So, tell me why you decided to go to Baylor

(crickets) – It wasn't my first choice It was actually, I wanted to go up north, and then I noticed that you're not the same person (laughs) – You don't think so? – It's actually, your eyes have more brown than yours do – Yeah her eyes are actually brown – I have contacts in

– We put contacts on them – Oh okay, yeah so – I think I got it to work – [Bailey] Okay – Alright, I have another question for you, you ready? – Am I supposed to notice? – [Bailey] Notice what? – The change

– [Bailey] The change in what? That's it! – Well that was all – [Bailey] Thanks, nice! – Did you guys notice that I'm not the same person that interviewed you the first time? – No I didn't, wait – What! – Wait, what? This is not the same person – Wait what? – What? Hold up, what? – Oh (bleep), how did that happen? (upbeat music)

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