Brooklyn TIES Her Eyelashes in a KNOT?!? 🤣

(holiday music) ♪ Well santa don't you take too long ♪ ♪ Sleigh bells playing that familiar song ♪ – There's something in my hair and my eyelashes I can't blink

So the cops are here – Yeah, the cops are here and they're in the background talking to Mandy right now – Hey guys, it's Brooklyn and welcome to another episode of "Behind the Braids" In today's episode, Bailey and I and my mom and Kamri, we all go to Kansas City and we do a show in a mall, and it was super fun, it was a Christmas tree lighting show, and it was like a Hallmark movie It was so fun, and I also tied my eyelashes in a legit knot, like with my hair

It was a catastrophe, and I was like crying I had no idea what was going on Before we get on to the video y'all, click the subscribe button to UniLand, our new kids channel It's a lot of fun and we have tons of fun videos on there, so go check it out, to subscribe hit this button Now lets get on to the video

– [Woman] So Brooklyn, what's wrong? – I don't know, there's something in my hair and my eyelashes, I can't blink – [Woman] It's too long – I think it like tied in a knot around my, I'm scared – [Woman] What are you doing? – It won't come apart (laughter) I don't know what's wrong

– [Woman] Yeah, I can't even see it It's like, oh wait you got it, I think – No, 'cause like now it's tied in a knot – [Woman] It's tied in a knot – Now it's like lassoed together

– [Woman] Look at that – Oh my gosh, how am I supposed to get this undone? – [Woman] It's the new trend – Oh my, how do I get it undone? – [Woman] Comb your eyelashes, use your eyebrow brush She's got an earring, trying to get it off now – I'm afraid I'm gonna rip my eyelashes out

– [Woman] It's stuck, what did you do? – I just went to take my hair out – [Woman] It's kind of scaring me – Oh my gosh look at all my mascara's like rolling off I got it – [Woman] Wait is it in there? – Yeah, look it like tied a knot

– [Woman] It like, wait, hold on look – Around my mascara – [Woman] Yeah, it was stuck on, her hair was stuck in her eyelashes – It literally tied a knot around my eyelashes – [Woman] That's so weird – That is, that has never happened to me before

That is the weirdest thing that's ever happened to me, I gotta say I have like half makeup on Hey you guys, so it's the end of our day and we're celebrating Mandy's 18th birthday, where it was so much fun roasting marshmallows and starbursts, and hot dogs, and yeah, it's just a fun time (murmurs) At the end of the day, we decided that we, well Mandy decided, as part of her party, we're gonna do lanterns, so we're gonna light some lanterns and like throw them into the night sky, and all the fun tangled themed stuff So hopefully Jen's the photographer who's currently holding the light

♪ You're my number one star ♪ ♪ You're my number one star ♪ – [Bailey] Ready Brooklyn? Here we go! – [Crowd] Yeah, two-for-two – Okay update you guys, so we were lighting them, and it's definitely legal as long as nothing catches on fire, but someone still decided to call the cops So the cops are here

– So, yeah, the cops are here and they're in the background, talking to Mandy right now – Poor Mandy Alright, so update on the night, he has the strength to reach me Update on the night, the cops were called by somebody because they thought that we were lighting fireworks, but it's actually quite funny, because all of us are like choir kids, nerds, we're like not rebellious in any way, band kids, like none of us are rebellious, so we're like "oh my gosh it's the cops, oh no" And so the cop literally comes over and he's like "are you lighting fireworks," and we're like "no" and he's like "okay cool" – He just let us go so

– There was somebody parked on the street and was like, oh no they're about to call the cops, someone go talk to them and they were like, this is so cool, we've been watching for a few minutes, and taking videos and this is so cool, we wanted to go to the lantern festival ourselves, did you go? And they were like, they were friendly, and doesn't seem like they called the cops I think it was okay – So, we don't know who called the cops, somebody called the cops, 'cause he showed up, and we were all freaking out, so now I guess we can officially say we had the cops called on us, and got away, but we did nothing wrong so this is an adventure – [Man in plaid] This is a fun party – Hey guys, so I'm on the plane heading to Missouri right now

I'm so excited that we get to perform tomorrow, but my mom told me that there might be thousands of people there and I'm a little nervous, but it's also exciting at the same time, 'cause after tour I feel like we're a little more prepared to perform on stage It's gonna be so exciting, and can't wait – [Woman] Look at who's all back together, the crew Here we are Bailey, Brooklyn, you guys excited or what? – Yes – [Woman] Nervous? – Yes – [Woman] There's Emily, Sonna kept me up all night with her snoring

– I do not snore, do not put this out into the universe of YouTube I do not snore, for the record, and Mindy has pranked me, three thousand times – When we went into our room, the door was actually open, which was a little creepy, so Sonna made me go micro-check the entire room to make sure there weren't bad people in there hiding – Shower, I made her check the shower, in any closets, and then after we checked the entire room, and finally got to bed, and 20 minutes into being asleep, Mindy goes, "Sonna, we forgot to check under the bed So I made her check under the bed with flashlights, she was hanging from her bed, trying to see under my bed

– Needless to say, we didn't get a ton of sleep, between that and the snoring, Sonna (Holiday music) – Kamri's on stage during sound check, there's Emily, Kamri, Lucas (guitar music) (camera shutter) (guitar music) (audience noise) – [Brooklyn] Yellow gold – Yellow gold? Or this? – [Brooklyn] Emily's gonna get an ear piercing – Yes, she's getting a cartilage piercing

– Is diamond too much? – [Brooklyn] I think it's cute it's just a little sparkle – You think? – [Brooklyn] Yeah 'Kay, so interviewing with Emily Are you nervous? – I'm not really nervous because I did the nose one, and – [Brooklyn] Did that one hurt? – Yeah it hurt, but only for like a minute or two – [Brooklyn] So why are you getting your ear pierced today? – Well, I wanted to do it anyway

I've been wanting to, and were in the East Hills Mall, denim, outfit, get your outfit, get your piercing, you know We're just adding to the song And also, since Brooklyn can't get hers, I'm doing it in lieu of – [Brooklyn] You're doing it for me – Yes, solidarity – [Brooklyn] Thank you, Emily

Look at me Emily, I'm holding your hand Don't think about it – I'm not – [Woman] Oh, it's scary – [Brooklyn] Oh, it's so cute

– [Woman] It looks good – [Brooklyn] It's so cute, yay thank you – [Piercer] You are welcome – [Brooklyn] Piercing company – [Mindy] Sonna just found a onesie

– I'm Sully – [Mindy] Turn around, let's see the back There it is, she needs to purchase it Show them the sweater I found – Alright – [Woman] I added to our collection of Christmas sweaters

– Tic Tac Toe – [Woman] Where you actually paste tic tac toe on the sweater So we're walking and shopping, we're walking and shopping We're scoping out the different areas, so we can rerecord the East Hills Mall's worst Christmas commercial ever, and do it just as awesomely awful Boots and pants – Boots and bags and boots and bags and pants

– Hi Brooklyn and Bailey – [Woman] Look at their cute shirts and their sign – We love you – So it's almost time for the concert to start, and this is what it's starting to look like (Holiday music) – [Announcer] Look at this, what an entrance

It's the jolly old elf, it's Santa Claus, making his official arrival here at the East Hills Shopping Center in a fire truck Let's hear it for Santa Claus (cheering) – Hi, you guys ready for the night tonight? (cheering) Alright, let's go (singing) (holiday music) – So, they just announced that Brooklyn and Bailey are doing a meet and greet over there, and everyone woosh They've done a little meet and greet, and we have one more meet and greet, and then they light the Christmas tree, so it's almost time for Christmas, yay, I'm so excited

– We're gonna count down, how about we do like a count down, can you guys help us, Brooklyn, Bailey, Kamri? Can you guys help us count down too? Santa you'll help us, Ashlyn you'll help us count down Alright, everybody face the tree and let's try it Here we go – [Everyone] Five, four, three, two, one (holiday music) – Give all of these wonderful performers and Santa Claus a round of applause

Come on, let's hear it for these guys Happy holidays from the East Hill Shopping Center – [Woman] So the show is over, and now we're at Texas Road House What a big surprise, we eat here all the time There's this table, say hi guys

– Hey – And here's Ashlyn's table Ashlyn, we brought the whole crew back – Thank you guys so much for watching Comment below if you've ever had anything weird happen to you like tying your eyelashes in a know like I did

Now you guys should subscribe to this channel by clicking the button right over here If you want to check out some of the UniLand videos, click the box right up here, and if you want to see more of our vlogs, click the box right below that Thank you guys so much for watching, and we'll see you next week, bye!

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