Brooklyn Tries Online Dating…

(gasping) – This is just so far out of my comfort zone, I just don't even know how to feel (gasping) I am making a Tinder account and I'm going on a date with someone that I match with on Tinder

A moment of silence please (crickets chirping) I never thought my life would get to this point I never thought I'd online date Not that Tinder or online dating is bad, I just know that like college kids kind of take it as, like a joke Everyone's not there for the right reasons, and so I just feel sad that I'm doing this

I don't know why I just don't wanna do it You are about to witness me download Tinder onto my phone, make an account and hopefully match with a boy in the next couple of days that doesn't look like he'll murder me or hurt me So, wish me luck (upbeat music) I'm nervous ♪ I don't want to create a Tinder account ♪ This just feels like so out of my comfort zone like (belching) Tinder

(gagging) Download (gagging) How do you even? Oh it downloaded! Ah, I'm scared to open it! Do I really, am I really doing this? Create a new account Okay, why does it want my phone number? Like, that's creepy, like can people find that on there? This thing is getting deleted after this video I just don't want this, I just don't think I want this But it will be funny for this video

I'm kind of excited to see where it goes You know I have heard of success stories of people like, online dating and meeting and they're married for 20 years In college I feel like it's kind of a joke, Bumble and Tinder they're for fun, but nobody takes them like as a serious relationship thing And I don't know, I just really want a serious relationship you know? Just looking for the real thing (shout) Welcome to Tinder! (gasping) Okay

It's asked me to set up like my profile, so it wants my name Moment of truth Brooklyn It's having me fill out this information, I'm female, (gasps) Add pictures?! (shouting) (slow motion shouting) Here's my thing I don't know what pictures to put on here

I don't know what people are looking for I don't know what they want to see I want to come across as like cute, but like real I think I'm gonna go around the house and let like each of my friends I think I can add like nine or ten photos? So I'm gonna let each of my friends pick one photo from my camera roll that I add

Tinder, I feel like that'd be funny and like authentic, so whoop! Lets go do that – Brooklyn: I made a tinder account Why? – Brooklyn: Because I'm trying to find someone to go on a date with on tinder No (laughter) That's not who you wanna go on a date with I'm happy for you

(laughter) – Brooklyn: As she cries I want to let each of my friends add a photo to my Tinder So you can scroll through my camera roll and choose a photo to add to my Tinder I'm gonna go to the selfies book – Brooklyn: Oh no

Oh boy – Brooklyn: Oh gosh there's so many bad selfies Oh no it's so bad! It's me like after I got out of the shower Oh no! (laughter) Oh okay the first photo has been chosen – Brooklyn: I started a Tinder

Oh my gosh, what? (thud) This is important – Brooklyn: I gave you my whole camera roll This is bad Tina already picked a bad photo of me with purple hair Well there's a boy in that one so we're not gonna choose this one

This one You look so pretty! – Brooklyn: You wanna use that one? Yes! – Brooklyn: Okay then use that one Done – Brooklyn: A new photo has been added to my gallery This is what Tina picked, and that's the one that Bethany picked

Aye aye aye aye – Bethany: Is it snow or dandruff? Nobody knows – Brooklyn: Nobody knows (laughter) – Brooklyn: I made a Tinder account How do we feel about it? Brooklyn McKnight has created a Tinder account, as her best friend I would like to say that I am in disapproval unless I get to pick the profile picture

Oh what about that one? No Oh! – Brooklyn: What is it? The toast (laughter) Oh! You and the dog I will swipe I always swipe right if there's a dog – Brooklyn: Okay fine

Add it, add it, add it Now Chris, you get to pick – Carly: Chris is a professional Tinder-er Wow you have a lot of Finn dogs – Carly: Finn dogs? – Brooklyn: I have

Yes, Finn is my life Oh, do that one! Oh, no, that one that one You already got your choice One of these would be good – Carly: Oh that's cute, it shows how fun she is

– Brooklyn: Thank you Chris that's a much better photo – Carly: That's a great one! Yeah – Carly: That's awesome – Brooklyn: With my dad? – Brooklyn: Okay, this is the one that Tina chose, oh there we go This is the one that Carly chose, that's just awful of me

This is the one that Chris chose, that's cute – Woman: That's adorable – Brooklyn: This is the one that Matthew chose (laughter) With my dad very prevalent in the photo Oh where's the one that Bethany chose? – Girl: That's your header

– Brooklyn: Oh there we go, and the one that Bethany chose Done! Day two of my I'm not gonna say it because Bailey's right in front of me I'm gonna get Baileys choice She has no idea what I'm talking about as I speak – Brooklyn: I

Okay I'm scared – Brooklyn: have made a Tinder account (laughter) Why? – Brooklyn: And, I am going to let you pick any photo from my camera roll

Okay, it's taking me a long time – Brooklyn: Choose a cute one, like a real good one I'm trusting you because everyone else picked decent ones (timer ticking) (humming) Ooh – Brooklyn: Two minutes and forty three seconds later

This one – Brooklyn: And Baileys (gasp) Woman: That one's so good – Brooklyn: See! Solid I have a solid profile

It's twelve forty, I just finished watching a movie and I'm feeling impulsive so I decided Well, I'm gonna turn on my profile on Tinder, to public (gags) There are boys on my screen I don't know what to do Ew – Woman: I came in and Brooklyn's swiping left and right on Tinder I unlocked super like – Woman: what does that mean? Do I know this guy? – Woman: That's so cute – Brooklyn: He is cute – Woman: He's cute

(upbeat music) Okay y'all so, I made a Tinder, we all know that I need a date by Saturday My ability to flirt is limited, I'm not great at flirting over whatever this is, an app? So I thought it'd be really funny if I did some funny pickup lines for some of these people, and I just wanna see how they respond I am going to google, literally just google, pickup lines Forty best pickup lines ever

Well here I am, what are your other two wishes? (squeals) Okay I'm gonna send that to someone Well here I am, oh my gosh I can't believe I'm gonna send this (laughs) (whispers) I can't send it (shouts) Are you french because I fell for you I fell, like, Eiffel Tower Do you like raisins? How do you feel about a date? Oh my

It's a good thing I have my library card, because I'm totally checking you out Oh my gosh that's funny I'll send it to a boy named Aaron (gags) This is so weird – Brooklyn: This is how I feel

(shouting) Is this the Hogwarts Express? Because it feels like you and I are headed somewhere magical OMG, I have to send it This boy named Cameron Comment down below if any of these would work on you, and if you have any funny pickup lines that I should've used because apparently, I'm lacking in my own creative pickup lines Remember that boy, first boy I messaged? And I said "well here I am, where are your other two wishes?" Well he responded and was like "haha good one," and then he said "I'm not here to hook up, looking for something more serious To be more specific, we are historians and code breakers who've been searching our whole lives for a rumored treasure, dating back to the creation of the United States

We're looking for a fellow treasure hunter, this is where you come in We already have found an ice cocked colonial ship in the Arctic Circle that contains a clue linking the treasure to the Declaration Of Independence, but then we will be betrayed by my co-worker, and start a heated race to get to the document, ahead of our so-called colleague We just have one question before we embark on this adventure Will you join us? That's the plot line to National Treasure, the movie This boys not taking Tinder seriously either, I feel a little bit better now I just thought it was really funny, it's kind of creative, maybe I'll send that to somebody else

(laughter) All right yo, I've just been minding my own business and I was taking Finn on our daily walk, and then all of the sudden I get a text message from someone that says "I super liked you on Tinder" and it was someone I knew from one of my classes last year and I got really creeped out Then somebody else sent me a screenshot of my profile on Tinder, and they were like "is this really you?" Not gonna lie, I told them it wasn't me because like I think it's about time that we get this date over with, people are starting to think things, you know? That's a whole different story, so

(clicks tongue) (upbeat music) I've been sitting in my bed for the last like hour, swiping through these people on Tinder And I matched with someone His name is Calder, he's nineteen, he goes to Baylor, lives in Waco Less than one mile away (laughs) His caption! His little, his little thing is "the solution to all your commitment issues

" (gasps) His favorite song is by an artist I love, oh my gosh! Say hi Calder Maybe I'll go on a date with him, we'll see I matched with somebody else, and he messaged me first, and said "I like the picture at the Colosseum, with I'm assuming your dad" which was on there Um, "if you could take a private jet anywhere, where in the world would you go?" So, I'm responding with my answer, which is New Zealand in case you're wondering Ideally, I go to breakfast, I wanna go to breakfast on Saturday, which is a day away

Gotta find a date, in one day – Woman: Brooklyn what'd you just do? I just messaged someone (laughs) – Woman: Who? There's a boy named Calder that goes to Baylor, apparently Bethany knows him, he's a theater major – Woman: What? So I message him, I can't flirt, nobody judge my flirting, I said "hey" (laughter) "Hey, what's up? How's life?" I think I'm just gonna, oh should I say something really cheesy? Like "life's good but it'd be better if you went to breakfast with me tomorrow morning

" (gags) – Woman: Message him, message him Okay (shrieks) Life is good, but (laughter) I am not normally this bold, I am not – Woman: Yes Be assertive, assert your dominance

(screaming) I just sent it! (gagging) (upbeat music) Okay, so Calder, one of the guys I messaged about going on a date with me this morning replied You know, I sent that really forward message, I was like "oh my day is good, but it'd be better if you went to breakfast with me" And he responded with like "what time? I love how forward you are" And I sent "ten AM" so here I am, at ten AM, going on a date with a boy I've never met, off Tinder! On the bright side, I think Bethany knows him and she says that he's normal, so We're going to a little like, brunch place, so

Okay, I know I say this, oh hold on I gotta sneeze (sneezing) I know I say this every time I go on one of these stupid date videos, but I'm getting nervous and I don't wanna go I do this because it's entertaining for y'all I'm getting in my car so that's why I'm kind of shambling But I will admit that sometimes these little date things are kind of humiliating

I just get nervous, you know? I get nervous, and I'm nervous (groans) Here we go (laughs) Okay I'm here, gotta go inside Don't know how this works, because I'm not used to going on blind dates, so it's like, do I go inside and say table for two, and then when he comes he just finds me? I don't know, but I gotta walk inside, so good luck to me Oh my gosh guys, he's right there

– Brooklyn: Hi! Hello! (laughter) – Brooklyn: Nice to meet you! – Calder: Nice to meet you too – Brooklyn: Um, I have a camera, I know it's probably weird – Calder:No, um, being completely honest, my sister um, watches your videos – Brooklyn: Okay this makes it a little easier, now he's not gonna think I'm weird! OMG! This is so weird, okay, lets go inside Get some like, breakfast or something – Calder: Yeah

(whispering) Okay guys, he seems nice, normal (romantic music) (laughter) The nice B-roll shot (camera shutter) – Brooklyn: Bye! Okay, dates over, here's the tea That was good, that was a fun date Like, we had great conversation, super easy to talk to

What the heck Tinder? Way to surprise me (upbeat music) Okay y'all, it's the day after my date I'm feeling pretty good, I thought the date went well, considering it was an online dating thing, I thought it went really well I felt safe, I was happy about it That being said, I do not think I am made for Tinder

I just have experienced too many weird things in the last couple of days on there, and I just much prefer not having a Tinder So, we're gonna take a moment of silence, we're gonna appreciate the last couple of days, we're gonna appreciate online dating, we're gonna appreciate my account Here we go, moment of silence (crickets chirping) And now we're going to delete my account Delete account

Countdown three, two, one Delete It's been done, I'm off Tinder everyone Tear And now celebration!

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