BrooklynAndBailey at the Grammys 2017 + Music Release | Behind the Braids Ep.25

(country rock music) – Wow – [Mindy] We are huge practical jokers in our family

(screaming) – Hey guys, it's Brooklyn and Bailey And before we go on to this vlog, we have some very, very exciting news!! Our very first single is going up this Friday – It's going to be dropped on Friday, and you guys can go and download it – Listen to it – And listen to it

– And buy it – And all the amazing things! I'm just so excited for you all to hear it We've worked so hard – On this – And we want you guys to love it

We love it We're going to be doing a vlog countdown, up until the download, or in drop of the music on Friday So the first video is going up today, and there's going to be a vlog every single day until Friday when we drop the music So you guys can go and head over to our channel and check that out – In this video, you guys will see us film some awesome stuff for SnapChat, and we also got ready and got to walk the Red Carpet at the Grammys, which was – Amazing

– So cool – I hope we get to do it again – I hope we get to that again – It was so amazing – It was the coolest experience – I loved it

– And we had so much fun and we loved getting all dolled up, and you know, all that fun stuff, so let's get on to the video (upbeat music) – [Mindy] We're on hour, eight I think How you feelin? – My feet, are swollen But comfy shoes could've been comfortable

And I like this dress And I'm feelin, – Who picked the dress? – Technically, mom did (laughing) (laughing) – Hey Brooklyn, how ya feelin? – You know, we're getting there – [Mindy] Brooklyn wants to go to the bathroom – I really want to, yeah

– [Mindy] But she's in this dress (giggling) – It's a little bit of an ordeal, to, to pee, so, we are just gonna wait it out (giggling) – [Mindy] Who picked out your dress? – Mom (laughing) Well, technically I did But then I didn't like it on, but he said you liked it on, so

And then I'd found out that it had pockets, and I was sold – [Mindy] Yeah And everybody else likes it best too huh? – Yep – Hey guys, so here we are, bright and early Well I guess it's really afternoon, but we are getting ready to go to the Grammys

We're super excited, so if you can see, my makeup is done so far Brooklyn's getting her hair finished Ta-da And this is Heidi The wondrous worker of makeup and hair

(giggling) And dad – Here's their Press Passes – [Bailey] Oh yes – To go to the Grammys, whoever can see that – [Bailey] Yes, we can see it

Are you going? – I'm going But I probably won't be sitting where you're sitting (giggling) – [Bailey] Here's the elite She's working with the wardrobe, and it's set up in here – Gettin it perfect

– Getting the beads stitched on Cuteness Our dresses We're excited! – [Shaun] Uh, so, what is this goin on here? – Well I assume we're gonna get, hungry at the Grammy's Come on

I'm trying to get me worms in my bag, but it's not fitting – [Shaun] So you're gonna be in the Grammys and your stomach's going to be growling, and you're gonna open your purse, and rattle that noisy wrapper? – I'm not, I, all these celebrities are always watching what they're eating I just want Gummy worms I'm just hungry (laughing) we are in the car heading to the Red Carpet, and this is like technically the first official time Bailey and I have walked the Red Carpet – I'm so nervous – And we are kind of really super duper nervous

I just tripped walking to the car – She's gonna pull a Jennifer Lawrence – I'm gonna fall on the Red Carpet, and then – It's gonna be classy though – I'm going to be really embarrassed – You're gonna do it classy like Jennifer Lawrence where she just stands up, – Yeah I'm just gonna like – Just like whatever

(laughing) – Yeah, it doesn't matter (laughing) – And we got in the car, and we're both wearing like big dresses, so we're like, – I'm swimming – literally swimming in dresses Like, like, there's just fluff everywhere – When they were babies, their dresses were only this big

And now, they're like, fill a whole car – Yeah, it's great It's really good (trumpet music) (upbeat music) – [Woman] Keep walking, keep walking – Keep moving

(crowd cheering) Do not stop (crowd cheering) (photo snapping) (photo snapping) – Hey guys I'm at the Grammys after party, and it's pretty sweet There's everybody here (upbeat music) wow

– Look I'm yawning cause today was crazy! Oh my Lanta – I'm already in my PJ's – Literally, it has been the longest day, but like – It's been such a fun day, – The coolest day – We did so much fun – We got to walk the Red Carpet

We saw so many – We got to see, okay, we got to see – Crazy cool people – Carrie Underwood on the Red Carpet, Ryan Seacrest on the Red Carpet We saw a couple of other people – Pentatonix – Halsey

– Halsey, Skrillex Beyonce We didn't see Beyonce on the Red Carpet, – I wish we saw Beyonce but we saw her in real life – She was so good

– And oh my gosh, everyone was so good – Bruno was so good – Adele – I love Adele – Okay, Adele is amazing

– She did so, I mean, I thought that it was so sweet of her to give Bey–, like tell Beyonce that she deserved – I don't know if you guys watched it, – A Grammy – But that's what happened And we saw so many famous people perform like, now I don't even have to go to their concerts Okay, that's not true, but I got to see so many, like I just felt, it was so cool

And to walk the Red Carpet, it was so, it was so cool I don't know, it was a cool experience – [Bailey] I hope we get to do it again – I really hope we get to do it again, and now, I'm just ready to go to bed, like, – I hope we all get to do it someday – I just, want to go to sleep

It's, it was a good day – And eat food – And eat Eating, it sounds great – So today, is the Living Museum and Daxton's school, which means what? – Daxton gets to dress up as his favorite character in history

And today he chose to do Neil Armstrong – Right, and then they have to tell you a little bit about it You push their little play button, and then they tell you what's going on with that person, and some historical info And then you move on to the next kid – Yeah

Hey buddy – Hello – [Shaun] Who are you? – Neil Armstrong – [Shaun] You're Neil Armstrong? Yeah, and what are you doin today? – I am practicing, I'm saying my speech – [Shaun] You doin your speech, in third grade for what? – For the Living Museum

– [Shaun] The Living Museum What do you have with you? – My astronaut helmet and my spaceship – [Shaun] Your spaceship and your astronaut clothes What do you wanna be when you grow up? – An astronaut – [Shaun] An astronaut

Oh I think that's a good thing to be buddy – Hello, my name's Neil Armstrong I was born on August 5th 1930 Auglaize County Ohio In 1995, I graduated from College

In 1969, I headed toward the moon Casted off, at 9:32 am July 16th And once in space, we were orbiting around Earth

Once on the surface of the moon, I got, I went out, and said, "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" – [Mindy] Good job Nice job buddy (suspenseful music) Okay, so I got this practical joke, I'm gonna try on Kamri, and then I want her to use it on the twins in her video But before we do it, I wanted her to get scared by it, so I'm gonna try it on her

So I'm setting it up right now So, here's the joke We're huge practical jokers in our family But this is what it looks like, check it out Can you guys see that? (laughing) And the hand

So I'm hoping it'll creep her out Like it, it's suppose to look like a guy's like in her room Like, peeking around the corner – What is that? (laughing) Did you just see that on Amazon? Just like, got to get this to scare my kids – [Mindy] Just to be clear, she jumped

I just missed it, dang it – I jumped Didn't scream though We have one of the bike flys (gasp) – That's not even funny

(chuckling) – Okay, so I've got the twins, all set up So let me show you Here's their bathroom, and I put him right here So it's kind of like hiding behind their shower

But the trick is, that when you walk in the bathroom, you can, just barely see it, in the mirror Yeah like that So I think it's really gonna give em a heart attack for sure, when they walk in and they like blah, out of the corner of their eye So, we're gonna see what happens – [Brooklyn] You guys are funky

You're acting weird (screaming) – [Bailey] What? (laughing) – What the heck? That was so creepy I thought that was dad, and then I was – I thought that was dad – That was so creepy

– I wish I'd, I wish I'd been in here So I didn't see – I was like, you're acting weird, mom Why are you acting weird? – Why are you acting so weird? – You are so, you can't lie Thank you guys so much for watching that video

I hope you enjoyed seeing some sneak peaks of us at the Grammys, – Yes – And walking the Red Carpet, and getting ready, and filming for SnapChat, all that fun stuff – And just a reminder, our very first single is being released, on this upcoming Friday So make sure you guys watch for that, and if you want to see, some fun videos as well, we're going to be doing a count down on our channel, for the next five days So go check that out as well

– And we're gonna be putting up vlogs everyday until Friday, when we drop our music So you guys, go check that out – If you guys want to subscribe to this channel, click the button right down here And if you want see more of our videos, click over here And we'll see you all next week

Bye, muah (upbeat music)

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