Brooklyn’s 10 DATES in 10 DAYS | Meet Jorge (Date #1)

– Hey Brooklyn, my name's Jorge I'm 22 years old and I can't wait to go on a date with you

Hey Brooklyn, good lookin' I'm tryin' to be smooth and I hope that is working My name's Jorge and I'm just 22 Now I'm pretty excited I get to finally meet you I can't wait for the date

I'll see you in a bit Don't forget that smile, and don't be late – [Brooklyn] I don't know if you guys know who Alyssa Mycell is She's a really good friend of ours She just did a series on our channel where she did 15 dates in 15 days and she actually fell in love with one of the guys, and now they're totally dating

Her mom called me and was like, "Do you wanna do this?" And I was like, "Sound like fun" So now I'm in Utah, and we are doing 10 dates in 10 days So I'm going on 10 different dates with 10 different guys Basically, Betsy like filtered through a bunch of like people asking to go on dates, and she chose 10 guys, and like they got dates planned for a bunch of days, and I don't know anything about them I'm literally just going on the date, meeting them for the first time

You guys get the chance to vote on who is your favorite date So, in order to vote, you literally have to just comment on the video of the boy that is your favorite You get to vote, and then whoever has the most votes at the end of this series, and also, taking into account whether or not I like enjoyed going out on a date with them, I'm going on a second date with them! I'm gonna be uploading videos, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so we're gonna have like 10 videos, so you guys are gonna have so much to watch, which is really exciting Anyways, so that's what's happening, and this video is the first date I'm headed out to date number one

We're going to pick out, like, we're going thrifting essentially We're gonna pick out outfits And then we're going to dinner And I have the lovely Betsy here as my sidekick and wing-man for these dates – I'm gonna video

(both laugh) I'm gonna be videoing it There's a lot of pressure you know – I'm excited! I'm actually also very nervous because this is the first of the 10 dates, and it like sets the precedent, for the rest of the dates So, we'll see how it goes We're gonna film the whole thing for y'all, and y'all can watch it go down

– Hi! Nice to meet you I'm Brooklyn – I'm Jorge – Nice to meet you This is the camera You can say hello – Hey camera

You guys wanna come in for a second? – [Betsy] Yeah, sure let's do it – Thank you! It's so cute! Look at the rose – [Betsy] Aww – No, gosh no I know C and that's about it

– All right go ahead – Oh no I can do the (piano music) There you go – [Jorge] Perfect – Thank you I mostly sing, so – Oh yeah, okay sing – No, no, no, no, no, no

– Okay, so we're going to this thrift stores called Savers, all right So I go in, and you're gonna choose my outfit – Okay Am I like going for good, or is it going to look bad? – It's whatever you want Now I'll choose your outfit, and then we will change into these outfits and go have dinner

– Oh my gosh we're wearing them? Oh my gosh we're wearing them? – Yep – This will be interesting – 'Kay – I'm gonna make this as bad as possible – [Betsy] All right you guys have taken your temperature, masks on

– We're safe About to pick out some crazy outfits so – [Betsy] At Savers – The world is my oyster (upbeat music) – We're about to change into our outfits I'm concerned that I'm gonna look like an infant

(Brooklyn laughs) – [Betsy] Uh uh, it's gonna be- – He says he thinks its gonna be funny (Betsy laughs) – [Betsy] Do the, how do the pants fit? – [Brooklyn] Um (Brooklyn laughs) – [Betsy] Okay, I don't care who you are, that looks amazing (Betsy laughs) That looks, I mean if she didn't already love you, she does now – [Betsy] Uh oh, this might be drama

She might have to go back Oh, that looks amazing! I don't care who you are, you look good – I mean and look, Finn – I know I have my dog on this If I like lift my arms up or bend over in any way, shape or form, somethings coming off 'cause its not

– [Betsy] You nailed it That bag- – (indistinct) In my purse – [Betsy] So we decided to come to the park to get some pictures because we couldn't take pictures

– You know, some boyfriends give their girlfriends necklaces, or bracelets You know, I'm not like them – [Betsy] Amazing – What is that thing from Bugs? I'm a beautiful butterfly – Okay we are headed to dinner

Wait I forgot the name Leatherby's? – Leatherby's – Which apparently is like, a great place for ice cream Also if any of you can tell me what this means, "Be the ball" Because I don't really know what this saying means So let me know 'cause I'm wearing it in tatting on my hat

I feel like its important that I know what it, what it means (people chattering) – This is my dog He is the most spoiled – Aw – Thing, yeah

– But he looks, he look young How old? – He's one – Really? – Yeah – [Betsy] What are you, what are you going to school for? – Oh yeah, what are you studying? – Studying mechanical engineering – Smart

– Sort of, just kidding (laughs) – What sports? – Yeah sports I play soccer And you said you play basketball? – Oh yeah – That you have like a killer jump-shot? – Bro, I can dunk like nobody's business

Taking in all of the dance history that I had for my entire life, and I'm applying it for this moment – [Betsy] That's garbage – That was beautiful – Yeah, it was beautiful – [Betsy] Brooklyn, just try the pickle

– This smells gosh-dang awful – [Betsy] Really? Then don't smell it just eat it – I don't smell anything – What? You don't smell that? – [Betsy] Really? – Oh that was a bad idea – [Betsy] Do you hate those? – I hate them

– [Betsy] Oh you do Okay so that's good Like match made in heaven right there – [Betsy] So he left his mask and his keys at the table, and the waitress just brought it over to us – We're gonna see how long it takes him to- – [Betsy] Put it in your purse

Put it in your purse – [Betsy] You guys are a good looking couple That's all I can say – Oh I'll be right back – [Betsy] Should we tell him? We pranked you! – Ah no

– [Brooklyn] I got your mask – Oh mask too Wow – [Betsy] See we got you! – Brooklyn why are you so excited to get out of that outfit? – This pants, rides up in places I'd rather it not and sinks low in other places I'd really rather it not So I think I'm ready to take it off

– [Betsy] But you know what it was, it was fun – It was fun while it lasted I'm glad I could be such a party in pants – [Betsy] I mean it's amazing (upbeat music) – [Betsy] First impression what did you think? – First impression? She's fun

She's just really fun I had fun – [Betsy] What is your favorite thing about Brooklyn? – Um, shoot That smile is nice, like it makes me smile Like, it's amazing

And I guess like, we can talk, and it's like cannot like boring or anything so like Like I feed off people, like I don't start things I can continue but I don't start them but like she's good at – [Betsy] Keeping a conversation, I feel like you guys were both actually good at keeping a con, there was never one ounce of awkward silence – [Betsy] What was your favorite part of the night? – When I, this cape – [Betsy] I mean, she did a good job picking that out – Yeah I had no like I had no idea

Like I was thinking maybe a shirt, or some baggy pants, but no this is dope – [Betsy] That's legit I mean the mirrors, turn it around one more time – Oh yeah, like – [Betsy] There are mirrors on it, fringe – [Betsy] What would you rate this date? – Uh, a 11 out of 10

– [Betsy] Out of 10, you're gonna give it an- – 11 – [Betsy] Brooklyn did you hear that? That's gonna be amazing Wait till she sees this Okay Brooklyn While he's in there changing, I need to know all the things

First impressions? – He was really nice at first, well he was really nice the whole time Why did I say at first? Really easy to get along with, super easy to talk to – [Betsy] When you first looked at him, what did you think? – He's really cute – [Betsy] He is cute – He's very cute

We had good conversation we had a fun time He's got a cute dog, so – [Betsy] Winning with the dog – I know This is like a pretty good move

Good first date – Thank you for taking me out it was super fun – Oh yeah, I had a good time too – Well, I guess this is goodbye – [Betsy] Maybe you will see him next time

– Maybe next time (camera whirs) (upbeat music) (camera whirs) (camera whirs) (camera whirs) (camera whirs) – Okay, now that the day is officially over, and we are heading home First impression, had really cute style His haircut was really cute He was very cute, as like a person

Also really easy to have a conversation with, which was just nice, 'cause sometimes it's not always that easy But yeah, it was fun – He was super nice, really cute He was like confident, but not like cocky – [Brooklyn] Yeah that's true

– And he seemed genuinely interested in all like, he wanted to know what kind of dance you did like- – [Brooklyn] Yeah he is And he was like super cool when like, sometimes I talk about my business and like things he, like my family and we'd say stuff he'd probably didn't know what we were talking about and he was just like, chill with it He was just like, whatever, so that was nice – He seemed to like keep asking questions like he was interested in everything, so – And he was funny

I'll give him that Like he could be sarcastic which was nice So, overall, fun date, nice guy – And he speaks two languages – And speaks two two languages so

– There's that – This was a, the bar has been set Now we've got 9 more dates to go, and we're gonna see what those are like Keep watching, so you can find out what they are – Or vote, vote you guys

If you loved him, vote for him – Yup – He deserves a vote – Just vote and whoever, it'll be a mutual decision Whoever you guys think, and I think is the best, we're gonna go on a second date with

So, vote, vote, vote Watch all the videos, stay updated You wanna watch me go on more dates, they come out every Monday, Wednesday, Friday So stay tuned

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