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– Ahh! Ew! (upbeat music) – Hey guys, it's Brooklyn, and today I'm doing my own version of the best friend tag I have: – Allison

– And: – Parker – And these are my best friends, so if you guys, Bailey did her own version of this, and now we're gonna kind of change it up a little bit (laughter) And if you guys wanna see Bailey's version, hit the information button up there, it will be up there, don't forget to enter our giveaway, it ends on the 21st midnight Central Time You can enter by hitting the information button up there again, or the link in the description box below Now, are you guys ready to start? – Sure, sure

– [Allison] No – Okay, let's get started The rules: So Bailey will be asking us questions, and we all have to answer for each other, so Parker will answer for me, I will answer for Ally, and Ally will answer for Parker, and then to be fair we'll switch it up somewhere in the questions so that it's the other way around because, I don't know, I feel like some people know other people better, and we're just gonna make it fair! – But if we get the question wrong, or if we don't answer at all, we get an egg smashed on our head – Yes (giggles) Hence why we're switching it around, so everybody hopefully gets at least a few eggs smashed on their head

– [Bailey] What is their favorite color? – Blue Like a teal-ish, cause it complements her eyes – Correct – I have to answer for Ally I believe it's blue

– Yeah – Solid! Okay – Blue – Wrong! (laughs) – Brooklyn's biggest fear is claustrophobic, like closed spaces – I am claustrophobic

I'm gonna say being alone, like in life – It's getting a baseball hit in your face – That's happened many times before, it is heights – Brooklyn's dream job is a child psychologist – Psychiatrist actually, do I get to crack a head on his– – [Parker] No

– An egg on his head? – [Bailey] Yes – No! No! – Yes! – Are you kidding me? That is, nuh-uh – Yes, I said psychiatrist not psychologist – That is the same thing! – They're different! – That's the same thing (laughter) That's the same thing

– Okay, I'm just gonna say you want to be a anesthesiologist – Yeah, dang it – Pulled that one outta nowhere! – Parker's dream job is an architect – Yep – We all knew that one

– Brooklyn has a scar on her stomach from being attacked by a dog – That's true It's like right here, it's a little one, that's the littlest scar, – [Allison] My dogs – [Brooklyn] I have two other bigger ones, but it was Ally's dogs that attacked me! (sped up talking) So it was a scary traumatic time in my life – Didn't work out too well

– No! Okay, Ally has a scar on her hand from her grandma's dog biting her – Yep – This is not even fair – Giving it goldfish – You can see my scar

– Parker's scar is on his cheek, and when he was a toddler he was in the little rollie things and– – The cars? – Yeah, he got mad and he ran into a windowsill and sliced open his cheek – He doesn't remember So I was in the science teachers room and I had a jacket on, like a pullover, and I had like a loose top and then a tank top underneath, so I pulled (laughs) I pulled the sweatshirt off, and my shirt came off with it – [Parker] It was my sweatshirt wasn't it? – It was his sweatshirt Ally's most– – It was not that bad, that's why I didn't remember it

– Most embarrassing moment I don't know, what's like a common embarrassing moment, did you pee your pants at some point in your life? – No! – Dang it, I don't know – His pants fell down – No! My pants have never fallen down but I couldn't tell you my most embarrassing moment – He doesn't have one! That's an unfair question

Okay, at this point we're gonna switch up the order, we've answered a few questions So now Ally has to answer for me, I have to answer for Parker and Parker has to answer for Ally – It's white bread, and then she comes with cheese on it, it's Colby-Jack usually and then she has like two slices of turkey – Yes! That is like down to the slice of turkey correct! Do you like meatball subs? – Nope – Dang it

– Ham and cheese – No – Yeah I didn't think so (laughter) – That one squirted everywhere! – To either fly or be able to like read a bunch of books and like know it all – That would be amazing but incorrect, I want to have the power of filling things up

– I knew that – My bank account is empty, fill it up, your gas tank's empty, fill it up, your plate of food is empty, you fill it up, if somebody's heart is empty of love, fill it up! Parker's power would be to fly – Definitely not Ally wants to control time (laughter) – Brooklyn's most passionate about her family

– Well my answer probably would have been like the people I love so, that works out well I wanna say the people he loves and baseball – Yeah, that's what I would have said The people she loves! – That and helping people, that's half right, do I smash it? – No! Do not! (laughter) – What's my birthday? – December 31st 1999 – Your birthday is December 7th! – Yep, Pearl Harbour day

Your birthday So it's May? – No it's not May! – [Brooklyn] It's not May! – [Brooklyn and Allison] It's April – I'm gonna say it's June

(playful music) – [Allison] I'll help you out, best friend (laughs) – Thank you guys so much for watching, I hope you love my best friends as much as I do, and if you do give this video a huge thumbs up, also don't forget to enter the giveaway by hitting the information button up there or the link in the description box below, and that's all I have for you guys today, so we'll see you next week, bye!

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