Brooklyn’s BOYFRIEND Reveal! | 10 Dates in 10 Days

– We flew in Brooklyn's person that she picked from the date and she has no idea, and he's about to arrive And literally I'm probably more nervous than she is because I literally been working so hard to keep this a secret, so hard to keep this a secret

And so I am so excited But she has no idea Like, no idea They're on their way! (upbeat electric guitar music) (upbeat electric guitar music) (ding of a bell) (upbeat electric guitar music) (ding of a bell) – We are on our way to the airport to pick up somebody special We've been working so hard to surprise Brooklyn with this person

I don't wanna say his name and coming in town – [Driver] Her dad We're surprising her with her dad – No You guys know Brooklyn had a really good time on one of her 10 dates especially and they've been in contact since then and we've been trying to get that person out here

And then, of course Bailey got Covid so that didn't work out So now that everyone's past Covid and quarantine we finally can get him back out here So, she has no clue we have set this whole thing up and I'm so excited to see what happens today, when she sees him What do you think she's gonna do? – Cry – You think she's gonna cry ? – Well she'll be excited she'll jump into his arms like "How did you pull this off?" And she'll probably cry – Yeah

We've had this scheduled twice and had to move it for various reasons So it's gonna happen He's here He's almost on the ground He's in the air

So it's awesome (rock music) – So we have him in the car He's right behind me I'm not showing you Here it is

– No you guys don't get to know – But he's getting nervous cause we're almost there – I'm nervous (All of them laughing) I'm sweating for him (upbeat music) – [Rylan] Brooklyn ! (upbeat music) We need your help ! (footsteps coming down steps) – Look whose at the door – No ooh – No friggin way ! (man laughs) (Brooklyn screams) (dog barking) – What the heck ! You weren't supposed to come for three more days ! – Here are some flowers

– Thank you What the heck ! – [Bailey] Are you guys surprised ? Are you surprised? – I am I was like two, three more days three more days, I've got three more days – She's like no friggin way she didn't see him before so – [Female Voice] I don't know I'd make up some weird lie on the spot – [Male Voice] He was very nervous on the way over

– Oh yeah ! I was so nervous – [Male Voice] He was like, "I just can't even think about it" – Okay (Brooklyn laughs) Well, I guess this is the reveal ! Cause Brooks is here and I wasn't expecting it But now you guys know that the winner of the series was Brooks (both laughing) So were gonna just tell you guys a little bit about how he even got on to the series itself because it was really coincidental

It was not supposed to happen that way and then it just did – One day I just got a random message on Instagram from Katelyn – Yeah From Katelyn you guys know kinda from some of the other dating videos that we had and how did Katelyn knew him – Yeah

So Katelyn took my family photos three years ago and I haven't talked to her since – Yeah – So like when she first messaged me I was like who is this ? And then I looked at her profile for a minute and then I was like okay I remember her I remember Kate – Yeah, but like what a random DM to get

It was like "Hey , so here's this whole video series Do you wanna go on a date with this girl ? Here's a cute photo of her Yes or no ? – Yeah Katelyn called I responded then Katelyn was like "Okay what's your phone number ? I'm gonna call you" I was like okay

So she called me and we talked about it and I was like yeah that sounds fun, like I'd be down to do that And then we were like okay That was on a Monday – Yeah – and then she's like "you guy's date is on Thursday" – Yeah, so we only had like

(record scratching) Not me I was not involved in this They only had – I only had a few days to plan it out – A few days to plan it out – And figure out what we were gonna do – And I remember them going really back and forth on what we were gonna do on the day And he was the one that suggested skydiving, Katelyn was like "No, no

That's scary" And then I was like "yes yes ! " Katelyn was like skydiving I was like she said Brooks said no and I was like "You said no !?" I was like "of course I wanna go skydiving Call him back !" – Super last minute, I called all the places in Utah At least that was like close and the last one I called they're like " Yeah we can figure out in Thursday morning" I was like "Perfect"

– But anyway, that's kinda how he go introduced to the series – Yeah And then on our date itself we just hit it off really well – We had a really good date – Yeah and then we hung out more after the date and then I had another date that day (Brooks laughs) and then he came over after that other date

– [Woman Off Camera] You're mom wants to hear a video from you guys – Ooh, that was the picture I took ! (woman laughs) Hi! This is my mom Say hi This is Brooks – Hey ( laughs)

– [Woman Off Camera] Hey – And we hung out some more that night The next day was the day that the whole plane wreck happened And I remember getting the phone call about the plane wreck and being not panicked but just like I don't know what to do like I don't know what to do and I feel like I need to talk this out with somebody but I don't know who to call and I just started texting Brooks, – Yeah – even though we'd met less than 24 hours ago

Like before that – When she was telling me what was happening And she's like "What should I do ?" and I was like " Be with them make sure they're okay" – Yeah, so we just figured every thing out together Like the whole week he was just there for the Mikesells and for me and we were just spent all our time together

And I'll be honest, we hung out after every single one of my other dates so how did you feel about that ? Tell them a little bit about – I was a little – Cause we would be hanging out and then I would leave him – Yeah – To go on another date – I remember one of the days, you were texting and then you went on a date and we were talking after like right after the date and we were like "let's meet up right now" – Yeah And then we hung out and then you had to leave cause you had to go on another one of your dates – Yeah

– And – So just tell them how you feel about your girl going on another date – I understood she had to do the 10 dates

I understood But at the same time I was like "Shoot ! What if she likes one of these other guys?" – Yeah right Yeah right – But at the same time I was like "No It's going so well I don't know" – That would happen

– "I don't know if that would happen " But I was a little nervous – It was such a weird guys it was so weird It's like we met then we went through this whole life trauma thing together And then I was going on other dates with other people and he was just like " Have fun, but not too much fun" – I'll be like enjoy but – Don't really (both laughing) – And then I'd be at the Mikesell's house waiting

– Yeah, he would wait for me to come home from my other date – And then we'd hang out after – Yeah, So that whole week happened and you know after just everything that happened and how much time we spent together, the genuine connection that we had We literally made it official before I even left to go home Yeah

I was like " I wanna date you" and he was like " I wanna date you" and I was let's just label it – Yeah – So we did it and so as of right now – [Woman Off Camera] How long has it been ? – It's been a little over a month now – Yeah, of us dating and we've had to keep it quiet from y'all don't understand how difficult, at least on my end, (both laughing) it's been to not say anything to not like, cause he'll send me these cute things like flowers or whatever and I'll wanna post about it but I can't because y'all can't know

And then all my Instagram posts are like every body asking, "Oh Who'd you pick ? Who'd you pick ? Who'd you pick? It's this person, It's this person" Then all my family is like "Who'd you pick ? Who'd you pick? Who'd you pick?" And I'm like I picked like a month and a half ago, I just can't tell anybody that You know what I'm saying ? So it's been a struggle but we had plans for him to come – It was gonna be a Wednesday

– Yeah – Till Sunday – On Wednesday That was like our whole thing, was that he about to go on Wednesday He was gonna come out and see me and then he just showed up – I'm not the saddest surprising – I'm not whining But that's our Advise video now and I didn't know that he was going to be here but this is the official little reveal video for all of you that have been wondering for whatever, the last month who I picked? Who I'm dating? I picked Brooks I'm dating Brooks and I am so happy

So now you guys know (Brooklyn laughs) Comment down below, hype us up cause I know all of you were rooting for him, so ( hand clap) – [Bailey] Ship name ! – Brooks-lyn? – Brooklyn's – Bailey says our ship name is Brooklyn's ? – Brooklyn's that works – I feel like just Brooks would work – I don't know? cause I'm Brooklyn and your Brooks so it's just Brook, Or whatever you guys decide

We'll just roll with it – We'll roll with it Yeah – Will just roll with it So there you go That's the end of the video

That's all I have for you guys You'll probably be seeing more of us as we make more videos – Yeah – And you guys get to know Brooks and stuff so Thanks for watching – There you go – Bye ! (upbeat music)

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