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(peppy music) ♫ You're A-okay, you're sweet honey, ♫ You're mine, you're all mine – (speaking together) Hey guys! It's Brooklyn and Bailey! – And we have partnered with Covergirl, to bring you Brooklyn's homecoming makeup tutorial – I'm super excited, because I really love the way that this looks, and how it will look with my whole outfit on homecoming, and I'm so excited to show you how it's done

– And as you guys may or may not know, Parker asked Brooklyn to homecoming, so yes, she's got an extra special activity happening, – Yay! – She's going to be with Parker, it's going to be super fun, so we're really really excited to show y'all what her makeup look is going to look like on homecoming, so let's go to it Even though I'm doing the makeup look on Brooklyn, she prefers to do her own foundation and eyebrows, because everybody knows their own face better, so she's going to do that and show you how she does her foundation, and I mean, she wants to put primer on, because, you guys, we're going to homecoming, so we're going to be dancing and sweating, and it's going to fall of if we don't have primer, so that's going to keep her makeup on – I'm just going to put on the concealer, I just put it on a few red spots, like on my cheeks, I have a few here I'm just blending with my finger right now, I don't know if everybody does that, but I do that, I just like blend it in with my finger, and then I go in afterwards and I blend it with a blending sponge Now I'm just going to put on my blush real quick, and I always smile, and like put it on the apples of my cheeks, and kind of a little bit up, so it kind of looks like it's a fading blush almost, and now I'm just going to use my eyebrow brush to kind of comb my eyebrows out a little bit, and then I'm going to fill them in

– I did basically the same thing as Brooklyn with my eyebrows for a long time, I know, like filling in eyebrows is super scary, I remember when I was younger, I was like, I can't do that, that's so scary, they look so dark, and then I tried it once, and I was like, no way, they look like man eyebrows, but trust me guys, like filling in eyebrows, it doesn't have to be like a super dark thing, it just totally shapes your eyes and shapes your face, and makes such a big difference – And we're ready to start I am like, scared of doing my own fancy makeup, so if we're going somewhere fancy, I always have Bailey do it, because she is really good at it, so she's going to show you all, like my eyeshadow, my eyeliner, my lipstick, all that stuff – To finish Brooklyn's base look, I'm going to use a clean matte pressed powder by Covergirl, and the reason I'm going to use this is because she's got kind of oily skin, and it's oil free and fragrance free, so it will be really good for her skin throughout the night, especially while she's dancing and whatnot – It'll keep me from getting shiny

– So I'm going to go ahead and– – That's important – Bailey and I both use this powder, because she wears foundation and I don't really wear tons of foundation, and it works for both of our faces really well – I'm going to go ahead and put an eye primer on her eyes Alright, now that we've got the primer on, let's get started with the eyeshadow look So I'm going to be using the Covergirl true naked palette, and this is the nudes edition, but there are several other editions, but I decided to use this one because it matches her homecoming dress

There are eight highly pigmented colors in this palette – There's sparkly, matte, smoky, there's a whole bunch in there – Mhm, so I'm going to be using a basic brown as her base, and I'm just going to go ahead and put that on We're so excited for homecoming – I'm excited

(laughter) – Okay, so now you can see I've applied that basic brown as the base, and then I'm going to go ahead and take another one of my brushes, and I'm going to pat some black in the corner of her eye right here, and you'll see as I put the black on, that these colors really blend well together, they just work really well as a nude palette You always need those basic nudes I'm going to go ahead and just put the black in the corner and then I'll take my blending brush and blend in one second (music) One thing I really like about this palette, is that it can mix and match the colors really well, like I said before, the colors blend together really well so it just looks really good on the eye (music) Okay, so now that I have put the black in the corner of her eyes, I'm going to take this pink shimmery right here, and I'm going to put that on the front half of her eye, just to give it a little bit of a sparkle, you know, you want to look sparkly on your homecoming night

(laughter) And this goes on really well, you'll see, it definitely sparkles, even on top of the brown (music) and last, but very not least, one of the things that's very important, and on the eyeshadow look is just putting a light in the corner of the eyes, it really makes everybody's eyes pop really well So I'm going to use this kind of sparkly white, and put it on the very corner of the eye (music) And then I'm going to take white again, and put it underneath the brow bone, because that also really helps open up the eye (music) And voila, we have finished her eye shadow look

I'm a little bit newer to the eyeliner world, but I can say that I can do it really well on other people, so I'm going to go ahead and do a cute little winged look for her, because it's homecoming (laughter) You want to look good (music) So now that I've finished her eyeliner and eyeshadow, it's time for mascara – And this is a new mascara – Mhm

– You know, we love mascara – So we decided to try it, and I loved it when I tried it It's called the super sizer fibers by Covergirl So one of the things that I really liked about this mascara was not only is the brush way cool, but also got little fibers in it, so it makes her eyelashes look super long, and then not only does it make them look really long, but they're also dark and volumizes the eyelashes, just looks really awesome And one trick that I like to do when I put on mascara, is I twirl the brush when I put it on, and that really like, bends our eyelashes a lot, specifically works really well with this mascara

– I like it because it makes my eyelashes look really fanned out, and not clumpy, which I really enjoy (camera shutter clicks) Now I'm going to put on some Covergirl lipstick, and this is Katy Kat Matte lipstick, and it's designed by Katy Perry, and the color is Maroon Meow, and I really like this lipstick because it goes on super smooth, it's a demi-matte, so that means it looks matte, but it goes on smoothly, there's some shea butter in it, so it moisturizes my lips, and I just really love it, so Bailey can apply it – And one of my favorite things about this color is I wish y'all could see it with the dress If you want to see it with the dress, check out our homecoming video coming up soon, so we've posted a photo on Instagram, with this photo on, and y'all commented, saying that y'all love it, so this is the look that Brooklyn was wearing in that photo, in case y'all were wondering (music) – So, this is my final look for my homecoming, my final makeup look, but for my hair, actually I'm kind of indecisive over my hair, I can't tell if I want it up or down, so comment below if y'all like, have an opinion, if you want it up or down, and Bailey, what's your homecoming look? – Oh, my homecoming look, so my dress has some golds in it, so I'm going to do some really fun shimmery gold eye shadow

I'm thinking it might change, but I'm pretty sure that's what I'm going to do, and then my hair is short, so I think I'm going to put it in an updo, even though, you think that if it's short, it's going to go down, but nope! I'm going to wear it up, and I'm going to have some like hair jewels – Her dress is really fun here, so to keep it less busy– – It's going to be so much fun! – We'll just put it up, it'll look really good – I'm so excited, it's going to look really good – Thank you guys so much for watching our videos, I hope y'all love my makeup look, as much as I do, because I really love it I'm super excited for homecoming

– Don't forget to click this button right over here to subscribe to our channel – If you want to see more of our videos, click over here, and if you want to see last year's homecoming video- – Which you do! – Click here – It's really cool, so click that one right over here – We'll see y'all next week – Thank you guys so much, love you all, mwah! – Bye!

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